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Ned Doheny

Ned Doheny was born at Doheny Drive Beverly Hills, Los Angeles on March 26, 1948. It was 1971 that Mason & Elliot, Dave Mason project, recorded Ned's tune "On And On", which had Ned known as one of the unsigned talented songwriter. Thus, Ned made a contract with Asylum Records as the first contracted artist of the company and released his first album "Ned Doheny" in 1973.

In 1976, He released the acclaimed album "Hard Candy" under CBS, USA which included his song collaborated with Hamish Stuart of Average White Band titled "A Love Of Your Own" originally performed by Average White Band and featuring David Foster on keyboard,Tower of Power horn section and many others.

Although his third album "Prone" recording had been finished in 1977, CBS did not release it in U.S.A. Thus, "Prone" was released in 1979 only for Japanese market . "Whatcha Gonna Do For Me" performed by Chaka Kahn is one of the his composition with Hamish Stuart of Average White Band in 80's.

In November 1988, Ned restarted his musical journey with the album "Life After Romance" here in Japan. It was July 1989 that Ned established his solid status again in Japan when he performed great passionate gigs with awesome supporting musicians such as Mike Porcaro, Carlos Vega, James Harrah, Leslie Smith and Marilyn Scott. And you should note that Ned had his own DJ regular broadcasting "Postcards From Hollywood" on FM Yokohama from April 1990 to September 1993. Ned released the below-listed albums only for Japanese music lovers. It was 1993 that the latest studio recording album of Ned Doheny "Between Two Words".
It was February 1996 that we saw Ned singing "Whatcha Gonna Do For Me" on stage when he came to Japan as a member of Jay Graydon Super Band. We could see self-liner notes done by Ned when his album "Life After Romance was reissued under Dreamsville in 1999. On the liner notes written in June 1999, Ned says "My experience at the West Fork Ranch altered the course of my life and changed me forever. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share these moments with you. Ned Doheny's music would be still flesh beyond the century. Hey Ned, why don't you release your brand-new album now!?





  • Label: Asylum, USA <Reissued CD: Warner Japan (18P2-2770) / (WPCR-668)>
  • Original Release: March, 1973 (Reissued CD: June, 1989 / March 25, 1996)
  • Producers: John Heany and himself
  • Musicians:
    • Bass: David Parlatta, Bryan Garofalo
    • Keyboards: Jimmy Caleri, Richard Lermode, Mike Utley, Richard Kermode
    • Drums: Gary Mallaber
    • Vibes: Gary Mallaber
    • Sax: Don Menza
    • Trombone: Slyde Hyde
    • Background Vocals: Graham Nash
Ned Doheny / Ned Doheny
  • Label: CBS Records, USA <Reissued CD: CBS Sony, Japan (CSCS-6022)>
  • Original Release: 1976 (Reissued CD: August 1, 1990)
  • Producer: Steve Cropper
  • Musicians:
    • Guitar: Ernie Corello, Steve Cropper
    • Bass: Dennis Parker, Bryan Garlofalo, Colin Cameron, Lazlo Wicky, John Heard
    • Keyboards: David Foster, Jimmy Calire, David Garland, Craig Doerge
    • Drums: Gary Mallaber, John Guerin
    • Percussion: Victor Feldman, Steve Foreman
    • Sax: Tom Scott, Jim Horn, Don Menza
    • Trombone: Chuck Findley
    • Trumpet: Chuck Findley
    • Horns: Tower of Power horn section (arranged by Greg Adams)
    • Background Vocals: Rosemary Butler, Fleming Williams, Brooks Hunnicutt, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Linda Ronstadt, J.D. Souther, Steve Cropper, Hamish Stuart

Ned Doheny / Candy



  1. Fineline
  2. I Know Sorrow
  3. On And On
  4. Lashambeaux
  5. I Can Dream
  6. Postcards From Hollywood
  7. Take Me Faraway
  8. It Calls For You
  9. Standfast



  1. Get It Up For Love
  2. If You Should Fall
  3. Each Time You Pray
  4. When Love Hangs In The Balance
  5. A Love Of Your Own
  6. I've Got Your Number
  7. On The Swingshift
  8. Sing To Me
  9. Valentine (I Was Wrong About You)



"Prone" was to be released as Ned Doheny's 3rd album in the United States in 1978. However, Ned lost his deal with CBS and thus this album was never released in the States. In spite of his commercial failure in the States, Ned kept his popularity here in Japan and then he performed live in December 1978, which made this unreleased 3rd album released only in Japan in 1979. The original LP version was released with different jacket artworks and also should be noted that the album opening track "To Prove My Love" was instrumental version. On the other hand, this reissued CD version includes its vocal version.

