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Janey Clewer

Janey Clewer
Janey Clewer coming from Pittsburgh, is one of well-known songwriters in the West Coast Music Circuits. For example, You can find her name as one of the co-writers on the tracks such as "She Just Can't Make Up Her Mind" and "You're Not Alone" on Jay Graydon's greatest 90's AOR album "Airplay For The Planet" (1993). In 1995, Janey wrote two songs for Bill Champlin's album "He Started To Sing" with Bill Champlin and the great guitarist, Bruce Gaitsch , her husband. It should be remarked that Janey also co-wrote "The Last Words You Said" with Richard Marx for Sarah Brightman, which is on her CD "Eden" (1998) and also on "The Very Best Of 1990-2000". Lara Fabian also loves to sing Janey's tunes; "Je T'Appartiens" on the album "Pure" (1997) which Lara sang its jazz version when she toured Europe in 2000, and "Bambina" on the album "Nue" (2001).
Bambina, a song co-written with Lara Fabian for her CD "NUE" , was rerecorded and released for Lara's new live acoustic CD and DVD entitled "EN TOUTE INIMITE". Bambina was the first single for the CD released October 2003 in Canada on Disques Equinoxes and in France on Polydor (Universal). The album reached #6 on the Billboard France chart. In December of 2004, Janey and her husband, Bruce Gaitsch, started producing and writing for Holland Idol finalist, Ron Link, for his CD to be released in late 2005. Additionally, she continues to develop her Broadway show idea and compose songs for it, as well as write with and for a variety of artists, accomplished and new.
Janey is also well-known as a talented backing vocalist with a heartwarming and emotional voice. You can listen to her marvelous backing vocals with many big names such as Peter Cetera on "Restless Heart", "Wild Ways","Where There's No Tomorrow","The Last Place God Made" and "Dip Your Wings" from Cetera's smash hit album "World Falling Down" (1992). Janey's acclaimed career as a backing vocalist should be back to late 80's. You can find her name on George Benson's 1986 album "While The City Sleeps", or also "Too Many Woman" from the famous Julio Iglesias's 1988 all-English vocal album "Non-Stop". In Feb. of 2004, Janey had the honor of singing background vocals on "Heaven Help Us All", one of the last songs recorded by Ray Charles. It is a duet with Gladys Knight for his last CD called Genius "Loves Company" which was released on Concord Records/Hear Music in August of 2004.



This is the first solo album of Janey Clewer. Janey writes all materials by herself except "Can't Let You Go With My Heart" with Linda Thompson. In addition to Janey's gentle vocals and keyboards/piano performance, you should focus Janey's sequencing and drum programming, which is really excellent. And please note that Richard Marx is singing background vocals on "Can't Let You Go With My Heart".
  • Label : Pioneer LDC, Japan (PICP-1074), Westcoast Records, Sweden
  • Release Date: September 21, 1995 (Japan)
  • Producers : Randy Waldman and herself
  • Musicians :
    • Guitars: Bruce Gaitsch
    • Saxophone: Dave Boruff
    • Piano: Randy Waldman
    • Backing Vocals: Bill Champlin, Richard Marx, Marc Jordan
    • Percussion: Michael Fisher
    • Violin: Juliann French
    • Viola: Simon Oswell
    • Celli: Armen Ksajikian, Sachi McHenry, Dane Little
    • Giggles: Samantha Taylor Gaitsch
  • Tracks:
    1. Tell Me It's Not Over
    2. Won't Go Back
    3. Fallin' In Love
    4. Can't Let You Go With My Heart
    5. Two Shooting Stars
    6. Love Like No Other I've Known
    7. Scent Of A Woman
    8. I'm Losin' You
    9. Catch And Kiss The Sun
    10. Even If You Walk Away
    11. There Is A Quiet Place


Janey Clewer's second effort "Call Me Romantic" must be one of the best 90's adult contemporary female vocal album. This album is unfortunately underestimated in the U.S. pop music market, but really worth listening. Whenever I listen to the opener "Call Me Romantic", I cannot help being touched. In addition to Janey's wonderful voice, Jay Graydon plays his guitar almost perfect on this track. On "God's Perfect Plan", you can hear Peter Cetera 's beautiful harmony vocal, which might be a duet with Janey. And Eric Carmen is singing the duet with Janey called "Only Time Will Tell". Both of those duet tunes can be still frequently on-aired here in Japan, which means this tune is now becoming a new standard adult contemporary tunes. This CD is one of the must-have items!
Call Me Romantic

