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Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian

I described Lara on this webpage in 1996 as follows:
I would hereby guarantee Lara Fabian is one of the best female singers of late 90's in the world. I dare to say that her talent as vocalist is more than that of Celine Dion and/or Mariah Carey. She sings in French except "Bridge Of Hope" on her 2nd album. But, What is that? It must be no problem relating to her, you can enjoy her beautiful vocals with passion.

In the spring of 2000, I was very pleased to say that my observation regarding Lara Fabian in those days was quite right! Lara became the new Super Star of new Millennium.

Let me allow to show you her footprints of success a little:
  Lara Fabian was born in Belgium in January 9, 1970 and she started her music career at the chansons club with her father who was the experienced guitarist in Belgium (her native nation) at 14 years old. It was 1986 (that is 2 years after her debut) when she won the prize at the song competition in Brussels. Then, she won the No.4 prize at Eurovision with the song titled "Criore", the prestigious competition in 1988, which is her real take-off as her professional musical career After this success in Europe, Lara visited Quebec for promotion. She decided to live in Quebec permanently in 1991. It didn't need a long time before the audience in Quebec were fascinated by her talent with passion as a vocalist. Lara Fabian released her first album "Lara Fabian" in August, 1991 at last in Quebec, Canada. Everywhere in Quebec she visited for her Quebec tour 1992, the audience gave her standing ovation, attracted by this young woman's vocals. Lara's first album is sold more than 100,000 copies in Quebec by 1994.
Lara Fabian released her second album "CARPE DIEM" in autumn 1994. In less than 3 weeks, she obtained gold disc (more than 50,000 copies sold). In 1995, her second album has been sold in 240,000 copies and audience of her concert were reached more than 100,000. At 1995 Juno Award (Canadian Grammy Award), Lara Fabian was nominated in 2 categories, that is to say, Best New Solo Artist and Best Selling French-singing Album.
In the autumn of 1996, Lara Fabian has presented you her third French singing album "PURE". And furthermore, you can find that Lara sings "Surrender To Me" with Richard Marx on Richard Marx's 5th album "Flesh And Bone" UK/European/French/Canadian version in the spring of 1997. Then, Lara Fabian started to invade France with her own album "Pure" and established her top position in France and her native country Belgium.
In the autumn of 1999, Lara has released her English vocal album "Lara Fabian" in Europe and in Canada. In the late spring of 2000, Lara has started to concur United Sates of America, Asia including Japan and all EC countries with this self-titled English album "Lara Fabian".
Lara and me

Lara with me

in Brussells on July 9, 2000




Lara Fabian 1st (French Version 1999)





Disc 1
  1. Ouverture Tout
  2. Alleuia
  3. Les amoureux de l'an deux mille
  4. Leila
  5. La difference
  6. Perdere l'amore
  7. J'ai zappe
  8. Si tu m'aimes
  9. Evidemment
  10. Tout
Disc 2
  1. Humana
  2. Urgent desir
  3. Ici
  4. Dites-moi pourquoi je l'aime
  5. Reveille-toi brother
  6. Je suis malade
  7. Je t'aime
  8. Je t'appartiens
  9. Requiem pour un fou <Duet with Johnny Hallyday>  