  • Label : CBS Sony, Japan (reissue CD: 25DP-5529 / SRCS-6143 / SICP-8056)
  • Original Release Year: 1979 (Reissued CD: July, 1989 / October 25, 1991/ September 19,2002)
  • Producer: Steve Cropper
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Ernie Corallo, Steve Cropper
    • Bass: Dennis Parker
    • Keyboards: Joey Carbone, David Foster
    • Drums: Gary Mallaber, Michael Baird, Jeff Porcaro
    • Percussion: Steve Foreman
    • Trumpet: Steve Madaio, Chuck Findley
    • Sax: Quitman Dennis
    • Trombone: Lew McCreary, Chuck Findley
    • Flute: Jim Horn
    • French Horn: Jimmy Decker
    • Background Vocals: Bonnie Raitt, Fleming Williams, Rosemary Butler, Bryan Garofalo, Steve Cropper, John David Souther, Brooks Hunnicut, Karen Wright, Lisa Roberts
Ned Doheny / Prone
  • Tracks:
    1. To Prove My Love
    2. Think Like A Lover
    3. Labor Of Love
    4. Thinking with My Heart
    5. Guess Who's Looking For Love Again
    6. The Devil In You
    7. Funky Love
    8. If You Only Know
    9. Sweet Friction



  • Label : Geronimo - Polystar, Japan (Reissue: Dreamsville Records, Japan <YDCD-0012>)
  • Release Date: November 25, 1988 (Reissue: July 23, 1999)
  • Producers: Michael B. and himself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: James Harrah
    • Keyboards: Jai Winding, Alan Pasqua
    • Bass: Jimmy Haslip, Abraham Laboriel
    • Drums: John Robinson, Gary Mallaber
    • Percussion: Luis Conte
    • Horns: Rick Baptist, Charles Davis, Bobby Militello, Bob McChensney, Butane D'Emery
    • Background Vocals: Leslie Smith, Marilyn Scott, Timothy Schmit, Tony Galla
  • Remarks: Track 9-13 are added at the time of reissue in 1999 under Dreamsville Records as bonus tracks. Track 10-13 are taken from "Postcards From Hollywood" album.
Ned Doheny / Life After Romance
  • Tracks:
    1. Whatcha Gonna Do For Me ?
    2. Love's A Heartache
    3. 'Til Kingdom Come
    4. Follow Your Heart
    5. Back to the world
    6. Heartbreak In The Making
    7. Can't Help But Love Her
    8. Life After Romance
    9. Whatcha Gonna Do For Me ? (TV Mix)
    10. Whatcha Gonna Do For Me ? (Acoustic)
    11. Get It Up For Love (Acoustic)
    12. If You Should Fall (Acoustic)
    13. Postcards From Hollywood (Acoustic)



  • Label: Geronimo -Polystar, Japan (PSCW-1007)
  • Release Date: March 25, 1991
  • Producer: himself
  • Musicians:
    • Drums: Gary Mallaber
    • Guitars: Donald Griffin, Michael Thompson
    • Keyboards: Aaron Zigman, Cat Grey, Allan Pasqua
    • Piano: Bobby Lyle
    • Bass: Jimmy Haslip
    • Horns: Gerald Albright, Bobby Militello
    • Percussion: Ron Green
    • Background Vocals: Maxayne Lewis, Leslie Smith, Marilyn Scott, Delorez Harnage, J.D. Souther, Ron Green
Ned Doheny / Love Like Ours
  • Tracks:
    1. Love Like Ours (instrumental)
    2. The Secret Society Of Women
    3. Touched By Love
    4. True Survivor
    5. When Hearts Collide (Sad Eyes)
    6. Perish The Thought
    7. Who Do You Love?
    8. Before I Thrill Again
    9. Love Like Ours
    10. A Blue Moon Rising



This album is a kind of unplugged album which you can listen to Ned Doheny's vocals only with his acoustic guitar play. The original versions of "Postcards From Hollywood" and "Fine line" could be listened on his first album, and rest of the tracks except "Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?" could be listened on his 2nd album "Hard Candy". All of those acoustic live tracks were originally prepared for the radio show "Postcards From Hollywood", which was broadcasted on FM Yokohama every Sunday afternoon from April 1990 to September 1993.
  • Label : Geronimo- Polystar, Japan (PSCW-1007)
  • Release Date: August 25, 1991
  • Producer: himself
Ned Doheny / Postcards From Hollywood
  • Tracks:
    1. Postcards From Hollywood
    2. If You Should Fall
    3. Fine line
    4. Get It Up For Love
    5. Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?
    6. Valentine (I Was Wrong About You)
    7. A Love Of Your Own