Call Me Romantic US Version

  • Label: Pioneer LDC (PICP-1125) (Japan), Border Music (Sweden), Thoughtscape Sounds(TSS-0002) (USA)
  • Release Date: Oct. 23, 1996 (Japan), July 8, 1997 (USA)
  • Producers: Randy Waldman and herself
  • Musicians:
    • Drums: Billy Ward
    • Guitars: Bruce Gaitsch. Jay Graydon
    • Keyboards: Randy Waldman
    • Bass: John Patitucci, George Hawkins
    • Sax: Marc Russo, David Boruff
    • Fiddle: Randy Howard
    • Cello: Sachi Patitucci
    • Strings: The Vaughn's Gap Strings (Christian Teal, Juliann French, David Davidson, Mary Kathryn Vanosdale, Pamela Sixfin, Kristin Wilkinson, Jim Grosjean, Robert Mason, Anthony La Marchina)
    • Lead Vocal: Eric Carmen (duet on "Only Time Will Tell")
    • Backing Vocals: Peter Cetera, Kathy Ciavola, Teri Serletic, Dalia Garcia, Tommy Funderburk, George Hawkins
  • Tracks:
    1. Call Me Romantic
    2. God's Perfect Plan
    3. Kiss By Kiss
    4. I Married An Angel
    5. Other Side Of Blue
    6. Nina
    7. The Willow Weeps
    8. Feels Like The Second Time Around
    9. Ignorance Breeds Prejudice
    10. Only Time Will Tell
    11. Kiss His Heart Goodbye



On the 3rd album "When Stars Collide" Janey has a duet with Bill Champlin "Forever Valentines". And it features great musicians; Dave Boruff, Randy Waldman, George Hawkins, Tamara Champlin and Ronna Reeves, John Patitucci, Billy Ward, Jim Beard, Randy Howard and his great husband Bruce Gaitsch. This is an album with plenty of good melodies and gentle female vocals. On her 2nd album "Call Me Romantic", Janey established her status as a talented singer -songwriter by showing various type of tunes; beautiful ballads, excellent pop music with highly sophisticated melody-lines. On this album, you must feel very comfortable through every tunes of this album because the total quality of this album is really great.
When Stars Collide
  • Label: Pioneer LDC, Japan (PICP-1151)
  • Release Schedule : October 22, 1997
  • Producer: herself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Bruce Gaitsch
    • Bass: John Patitucci, George Hawkins
    • Drums: Billy Ward
    • Pianos: Randy Waldman, Jim Beard
    • Fiddle: Randy Howard
    • Sax: Dave Boruff
    • Background Vocals: Tamara Champlin, George Hawkins, Ronna Reeves, Kathy Chiavola, Teri Serletic, Randy Howard, Samantha Gaitsch, Bruce Gaitsch
    • Strings: The Vaughns Gap Strings
      • Concertmaster: Christian Teal
      • Violin: David Davidson, Connie Heard, Pamela Sixfin, Mary Kathryn Vanosdale,
      • Viola: Kathryn Plummer, Kristin Wilkinson
      • Cello: John Catchings, Bob Mason
  • Tracks:
    1. Without You I'd Be Lost
    2. When Stars Collide
    3. You Still Haunt Me
    4. Heaven Knows
    5. Forever Valentines (Duet with Bill Champlin)
    6. Someone Else's Life
    7. Wishing You Were Here
    8. I'll Always Remember You
    9. For Miya
    10. Make It Last Forever
    11. God Save The Children
    12. Senza Te (Duet with Timothy Noble)



This is the selected collection album taken from the above-reviewed 3 original solo albums. You can enjoy Janey's magical music journey whenever you started to play this CD. If you have not any Janey albums unfortunately as yet, why don't you start to buy this collection album?
Janey Clewer
  • Label : Angelynn Music, USA (ANG-001)
  • Official Release Date: February 23, 1999
  • Producer: Randy Waldman and herself
  • Additional Musicians:
    • Lead Vocal: Bill Champlin, Eric Carmen
    • Piano: Randy Waldman
    • Guitar: Bruce Gaitsch, Jay Graydon
    • Bass: George Hawkins Jr., John Patitucci
    • Drums; Billy Ward
    • Percussion: Michael Fisher
    • Background Vocals: Peter Cetera, Richard Marx, Kathy Chiavola
    • Sax: David Boruff, Marc Russo
    • Celli: John Catchings and Bob Mason
    • Cello solo: Robert Mason & The Vaughn's Gap Strings
    • Giggles: Samantha Taylor Gaitsch
  • Tracks:
    1. Tell Me It's Not Over
    2. Call Me Romantic
    3. God's Perfect Plan
    4. Without You I'd Be Lost
    5. Catch And Kiss The Sun
    6. Kiss By Kiss
    7. Forever Valentines
    8. Feel Like The 2nd Times Around
    9. Can't Let You Go With My Heart
    10. Only Time Will Tell
    11. Kiss His Heart Goodbye



