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Bill Champlin / Single

After disbanding"The Sons Of Champlin", it was 1978 when Bill Champaign released this first solo album "Single". In spite of the title of the album, Bill got huge contribution to this masterpiece from almost all acclaimed Los Angeles musicians. As everybody knows, Bill joined the band "Chicago" after second solo album "Runaway" (1981) and since then Bill wrote tons of many smash hit tunes for the group. Even though tough touring with Chicago has been keeping him busy, Bill never stop his awesome session works with many artists. And in early 90's, Bill restarted his solo career and released many albums. In late 90's, it was a little bit surprising that Bill reformed the legendary "Sons Of Champlin". Bill is still so passionate for creating good music, which suddenly appears in front of us as a guest vocalist on many albums. Please keep your eyes always open for what Bill will do next.
Meanwhile, we had to wait for the reissued CD before 1991. Someone might insist that it was 1987 because of the reissued CD made in Sweden (Airplay Recordings, A Division of Vinyl Mania <ARCD 5002>), but this was not official one and sound quality was not good. In 1991, Sony Music, Japan reissued the album on CD officially at last. Due to the heavy demand, it did not take a long time until the reissued CD stock run out. Thus, second time reissue achieved in the autumn of 2002. Fortunately, Bill himself gave his comment for the liner notes of the CD, which can be read only in Japanese. Probably, you would like to read its original full version written by Bill, here is it;

It was 1977 and I was leaving the Sons of Champlin in Northern California and moving my family to Southern California, "L.A.". I had made friends with David Foster and had worked with him on numerous projects and realized what a monster this guy was. What he did to my songs when he put them under his hands was really something. I had been somewhat adventurous musically up to that time but working with David sent the whole thing into what I still consider some of my best music to date. Some of David's, too. Hey, just my opinion. The boys was Baaaaaaad. Anyway, it was a few months of living on the same street and waltzing 2 doors down at odd times with new songs or ideas was easy. The studio we did most of the work in was also a few blocks away. It was a great musical experience and I think the reason people still talk about it is that it is a great starting point of a handful of careers. Engineer included. This was the first time David and Humberto Gatica worked together. Enjoy. (Signed: Bill Champlin July 11, 2002)



Bill Champlin / Single (1978)


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