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(LAST UPDATE: September 14, 2003)

Many Adult Contemporary Music CD's are continuously being released every month. So, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Releases ( also including Reissues) information as "Recommended Discs of The Month". I would highly recommend you to buy several albums by reading my personal reviews. In addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent releases supported by one of the well-known on-line music store "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month".

Kenny Loggins

It's About Time


Kenny Loggins / It's About Time

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Kenny Loggins' new album"It's About Time" is now hitting the world! " This is his 9th album of all-new material and the first in more than six years. The title tune is written by Kenny with his longtime musical partner Michael McDonald who also dedicates his excellent backing vocals on it. The beautiful love song "With This Ring", written by Kenny with Richard Marx, follows. Richard Marx also writes "I Miss Us", "The One That Got Away" and "The Undeniable Groove" for the album. And most gentle and calm songs of the album "No Other Voice" close this album beautifully.
  • Label: All The Best ! Records, USA (0001-2)
  • Release Date: August 19, 2003
  • Producers: Tommy Sims, Richard Marx and himself

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AOR / Dreaming of L.A

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Fr仕屍ic Slama's leading project "AOR" becomes well-known and this 4th album ensures its acclaimed status all over the world. You should note that AOR is not Fr仕屍ic's solo project but as you expect from the words "AOR". The music genre "AOR" includes versatile music style and several definition. In Europe, AOR means Melodic Hard Rock alike those recently released by Frontiers, MTM, Escape and/or Atenzia. In the united states, AOR stands for "Album Oriented Rock" or "Album Oriented Radio". Here in Japan, AOR means "Adult Oriented Rock", sophisticated melodic rock influenced by contemporary Jazz and/or Black Contemporary mainly done by Los Angeles talented studio musicians, alike those recently reissued or released by COOL SOUND. Therefore, I believe what people in Europe and in Japan expect from the project name "AOR" should be a little bit different from each other. As regards this album, I believe that both Japanese and Europeans would satisfy and agree that this is AOR. Tommy Denander's producing songs has melodic hard rock elements than others but Janey Clewer & Bruce Gaitsch adds sophisticated touch. I cannot help letting you know that David Roberts is there. David Diggs' producing tracks are well arranged with his Contemporary Jazz / Fusion keyboards touch. Bill Champlin rules, and one of the late 70's Westcoast legendary vocalists, Dane Donohue sings! When you listen to Frédéric's own producing "Malibu Escapade" first time, I can easily imagine how you face will be.....

    • Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COOL-107) / AOR Heaven, Germany (10239)
    • Release Date: August 10, 2003 (Japan) / September 29, 2003 (Germany)
    • Producers: Fr仕屍ic Slama, David Diggs, Tommy Denander
    • Frédéric Slama: Guitars, Keyboards
    • Musicians:
AOR/Dreaming of L.A

International Order

 Japanese Version

German Version

<will be available on September 29>

  • Tracks (Japanese Version):
    1. Lost In Your Eyes
    2. You're My Obsession
    3. Fly With Me
    4. On Dangerous Ground
    5. Malibu Escapade
    6. Teach Me How To Love You Again
    7. Don't Give Up On Love
    8. Haunted By Your Smile
    9. Worlds Away (new version)
    10. Never Gonna Let Her Go (new version)
  • Tracks (German Version):
    1. You're My Obsession
    2. Lost In Your Eyes
    3. Malibu Escapade
    4. On Dangerous Ground
    5. Fly With Me
    6. Teach Me How To Love You Again
    7. Don't Give Up On Love
    8. Haunted By Your Smile
    9. Last Days In San Francisco
    10. Sensation (new version)
    11. Worlds Away (new version)
    12. Never Gonna Let Her Go (new version)




