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Many Adult Contemporary Music CDs are still being released every month. So, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Releases ( also including Reissues) information as "Recommended Discs of The Month". I would highly recommend you to buy several albums by reading my personal reviews. In addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent releases supported by one of the well-known on-line music stores "CD Now" and "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month".


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<ACM Rating: >

Mark McMillen, known for his longtime support for both recording and touring with Bobby Caldwell released his 2nd solo effort as self-titled album "Mark McMillen" here in Japan under Cool Sound, the leading label for AOR / West Coast Music lovers. It was early spring of 1999 when we found his self-released 1st solo album titled "It's About Time" suddenly. This hidden treasure was brought to me through my intimate friend named Tadayoshi Iwaki, the web master of "Bobby Caldwell Homepage In Japan", when Mark came to Japan with Bobby Caldwell. Once I listened to the album "It's About Time", I convinced that Mark should be known as a solo artist more and more among music lovers. Now is the time! Mark Winkler co-writes 5 songs with Mark for this album, all of those are really great blue-eyed soul tunes. And for those who miss his 1st solo album, "Talk Me Down" and "I Give In" are included as bonus tracks. This is really recommendable album for those who loves Bobby Caldwell vein music.



    • Label: Cool Sound, Inc., Japan (COOL-090)
    • Release Date: September 10, 2002
    • Producer: himself
    • Mark Millen: Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
    • Musicians:
      • Sax: Michael Lington
      • Guitar: Holger Fath
      • Bass: Roberto Vally

Mark McMillen

International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Soul Searchin'
    2. I'm Trying
    3. Fire In The Dark
    4. Take The Time
    5. Makin' Love To You
    6. Don't Love To You
    7. How She Done Me
    8. The Many Faces Of Love
    9. Comin' Back For More
    10. Strange Perfection
    11. Soul Nights
    12. Talk Me Down (bonus track)
    13. I Give In (bonus track)






<ACM Rating: >

Peter Mayer (aka PM) has just released his brand-new album "Strrin' Up The Water", which features 11 songs written for specific occasions in and out of church; a baptism, a wedding, a dedication. Peter started this as a simple recording of guitar and vocals for the first time. However, Peter decided to do with Jim Mayer, his brother and his good musical partner before the band PM, on bass. I admire Peter because he would give us very relaxing moment every time I listen to his music. Highly recommendable again. At this moment, this album is only available through Peter Mayer's official website, but I believe you will be able to order the album at CD Baby as same as his former solo CDs.

    • Label: Little Flock Music, USA (LFM1004)
    • Release Date: July 31, 2002
    • Producers: Jim Mayer and himself
    • Peter Mayer: Vocals, Guitars
    • Musicians:
      • Bass: Jim Mayer
      • Percussion: R. Scott Bryan
Peter Mayer / Stirrin' Up...


International Order

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  • Tracks:
    1. Stirrin' Up The Water
    2. Ever Walk With My Lord
    3. Blueprints
    4. Loose In The World
    5. "A" Is For Angel
    6. Light My Way
    7. We Are Changed
    8. Mighty This Love
    9. Only You
    10. Pass It On
    11. Yes I Will






<ACM Rating: >

Bill Cantos and Mari Falcone has just released their first full-length gospel CD "Embrace The Cross" - Songs About God, Volume 1".Bill explains this album as a celebration of intimate praise and worship....15 selections including in-concert favorites and brand-new originals....
Bill says, "Mari and I have always been involved in gospel music as well as jazz and pop. A lot of people have asked for these songs to be recorded, and we just knew this was the time to do was designed to be an intimate and personal listening experience. We do hope you'll listen, and that the music brings you great peace."

    • Label: GIC Productions, USA (CD Serial #: none)
    • Release Date: July, 2002
    • Producers: Themselves
    • Bill Cantos: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
    • Mari Falcone: Keyboards, Background Vocals
    • Musicians:
      • Guitar: Ramon Stagnaro
      • Bass: Jerry Watts
      • Percussion: Alex Acuna, Michito Sanchez
      • Background Vocals: Randy Crenshaw, Sharon Perry, Anna Vidito, Rachael Schunk, Alex Acuna, Jerry Watts
Bill Cantos & Mari Falcone / Embrace ...