  • Label : Geronimo-Polystar, Japan (PSCW-5030)
  • Release Date: September 1, 1993
  • Producer: himself
  • Musicians:
    • Drums: Gary Mallaber, Pat Mastalato
    • Keyboards: Rick Jackson, Cat Grey
    • Piano: Jeff Daniels
    • Bass: Jimmy Haslip, Cat Grey
    • Horns: Rob Jackhart
    • Background Vocals: Leslie Smith, Marilyn Scott, Maxayne Lewis
Ned Doheny / Between Two Worlds
  • Tracks:
    1. Never Too Far To Fall
    2. Postcards From Hollywood
    3. Between Two Worlds
    4. Too Late For Love
    5. I will Let You Go
    6. Ghost Dancer
    7. Trail's End
    8. Love In The Rear-view Mirror
    9. Diary Of A Fool
    10. Down To My Last Dream
    11. For All The Good It Might Do


This album is the best selections from his album released from GERONIMO after 1988. Tracks 1,6,12 and 16 are taken from "LIFE AFTER ROMANCE", Tracks 3,5,9,11,15 and 17 are taken from "LOVE LIKE OURS", Tracks 2,8 and 14 are from "POSTCARDS FROM HOLLYWOOD", and Tracks 4,7,10 and 13 are from "BETWEEN TWO WORLD". Please be noted that this album includes 2 unreleased unplugged versions, i.e. "Can't Help But Love Her" and "On And On" which were prepared for the already-mentioned radio show "Postcards From Hollywood".
  • Label : Geronimo- Polystar, Japan (PSCW-5313)
  • Release Date: August 25, 1995
Ned Doheny / Best Collection
  • Tracks:
    1. Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?
    2. Never Too Far To Fall
    3. Perish The Thought
    4. Between Two Worlds
    5. Who Do You Love?
    6. Heartbreak In The Making
    7. Diary Of A Fool
    8. A Love Of Your Own
    9. The Secret Society Of Women
    10. Never Too Far To Fall
    11. When Hearts Collide (Sad Eyes)
    12. Life After Romance
    13. Love In The Rear-view Mirror
    14. Valentine (I Was Wrong About You)
    15. Touched By Love
    16. 'Til Kingdom Come
    17. Love Like Ours
    18. Can't Help But Love Her
    19. On And On


Whilst Ned Doheny was under contract to Polystar Records in Japan in early 90's, this obligated him to deliver an album. The tunes Ned wrote during that period were some of the most personal of his life, but the pressure to complete the album and the transformation he was undergoing obliged himself to release a body of work that was more demo than finished product. Ned mentioned about this on his official webiste, "I loved the tunes, but I hadn’t the time nor heart to take them to the next level. In the years following my divorce I had an opportunity to explore the underlying causes for my misadventures and these songs took on new meaning for me. I felt compelled to record them as I had always imagined them." Thus, Ned revisted his 90's tune and re-recorded those. The result is this album“The Darkness Beyond the Fire” in 2010.

  • Label : Tores Rosas Records, USA (ND-1001)
  • Release Date: October 9, 2010 (Japan)
  • Producer: himself
  • Ned Doheny: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard, Percussion
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Cat Grey, Don Grusin, Greg Mathieson
    • Bass: Cat Grey, Jimmy Haslip
    • Drums: Gary Mallaber, Joey Heredia, Michael White
    • Percussion: Luis Conte
    • EWI: Steve Tavaglione
    • Violin: Charlie Bisharat
    • Background Vocals: Sherwood Ball, Brian Garofalo, Joseph Williams, Maxine Lewis, Leslie Simth, Marliyn Scott
Ned Doheny / The Darkness Beyond The Fire
  • Tracks:
    1. Between Two Worlds
    2. Perish The Thought
    3. Too Late For Love
    4. Ghostdancer
    5. The Secret Society of Women
    6. Love In The Rear View Mirror
    7. Trail’s End
    8. Life After Romance
    9. In A Perfect World
    10. I Will Let You Go




Ned Doheny / Between Two Worlds Single
The arrangement of this single version is totally different from its album version released later in 1993. Without saying, the album version can be listened on the same title album "Between Two Worlds".
  • Label: Polystar PSDW-3002
  • Release Date: April 25, 1992
  • Producer : himself
  • Musicians:





This song is originally performed by one of the most popular Japanese Singer "Kazumasa Oda".
  • On the album: "Love Stories" (Virgin Japan VJCA-00014)
  • Release Date: March 4, 1992


Song Title

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In A Perfect World

Amazons / Divine Destiny

1995 / FOR LIFE, Japan

"Amazons" was Japanese female pop vocal group. "In A Perfect World" is written by Ned Doheny and he also sings duet vocal on the track.


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