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Paul Davis / Paul Davis

Gary Portnoy

Paul Davis was signed to the label as a country-rock artist and released his first solo album "A Little Bit Of Paul Davis" in 1972 with Bang Records. In 1977, Paul finally got a huge success with his album "Singer Of Songs - Teller of Tales" featuring top 10 single hit "I Go Crazy" on the opening track. Gradually, his music style became sophisticated one from country music. In 1980, this self-titled album "Paul Davis" followed. However, Paul had to wait for his another big success following "I Go Crazy" until the next album "Cool Night", from which "'65 Love Affair" ranked # 6 on the chart. The album "Cool Night" (1981) might be popular among common people than this self-titled album because of his pop songs such as "Cool Night". If I should select just one song of Paul Davis, I would select the song "Cool Night". However, if I see the album as a whole, I would recommend this self-title album better. The reason is that this self-titled album shows who Paul Davis is like than the album "Cool Night" (1981).
  • Label : Bang Records, USA (JZ-36394)
  • Release Year: 1980
  • Reissued CD Release: 1st reissue : November 21, 1991 (Sony Music, Japan <SRCS 6152>), 2nd reissue: September 19, 2002 (Sony Music Japan <SICP 8059>)
  • Producers : Ed Seay and himself
  • Paul Davis: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards, Vibes
  • Musicians :
    • Drums: James Stroud
    • Bass: Don Barretz, Ed Seay, Steve Tischer
    • Guitars: Kenny Mims, Dino Zimmerman, Ed Seay
    • Keyboards: Alan Feingold, Will Boulware, Fonda Feingold
    • Background Vocals: Will Boulware, Ed Seay, James Stroud, Nigel Olsson, Marilyn Scott, Pepper Watkins, Susan Bennett
    • Trombone: Ed Seay, Tommy Cooper
    • Sax: Jay Scott
  • Tracks:
    1. Do Right
    2. Cry Just A Little
    3. He Sang Our Love Songs
    4. All The Way
    5. Too Slow To Disco
    6. Let Me Know If It's Over
    7. Do You Believe In Love
    8. S0 True
    9. When Everything Else Is Gone



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