International Order

GIC Productions


  • Tracks:
    1. Holy, Holy, Holy (instrumental) pt.1
    2. Embrace The Cross
    3. At Your Throne
    4. Pure And Holy (instrumental)
    5. All Creatures Of Our God And King
    6. Burn Away
    7. Pslam
    8. Galatians
    9. Nothing Can Separate Us
    10. Nothing Can Separate Us (instrumental)
    11. Pure And Holy
    12. How I Love To Hear From You/
    13. I Take My Rest
    14. Holy, Holy, Holy (instrumental) pt.2
    15. Revelation Song





<ACM Rating: >

Jeff Larson, San Francisco based singer-songwriter born on March 5, 1963, release his new album "Fragile Sunrise" in regions; United States, France and Japan. In early 90's, he had acoustic tours and released 2 albums in Holland; "Upper Story Landing" (1995) and "Beggars" (1996) and later released his demo materials recorded in 1991-1993 as the album "Redheads and Woodpeckers" (2000). Jeff says that these are not included as part of the discography because they fall short in production quality and performance and that most, not all, of this work is considered demo material. In 1998, Jeff completed the album "Watercolor Sky" satisfactorily produced by Gary Griffin and Jeffrey Foskett. Actually I admit that Jeff started to change his acoustic folk style into more pop one around those days. When I listened his show-case 3 tracks sampler CD "Leaving California", I convinced Jeff would become big. And the album "Room For Summer" (2000) made me more confident that Jeff would be widely-knowned also here in Japan near future. And in the summer of 2002, my prediction became true by "Frangile Sunrise" release under JVC- Victor Entertainment, one of Japanese major label.

    • Label: New Surf North, USA (NN 02-3503), Magic Records, France (3930255), Victor Entertainment, Japan (VICP-61977)
    • Release Date: July 2 (USA), July 29 (France), August 21, 2002 (JAPAN)
    • Producers: Hank Liderman and Gerry Beckley
    • Jeff Larson: Lead & Harmony Vocals, Guitars
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Hank Linderman
      • Bass: Hank Linderman
      • Keyboards: Hank Linderman, Gerry Beckley, Gary Griffin
      • Sax: Steve (Big Jim) Arnold
      • Trumpet: Erik (Uncle Bad) Andrews
      • Flute: Maurice Gainen
      • Harmony Vocals: Hank Linderman, Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, Timothy B. Schmit, Randell Kirsch, Michael Campion

Jeff Larson / Fragile Sunrise

Japanese version artworks

French version artworks


International Order

<Japanese / French Version available>

<US Version available>


  • Tracks:
    1. Place Where I Belong
    2. Watershed Girl
    3. Norman
    4. Faraway Mary
    5. Halfmoon Bay
    6. Another Slight Addiction
    7. Changing Colors
    8. Sparkle To It
    9. Heavy Rain
    10. Some Ancient Memory
    11. Filed Of May
    12. Norman -Producers Commentary (Bonus for US, Japanese and French version)
    13. Rocket (Bonus Track for Japanese & French Version)
    14. Heavy Rain - instrumental (Bonus Track for Japanese & French Version)
    15. Place - Harmony (Bonus Track only for French Version)






<ACM Rating: >

The Vinyl Kings began performing together in the late 80's as a diversion to their "day jobs" as producers, songwriters, studio singers and musicians, and touring musicians. They performed classic songs from the "60's" as the ultimate "party band". However in early 2000, the band decided to make an album of original songs, thus completed "A Little Trip" featuring 13 original songs inspired by, and dedicated to, The Beatles. This is their message written on CD booklet;

To PAUL, RINGO, JOHN, GEORGE (wherever you are) and Geroge Martin

The intent of this project was to have fun, born of love, and respect. It is imporatant that you know that. The Beatles and the time in which the band existed were, for all of us, the gift of inspiration that drove us to a life of music. In its own way this album is our reconnection to that gift, that spark, that desire and love. And most of all, our way of saying, in a musical kind pf way, THANK YOU!

Woops, I forgot who are involved into Vinyl Kings. Please see below-mentioned infomation!!


    • Label: Vinyl Kings Records, USA (VK 6401-2)
    • Release Date: July, 2002
    • Producers: Josh Leo, Larry Lee and the Vinyl Kings
    • Vinyl Kings are:
      • Larry Lee (ex Ozark Mountain Daredevils):
      • Jim Photoglo: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
      • Larry Byrom (ex Steppenwolf): Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
      • Josh Leo: Guitars, Keyboards, Background Vocals
      • Michael Rhodes: Bass
      • Harry Stinson: Drums, Percussionm Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Dave Hoffner, Lyle Gudmunson, Tony Harrell, John Hobbs
      • Violin: Conni Ellisor
      • Cello: Robert Mason
      • Sax: Jim Horn
      • Trumpet: Mike Haynes
      • Trombone: Barry Green
Vinyl Kings / A Little Trip


International Order

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  • Tracks:
    1. A Little Trip
    2. I Took A Chance
    3. Don't Worry 'Bout Me
    4. Here We Go Again
    5. I Think I Know
    6. Leave This Town
    7. Mind Over Matter
    8. Mother Dear
    9. Bang Bang
    10. Chocolate Cake
    11. Losing My Mind
    12. What If It Were You
    13. Dreams