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COOL SOUND, Japan also released MICHAEL SEMBELLO's chronological song collection album "The Lost Yeas" Japanese version . The Japanese version are designed to be a special gift to the Japanese Sembello fans whose taste might be more Westcoast oriented than that of European's. That is to say, not only the order of tracks is reshuffled but also 2 includes different Sembello songs "I Believe In You" and "Rocking Chair" instead of "The Life Of Broken Heart" and "Rub The Stone". As same as Frontier Records original version, Japanese version also includes a magnificent rework of "Maniac" – the worldwide hit that Sembello had in 1982 off of the "Flashdance" soundtrack, plus his own version of the Jeff Paris hit "The Life Of My Broken Heart". Jeff himself appears on the album in a duet on "Tear Down The Walls" while Jennifer Batten is guest guitarist on: "Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore" and "Tear Down the Walls". I would emphasize that you will listen to self-remake versions of "What You Really Want" and "Burn It Up" taken from Michael's 2nd solo album "Without Walls", one of the hardest to get CDs.
    • Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COOL-106)
    • Release Date: September 10, 2003
    • Producers: himself
    • Michael Sembello: Drums, Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Duet Vocal (Track 9): Jeff Paris
      • Guitars: Jennifer Batten
      • Keyboards: Timothy Drury, Brian O'Doherty, Randy Waldman
      • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta
      • Bass: Nathan Watts
      • Percussion: Bail Kecak Chanters
      • Human Beat Box: Ellis Hall
      • Background Vocals: Jeff Paris, Gina Haley, Bobby Caldwell
Michael Sembello / The Lost Years

International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Heavy Weather
    2. I Believe In You
    3. What You Really Want
    4. Burn It Up
    5. Maniac
    6. Black Rain
    7. One Planet, One People
    8. Rocking Chair
    9. Tear Down The Walls
    10. Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore
    11. The Winter Of Our Love
    12. Voodoo
    13. Where Are We Now



Open Up feat. Morten Holm

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Morten Holm ProjectMTM MUSIC now presents you a young Noregian Morten Holm Pettersen's project album "Open Up" on August 18, 2003. Morten Holm Petersen (* not Morton Holm Pettersen ) had been obliged to stay in bed over the years due to constant fever, and many other complications by food poisoning, or an allergic reaction of same kind. One day Morten started writing songs. One of these songs he sends to a musician, who makes a demo version of it. Morten contacted a producer David Johansen, who likes the material immediately; they soon start to look for musicians to record a CD of Morten's songs. They find some great local musicians, in addition to Canadian Dave Evans. The songs of Morten Holm Project are really wonderful Westcoast vein pop songs. Probably, you will be surprised good melodies written by Morten Holm PettersenIn this spring, one of my web visitors kindly sent me a original local independent release CD copy of this project. I was really surprised at the music quality. This is not a hard-edge melodic rock. This is real Westcoast album, which is a little bit different from other titles MTM releases. Please listen to Morten Holm "Open Up" just released commercially.

    • Label: MTM Music, Germany
    • Release Date: August 18, 2003
    • Producer: David Johansen, Kyrre Fritzner
    • Musicians:
      • Vocal: Dave Evans
      • Keyboards/Drum Programming: David JohansenDrufills: Pete Abbott
      • Bass: Inge Ulrik Gundersen
      • Guitars: Frederik Johnsen, Georgi D, Morten Juel Larsen, John H. Pettersen
      • Acoustic Guitar: Stian Joneid
      • Violin: Per Viggo Nilsen
      • Cello: Hilde Sponberg
      • Backing Vocals: Stian Joneid, David Johansen, Jonas Groth, Malin Schavenius
Morten Holm  / Open Up

International Order



  • Tracks
    1. Dreams
    2. A Joyful Day
    3. Anxious Mind
    4. Where Are You Summertime?
    5. Open Up
    6. No Hard Feelings
    7. Life Goes On
    8. UR The 1
    9. Lonely Days
    10. Blinded
    11. What Am I Gonna Do?



/Simplicity Rules

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Fatal Attraction, is one of the excellent Swedish AOR / melodic rock band which I recently would pay my attention when their upcoming album "Simplicity Rules" will be released. In the end of 1995, Fatal Attraction made a deal with the Swedish independent record company High Rock Records, and their debut album "End of regulation time"was released in September 1996 in Sweden. In November of the same year, the album was also released in the rest of Europe and Asia. The album was a kind of symphonic AOR; one with a big choir, the other with big band, or with philharmonics. In that sense, this record was said to be a kind of experimental symphonic AOR at that moment. 6 year later, Fatal Attraction is back with well-produced tight melodic rock with good harmony vocals. I wonder I should describe their refreshed sound as Grand Illusion vein and/or T-Bell vein. I am now listening their promotional single CD including 4 songs taken from the upcoming album "Simplicity Rules".And in the summer of 2003, the album is on the street.