  • Label : Sony Music Entertainment (EPIC) (EK 69053 <Sony Canada>, 494513-2 <Sony France>, 49748-2 <Spain>, SRCS-2291 <Japan>, 69053 <USA>),
  • Release Date: November 26, 1999 (France), November 30, 1999 (Canada), April 1, 2000 (Spain), May 31, 2000 (USA, Japan)
  • Producers: Rick Allison, Dave Pickell, Patrick Leonard, Evan Roger, Carl Struken, Louis Biancaniello, Sam Waters, Mark Taylor, Brian Rawling
  • Musicians:
    • Piano, Keyboards: Rick Allison, Dave Pickell, Patrick Leonard, Walter Afanasieff, Dan Shea, Carl Struken, Louis Biancaniello, Mark Taylor
    • Bass: Remy Malo, Paul Bushnell
    • Drums: Mickey Curry, Vinnie Colaiuta, Brian MacLeod
    • Electric Guitars: Steve Lukather, James Harrah, David Channing, Michael Landau, Marc Antoine, Carl Sturken, Chris Camozzi, Vernon Black
    • Acoustic Guitars: Bruce Gaitsch, Dean Parks
    • Percussion: Luis Conte, Brian MacLeod
    • Sax: Steven Tavaglione
    • Background Vocals: Bridgette Bryant, Kevin Dorsey, Niki Harris, Jolynn Horton, Bobette Jamison, Bobbi Page, Jeffrey Ramsey, Gigi Worth, Alexandra Brown, Julie Delgado, Siedah Garrett, Jon Holley, Philip Ingram, Marlena Jeter, Daryl Phinnessee, Alife Silas-Durio, Richard Page, Natalie Jackson, Claytoven Richardson, Skler Jett, Conesha Monet, Leslie Ellis, Catherine Leveille, Dominique Faure, Kim Richardson, Ada Dyer, Evan Rogers, Audrey Wheeler, Sam Waters
    • Orchestra Conductor: Williams Ross
  • Tracklisting:
    1. Adagio
    2. Part Of Me
    3. Givin' Up On You
    4. You Are My Heart
    5. I Am Who I Am
    6. To Love Again
    7. You're Not From Here
    8. Till I Get Over You
    9. Love By Grace
    10. Yeliel (My Angel)
    11. I Will Love Again
    12. Broken Vow
    13. Adagio (Italian)
    14. Quedate (Bonus Track for Spanish Version)
    15. Sola Otra Vez (Bonus Track for Spanish Version)
    16. Sin Ti (Bonus Track for Spanish Version)
    17. Otro Amor Vendra (I Will Love Again) (Bonus Track for Spanish Version)
    18. Otro Amor Vendra (I Will Love Again) (Ballad Reprise) (Bonus Track for Spanish Version)
Lara Fabian / Lara Fabian

Japanese/Asian Version Tracklisting:

  1. I Will Love Again
  2. Part Of Me
  3. Givin' Up On You
  4. You Are My Heart
  5. I Am Who I Am
  6. To Love Again
  7. You're Not From Here
  8. Till I Get Over You
  9. Love By Grace
  10. Broken Vow
  11. Adagio
  12. Yeliel (My Angel)
  13. Light Of My Life ( Bonus -duet with Lee Hom)
  14. Otro Amor Vendra (Bonus for Japanese Version -"I Will Love Again" Spanish Ballad)
Lara Fabian US Version
  • Remarks: This is the Lara's English vocal worldwide debut album.


  • NUE

  • Label: Les Productuins Clandestines, Canada (EQCD-908)
  • Release Date: August 28, 2001
  • Producer: Rick Allison
  • Musicians:
    • Piano: Rick Allison, Pierre Grimard, Janey Clewer
    • Drums: Benoît Clément
    • Bass: Rémy Malo
    • Guitars: Pierre Dumont-Gauthier, Bruce Gaitsch, Stephan Tellier, Donald Meunier, Réjean Lachance
    • Keyboards: Rick Allison, Marco Tessier
    • Accordion / Violin: Francis Covan
    • Programmings: Christian St-Germain
    • Percussions: Dorian Sherwood
    • Duet vocal on "Tu Es Mon Autre": Maurane
    • Background Vocals: Kim Richardson, Julie Leblanc, Dominique Faure, Caherine Léveillé, Dorian Sherwood, Linda Benoy
Lara Fabian / Nue
  • Tracks:
    1. J'y Crois Encore
    2. Aimer Déjà
    3. S'en Aller
    4. Silence
    5. Parce Que Tu Pars
    6. Je Suis Mon Coeur
    7. Tango
    8. Imagine
    9. Tu Es Mon Autre
    10. Rio
    11. Bambina
    12. Immortelle
    13. Le Roi Est Une Femme
    14. Piano Nocturne (hidden track)