<ACM Rating: >

This is a collaboration album of two guitarists; Richard Peikoff and Buzz Feiten. Probably I should not need to mention about Buzz here, thus let me introduce Mr. Richard Peikoff. Richard Peikoff was born on June 15, 1951 and raised in Los Angeles. Based on his own website information, Richard released an album "Paddlewheels on the Roll" in 1987 and an album called "Swimming" followed, which I have not listened to but was said to be a high-energy, fingerstyle/slide tour-de-force exploring textures ranging from biting blues to blistering neo-bluegrass with a wonderfully pastoral vibe. In 1994, Richard did the album Monsoon Season" recorded in India, A deeply musical meditation and shared dialogue between two musicians and cultures. In 1997, Richard first met Buzz Feiten but nothing happened at that time. Buzz overheard him playing at Westwood Music a year later and expressed an interest in Richard's music. Soon thereafter, Richard joined Buzz Feiten's Band "The Whirlies", for a year. While warming up for Whirlies rehearsals, Richard would play his compositions which further peaked Buzz's interest and led to the collaboration that became this album "Indian Summer". The album was recorded in 5 days across January and February 2000 in Los Angeles. Basic tracks are live, overdubs for the most part were done in one to three takes and released in 2002. My comment have not yet been finished as yet. I have bought "Indian Summer" Japanese version and started to write this review and found that US Version seems to be totally different from Japanese one because Tom Kennedy plays electric bass on it instead of Michael Manring who plays fletless bass on "Up Bubble" and US version includes additional track "Diagonal Flyin". Yes, I received confirmation that US version is very different than the Japanese version. The first five tracks are mostly guitar duets with no other instruments and "Up Bubble" and "Diagonal Flying" are bonus tracks for US version.


    • Label: Mükti Music, USA / Dreamsville Records, Japan (YDCD0087)
    • Release Date: June, 2002 (USA), July 25, 2002 (Japan)
    • Producer: Buzz Feiten
    • Richard Peikoff: Steel String Acoustic Guitar
    • Buzz Feiten; Nylon String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
    • Musicains:
      • Percussion: Lenny Castro
      • Electric Bass: Tom Kennedy (Japanese version Track 6 only)
      • Fletless Bass: Michael Manring (US version Track 6 only)
      • Keybaords: John Keane
      • Percussion; John Keane (US version Track 6 only)
      • Synclavir: John Barnes(US Verson Track 7 only)

Ricard Peikoff & Buzz Feiten / Indian Summer

Japanese version artworks

Richard Peikoff US Version
US version artworks


International Order


<Japanese version available>



<US version available>


  • Tracks (Japanese version):
    1. Mükti
    2. Pearl Harbor
    3. Simple Prayer
    4. Lydian Meditation
    5. Indian Summer
    6. Up Bubble


  • Tracks (US Version):
    1. Lydian Meditation
    2. Indian Summer
    3. Pearl Harbor
    4. Simple Prayer
    5. Mükti
    6. Up Bubble
    7. Diagonal Flyin






<ACM Rating: >

Buzz Feiten's earthy rock band project "Whirlies" 1999 studio recording stelf-titled album had some kind of impact to us because nobody expected Buzz performed like that. Now, we are able to listen to live recordings of Whirlies recorded at The Bake Potato Hollywood on June 4, 1999 on double CD. In addition to the formal band members; Buzz, Todd Taylor, Jerry Watts and Dave Beyer, Richard Peikoff appears. Richard plays Acoustic Slide Guitar on the track "Wait" same as its studio recording version. They performed all the tracks from their studio recording album except "Highway To Love" (bonus track only for Japan) and "Danger Zone" originally performed by Larsen-Feiten Band in 1980.


    • Label: Dreamsville Records, Japan <YDCD-0085,86>
    • Release Date: July 25, 2002
    • Producer: Buzz Feiten
    • Buzz Feiten & The Whirlies are:
      • Buzz Feiten: Guitars, Vocals
      • Todd Taylor: Vocals
      • Richard Peikoff: Acoustic Slide Guitar
      • Jerry Watts: Bass
      • Dave Beyer: Drums
Buzz Feiten & The Whirlies / Live


International Order

  • Tracks (Disc 1):
    1. Break Down These Walls
    2. Love Ain't Nothin' Like This
    3. Fire In The House Of Love
    4. Since I Met You
    5. This Ain't The World I Know
    6. Wait
  • Tracks (Disc 2):
    1. Danger Zone
    2. More
    3. Down Real Slow
    4. False Hope
    5. Love Ain't Nothin' Like This
    6. Wait






<ACM Rating: >

Bruce Gaitsch would proudly present you his solo works highlights CD called "Nova", which is available through Lion Music Finland. The album includes 2 bonus tracks; "Barcelona Nieve" taken from his under-going solo album "Understanding" pronect, and "Don't Call My Name" (instrumental version) which was only included in CD single. As regards "Barcelona Nieve", it was deleted from the upcoming "Understanding" album as I write on the above Noteworthy Information. Therefore, this CD must be valuable for all Gaitsch lovers. And you may feel instereseted in 2 vocal-oriented tracks, "Haunt Me Tonight" featuring Richard Marx and "Aphasia" featuring Bill Champlin. Please note that the song order is different than the CD booklet and backside inlay would state. Please see what is on the CD as below.


