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Bruce Gaitsch

Bruce R. Gaitsch was born in Chicago on February 7, 1953. He did through 1980's and 1990's and is still doing quite many session works with famous artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton, Kenny G., Chaka Kahn, Glenn Frey, Lionel Ritchie, Celine Dion, Sheena Easton, Michael McDonald, Barbara Striesand and many others.

Bruce is not only an excellent guitarist but also a well-known songwriter who composed the debut song of Richard Marx "Don't Mean Nothing" with Richard Marx and "La Isla Bonita" performed by Madonna with Patrick Leonard. Needless to say, his compositions are recorded by many others like Chicago, Celine Dion, Timothy B. Schmit, Agnetha (ex ABBA), Peter Cetera, Philip Bailey, Fee Waybill, Robert Lamm, Bill Champlin, Venice, Amy Sky, Marc Jordan, Evelyn King, Poco, Donna Delory, The Fixx, Wendy Moton, Hanne Boelle, Patrick Fiori and Lara Fabian. You should pay your attention to the producing works by Bruce for the above-listed artists at the same time.

Turning to his own project activities, Bruce started his own band "King Of Hearts" with Tommy Funderburk and other surprising members in late 80's and completed their debut albums for a U,S major label in 1989, but this album was never released before 1994 when the Japanese label released the re-recorded album of this project. As regards solo activities, Bruce started to release his guitar-oriented albums since 1995 with his first solo album "A Lyre In A Windstorm".








Bruce Gaitsch / Aphasia






This record is a guitar collaboration album with a young Swedish guitarist Tommy Denander, who seems to be strongly affected by Steve Lukather and Eddie Van Halen. You can listen to Bill Champlin's lead vocal on "Crawfish Blues" on this album.
  • Label : Angelynn Music (ANG-003)
  • Release Date: November, 1998
  • Producers: Tommy Denander and Bruce Gaitsch
  • Musicians:
  • Tracks
    1. Quality Time
    2. Hellevator Music
    3. Crawfish Blues
    4. Sirens
    5. Long Distance
    6. Falcons Groove
    7. Steamrollin'
    8. Fretwalking
    9. The Secret
    10. Unspoken Joy
    11. Never Forget You


 Bruce Gaitsh / Nightingale


Bruce Gaitsch's 3rd solo album is finished His 2nd solo album "Aphasia" (1997) shows Bruce's wide range talent as a guitarist and/or a producer. When you listen to this 3rd album, I guarantee you can feel more relaxing atmosphere than his 1st solo album "Lyre in A Windstorm". I mean this album is more guitar-oriented album than other 2 albums. And Richard Marx adds another touch by cover version of Richard Page's "Dependence".
  • Label: Angelynn Records, USA (ANG-002)
  • Release Date : December 15, 1998 (advanced release for fanclub), February 1999 (for general market)
  • Producer: Himself
  • Guest Musicians:
    • Vocals: Janey Clewer
    • Bass and Vocals: George Hawkins Jr.
    • Keys and Vocals: Nicolas Peyrac
    • Drums: Billy Ward
    • Bass: John Patitucci
    • Drum Loop: Jeff Porcaro
    • Piano: Randy Waldman
    • Fiddle: Randy Howard
    • Keys: Dennis Matkosky
    • Rap and Percussion: Samantha Gaitsch
    • Lead Vocals on track 15 and Keyboards: Richard Marx
    • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
  • Tracks:
    1. Magic Man
    2. Crystal Badji
    3. Bubble Leg
    4. Demains La Vie En Rose
    5. Worry Suit
    6. Gave Love A Try
    7. Once More
    8. Cancel April
    9. Prarie Blue
    10. 3am Again
    11. Villa Lobotomies
    12. Mortar Mix
    13. Nightingale
    14. Open Windows
    15. Dependence


One On One


This is the collaboration album with Janey Clewer (Piano). Bruce explains this album as follows: "This record is a labor of love... my love for Janey and her music. I've never met anyone half as talented as my wife. She not only writes amazing music, but here is the proof that she can play it too. All of her piano performances are one takes, no punching in. Not so for the guitar... Some of these songs have been sitting in her piano bench for years... Now we can share them with you... Enjoy." I admit from the bottom of my heart that all the performances on this album are most sophisticated music, they make us calm and gentle.




Bruce Gaitsch / Nova

This is Bruce's solo works highlights CD, which is available through Lion Music Finland. The album includes 2 bonus tracks; "Barcelona Nieve" taken from his under-going solo album "Understanding" pronect, and "Don't Call My Name" (instrumental version) which was only included in CD single. As regards "Barcelona Nieve", it was deleted from the upcoming "Understanding" album as I write on the above Noteworthy Information. Therefore, this CD must be valuable for all Gaitsch lovers. And you may feel instereseted in 2 vocal-oriented tracks, "Haunt Me Tonight" featuring Richard Marx from his 1st solo album "A Lyle In The Windstorn" and "Aphasia" featuring Bill Champlin from his 2nd solo album "Aphasia". Please note that the song order is different than the CD booklet and backside inlay would state. Please see what is on the CD as below.



Bruce Gaitsch / Sincerely

This is an album featuring his new McPherson guitars for Autumn Records USA, which is home to Nashville musicians whose CD's feature music played on a McPherson Guitar, a revolutionary acoustic guitar designed by Matt McPherson. The album is called "Sincerely" featuring original instrumental compositions. This album features background vocals by Janey Clewer and flute by his daughter Samantha Gaitsch, in addition to harmonica by virtuoso Howard Levy.






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