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Fergie Frederiksen

Fergie Frederiksen

Fergie Frederiksen is known as the second lead vocalist of "Toto" whose vocals can be heard only on the 5th album titled "Isolation" released in 1984. Otherwise, you know his before-TOTO days career as Denice Frederiksen as the lead vocalist of "Trillion" and/or "Le Roux" (on the album "So Fired Up"). After TOTO days, Fergie kept silent before his coming-back album with Ricky Phillips (ex. Babys and Bad English). Fergie released Frederiksen/Phillips album in 1995.


And Fergie released his own solo album in 1999 under MTM, the leading 90's Melodic Rock label in Europe. All the tunes on his solo album are not so heavy and not hard. And you may be surprised to see the songwriter's name listed with each track. Steve Kipner, Bobby Caldwell, Richard Page, Steve George, John Lind, Martin Page and Brock Walsh dedicated their tunes to Fergie. However, you never expect the pure pop Westcoast sound from their name. Actually the basic sound of this album is produced and created by Ricky Phillips and also basic music tracks are made by Ron Wikso, Bruce Gowdy with Phillips, which means that the basic style is like mid 80's American Hard Rock. Comparing with Frederikesen-Phillips album.






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