    • Label: Lion Music, Finland (LMC 2219 2)
    • Release Date: July 19, 2002
    • Producer: himself
    • Bruce Gaitsch: Guitars
    • Musicians:
Bruce Gaitsch / Nova


International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Barcelona Nieve (Bonus Track)
    2. That's What I Fell
    3. Aphasia
    4. Crystal Badji
    5. The African Prince
    6. Dreams
    7. Haunt Me Tonight
    8. Prarie Blue
    9. Cancel April
    10. Nova
    11. Worry Suit
    12. Don't Call My Name (Bonus Track)




<ACM Rating: >

In the summer of 2002, Cool Sound would proudly present you of fine Hawaiian AOR albums. In June, 2 albums related to one of the 2nd generation Hawaiian AOR key person, Lance Jyo were released. One was "At Second Glance" and the other was "Dreamwalking". In July, the second Hawaiian Adult Contemporary Music compilation ablum "Island Mellow 2" has just followed. As regards this compilation, I believe you will fully enjoy Hawaiian AOR. Furthermore, you will probably pay attention that Michael Ruff are involved....

    • Label: Cool Sound, Inc., Japan (COHI-1010)
    • Release Date: July 25, 2002
    • Compilation: Lance Jyo
    • Performers:
      1. Ben Vegas
      2. Tino & The Rhythm Klub
      3. Nohelani Cypriano
      4. Nueva Vida
      5. Lance Jyo featuring Dave Toma
      6. Lance Jyo featuring Michael Ruff
      7. Richard Natto
      8. At Second Glance
      9. Nueva Vida
      10. Nohelani Cypriano
      11. Ray Gooliak
      12. Tender Leaf
      13. Lance Jyo featuring Jon Basebase
      14. Richard Natto
      15. At Second Glance
      16. Ben Vegas


Island Mellow 2


International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. You Is What I Like About You
    2. Sweetly
    3. Give Love A Try
    4. New Life
    5. Carousel
    6. Diamond
    7. Tropic Nights
    8. The Kiss
    9. Full Circle
    10. Best Of Me
    11. Home Away From Home
    12. Shores Of Makapuu
    13. Believe In Me
    14. Talk About Peace
    15. Long Distance Love
    16. Forever More





MARC JORDAN / Living in Marina del Rey and Other Stories

<ACM Rating: >

OOPS, I have never been aware that Marc Jordan released his best collection album "Living in Marina del Ray and Other Stories" only in Canada, his home country on June 4, 2002. Oh, my! This album does include 2 brand-new songs; "Rockets" and "Sex Symbol". In addition, we have 2 new remix versions; "Marina Del Rey" and "Survival", original versions of which are on his first solo album "Mannequin" (1978 Warner Bros.). Needless to say, his masterpiece song "I'm A Camera" from his second album "Blue Desert" (1979 Warner Bros). "Catch The Moon" from the album "Talking Through Pictures" (1988 RCA), recently featured in U.S. TV drama "Dawson's Creek", follows. 2 other songs "This Independence" and "I Ching" from the "Talking Through Pictures" are also included. From the album "Cow" (1990 RCA), "Edge Of The World","Burning Down The Amazon" and "Inside My Piano" are on this CD. "Little Lambs", "Rhythm Of My Heart" are taken from the album "Reckless Valentine", jazzy album released by Sin-Drome Records in 1993. "Let Me Be Your Boat" might be familiar for new fans of Marc Jordan because it is from his 1996 album "Cool Jam Black Earth" (Cafe Records). And this album is closed by very beautiful song "Soul On Soul" duet with his talented wife, Amy Sky, which is taken from Amy's second solo album "Burnt By The Sun" (1998 Cafe Records). As you see, you will reconfirm how Marc continues to give us very excellent songs over the years.