  • Janey Clewer& Bruce Gaitsch / One On One
This is the collaboration album with Bruce Gaitsch (Guitar). Bruce explains this album as follows: "This record is a labor of love... my love for Janey and her music. I've never met anyone half as talented as my wife. She not only writes amazing music, but here is the proof that she can play it too. All of her piano performances are one takes, no punching in. Not so for the guitar... Some of these songs have been sitting in her piano bench for years... Now we can share them with you... Enjoy."
One On One
  • Label: Angelynn Music, USA (ANG-005)
  • Release Date : September 4, 2001
  • Producer: herself
  • Strings arranged and conducted by Randy Waldman
  • Guest Musicians:
    • Solo Cello on track 13: Sachi Patitucci
    • Strings for track 3:
      • Concertmaster: Ralph Morrison
      • Violin: Juliann French
      • Viola: Simon Oswell
      • Cello: Armen Ksajikian, Sachi McHenry, Dane Little
    • Strings for track 7:
      • Concertmaster: Christian Teal
      • Violins: David Davidson, Pamela Sixfin, Mary Kathryn Vanosdale, Juliann French
      • Violas: Kristin Wilkinson, Jim Grosjean
      • Cello: John Catchings
    • Strings for track 10:
      • Concertmaster: Christian Teal
      • Violins: David Davidson, Connie Heard, Pamela Sixfin, Mary Kathryn Vanosdale
      • Violas: Kristin Wilkinson, Jim Grosjean
  • Tracks:
    1. Dawn
    2. Cafe L'Amour (based on Paganinni's Caprice #20 for solo violin)
    3. Love Like No Other I've Known
    4. Reflection
    5. Janey's Theme
    6. Promenade
    7. The Longing
    8. Blue Mountain
    9. Beginning Ballet (based on Paganinni's Caprice #3 for violin)
    10. For Miya
    11. A Little Prayer
    12. Dusk
    13. There Is A Quiet Place



  • Janey Clewer & Randy Waldman / Your Favorite Christmas CD
For your holiday pleasure, Janey Clewer, invited us to indulge in "Your Favorite Christmas CD" with the acclaimedRandy Waldman done very simply, some just piano vocal, which includes all of original Christmas songs written by them, to be enjoyed for all your Christmases to come. You may know that Janey participated in 1991 MCA special project album entitled "Starlight Christmas" with Patti LaBelle, Kenny G. and others, and she has revisited and self-covered the beautiful songs on the album. This 12 songs CD is still available and worth listening even after holiday season and it is not too early to buy this CD for your next Christmas.
Janey Clewer
  • Label: Whirlybird Records, USA (WBR 001)
  • Release Date : Date: December 11, 2003
  • Janey Clewer : Vocals
  • Randy Waldman: All instruments except Guitar
  • Musicians:
  • Tracks:
    1. I Cannot Forget
    2. Christmas In The Air
    3. Christmas In Jamaica
    4. Message In The Music
    5. Ain't No Time For Diets
    6. 'Twas Love
    7. I'm Christmasing With You
    8. I'm All Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree
    9. What A Christmas Feeling
    10. It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas
    11. Let's Build A Snowman
    12. Christmas From The Heart