    • Label: Adrenaline Records, Italy (ADR 22)
    • Release Date: May, 2003 (Italy), September, 2003 (International)
    • Producers: Jonas Jonasson and themselves
    • Fatal Attraction is:
      • Anders Fältsjö: Lead Vocals
      • Thomas Nilsson: Guitars, Backing Vocals
      • Patrik Eriksson: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
      • Magnus Petersson: Bass, Backing Vocals
      • Mattias Sjögren: Drums
Fatal Attraction / Simplicity Rules

International Order

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  • Tracks:
    1. Simplicity Rules
    2. Head Above The Water
    3. Feel The Fire
    4. Anything It Takes
    5. In The Hearts Of My Soul
    6. Stay On The Line
    7. Valleys Of Heaven
    8. Modern World
    9. Sliver Son
    10. Perfect Dream
    11. Unknown World
    12. Third Anthem



HLMP- Howland, Laug, Morrison & Pinnick

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Chicago's current guitarist Keith Howland just release the new CD "HOWLAND, LAUG, MORRISON & PINNICK " This 2nd Keith Howland 's solo project CD features the teaming of Keith with Chicago guitarist Chris Pinnick (1980-1985), bassist Lance Morrison and drummer Matt Laug in an all instrumental guitarist! Also on the CD are guest appearances by Jeff Babko and Tris Imboden. Keith and Chris will blow you away with their guitar wonderful performance. The album is opened by the hard-edge tune called "Tenacious Boogie" which may mislead the total impression of this album. You will fully enjoy very sophisticated and exciting rock / fusion tunes through the album.

    • Label: GraceNote Records, USA
    • Release: July, 2003
    • HLMP is
      • Keith Howland: Guitars
      • Matt Laug: Drums, Percussion
      • Lance Morrison: Bass
      • Chris Pinnick: Guitars
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Electric Piano: Jeff Babko
      • Harmonica; Tris Imboden

International Order

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  • Tracks:
    1. Tenacious Boogie
    2. The Last One
    3. Hank Spank
    4. Pay The Man
    5. Cup O' Tea
    6. Swingset Assembly
    7. Bowl Of Surprises
    8. Laug Jam
    9. Snonga





Peter Starefeldt | Daniel Andersson / Strange Ways

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Peter Starefeldt | Daniel Andersson, young Swedish duo has emerged. In 1997, Peter and Daniel first met during their high school days in Umeå. After finishing high school, both Peter and Daniel got to start the 2-year education "studio musician program" and since then, he played with Swedish AOR/ Westcoast artists such as Tommy Nilsson, Jill Johnson and Frank Ådahl. In 2002, Peter and Daniel decided to form a band to record those materials on this CD. The music these 2 young musicians creates are almost-perfect Westcoast / AOR, well-arranged with sophisticated contemporary jazz essence plus horns. Melodies are very Bill Champlin-vein. Hope we will have full album near future. Try to listen to several sound clips on their own website. (Please click the below "CD INFO" button.)
    • Label: n/a, Sweden
    • Release Date: June, 2003
    • Producer: Peter Starefeldt
    • Peter Starefeldt: Bass , Background Vocals
    • Daniel Andersson: Lead & Back Vocals, Guitars
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Peter Fredlander
      • Keyboards: Stefan Olofsson
      • Guitars: Fredrik Lundgren, Jonas Holmstrröm
      • Trumpets: Markus Asplund
      • Sax: Fredrik Ohlin, Daniel Nyström, Gerger Hillman
      • Trombone: Pontus Westberg
      • Percussion: Mikael Emsing, Paulo Murga, Peter Fredlander
      • Background Vocals: Johanna Fällman, Therese Sandström, Christian Thomsen, Frank Ådahl
      • 2nd Lead Vocal: Therese Sandström (Track4)
      • Lead fill-in Vocal: Frank Ådahl (Track 2)
Starefeldt / Andersson

International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Statue Of Choice
    2. Strange Ways
    3. Nothing You Can Do About It
    4. Foolish Love
    5. Maybe We Can Make This Fast