    • Label : Blue Note Records, Canada <EMI Music Canada> (E239903)
    • Release Date: June 4, 2002
    • Producers: Anthony Vanderburgh & himself (Track1), Benet Barkman & himself (Track 2), Gary Katz (Track 3, 4), Jay Graydon (Track 5), Paul Devilliers & Kim Bullard (Track 6, 7, 8), Kim Bullard (Track 9), SteveMackinnon, Greg Penny and himself (Ttack 10), Steve Mackinnon and himself (Track 11, 12), Matthew Gerrard and himself (Track 13), Steve Mackinnon (Track 14), himself (Track15)
    • Musicians (Track 1 & 2):
      • Guitars: Rob Piltch, Anthony Vanderburgh
      • Bass: Peter Cardinali
      • Drums: Mark Kelso
      • Keyboard Programming:Anthony Vanderburgh, Brent Barkman
      • Background Vocals: Tuku Matthews, Tony Raymond
    • Musicians (Track 3- ):
      • Guitars: Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, Doug Macaskill, Gene Black, Danny Jacob, Bruce Gaitsch, Kevin Breit, Jason Fowler
      • Bass: Chuck Rainey, Abe Loboriel, Stu Hamm, Kim Bullard, John Capek, David Piltch, George Koller, Matthew Gerrard, Scott Alexander
      • Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Ralph Humphries, Paul Mastelott0, Tony Braumagel, Billy Ward, Kevan McKenzie, Randy Cook
      • Drum Programming: Paul Devillers, John Capek
      • Oodoo Drum: Mike Fisher
      • Piano: Victor Feldman, John Capek, Donald Fagen, Michael Omartian, Steve Mackinnon
      • Keyboards: David Foster, James Newton Howard, Michael Omartian, Kim Bullard
      • Melodica: Steve Mackinnon
      • Accordion: Steve Mackinnon, Tom Szczesniak
      • Vibes: Victor Feldman
      • Percussion: Lenny Castro
      • Horns: Danny Pelfrey
      • Sax: Ron Holloway
      • Trumpet: Kevin Turcotte, Michael White, David Travers-Smith
      • Violin: Ron Man, Hugh Marsh
      • Cello: Peter Schenkman, Richard Armin
      • Background Vocals: Venneta Gloud, Jon Anderson, Amy Sky, Rene Geyer, George Merrill, Richard Page, Shannon Rubicam, Timothy B.Schmit, David Batteau, Cecilia Bullard, Candy Capek, Kevin Cronin, Lee Currer, Martha Davis, Bruce Gaitsch, Steve George, Bruce Gowdy, Larry Klimas, Nicolette Larson, Brenda Russell, Jeddrah Schmit, Billy Sherwood, Jane Wiedlin, Tuku Matthews, Sue-Ann Carwell
Marc Jordan / Living In Marina del Ray ...
International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Rockets
    2. Sex Symbol
    3. Marina Del Rey (new remix)
    4. Survival (new remix)
    5. I'm A Camera
    6. Catch The Moon featuring in "Dawason's Creek" )
    7. This Independence
    8. I Ching
    9. Edge Of The World
    10. Burning Down The Amazon
    11. Inside My Piano
    12. Little My Lambs
    13. Rhythm Of My Heart
    14. Let Me Be Your Boat
    15. Soul On Soul (duet with Amy Sky)








<ACM Rating: >

I was pleased to publish that Melody Blvd., US leading AOR / West Coast Music retailer,in conjunction with the AORchives would be releasing a series of limited edition CDs over the coming months. It was reported that many of these reissues will include bonus tracks and interviews with the artists involved as well as custom liner notes from the artists and players involved with each project. And as the very first special reissued CD, Dakota's 1984 album "Runaway" has been released with 3 bonus tracks. Dakota, one of the finest American Rock whose sounds remind you the late 70's and early 80's Styx and/or Chicago released the first album called "If It Takes All Night". In 1984. "Runaway" was released, which was engineered by Humberto Gatica, and produced by Danny Seraphine.

Jerry Hludzik states as follows at the moment of this reissue; "It's now 20 years later.... well, almost. After not hearing this record for a very long time, I had forgotten how good it sounded- how proud I was of it, as I'm sure Kelly, Rick, Danny and Humberto were. If this record was lacking anything, it was promotional dollars - the #1 killer of many a poor boy! In its release timeslot, it was against our own label mates - Night Rangerm The Fixx and Glen Frey, let alone all the other major label artists released that week of July 27th, 1984 (not to mention 2 other singles called Runaway). However, this record was - and still is - a must have for all AOR aficionados, as well as our loyal Dakota fans across the globe. Now it's finally here again, in a limited one-time pressing... and if you're reading this, you are one of the lucky ones. I know I am!" RUSH for this limited copies before the stock ends....

    • Label: AORchives, USA (0001) (Original Label: MCA Records, USA <MCA-5502>)
    • Release Date: July 29, 2002 (Original Release: July 27, 1984)
    • Producer: Danny Seraphine
    • Engineer: Humberto Gatica
    • Dakota is:
      • Jerry G. Hludzik: Lead & Background Vocals, Guitars
      • Billy Kelly: Lead & Background Vocals, Guitars
      • Rick Manwiller: Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synthesizers
    • Guest Musicians:
      • Bass: Neil Stubenhaus, Bill McHale
      • Guitar: Chris Pinnic, Richie Zito, Paul Jackson Jr.
      • Drums: Danny Seraphine, Tony Romano
      • Background Vocals:Bill Champlin, Bill McHale
      • Keyboards: Michael Boddicker, Steve Porcaro, David Wolinski, Jeff Mitchel
      • Sax: Earnie Watts
Dakota / Runaway
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Runaway
    2. Tonight Could Last Forever
    3. Heroes
    4. When The Rebel Comes Home
    5. Love Won't Last
    6. Into The Night
    7. Angry Men
    8. If Only I'd Known It
    9. Over And Over
    10. Believin' (Bonus Track)
    11. More Love (Bonus Track)
    12. National Railway Hotline Spot (Bonus Track)





Adrian Gurvitz started his musicians career with the hard rock band "The Gun" in 1968. Then, Adrian and his brother Paul did a heavy rock project "Three Man Army" with former Spooky Tooth drummer Mike Kellie in early 70's. In mid 70's Adrian released 3 album with the band "Baker Gurvitz Army"; "Baker Gurvitz Army" (1974), "Elysian Encounter" (1975) and "Hearts Of Fire" (1976).

