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(LAST UPDATE: Sept 23, 2009)

Many Adult Contemporary Music CD's are still being released everywhere in the world. So, I would hereby let you know Adult Contemporary Music New Releases and Reissues information as "Quaterly Recommended Discs" (Sorry, most updated info now on the ACMJ International Blog) . I would highly recommend you to buy several albums by reading my personal reviews. This page might not be so much often updated as before. Instead, please check my ACMJ International Blog for the most updated infromation.

Jack Wagner / Don't Give Up Your Day Job

Jack Wagner Remaster Series continues with this fine effort for Quincy Jones' Qwest label from 1987 featuring hits "Weatherman Says" and "Back Home Again". Remastered from the original Qwest/Warner Bros


  • Label: Friday Music, USA
  • Release Date: August 25, 2009
Jack Wagner /

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James Harrah / Words Fail Me

  • Label: self-release (USA)
  • Release Date: April, 2009
  • James Harrah: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
  • Muscians:
    • Drums: Gary Ferguson, Curt Bisquera, Dave Beyer, Jay Bellarose
    • Bass: Reggie Hamilton, Mark Browne, Jennifer Condos
    • Background Vocals: Lily Wilson


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Cdjapan Jazz_Fusion
Past Reviews


Bill LaBounty / Back To Your Star

<ACM Rating: >

It was November 2005 when I wrote about this release first. Next early summer, we had Mr. LaBounty here in Tokyo as the special guest for Robbie Dupree's show, and it was the very first moment we could listen the title tune of this brand-new album "Back to your Star", in addition to his good old melodies; "Livin' It Up", "Dream On", "Mr. O", "This Night Won't Last Forever". Almost 2 years later now, I would be pleased to announce that Bill LaBounty will soon release the album "Back To Your Star", which features some of his favorite Nashville studio players such as Danny Parks, David Hungate, and Larry Carlton, along with some of Bill's favorite Los Angeles players. The album will be available all over the world. Having said so, we, Japanese will have the advanced edition with the acoustic version of himself and Larry Carlton performing "Livin' It Up" only for Japan.
    • Label: Chill Pill Records (USA), T.a.c.s Records (Japan) <TACM7>
    • Release Date: June (USA, Europe), May 27, 2009 (Japan)
    • Producers: Danny Parks and himself
    • Bill LaBounty: Lead & Background Vocals, Electric Piano, Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Bass: David Hungate, Michael Rhodes
      • Guitars: Danny Parks. Larry Carlton
      • Drums: Braian Fullen, Tommy Wells
      • Acoustic Piano: Gordon Mote
      • Sax: Sam Levine
      • Blues Harp, Harmonica: Robbie Dupree
      • Percussion: Steve Wariner
      • Background Vocals: Robbie Dupree, Suzanne Young, Tom Flora, Steve Wariner

Bill Champlin / No Place Left To Fall

International Order
Cdjapan Jazz_Fusion
Zinc Music
Japanese edition
International edition

  • Tracks (US/International edition)
    1. Back To Your Star
    2. California Turnaround
    3. Dianne
    4. Stay High
    5. Old Habits
    6. Running On Fumes
    7. Cinderella
    8. Hwy 85
    9. Golden Now
    10. The Wheels Are Coming Off
    11. Fly Away
    12. River Girl
    13. California Turnaround (radio mix)
  • Tracks (Japanese edition)
    1. California Turnaround
    2. Back To Your Star
    3. Dianne
    4. Hwy 85
    5. Stay High
    6. Old Habits
    7. Fumes
    8. Cinderella
    9. Golden Now
    10. The Wheels Are Coming Off
    11. Fly Away
    12. River Girl
    13. Livin’ It Up (new acoustic version)





