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Dwayne Ford / Needless Freaking


In 1953, Dwayne Ford was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 1971, Dwayne joined Road School Of Music, the band for Ronnie Hawkins. Then Dwayne strted the band with the bass player, Terry Danko, guitarists Jim Atkinson as Atkinson, Danko and Ford. Soon, they added drummer Brian Hilton and another guitarist Hugh Brockie, and got a change to release an album, the self-titled ""Atkinson, Danko & Ford with Brockie & Hilton" (1972) for Columbia Records Canada. In 1974, they added bassist Chris Vickery and renamed the band "Bearfoot", which released 2 albums "Bearfoor" (1973) and "Passing Time" (1975) released as Dwayne Ford & Bearfoot. Between 1976 and 1979, Dwayne did many session works in Toronto and also was known as a movie music composer. Dwayne released 2 single records "Roll Me Away" (1980) and "Seven Men From Texas" (1981) before his first solo album "Needless Freaking" reviewed here. It was fully supported by David Foster. At the same time, this album might remind you the sound of early-years Toto sounds. It is quite natural because Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, and Steve Lukather plays on this album. For your information, Dwayne Ford released another solo album "Another Way To Fly" in 1997.

Dwyne Ford / Needless Freaking



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