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Tommy Denander


Tommy Denander, one of finest guitar player from Sweden has finally step out as a solo artist with his two amazing instrumental guitar albums that show what a versatile and passionate player he is.
He had started his professional musical career as the guitarist of Swedish rock group named ATC when he was only 15. Since then, he appeared on more than 50 albums as a musician, producer or engineer.
During his stay in Los Angels from 1987 to 1990, he played with or gained much interest from stars like Steve Lukather, Mike Landau, Jeff Beck, Alan Holdsworth, Karizma.
Back in 1988, Tommy was halfway through writing for a solo debut album from Swedish Label Sonet, but he stopped because he realized that he wasn't mature yet to pull it off. In 1995 he has felt the time has finally come, and Tommy did so with 2 albums.

Furthermore, Tommy has recorded 10 songs with Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Steve Porcaro and David Paich of Toto in Los Angels in October, 1991. Back in Sweden, he finished the album with a Swedish singer called Andy Eklund. That Album will be expected to come out near future under the group name - RADIOACTIVE -.







This record is a guitar collaboration album with one of the greatest guitarist Bruce Gaitsch. You can listen to Bill Champlin's lead vocal on "Crawfish Blues" on this aobum.



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