The Bossa Nova Hotel / Moon Island

<ACM Rating: >

Bossa Nova Hotel is a new group whose members include Michael Sembello, Bruce Gaitsch and Janey Clewer. Together, with the mentoring and guidance of Dick Rudolph, they have created a new concept in music; blending the timelessness of classic love songs with the Brazilian bossa nova and salsa. They have drenched each track with extravagant vocal harmonies and sensual rhythms. The result is something truly unique. As you know, eight of the selected songs are featured on two different compilation CDs for Pronto cafes in Japan along with other artists such as Bobby McFerrin, which were released July 4th of 2008. Included on the Pronto releases and the upcoming full CD release is a song recorded to benefit Kid’s Earth Fund called "Through A Child’s Eyes". Kid’s Earth Fund has been helping children throughout the world for over 20 years. We will have the full CD release for EMI Music Japan in May, 2009. The CD features "La Isla Bonita" written by Gaitsch with Patrick Leonard and originally performed by Madonna "Maniac" written and originally performed by Sembello, one of the Brazilian standard songs "A Day In The Life Of A Fool" ("Manhã de Carnaval") and Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do For Love".
    • Label: EMI Music, Japan (TOCP-70756)
    • Release Date: May 27, 2009
    • Executive Producer: Richard Rudolph
    • The Bossa Nova Hotel is:
Bossa Nova Hotel / Moon Island


International Order

Cdjapan Jazz_Fusion


  • Tracks:
    1. It's All In The Game
    2. After The Love Is Gone
    3. Maniac
    4. A Day In The Life Of A Fool
    5. Tainted Love
    6. Lovin' You
    7. Let's Groove
    8. Feelin' Alright
    9. La Isla Bonita
    10. Inside My Love
    11. What You Won't Do For Love
    12. That's The Way Of The World
    13. Through A Child's Eyes
    14. Lovin' You (bossa nova version)



Geroge Benson / Songs And Stories

<ACM Rating: >

NEA Jazz Master and 10 times Grammy-winning legendary musician George Benson will release his new album on August 25th entitled "Songs and Stories", a collection of tunes penned by some of the most prolific and enduring songwriters of the last half-century. Some were written specifically for this new recording, such as Bill Withers (who came out of retirement to write A Telephone Call Away for George), Rod Temperton's "Family Reunion" and Lamont Dozier's "Living in High Definition"; while others, including James Taylor's "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight", Donny Hathaway's "Someday Well All Be Free" and Tony Joe White's "Rainy Night in Georgia" were hand-picked by Benson for their ability to convey simple but universal truths about the human experience. You cannot ignore this album because the album includes guest performances by David Paich, Gerald Albright, Lalah Hathaway, Lee Ritenour, Norman Brown, Patti Austin, Steve Lukather, John Robinson, Tom Scott and many others.Last but not a least, I wonder if you would like to buy Japanese edition because of an exclusive bonus track only for Japan. If so, please click the below link to or CD Japan.
    • Label: Concord Records / Universal Music,USA (Japan: <UCCO-1085>)
    • Release Date: August 26, 2009 (Japan)
    • Producers: John Burk, Marcus Miller, (Co-producers: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Associate Producers: Toninho Harta, Michael O'neil, Forest Sprague)
    • Goerge Benson: Vocals, Guitars
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Toninho Harta, Jubu, Paul Jackson Jr., Steve Lukather, Norman Brown. Wah Wah Watson. Lee Ritenour, Marcelo Lima
      • Keyboards: Bruno Cardozo, William Magalhaes, Greg Phillinganes, Marcus Miller, Rod Temperton, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Bobby Sparks II, David Garfield, Bruno Cardozo, Robbie Benson
      • Bass: Marcus Miller
      • Drums: John "JR" Robinson, Magunho Alcantara
      • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Noel Lee
      • String Arrangement, Conductor: Victor Vanacore, Marcus Miller, David Paich
      • Sax: Gerald Albright, Tom Scott
      • Horn Arrangement: Jerry Hey, David Paich, Tom Scott
      • Vocals: Lalah Hathaway, Norman Brown, Patti Austin
      • Background Vocals: Patti Austin, Carolyn Perry, Lori Perry, Sharon Perry, William "Smoky" Robinson, David Garfield, Leslie O. Smith, J.J. Blair

George Benson / Songs And Stories


International Order

Cdjapan Jazz_Fusion

  • Tracks
    1. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
    2. Family Reunion
    3. Show Me The Love
    4. A Telephone Call Away
    5. Someday We'll All Be Free
    6. Nuthin' But A Party
    7. Come In From The Cold
    8. Exotica
    9. Rainy Night In Georgia
    10. One Like You
    11. Living In High Definition
    12. Sailing
    13. It Ain't Over (bonus track only for Japan)