  • Perfume
4th solo effort "Perfume" features 11 intoxicating songs plus 2 bonus tracks. This album is more jazzy than her former 3 solo albums.You will reconfirm her versatile songwriting talent and her beuatiful voice once you listen. If you like her sophistcated pop melodies, you will also satsify with "I Concentrate On You" and the bonus track "Lovers Are Never Lost". A sophistcated beautiful ballad "I Don't Feel Beautiful", another bonus track, is really splendid.
I would like to quote several artists' words regarding this album from the liner notes of this album:-
Robert Lamm: "Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...the songs, the singing, the arrangements. Janey, you should be very proud of this work!"
Beth Neilson Chapman: "Janry's voice as a writer and artist is very fresh, innovative and original. Perfumeis a rich landscape for Janey's crystal vocals."
Janey Clewer / Perfume
  • Label: Cool Sound,Inc., Japan (COOL-120)
  • Release Date: December 25, 2004
  • Producer: Randy Waldman, Bruce Gaitsch, and herself
  • Janey Clewer: Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
  • Musicians:
  • Tracks:
    1. Fool In Love
    2. Perfume
    3. She's In The Room
    4. Cancel April
    5. I Have A Thing For Sting
    6. All's Not In Fair In Love And War
    7. Exposed
    8. I Concetrate On You
    9. I Had A Bad Dream
    10. He Was With Me
    11. It Does My Heart Good
    12. Lovers Are Never Lost <bonus track>
    13. I Don't Fell Beautiful <bonus track>



  • Fallen For Brazil
"Fallen For Brazil" is Janey's neo-Brazilian styled album. In Jauary 2009, its limited pre-release version was made available on CD-R (later at iTunes Store) for the fans. It took 3 years before we have the complete version with 3 additional tunes ("Samba Sky", "Paparazi" and "One At Heart") as well as revised mixes and fully mastered tracks. This album is a great collection of Janey's self-penned compositions of neo-Brazilian styled songs that will thrill your senses and stir your soul and one cover of "This Masquerade", originally performed by Leon Russell in 1972 and most-known for 1976's George Benson's version. Open your finest Malbec, sit back and let your ears take you on a passionate musical journey to Brazil and beyond.
Janey Clewer / Fallen For Brazil

Janey Clewer / Fallen For Brazil Pre-release CD-R
  • Release Date: April 4, 2012 (Limited CD-R Pre-release: January 15, 2009)
  • Label: Vivid Sound Corp., Japan (VSCD-3542)
  • Producers: Janey Clewer and Bruce Gaitsch
  • Janey Clewer: Lead & Background Vocals, Piano and Keyboards
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars and Percussion Programming: Bruce Gaitsch
    • John Patitucci: Bass
    • Violin: David Davidson, David Angel
    • Viola: Monisa Angel
    • Cello: John Catchings
    • Flutes: Dave Boruff
    • Vibes: Alex Poston
    • Trumpet: Nick Newman
    • Background Vocals: Michael Sembello
    • Duet Vocal on "Make Her Mine": Marc Jordan
  • Tracks:
    1. Samba Sky
    2. Paparazzi
    3. One At Heart
    4. Ooh, Ooh
    5. I Should Let Go
    6. The Summer Wind
    7. Too Good To Be Real
    8. Picture This
    9. This Masquerade
    10. Make Her Mine
    11. Shangri-la
    12. Fallen For Brazil
    13. Coup de Grace
  • Remarks: 2009 pre-release version was deleted as 2012 official CD is released. It had 11 tracks including "Ooh, Ooh" (single mix).



  • Love
"Love" is Janey's 2012 compilation CD which includes selected collaboration tracks with your favourite vocalists and/or musicians, taken from her previous solo CDs after due consideration.  "Falling In Love" (taken from 1st solo "Janey" ) and "Forever Valentine" (from 3rd solo "When Stars Collide" are with Bill Champlin, "Two Shooting Stars" (from "Janey") with Mac Jordan, "Can't Let You Go With My Heart" (from "Janey") with Richard Marx… "Call Me Romantic", the title track of her 2nd solo is one of my timeless favourite tune featuring Jay Graydon's best solo guitar of mid 90's. Peter Cetera supports Janey on "God's Perfect Plan" and then  "Only Time Will Tell" duet with Eric Carmen would follow, taken from the same album. "Exposed" and "Lovers Are Never Lost" are picked up from  2005 album "Perfume". You must appreciate 4 brand new songs, including a special bonus track, “If Only For Tonight” (duet with Joey Chemay), which is a benefit song for the children of Japan suffered from 2011 Mega-quake and Tsunami. The title track, “Love”, is one of the best ballads of the decade featuring all-star cast of singers including Peter Cetera, Marc Jordan, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Jaimee Paul, Joe Chemay and Janey. "Impossible" (duet with Joshua Payne) might be another hidden gem for you. You must satisfy with "The Last Words You Said" is self-cover of another Janey's greatest composition co-written with RIchard Marx for Sarah Brightman's 1998 album "Eden".
Janey Clewer / Love
  • Label: Vivid Sound Corp., Japan (VSCD-3543)
  • Release Date: April 4, 2012
  • Janey Clewer: Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
  • Musicians for the title track "Love":
    • Guest Vocalists: Peter Cetera, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Marc Jordan, Joe Chemay, Jaimee Paul
    • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta
    • Guitars: Bruce Gaitsch, Tommy Denander
  • Tracks:
    1. Fool In Love
    2. Falling In Love
    3. Won't Go Back
    4. Two Shooting Stars
    5. Can't Let You Go With My Heart
    6. Impossible
    7. Call Me Romantic
    8. God's Perfect Plan
    9. Only Time Will Tell
    10. Forever Valentines
    11. Exposed
    12. Lovers Are Never Lost
    13. The Last Words You Said
    14. If Only For Tonight