When Adrian Gurvitz started his solo career in 1979 with the album "Sweet Vendetta", his loyal fans probably embarrassed because his music style had totally changed from hard and heavy into soft and mellow, which must be brought by the top L.A. top session musicians including TOTO members. In 1980, "Il Assassino" followed, which also has soft and mellow with a kind of early 80's disco sounds. With respect to "Sweet Vendetta", this album was reissued in 1992 by Sony Records, Japan but the quality of the sound was not said to be good even in compliment. Now, JVC / Victor Entertainment, Japan has re-reissued this remastered version with a bonus "Drifting Star" which was B-side of 12 inch single "The Way I Feel" only released in the United Kingdom. And at the same time "Il Assassino" are reissued very first time in the world.



<ACM Rating: >

    • Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc., Japan (VICP-61935) (Original Label: Jet Records, UK)
    • Release Date: September 4, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1979)
    • Producer: himself
    • Adrian Gurvitz: Lead & Background Vocals, Guitars
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Ed Greeene, Rich Schlosser
      • Bass: David Hungate, David Shields
      • Guitar: Fred Tackett
      • Piano: Steve Porcaro, David Paich
      • Synthsesizer: Steve Porcaro
      • Percussion: Joe Porcaro
      • Strings Arrangement: David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Marty Paich
      • Sax: Steve Leeds, Earl Lon Price
      • Trumpet: Jerry Hey
      • Flute: Steve Leeds
      • Trombone: Sly Hyde
      • Background Vocals: Paul Gurvitz
Adrian Gurvitz / Sweet Vendetta
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Untouchable And Free
    2. The WOnder Of It All
    3. Put A Little Love (In Life's Heart)
    4. Love Space
    5. The Way I Feel
    6. Time Is Endless
    7. I Just Wanna Get Inside Your Head
    8. Free Ride
    9. One More Time
    10. Drifting Star (Bonus Track)


<ACM Rating: >
    • Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc., Japan (VICP-61979) (Original Label: Jet Records, UK)
    • Release Date: September 4, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1980)
    • Producer: himself (assisted by Paul Gurvitz)
    • Adrian Gurvitz: Lead & Background Vocals, Guitars
    • Musicians: Not available
Adrian Gurvitz / Il Assassino
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Borrowed Beauty
    2. Seventeen
    3. Movie Picture
    4. Hit Man
    5. Movie Picture Theme
    6. She's In Command
    7. New World
    8. Crying To The Night
    9. Heat




<ACM Rating: >

Signing a paper with Capitol Records, USA in 1977, Louisiana's Le Roux came aboard for the release of a self-titled album in early 1978. After the hard roadwork year promoting their first album, the band was back to the studio in Louisiana for beginning to record the second album "Keep the Fire Burnin'". Mixing was done at Air Studio in London, England, where Leon S. Medica met his musical hero, George Martin. This special reissued limited pressing CD, the second AORChives release, includes all of the songs recorded on the sessions including 3 bonus tracks "Ain't Nothing But A Gris Gris", "Bon Ton Roulette" and "Rodeo".

    • Label: AORchives, USA (0002) (Original Label: Capitol Records,USA )
    • Release Date: August 20, 2002 (Original Release: May, 1979)
    • Producer: Leon S. Medica
    • Le Roux is:
      • Jeff Pollard: Guitars, Lead & Background Vocals
      • Leon Medica: Bass
      • Rod Roddy: Leyboards, Background Vocals
      • David Peters: Drums, Percussion
      • Bobby Campo: Trumpet, Congas
      • Tony Haselden: Guitars, Lead& Background Vocals, Percussion, Sax
LeRoux / Keep The Fire Burnin'
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Keep the Fire Burnin'
    2. Call Home the Heart
    3. When I Get Home
    4. You Be My Vision
    5. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
    6. Feel It
    7. Thunder N' Lightnin'
    8. Window Eyes
    9. Say It (With Your Heart)
    10. Back to the Levee
    11. Ain't Nothing But A Gris Gris (Bonus Track)
    12. Bon Ton Roulette (Bonus Track)
    13. Rodeo (Bonus Track)





<ACM Rating: >

Mackey Feary was the original member of Kalapana, most succeeded Hawaiian AOR band. Mackey suddenly left Kalapana after releasing their 2nd album "Karapana 2" in 1976 and started his solo career with "Mackey Feary Band" (1978), and followed by "From The Heart" (1979). "Mackey Feary & Nite Life" in 1983 and "Touch Sensitive" in 1984 followed. It was February 1999 to hear very sad news Mackey was gone. Someone remembers that Mackey's last recordings were released as the album "Forever And Day" in the summer of 2001. Now we have the first full album reissue of "Macky Feary Band" on CD.

    • Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc.m Japan (VICP-61906) (Original Label: Rainbow Records, USA <RRS-1069>)
    • Release Date: July 31, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1978)
    • Producer: Bryant Feary Jr.
    • Macky Feary Band is:
      • Macky Feary: Vocal, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
      • Kevin Daley: Drums
      • David Yoshiteru: Keyboards
      • Gaylord Holomalia: Keyboards
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Guitars: Jimmy Funai
      • Percussion: Creed Fernandez
      • Sax: Gabe Madrid
      • Background Vocals: Nohelani Cypriano, Bonnie Gearheart, Azure McCall
Macky Feary Band
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. You're Young
    2. Catherine
    3. Lullaby
    4. I Remember You
    5. A Million Stars
    6. My Hand Do Play
    7. It Takes Two
    8. Interlude In Mood
    9. Powerslide





<ACM Rating: >

Without any doubt, Paulinho Da Costa is one of the top percussion players over the world. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Paulinho continues to reveal his professional performance here and there including best-selling albums including works by Quincy Jones, Madonna, Sting and Michael Jackson. We should not forget Paulinho is not only a top percussionist but also an remarkable composer and a excellent producer. And Paulinho's versatility is also well demonstrated on his solo albums, "Agora" (1977), "Happy People" (1979), "Sunrise" (1984) and "Breakdown" (1991). On this "Happy People" album, probably you cannot ignore our Bill Champlin's vocal performances. On this Japanese version, 3 bonus tracks are included, those of which are vocal tracks taken from his 3rd solo album "Sunrise". If you have not bought this album as yet, I recommend to buy Japanese version.

    • Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc.m Japan (VICP-61911) (Original Label: PabloRecords, USA)
    • Release Date: July 24, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1979)
    • Producer: himself
    • Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion, Background Vocals
    • Musicians (Track1 -9):
      • Keyboards: John Barnes, Gregory Phillinganes
      • Drums: James Gadson
      • Guitars: Mario Henderson, Al Mckay, Larry Carlton
      • Bass: Nathan Watts
      • Synthesizers: Michael Boddicker
      • Trumpets and Flugelhorns: Charles Findley, Steven Madaio, Gary Grant
      • Trombones: Bill Reichenbach, Eric Culver, Dick Hyde, Lew McCreary, Tom Malone
      • Sax, Flute, Oboe: Gary Herbig
      • Lead Vocals: Philip Bailey (Track 1), Bill Champlin (Track 2, 4), Deborah Thomas (Track 6, 9), Carl Carwell (Track 7)
      • Background Vocals: Philip Bailey, Jeanette Hawes, Carl Carwell, Deborah Thomas, Clarence Ford Jr., Bill Champlin, Venette Cloud, Carmen Twillie
    • Musicians (for bonus tracks):
      • Bass: Nathan East
      • Drums: John Robinson
      • Keyboards: Randy Waldman, George Duke
      • Guitars: Clarence Charles, Charles Fearing, Larry Carlton
      • Vocoder: Craig Harris
      • Sax: Earnie Watts
      • Lead Vocals:Carl Carwell
      • Background Vocals: Judith Jones, C Winston Ford Jr., Roy Galloway, Arthur Hutchinson, Carl Carwell, Clarence Charles
Macky Feary Band
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Deja Vu
    2. Take It On Up
    3. Love Till The End Of Time
    4. Seeing Is Believing
    5. Dreamflow
    6. Carnival Of Colors
    7. Let's Get Together
    8. Happy People
    9. Put Your Mind On Vacation
    10. You Came Into My Life (Bonus Track)
    11. Special Kind Of Love (Bonus Track)
    12. I'm Going To Rio (Bonus Track)





<ACM Rating: >

Richard Natto was born in West Point, New York on January 7, 1956 and moved to Hawaii, his parents' home islands when he was 15 years old. Richard met his lifetime music partner, Dave Toma in 1973 Halloween night and started their collaboration. It was 1978 when and Dave Toma and Richard Natto released their first album "Zoomin' Away" for Hula Records, Hawaii and released 5 albums in total as Toma / Natto until 2002. Someone calls them as the Hawaiian Hall & Oates. I totally agree with this description. At the same time, Richard continues to release his solo albums. "Won't Take No For An Answer" is his 1994 solo album and Japanese version includes 3 bonus tracks "Best I Can Do", "All That Love Can Be" and "Luv That Girl".

