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Airplay / Airplay


Airplay is the legendary West Coast Pop Project of Jay Graydon, David Foster and Tommy Funderburk. They released only this album. If You should not listen to this album, I would strongly recommend to listen to this most basic A.O.R album soonest possible. This is what we call as A.O.R. here in Japan. Bible Album! There is no better A.O.R. album than this album, until now and from now on. This album represents 20th century also with Beatles albums. Masterpiece of the Masterpiece. The history of A.O.R is made by this release.
You can find out the song titled "Stressed Out (Close To The Edge)" performed by same project name "Airplay" on the soundtrack album of the movie "St. Elmo's Fire" (1985). But this song performed by Jay Graydon and David Foster with Peter Beckett instead of Tommy Funderburk.

Airplay / Airplay


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