  • What A Christmas Feeling
  • I'm All Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree
  • Love Will Keep Us Warm This Year For Christmas (duet with Glenn Mediros)
  • Chrsitmas In The Air
  • Ain't No Time For Diets (with Gene Moreford and Don Shelton)
  • Remember Christmas
  • Christmas Lullaby

  • From the album; "A Starlight Christmas" (MCA Records, USA MCAD-10066)
  • Release Year: 1990
  • Musicians:
    • Acoustic Piano, Trumpet and Synthesizers: Randy Waldman
    • Guitars: Dennis Budmir, Kevin Clark
    • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta
    • Percussion; Michael Fisher
    • French Horn: Marry Jo Scharf
    • Sax: Kenny G. 



  • Julian

  • From the album; "TV CM Best Hits 1 " (King Records, Japan KICS-260)
  • Release Date: January 9, 1993
  • Musicians:



  • Lovin' You

  • From the album; "Love In The Twilight " (Bai-le-la Tree Music, Japan PRONTO-001)
  • Release Date: July 4, 2008
  • Musicians:
  • Remarks: perfromes under the name of "The Bossa Nova Hotel featuring Janey"


In addition to the duet with Eric Carmen, Janey sings many tunes on Bruce Gaitsch's solo albums as below, some of which might not be defined as a lead vocal track. Anyway, here is the list.

Song Title

Artist / Album Title

Release Year / Label


That's When I Fell

Bruce Gaitsch / A Lyle In A Windstorm

1995 / Toshiba EMI, Japan

On The Way

Bruce Gaitsch / A Lyle In A Windstorm
1995 / Toshiba EMI, Japan

The African Prince

Bruce Gaitsch / Aphasia
1997 / Thoughtscape Sounds, USA

Almost Paradise

Eric Carmen / I Was Born To Love You

1998 / Pioneer LDC, Japan

Duet with Eric Carmen

Almost Paradise (TV mix version for male)

Eric Carmen / - (CD single only)

1997 / Pioneer LDC, Japan

Eric Carmen's vocal are erased.

Magic Man

Bruce Gaitsch / Nightingale
1998 / Angelynn Music, USA

Gave Love A Try

Bruce Gaitsch / Nightingale
1998 / Angelynn Music, USA

with George Hawkins Jr.

Villa Lobotomies

Bruce Gaitsch / Nightingale
1998 / Angelynn Music, USA

with George Hawkins Jr.

Lovin' You (bossa nova version) The Bossa Nova Hotel / Moon Island 2009 / EMI Music, Japan The Bossa Nova Hotel
Averna Dreams Ruggero Robin / Everyday Magic 2011 / Pulsar Jazz, Italy

Ruggero Robin / Everyday Magic

digital download only

You Only You Ruggero Robin / Everyday Magic 2011 / Pulsar Jazz, Italy digital download only
Fragolino Ruggero Robin / Everyday Magic 2011 / Pular Jazz, Italy

digital download only

No Tomorrow Ruggero Robin / Everyday Magic 2011 / Pulsar Jazz, Italy digital download only
The Whisper Ruggero Robin / Everyday Magic 2011 / Pulsar Jazz, Italy digital download only
Fooled Again Ruggero Robin / Everyday Magic 2011 / Pulsar Jazz, Italy digital download only
Pace Amore Ruggero Robin / Everyday Magic 2011/ Pulsar Jazz, Italy digital download only


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