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Peter Beckett


Peter Beckett was born in Liverpool U.K and moved to Los Angels in Mid 70's. In 1977, Peter had started the group named Player well-known for the Billboard Chart No.1 Hit Single titled "Baby Come Back" on January 14, 1978.
Peter gave up the band's activity in 1982, his vocals could be listened on some movie soundtrack albums such as "Jenny" from the movie "Where The Boys" in 1984 and "How Can The Girl Refuse" from the movie "Major League" in 1989. (He sings the song called "Stressed Out" as the lead singer of the legendary group "Airplay" instead of Tommy Funderburk on the soundtrack album "St. Elmo's Fire" in 1986.
On the other hand, he released the album with Steve Kipner as the duo "Think Out Loud" in 1988 (A&M Records CD5187/DX2803). And He released his first solo album titled "Beckett" (Curb Records D2-77502). For your information the album released in Japan includes "Until You Let Go" from the movie soundtrack "Franky And Johnny" as Bonus Track. In 1995, he reunited Player and released reunion album in Japan!




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