Dwayne Ford / On The Other Side

<ACM Rating: >

Dwayne Ford, a founding member of the band Atkinson, Danko and Ford (which would become Bearfoot), Dwayne recorded five albums for CBS, producing the last one himself. In 2000, Dwayne moved back to his hometown of Edmonton from Palm Springs, California and built a new recording facility with a view toward film scoring and music composition. In 2007, Dwayne Ford released the album entitled "Some Day" evoking Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and/or a bit Don Henley. And now in the summer of 2009, he completed and released his latest work as the album entitled "On The Other Side".
    • Label: self-release (DFCD-1009)
    • Release Date: August 5, 2009
    • Producer: himself
    • Dwayne Ford: Lead & Background Vocals, All instruments
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Guitars: Louis Sedmak
      • Background Vocals: Rhonda Withnell, Shelly Jones
Dwayne Ford / On The Other Side


International Order

Dwayne Ford: On the Other Side

  • Tracks:
    1. Please Don't Say You Care
    2. Any Fool With A Gun
    3. East Side Girls
    4. Rio Stat (instrumental)
    5. On The Other Side
    6. Somebody Ought To
    7. Any Fool With A Gun (instrumental)
    8. Who Did You Do To Us




Lance Jyo / LA-Honolulu-Tokyo Re-visited

<ACM Rating: >

Honolulu born Lance Jyo's first professional music effort was shaped into the 1992's limited cassette release "The Light Project". Next one was At Second Glance, the duo with Galen Takushi, they released an album for Kabuki Boy Music, Hawaiian local label in 1995. Lance's solo full-album "Dreaming" comprising of his past works and new materials followed in 1997. In April 2003, Lance Jyo released "LA-Honolulu-Tokyo" featuring bunch of AOR/Westcoast musicians and singers including Jay Graydon, Michael Ruff, Bill Cantos and David Pack. The album was welcomed by many AOR/Westcoast lovers. Lance has revisited this album and restructured 4 tunes till he is fully satisfied; "Every Step Of The Way" (track 9) should be noted because of Bruce Gaitsch's additional guitars. Furthermore, this revisited CD includes 3 new materials as bonus tracks, one of which is "In My Dreams" featuring Jay Graydon's amazing guitar solo. In the end of 2009 summer, the album "LA-Honolulu-Tokyo Re-visited" must be added to your CD collection.
    • Label: Cool Sound Inc., Japan (COOL-126)
    • Release Date: August 19, 2009
    • Producers: Lance Jyo, Raul Ferrando, Jon Basebase, Joerg Alfter
    • Musicians
      • Lead Vocals: Bill Cantos(Track 1, 7), Dave Toma(Track 2, 13), Junior Tubers(Track 3), Richard Natto(Track 4), Darla Short(Track 5), Michael Ruff(Track 6, 10), Jeff Pescetto(Track 8), David Pack(Track 9), Lance Jyo(Track 11, 14), Joerg Alfter(Track 12)
      • Guitars: Jay Graydon, Bruce Gaitsch, Ramon Stagnaro, Jon Basebase, Dave Toma
      • Keyboards: Raul Ferrnando, David Kauahikaua, Joerg Alfter

Lance Jyo / LA-Honolulu-Tokyo Re-visited


International Order

Foreign Music CDJapan

  • Tracks
    1. Cool Sound
    2. Carousel (new version)
    3. Destiny
    4. Your Best To Me (new version)
    5. Who’s Fooling Who
    6. Until I Found You
    7. If You Believe
    8. Ariel
    9. Every Step Of The Way (new version)
    10. Diamond
    11. Edge Of Forever (new version)
    12. In My Dreams (bonus track)
    13. The Only One (bonus track)
    14. The Last Goodbye (bonus track)





