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Brother Time

It's my great pleasure that I could inform you of the appearance of this excellent group on the 90's music scene. The sound of this group reminds me of the high-tensioned energy and aggressive sounds like those of "Toto" in their first album.
"Brother Time" are Trever Golden (Keyboards and Bass), Jojo Alves ( Drums, Percussion, Guitars, Bass and Trumpet Solos), Johan Laas (Piano and Organ), Penn Jones (Vocals), Brock Walsh (Lead Vocals) and Michael Sembello (Vocals).
For your information, Brock Walsh is well-known as songwriter of "Automatic" performed by Pointer Sisters in 1984 and also released his solo album titled "Dateline Tokio" released only in Japan in 1983 and CD single titled "Little Sheba" (TV Commercial Song for the American-branded beer "Coors") c/w "My Lonely One" only in Japan in 1988 (Canyon International S9Y1102).



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