  • LIVE


Lara FabianThis is her 2nd live CD's recorded at Zénith, Paris France on December 17, 18 and 19, 2001 and at Forest National, Brussels Belgium on December 14, 2001, including songs mainly from her 2001 studio album "Nue" and other French albums. No songs from her English debut album. And this live album is opened by an unreleased studio recording tune "Tu Me Mangues" and is closed another unreleased studio recording tune "Comme Ils Disent". One more interesting cover song is featured. That is TOTO's "Africa"! Lara perfectly covers TOTO!! In addition to CD version, Lara released its DVD version, by which you can reconfirm how awesome Lara Fabian performs live! Please note that French DVD version is PAL (Region 2) encoded one and Canadian version is NTSC (Region 0) encoded one, therefore please confirm which version your DVD player can play before purchasing DVD. For your information, DVD includes Bonus scene which features Lara performing gorgeous and beautiful song called Bambina written by Janey Clewer, ET MAINTENANT(en hommage à Gilbert Bécaud), and 10 Petits Bonheurs (rehearsing before the show) instead of 2 unreleased studio tracks.

    • Label: Universal Music, Canada / France (065242)
    • Release Date: November 12, 2002 (France), December 3, 2002 (Canada)
    • Musical Director and Piano: Pierre Grimard
    • Band:
      • Guitar: Rejean Lachance, Danny Panallo
      • Bass: Rémy Malo
      • Drums: Benoit Clément
      • Keyboards: Marco Tessier
      • Percussion: Dorian Sherwood
      • Background Vocals: Nancy Fortin, Kim Richardso
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Piano: Matthew Herskowitz, Rick Allison
      • Accordion: Francis Covan
Lara Fabian / Live



  • Tracks:
- Disc 1 -   - Disc 2 -
1. Tu Me Manques (inÈdit)   1. S'en Aller
2. Immortelle   2. Parce Que Tu Pars
3. Tout   3. Humana
4. Alleluia   4. Je T'aime
5. Aimer DÈj‡   5. Silence
6. La DiffÈrence   6. J'y Crois Encore
7. Africa - Rio   7. Immortelle #1
8. Tango   8. Je Suis Mon Coeur
9. Pas Sans Toi   9. Comme Ils Disent (inÈdit)
10. Si Tu M'aimes    
11. Tu Es Mon Autre (duet with Rick Allison)





Belgian Diva, Lara Fabian again released live CD recorded at Olympia, Paris France on February 2 and 3, 2003. This is not full band live album but acoustic and orchestrated one. DVD version is also available, which includes extra tracks:- "Intro Babina", "Aimer deja", "Pour que tu m'aimes encore" and "Je Suis malade", plus Bonus:- "Making of", "Tu es mon autre" with Maurane and Jena-Felix Lalanne" and the video clip of "Bambina". You will find again how Lara is really great Diva.

    • Label: Polydor / Universal Music, France (981 082 3)
    • Release Date: October 14, 2003
    • Musical Director and Piano: Pierre Grimard
    • Musicians:
      • Premier Violin: Elza Szabo
      • Second Violin: Iglika Pandjarova
      • Violin Alto: Cecile Brillard
      • Violincelle: Noemie Lecampion
Lara Fabian / Live



  • Tracks:
    1. J'y crois encore
    2. Comme ils disent
    3. Caruso
    4. S'en aller
    5. Voir un ami pleurer
    6. Je t'aime
    7. Je suis mon coeur
    8. Addio del passato
    9. Mistral gagnant
    10. Si tu m'aimes / Parce que tu pars
    11. Tu es mon autre
    12. Medley Starmania
    13. Calling You
    14. Tout
    15. Immortelle
    16. Bambina



