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Stephen Bishop

Stephen Bishop was born in San Diego on November 14, 1951. In 1969, He moved to Los Angels to start his professional music career. He had to earn his income as a songwriter for a chance for about 7 years before releasing his first solo album "Careless" in 1976, Which included 2 smash hit songs "Save It For A Rainy Day" and "On And On".

Stephen released his second album "Bish" in 1978 and third album "Red Cab To Manhattan" in 1980. The song called "It Might Be You" written and performed by himself for the movie titled "Tootsie" in 1983 is the one of his hit songs.

It was general understnding that the album titled "Sleeping With Girls" had been scheduled to release in 1985 but not released at last , which included a original track of "Separate Lives", Love Theme of the movie "White Nights" performed by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin. However, I have found out that it is not exact truth. The album "Sleeping With The Girls" had been released actually only in Hong Kong in 1985!! You Can listen to some tracks of this album on his best album released from Rhino Records in 1988 "Best Of Bish"(R2 70833).

In the circumstances, we had to wait for his 5th solo album until 1989. In 1989 he released his 5th album titled "Bowling In Paris".

In 1994, His own selection greatest his album titled "On And On -- The Hits Of Stephen Bishop " has been released from MCA.






    • Label: Polydor, Hong Kong (Polygram Records 825 841-1)
    • Release Year: 1985
    • Producer : Lee Holdridge, Dave Grusin, Gus Dudgeon, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Sting, Greg matheison and himself
    • Remarks: This is his real 4th solo album which was said to be unreleased anywhere in the world generally!



  • Tracks :
    1. Fallin'
    2. Rhythm Of The Rain
    3. Sleeping With The Girls
    4. Leaving The Hall Light On
    5. Separate Lives
    6. Mister Wonderful
    7. Something New In My Life (Theme From " Micki And Maude")
    8. Someone's In Love
    9. It Might Be You



    • Label (Japanese Version) : Canyon International (Pony Canyon PCCY-00572)
    • Label (USA Version): Foundation Records (72907-7001-2)
    • Release Date: July 21, 1994 (Japan), June 1996 (USA)
    • Producer : Andrew Gold (& Jeff Jones only for USA Version)
    • Musicians :
      • Guitar: Michael Thompson,
      • Guitar and Backing Vocals: Andrew Gold
      • Backing Vocals: David Crosby and Michael McDonald, Carnie and Wendy Wilson
    • Remarks: This is his 6th solo album released in Japan and later in USA. Both Versions have different contents!



  • Tracks (Japanese Version):
    1. (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet
    2. When You Love Somebody
    3. The King Of Tonga
    4. Yeh Yeh
    5. When Love Was Grand
    6. Picasso Played A Blue Guitar
    7. Dive Into The Pool Of Love
    8. In The Italian Rain
    9. I Go Numb
    10. Rebbecca's Theme
    11. Let Your Heart Remember
    12. Natalie
    13. Separate Lives
  • Tracks (USA Version):
    1. I Go Numb
    2. Dive Into The Pool Of Love
    3. On Blonde Street
    4. When You Love Somebody
    5. (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet
    6. Wall Around Your Heart
    7. The King Of Tonga
    8. Picasso Played A Blue Guitar
    9. Italian Rain
    10. Let Your Heart Remember
    11. When Love Was Grand
    12. Separate Lives
    13. R's Theme



I guess you may misunderstand that those are a kind of bootlegs. The answer is "NO"!! I never and ever review any bootlegs on my web. Recently I encountered those albums on Stephen Bishop's official website and pleased to know that those can be bought officially. Those albums feature polished and rough demo's from 1974-2001,which must be interesting for you. Most tunes are very raw in terms of arrangement. But, some materials are really well-produced and it should not to be demos but unreleased. "Pass Her By" (Track 14 of Demo Album 1" mus be a perfect tune produced by Todd Rundgren.



Stephen Bishop Demo 1

Stephen Bishop Demo2
    • Label: none (CD serial #: none)
    • Release Date: July, 2002 ??
    • Producer: Todd Rundgren (Track14)
    • Musicians: * all instruments by Stephen Bishop
      • David Kopatz : All instruments (track 1, 3)
      • Julian Bunetta: Keyboards, Drums (Track 4)
      • Peter Bunetta: Guitars (Track 4)
      • John Jarvis: Piano (Track 8, 12, 15)
      • Jeff Jones: Synthesizers, Background Vocals (Track 11, 15)
      • Suzi Carr: Vocals (Track 12)
      • Todd Rundgren: All instruments, Background Vocals (Track14)
    • Tracks:
      1. The Girl In The Orange Sweater (1989)
      2. She's Not Mine (1996) *
      3. Rescue You (1989)
      4. Before Nightfall (2001)
      5. I Wanna Feel That Way (2000)
      6. Dreams Of Someday (1992)
      7. I'll Sleep On The Plane (2000) *
      8. Across The Sea To You (2000)
      9. There There *
      10. Jet Lag (1995) *
      11. Rat Race (2000)
      12. The Pleasure Of Your Company (2000)
      13. Slipping Into Love (1981)
      14. Pass Her By (1985)
      15. Time Stand Still
    • Label: none (CD serial #: none)
    • Release Date: July, 2002 ??
    • Producer: no credit
    • Musicians: * all instruments by Stephen Bishop
      • Blue London: Vocals (Track 8)
    • Tracks:
      1. I Know Who You Are (1997) *
      2. And I Love You (1998) *
      3. Hurt Machine (1999) *
      4. Ultralove (1999)
      5. Hello (1984 / 2001) *
      6. Really Wanting You (1974) *
      7. Tears On Sunday (1985) *
      8. Making Love Underwater (1986) *
      9. Till I'm Over You (2000) *
      10. Letters From Home (1994) *
      11. Someone Like You (1986)
      12. Forever Friends (2001) *
      13. Dangerous Girl (1982) *
      14. Tell Me It's Over (1980) *
      15. Slow Breakup (1980) *




"Happy Bishmas" ontains several Christmas favorites including 2 cuts produced by Andrew well as 2 new original Christmas songs.

