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Ambrosia / One Eighty


Ambrosia had released 2 albums from 20th Century and 3 albums from Warner Bros. The original members were David Pack (Vocals, Guitar), Joe Puerta (Bass, Vocals), Burleigh Drummond (Drums, Vocals), Christopher North (Keyboard) in 1975 when their first album titled "Ambrosia".

In 1978, "How Much I Feel" from the 3rd album "Life Beyond L.A." ranked No.3 on the U.S. Pop Hit Chart.

This is the 4th album released in 1980 which contains two hit songs, "Biggest Part Of Me" (ranked No.3), "You're The Only Woman" (ranked NO.13). From this album, David Culter Lewis (Keyboards) and Royce Jones (Percussion, Vocals) joined this group.

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