AOR / Journey To LA

<ACM Rating: FourStars>

In 2009, Frédéric Slama ,Tommy Denander and Philip Bardowel have teamed up again for a new album of the project AOR "Journey To L.A", which is due for release in Europe on August 28. With the help of top session players such as Steve Overland (FM), Steve Lukather & Fergie Frederiksen (Toto), Dane Donohue, Bill Champlin (Chicago), Bruno Levesque (Silence), David Williams (Michael Jackson, George Benson) and many more, Frédéric delivers by far his most impressive and melodic work in the vein of Toto, Foreigner or Survivor, mixing elements of westcoast with more aor rock oriented songs. Classic westcoast lovers won’t be disappointed too with several songs taking you back to the L.A. music scene of the early 80’s.
    • Label: Escape Music, UK (ESM194)
    • Release Date: August 28, 2009
    • Producers: Frédéric Slama, Tommy Denander
    • Musicians
      • Frédéric Slama : Guitars & Keyboards
      • Tommy Denander : All Instruments (Radioactive)
      • Lead Vocals: Philip Bardowell, Steve Overland, Fergie Frederiksen, Bill Champlin, Dane Donohue
      • Guitars: Frédéric Slama, Tommy Denander, Steve Lukather, David Williams, Eric Barkdull, Bruno Levesque
      • Keyboards: Frédéric Slama, Tommy Denander, David Diggs, David Getrau
      • Bass: Tommy Denander, David Diggs, David Getrau
      • Drums: Joey Heredia
      • Background Vocals: Philip Bardowell, Steve Overland, Fergie Frederiksen, Bill Champlin, Dane Donohue, Johan Sahlen
AOR / Journey To LA


International Order

HMVジャパン CD DVD 書籍 音楽 ゲーム


  • Tracks:
    1. Waiting In The Darkness
    2. Don't Turn Back
    3. Love Remains The Same
    4. Read The Signs
    5. Just For Love
    6. Desperate Dreams
    7. Never Surrender
    8. The View Of You
    9. Heartless
    10. West Into The Sun
    11. Lost In Your Eyes
    12. You're My Obsessio






Think Out Loud/ Think Out Loud

<ACM Rating: >

"Think Out Loud" are a studio project featuring singer Peter Beckett best known for his group Player and Steve Kipner also known for his great solo album "Knock The Walls Down". They released the self-titled album in 1988 for A&M Records, with the remarkable additional musicians including Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum, Tris Imboden, Bob Marlette and Michael Landau. Beckett and Kipner shared lead vocals through out the album and the album should be one of the best AOR works done in late 80's. There's not any releases as "Think Out Loud" before 1997. It was really surprising incident that MTM Records, Germany convinced Peter and Steve to produce a follow-up album and "Shelf Life" was released, which featured eleven brilliant songs including the original version of "Invisible Man" performed by 98 Degrees, which ranked on number 12 Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart dated September 27, 1997.
    • Label: Universal Music International Div.<5318650> (Original: A& M Records, USA)
    • Release Date: , 2009 (Original Release Year: 1988)
    • Executive Producer: John McClan
    • Producers: Humberto Gatica, David J. Homan, Bryan Loren, Randy Goodrum, Peter Beckett, Steve Kipner
    • Think Out Loud is:
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Keyboards: John Capek, Bob Marlette, Bobby Caldwell, Randy Goodrum
      • Bass: John Capek, Jimmy Johnson
      • Drums: Tris Imboden
      • Guitars: Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Paul Jackson Jr.
      • Sax: Brandon Fields
      • Programming: Rhett Lawrence, Michael Boddicker
      • Background Vocals: Renee Geyer

Think Out Loud / s.t.


International Order

Yestter Rock Online Shop


  • Tracks
    1. In A Perfect World
    2. Stranger Things Have Happened
    3. Original Sin (Jumpin' In)
    4. The Deep End
    5. Raise You Up
    6. After All This Time
    7. Faithful Love
    8. Body And Soul (Lost In The Rhythm)
    9. In No Uncertain Terms
    10. Talk To Yourself