  • A Wonderful Life

This is the second English-language album entitled " A Wonderful Life"

    • Label: Sony Music Entertainment Inc. (CK86255)
    • Release Date: June 8, 2004
    • Producers: True North, Desmond Child, Anders, Jean-Felix Lalanne
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Gary Barlow, Eliot Kennedy, Tim Woodcock, Chris Braide, Doug Emery, Jim Gasior, Jean-Felix Lalanne
      • Guitars: Rick Allison, Dan Warner, Cocky James, Jean-Felix Lalanne
      • Bass; Lance Morrison, Leland Sklar, Bernard Paganotti
      • Drums: Lee Levin, Brooks Wackerman
      • Sax: Eric Seva
      • Cello: Chris Glansdorp
      • Backing Vocals: Eliot Kennedy, Tim Woodcock, Chris Braide, Andeas Carlsson,Storm Lee, Wayne Hector
Lara Fabian
  • Tracks :
    1. No Big Deal
    2. I Am
    3. The Last Goodbye
    4. I Guess I Loved You
    5. Conquered
    6. Review My Kisses
    7. Unbreakable
    8. Wonderful Life
    9. Intoxicated
    10. I've Cried Enough
    11. Silence
    12. Walk Away



  • 9

Lara Fabian "9" album is her 9th album as the title is. If I should say more precisely about this, "9" is her 5th French-language studio recording album, her 9th French-language album including 4 live recording albums and her 11th album including 2 English-vocal albums. Lara says about it "Nine means the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new one". All the songs are composed by Jean-Felix Lalanne.

    • Label: Polydor France (Universal Music, France) <982 758 6>
    • Release Date: February 28, 2005
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars, Percussions, Keyboards, Programming, Orchestration: Jean-Felix Lalanne
      • Bass: Nicholas Fiszman
      • Drums: Ian Thomas, Marc Benabou, Loic Pontieux, Adrien Venderame
      • Keyboards: Philippe Decock, Jeremy Jouniaux, Thomas Bloch
      • Pedal Steel Guitar: Jean-Yves Lozach
      • Accordion: Gwenael Micault
      • Duet Vocals (track 7): Melissa Mars
      • Background Vocals: Nathalie Slachmuylders, Philippe Kelly, Frederic Marquer, Gildas Arzel, Yohna Lalanne
Lara Fabian / 9
  • Tracks:
    1. La Lettre
    2. Un Ave Maria
    3. Si Tu N'As Pas D'Amour
    4. Il Ne Manquait Que Toi
    5. Ne Lui Parlez Plus D'Elle
    6. Rien Qu'Une Seule Larme
    7. Les Homericains
    8. Speranza
    9. Le Tour Du Monde
    10. L'Homme Qui N'Avait Pas De Maison
    11. Je Me Souviens



  • Un Regard 9 Live

Un Regard 9 Live
  • Tracks (CD)
    1. Aime
    2. Les Homericains
    3. J'y Crois Encore
    4. Il Ne Manquait Que Toi
    5. Tu Es Mon Autre
    6. Si Tu N'As Pas D'Amour
    7. Silence
    8. Un Ave Maria
    9. Immortelle
    10. Tout
    11. Le Tour Du Monde
    12. La Lettre
    13. Papa, Can You Hear Me?
    14. A Piece Of Sky
    15. Je Me Souviens
  • Tracks (DVD)
    1. Je T'aime
    2. Les Homericains
    3. J'y Crois Encore
    4. Il Ne Manquait Que Toi
    5. Tu Es Mon Autre
    6. Si Tu N'As Pas D'Amour
    7. Silence
    8. Speranza
    9. I Guess I Loved You
    10. Broken Vow
    11. Humana
    12. Un Ave Maria
    13. Immortelle
    14. Bambina
    15. Tout
    16. Le Tour Du Monde
    17. L'homme Qui N'avait Pas De Maison
    18. La Lettre
    19. Papa, Can You Hear Me?
    20. A Piece Of Sky
    21. Je Me Souviens
    22. Aime
    23. La Donna (bonus, duet with Gigi d'Alessio)