Alan Friedman / The Test Of Time

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Have you ever heard the name of Alan Friedman? I have never heard his name very recently. Alan Friedman has released his first solo album "The Test Of Time" in May, 2003, which consists of 13 rock tunes and features many familiar names including Bobby Kimball (TOTO Vocalist), Robbie LeBlanc (ex Fury lead Vocalist), Vince DiCola (keyboards), Jonathan Mover (drummer for Joe Satriani, Fuel, Aretha Franklin, Alice Cooper and many more), Will Calhoun (drummer of the band Living Colour), Corey Glover (vocalist of the band Living Colour), Doug Wimbish (bassist of Living Colour), David Stoltz (bassist for The Dickey Betts band), and Jeff Pevar (guitarist for David Crosby, Graham Nash and/or Jackson Browne). I have tried to find out who Alan Friedman is by using several famous music related search engine, but in vein. Now I know who Alan Friedman is. Alan Friedman is CPA, a Partner with the certified public accounting firm of Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, P.C. Alan and his firm have developed an expertise in the music industry, servicing a variety of music related businesses including professional musicians and bands. Alan formed the band The Accounting Crows, "Connecticut's only CPA Rock 'n' Roll Band" with 3 other CPAs and 1 non-CPA. Besides this musical activity, Alan decided to record his solo CD with professional musicians= his clients. The result is astonishing one.

    • Label: Alhomeboy Music, USA (catalog # : N/A)
    • Release: May, 2003
    • producer: himself
    • Alan Friedman: Guitars, Percussion
    • Musicians:
      • Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball (Track 1, 9), Robbie LaBlanc (Track 2, 6, 8, 13/14), Bernard Fowler (Track 3, 7), Sallt Eckels (Track 4), Paul Lombardo (Track 5, 10), Corey Glover (Track 11), Jeff Batter (Track 12)
      • Guitars: Jeff Pevar, Bryan LeMar
      • Drums: Jonathan Mover, Will Calhoun, Chris Ryan, Rob Gottfried
      • Keyboards: Vince DiCola, Mark Zampino, Jeff Batter, Mark Tannenbaum
      • Bass: David Stoltz, Doug Wimbish, Ron Bienstock, Tony Jones
      • Percussion: Jennifer Lowe, Tony Genevive, Chri Ryan
      • Sax: Jimmy Biggins
      • Background Vocals: Bobby Kimball, Robbie LaBlanc, Brian LaBlanc, Gail Schiro, Nancy Battistini, Jeff Batter, Sally Eckels, Joel Eckels, John Hopkins, Tommy Russo, Paul Kombardo
Alan Freidman

International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Side By Side
    2. Who Do We Think We Are?
    3. Voodoo Love
    4. Someone To Blame
    5. Real Bad News
    6. The Test Of Time
    7. Land Of Hate
    8. That Dress
    9. Near;y Down The Road
    10. Love Won't Let You Down
    11. Grinding
    12. Back In My Arms
    13. The Prognosis
    14. Lukelear Meltdown





Mauirce Bega / 2 Hearts

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You may recall Maurice Bega because of his lead vocal tracks on Kalapana's latest album "Blue Album". However, his acclaimed musical career began in early 80's. Maui (Hawaii) born Maurice Bega started to play his music with Kenji Sano, the current bass player of Kalapana in Los Angeles and had a chance to meet Mackey Feary (then Kalapana lead vocalist). Thus, they recorded an album as "Mackey Feary & Nite Life" in 1983. Due to the reunion of Kalapana in mid 80's, Maurice Bega dedicated his musical talent to his own solo works. And in 1996, Maurice released his first solo album " 2 Hearts". The highlight of this album would be "Talk to the people", a soulful jazzy but catchy pop piece. "Holdin' Me Tonight" features Maurice's soft and mellow voices with George Benson vein contemporary Jazz guitar. Very stylish and versatile Hawaiian Contemporary album. This Japanese reissue CD includes a bonus track: "People Get Ready", well-known song written by Curtis Mayfield. Worth trying this.

    • Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COH1-1020) (Original: Moe Music, Hawaii, USA)
    • Release Date: July 25, 2003 (Original Release: 1996)
    • Producer: himself
    • Maurice Begas: Lead and Back Vocals, All Guitars, Percussion, Drum Programming, Bass Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Paul Marchetti, Mike Kennedy
      • Bass: Jay Molina
      • Keyboards: Gilbert Imata
      • Sax: John Zangrando, David Choy
      • Rapper: Raji (Da Pharoah) Gaskin
      • Back Vocals: Ron Kuala'au
Maurice Bega / 2 Hearts

International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. 2 Hearts
    2. Talk To The People
    3. Healin' Heart
    4. You Are The Vision
    5. You In My Life
    6. Shining Star
    7. Derek's Tune
    8. Destination Heaven (Rocket)
    9. Holdin' Me Tonight
    10. Don't Leave Me Alone
    11. People Get Ready (Bonus Track)




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