Clif Magness / Solo <ACM Rating: >
Clif Magness is widely known for his Grammy award winning and Oscar nominated Writer / Producer ' career rather than a singer. Clif started his professional music carrier in 1980 by 2 solo singles release titled "The Rest Of The Night" and "There's Nothing So Expensive As Woman Who's Free For The Night" under Scotti Bros., USA. Clif came across his fatal songwriting partner, Glen Ballard in 1983 and they wrote "It's Gonna Be Special"for the motion picture "Two Of A Kind" performed by Patti Austin. They started to produce many albums from 1984 such as "All I Need" of Jack Wagner. In 1991, The two talented songwriters released their own album with Jay Graydon as the super group Planet 3. After the success as a singer, Clif released his first solo album in 1994 by the request of Empire Records, Sweden. Throughout the 1990s and in to 2000, Clif continued to work with outstanding artists such as Celine Dion and Amy Grant. In 2003, Clif produced the biggest breakout artist of the year, Avril Lavigne.With the success of Avril Lavigne, Clif has continued to break new ground writing and producing a whole new group of young superstars including Cherie Amore, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, O-Town and many others. In 2009, Clif re-released his solo album"Solo" available on iTunes. then finally Physical CD has followed by YESTERROCK . All tracks of the original album are digitally re-mastered and two unreleased bonus tracks "Black And White" and "Running Forever" are added to this reissue.
    • Label : Empire Records, Sweden (Toshiba-EMI TOCP-8538), [Re-release: YESTERROCK, Germany]
    • Release Date: June 24, 2009 (Original Release Year: 1994 )
    • Producer : himself
    • Clif Magness: Lead & Background Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Glen Ballard
      • Guitar: Jay Graydon
      • Background Vocals: Martin Page, Aina Olsen. Mark Mueller
Jack Wagner / Lighting Up The Night


International Order

Yestter Rock Online Shop

  • Tracks:
    1. Footprints In The Rain
    2. It's Only Love
    3. Hold Me Lee Anne
    4. One Way Out
    5. Khalela
    6. Jenny's Still In Love
    7. Only You
    8. If We Can't Do It
    9. Flower Girl
    10. What's A Heart To Do
    11. Solo
    12. Dreams Fade Away
    13. Ready Or Not
    14. Black And White (bonus track)
    15. Running Forever (bonus track)



Bruce Roberts / Cool Fool <ACM Rating: >
Generally speaking, Bruce Roberts was much successful as a songwriter rather than an artist, penning many tunes for other artists, including "You're Movin' Out Today" co-written with Carole Bayer Sager and Bette Midler, became a chart single for Midler. "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)", duet song for Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer, is his most successful tune, which climbed to the top of US pop chart in 1979. In 1980, Bruce Roberts released his own 2nd solo album "Cool Fool", which followed his1977 self-titled debut album. By the mid-'80s, Bruce Roberts was writing with Andy Goldmark, the parter of "Cool Fool" album, they wrote hit tunes for Jermaine Jackson, Jeffrey Osborne and Jennifer Rush. In 1995, Bruce's third solo album" Intimacy"was released , which was joined by John, Luther Vandross, K.D. Lang, Ashford & Simpson, and All-4-One. After the long out-of-print period from early 90's, his self-titled 1st solo album became available in 2007 but this 2nd one was not allowed to be re-released by the label. Thus, many music lovers would hope the re-reissue of this album. Now, the album is available again with LP vinyl style paper sleeve jacket.
    • Label : Vivid Sound, Japan <VSCD3378> (Original: Eletra Records, USA)
    • Release Date: May 20, 2009 (Original Release Year: 1980)
    • Producer: David Maccoy
    • Bruce Roberts: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Randy McCormick, David Foster, Mark Spangler, Ian Underwood
      • Drums: Ed Greene, James Stroud, Russell Kunkel
      • Bass: Neil Stubenhaus, Leland Sklar
      • Guitars: Larry Byrom, Snuffy Walden
      • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Tom Vig, Tom Rhode
      • Horns: Jerry Hey, Gary Herbig, Larry Williams, Bill Reichenbach
      • Violin: Larry Meredith
      • Background Vocals: Luther Vandross, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller, Ula Hedwig, Stephanie Spruill, Julia Waters, Maxine Waters, Bruce Sudano, Joe "Bean" Esposito, Eddie Hokenson, Larry Meredith, Richie Furay
Ryo Okumoto / Makin' Rok


International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Cool Fool
    2. S'Good Enuf
    3. With All Of My Love, With All My Heart
    4. All Through The Night
    5. The Guys You Dance With
    6. No Other Love
    7. Heart Be Steady
    8. Prelume (instrumental)
    9. Light In The Window






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