  • Label: Polydor France (Universal Music, France) <984 213 9 >
  • Release Date: November 16, 2006
  • Musicians:
    • Bass: Jacques Pili
    • Drums, Percussion: Adrien Verderame
    • Piano: Manu Pitois
    • Guitars: Jacques Ada, Laurent Roubach
    • Keyboards: Paola Ragatzu
    • Background Vocals: Virginie Luypaerts, Marie-Ange Teuwen, Daniel Pastore, Daddy Wake



  • Toutes Les Femmes En Moi

After releasing "9" and "Un Regard 9 Live" in 2006, her next studio recording album was to be her first Italian-language project. As a matter of fact, Lara recorded and released a song called "Un Cuore Malato" with Neapolitan singer Gigi D'Alessio. In July 2007, Lara announced that she was expecting her first child with fiance Gerard Pullicino. It was not long before Lara returned to the music scene. A few months after her daughter's birth in November 2007 and had been doing some concerts. And Lara confirmed the release of new studio album, "Touts Les Femmes En Moi ", on her official website on 20 October 2008. "Touts Les Femmes En Moi " is her 5th French-language studio recording album, her 11th French-language album including 5 live recording albums and her 13th album including 2 English-vocal albums. Fabian stated on her website that "Toutes Les Femmes En Moi" is "daring" and "Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Klezmer, Tango, Neo Classic, White Soul come close without disturbing each other...".

    • Label: Polydor France (Universal Music, France) <5313507>
    • Release Date: May 26, 2009
    • Producer: Simon Climie
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Michael Thompson
      • Bass: Nathan East
      • Drums: Nicky Shaw, Aberaham Laboriel Jr.
      • Keyboards: Toby Baker, Tim Carmen
      • Background Vocals: Audrey Martell, Robyn Sykes
Lara Fabian / Toutes Les Femme En Moi
  • Tracks:
    1. Soleil Soeil
    2. J'ai Douze Ans
    3. Amoureuse
    4. Gottingen
    5. II Venait D'avoir 18 Ans
    6. Mamy Blue
    7. Une Femme Avec Toi
    8. Ca Casse
    9. L'amour Existe Encore
    10. Message Personnel
    11. TLFM
    12. Nuit Magique
    13. L'Hymne A` L'mour
    14. Babacar (bonus track - digital download only)



Please note that I would hereunder only show Lara's single Vinyls / CDs which includes either non-album tracks or alternative versions.


  • Coire / Trust
    • Label: Disques Trema, France (410 436)
    • Release: 1988
    • Remarks:
      1. This is Lara Fabian's official debut single record. As you can see, two version with different jackets were released at least.
      2. She won the No.4 prize at Eurovision, the prestigious competition in 1988 with this song.
      3. "Trust" is the English Version of "Coire". And please note that its German version "Galub" was also released at the same time.

Lara Fabian / Coire
Lara Fabian / Coire










  • O Canada 2001
    • Label: Warner Music Canada (2 40050)
    • Release Date: June25, 2001
    • Producer: David Foster
    • Tracks:
      1. O Canada 2001 (Short Version French Lyrics)
      2. O Canada 2001 (Short Version English Lyrics)
      3. O Canada 2001 (Short Version French & English Lyrics)
      4. O Canada 2001 (Short Version Instrumental)
      5. O Canada 2001 (Long Version Instrumental)
      6. O Canada 2001 (Long Version French & English Lyrics)
    • This special CD is the first and only commercially available contemporary version of Canadian National Anthem created by David Foster in conjunction with the Vancouver Symphony and Lara Fabian on vocals.
David Foster with Lara Fabian / O Canada 2001








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