    • Label: none (CD serial #: none)
    • Release Date: November 21, 2002



Stephen Bishop / Bishmas
  • Tracks:
    1. Jingle Bell Rock
    2. Let It Snow
    3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    4. Jingle Holiday
    5. Rock Little Reindeer
    6. The Christmas Song
    7. Auld Lang Syne




This is the studio recording album of Stephen Bishop in 7 years, which followed the album "Blue Guitar". On this album Stephen performed by himself with just his guitar and voice. Some tracks have overdubbed Stephen's vocal and guitars, however, most of tracks sounds like acoustic studio live recordings. With many new songs, this album contains self-cover version of several familiar ones. "On and On", "Red Cab To Manhattan", "Separate Lives" and others in Bishop's own unique style.

    • Label: n/a (CD product #: n/a)
    • Release Date: December 20, 2002
    • Producer: n/a
    • Stephen Bishop: All Vocals, Guitars
Stephen Bishop / Yardwork



  • Tracks:
    1. Promise Me The World
    2. Time Stand Still
    3. Make U Mine
    4. Blue Window
    5. Before Nightfall
    6. When You Love Too Much
    7. On And On
    8. Wall Around Yoyr Heart
    9. Hall Light
    10. Parked Cars
    11. Looking For The Right One
    12. Picasso
    13. Natalie
    14. Rescue You
    15. Red Cab To Manhattan
    16. Separate Lives



  • FEAR OF MASSAGE - demo 3-

"Fear of Massage", a combination of studio tracks and demo tracks from years back and rare cuts that never made it onto finished albums. I should emphasize that 2 brand new cuts co-written with Andrew Gold are included in this package. The first three songs "Fiddler's Green", one of the brand new songs, "Make It Last" and "Un baile del corazon" are very much in the style of Stephen's previous well-produced tracks. And you may feel interesting when you listen to the up-tempo version of "I go numb" originally included in the album "Blue guitars" .

    • Label: n/a
    • Release Date: November , 2003
    • Producer: Andrew Gold, Peter Bunetta, Greg Mathieson, Gus Dudgeon and himself
    • Stephen Bishop: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Ray Pounds, Graham Jarvis
      • Drum Programming: Jeff Jones
      • Bass: Nathan Watts, Tom Snow, Paul Westwood
      • Keyboards: Andrew Gold, Brad Cole, Matt McCauley, Mike Boddicker, Greg Phillinganes, Peter Wingfield, Jeff Jones
      • Guitars: Don Felder, Gary Kambra, Michael Sembello, Martin Jenner
      • Spanish Guitar: Paul Viapiano
      • Percussion: Peter Bunetta, Paulinho da Costa
      • Dooley: Robin Williams
      • Horns; Tower Of Power horns
      • Background Vocals: Andrew Gold, Randy Crawford, Brenda Russell, Maxine Andrews
Stephen Bishop / Fear Of Masage


  • Tracks:
    1. Fiddler's Green
    2. Make It Last
    3. Un Baile Del Corazon (A Dance Of The Heart)
    4. Linda Linda
    5. Mister Wonderful
    6. Sentimental
    7. I Follow The Crowd
    8. Dear Miss Heartbeat
    9. I Go Numb (fast version)
    10. Pink Shoe Laces
    11. Love At Stake
    12. Tears On Sunday 2
    13. One In A Million Girl
    14. I Was A Teenage Millionaire
    15. The Chevy Chase Theme
    16. Northwood (age 14)




This 2007 studio-recording album "Saudade" is easy to buy in the States, but quite hard to get in other territories because this album is created exclusively for Target, US nationwide retail store chain. With legendary Brazilian Oscar Castro-Neves and Peter Bunetta, Stephen Bishop created this brand-new album featuring 6 new songs and 6 classics from his catalog. "Saudade (pronounced "SOW-DODGE-EE") means to have an earnest, heartfelt longing, especially for something or someone beyond reach," Bishop explains of the album's title. It's a longing; it's much more than nostalgia."

    • Label: 180 Music LLC, USA (OEM-00035-5)
    • Release Date: February 27, 2007
    • Executive Producer: Jim Brandmeier
    • Producers: Oscar Castro-Neves, Peter Bunetta
    • Stephen Bishop: Lead Vocals
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Oscar Castro-Neves, Eric Clapton, Earl Klugh
      • Keyboards: Oscar Castro-Neves, Don Grusin
      • Drums: Alex Acuna
      • Bass: Brian Bromberg
      • Percussion: Kevin Ricard
      • Woodwinds, Sax: Gary Meek
      • Duet Vocals (Track 4): Luciana Souza
      • Background Vocals: Kenny Rankin. Charlotte Gibson
Stephen Bishop / Saudade


  • Tracks
    1. Under The Jamaican Moon
    2. On And On
    3. Hello
    4. Un Baile Del Corazon
    5. Save It For A Rainy Day
    6. Never Letting Go
    7. Bish?fs Hideaway
    8. Annalia
    9. Take This Empty Heart
    10. One More Night
    11. Separate Lives
    12. New York In The Fifties




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