    • Label: Cool Sound Inc., Japan (COHI-1012) (Tropical Jam Productions, Hawaii, USA)
    • Release Date: August 25, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1994)
    • Producer: himself
    • Richard Natto: MIDI sequences/programming, Lead & Background Vocals, Additional instrumentation
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Mike Chung: Guitars, Keyboards
      • Brien Matson: Trombone, Synth Oboe
At Second Glance /At Second Glance +2
International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Dancing With The Moon
    2. L.O.V.E
    3. Something About You
    4. Dedicate My Life
    5. Talk About Peace
    6. Breakdown The Barrier
    7. Away From You
    8. If You Have To Go Away
    9. Happy Baby
    10. Acoustic One
    11. Best That I Can Do (Bonus Track)
    12. All That Love Can Be (Bonus Track)
    13. Luv That Girl (Bonus Track)






<ACM Rating: >

Toma / Natto is the pop duo in Hawaii. I have already introduced Richard Natto on the above review for Richard's solo album "Won't Take No For An Answer" (1994). Therefore, I would write a little about Dave Toma here. Dave Toma was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 31, 1954 and raised with music of Beatles. Toma / Natto released their debut album "Zoomin' Away" (1978), about which many people said that it sounded like Batdorf & Rodney. They continued music collaboration through 80's and released 2 albums in the decade; "Hot Nights" (1985) and "3XO / Third Time Around" (1988), about which someone describes Hawaiian Hall & Oates. In 1995, their collection album "Revisited" was released. And now, "Revisited" Japanese version is available with 4 bonus tracks, all of which are newly recorded for this reissue. In addition to those bonus tracks, "All My Love To You", "Without Your Love" from the album "Hot Nights" and "Lia" from the album "Zoomin' Away" are re-recorded for the Japanese version. It means that "Revisited" Japanese version is very different one from its original version.

    • Label: Cool Sound Inc., Japan (COHI-1011) (Tropical Jam Production, Hawaii, USA)
    • Release Date: August25, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1995)
    • Producers: Dave Toma and Richard Natto
    • Executive Producer: Scott Horiuchi
    • Toma / Natto (Dave Toma & Richard Natto): All Vocals, Instruments and Programming
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Guitars: Mike Chung
      • Synth: Brien Matson
      • Rap: Kid Craze
Toma+Natto / Revisited
International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. If I Said
    2. Tonight
    3. All My Love To You
    4. Domestic Lady
    5. Typical High School Romance
    6. Without Your Love
    7. It Doesn't Matter
    8. Glamour Girl
    9. Here, Today, Gone Tomorro
    10. Lia
    11. Miracle Street (Bonus Track)
    12. You Are My Angel (Bonus Track)
    13. Push Me Out (Bonus Track)
    14. Let's Make Music (Bonus Track)



Evageline Records, UK has just reissued two early Sons Of Champlin albums for the first times on CD. One is "The Sons"<ACA8030> originally released in 1969 and the other is "Follow Your Heart" <ACA8032> originally released in 1971.As you know, Rhino Records just started to reissue Chicago's original albums recently. I beleive that you are much more insterested in Sons reissues....
<ACM Rating: >
<ACM Rating: >
The Sons
Follow Your Heart
    • Label: Acadia / Evangeline Reocrded Works Ltd., UK (ACA 8030) (Original: Capitol Records, USA)
    • Release Date: July 29, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1969)
    • Producer: John Palladino
    • Producers for Bonus Tracks: David Schallock and Bruce Walford
    • The Sons is:
      • Bill Champlin: Guitar, Organ, Vocals
      • Terry Haggerty: Guitar, Vocals
      • Geoff Palmer: Keyboards, Vibes
      • Tim Caine: Sax
      • Al Strong: Bass
      • Bill Bowen: Drums
      • Jim Beem: Trumpet
    • Tracks:
      1. Love Of A Woman
      2. Terry's Tune
      3. Boomp Boomp Chop
      4. Why Do People Run From The Rain?
      5. It's Time
      6. Country Girl
      7. You Can Fly
      8. Jesus Is Coming Part 1 (Bonus Track)
      9. Jesus Is Coming Part 2 (Bonus Track)
    • Label: Acadia / Evangeline Reocrded Works Ltd., UK (ACA 8032) (Original: Capitol Records, USA)
    • Release Date: July 29, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1971)
    • Producer: themselves
    • The Sons is:
      • Bill Champlin: Guitar, Organ, Vocals
      • Terry Haggerty: Guitar, Vocals
      • Geoff Palmer: Keyboards, Vibes
      • Al Strong: Bass
      • Bill Bowen: Drums
    • Tracks:
      1. Before You Right Now
      2. Children Know
      3. Hey Children
      4. Follow Your Heart
      5. Beside You
      6. Headway
      7. The Child Contiuned
      8. A Sound Love
      9. Well Done
International Order

International Order









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