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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD are releasing every month. So, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Release ( also including Reissue) information. As "Recommended Discs of The Month" , I would highly recommend to buy several albums with my personal review. In addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent titles supported by one of the well-known on-line music stores "CD Now" and "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month" .


Past CD review index
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  1. Bobby Caldwell / Song Master <ACM Rating: >

Bobby Caldwell / Songmaster


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 Bobby Caldwell, one of the kings of AOR has just restarted his AOR journey with 2 great new tunes "Everytime You Say My Name" and "Rain", both of which are included on his U.S. Second anthology album "Time & Again" released in June 2001. We now have another Caldwell's compilation album "Songmaster" here in Japan. This CD includes 15 tracks which other artists covered all over the world plus the new tune "Everytime You Say My Name".
  • Label: Universal Music, Japan (UICY-1065)
  • Release Date: August 22, 2001
  • Tracks:
    1. Everytime You Say My Name
    2. Special To Me
    3. Heart Of Mine
    4. Next Time (I Fall)
    5. Stay With Me
    6. My Flame
    7. Real Thing
    8. Janet
    9. Come To Me
    10. Stuck On You
    11. Promised Land
    12. Loving You
    13. Jamaica
    14. Never Loved Before
    15. All Or Nothing At All
    16. What You Won't Do For Love
  1. David Diggs / E-Klek-Trik <ACM Rating: >
David Diggs / E-Klek-Trik

 As already reviewed, David Diggs' new Contemporary Jazz album "E-Klek-Trik" CD-R version is available only through David's official website. I am pleased to inform that full high bandwidth 5.1 surround sound DVD release <all region 0 formats with still pix, DTS Dolby-Digital> is now available by 5.1 Entertainment Group / Silverline Records, USA.
  • Label: Silverline Records, USA (81042-9)
  • Release Date: August 8, 2001
  1. Lemuria / Lemuria <ACM Rating: >
Lemuria / Lemuria


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Kirk Thompson, an original member of Karapana, the most well-known Hawaiian AOR group started his new band "Lemuria" and released only this album in 1978 right after Kirk had left Karapana. In addition to the below-listed band members, Lemuria featured 4 female vocalists (The Ladies of Lemuria) and 7 pieces horns. You should note that 3 bonus tracks on this reissued CD.
  • Label: DreamsVille Records, Japan (YDCD-0065) (Original: Pacific International / Spectrum, USA)
  • Release Date: August 30, 2001 (Original Release: 1978)
  • Producer: Kirk Thompson
  • Lemuria is:
    • John Rapoza: Guitars
    • Gary Sprewel: Bass, Lead Vocals
    • Bert Dejesus: Drums
    • Kit Ebersbach: Piano, Keyboards
    • Master Henry Gibson: Percussion
    • Kirk Thompson: Keyboards







<ACM Rating: >

Lara Fabian, the best of the best female singers in the current popular music world, now presents you her 4th French language solo album. Comparing with her English debut album, this album is much more well cordinated and uniformed in terms of uniformity because Rick Allison, her longtime good musical partner, fully organized this album without any noise. This album is opened by "Adagio" type ballads tune "J'y Crois Encore", the advanced-released single tune and the hidden over-16-minutes piano instrumental track "Piano Nocturne". For Westcoast Music lovers, "Scene Abler" must be a killer tune, on which Bruce Gatisch plays marvelous guitar. Another attractive tune should be mid-tempo beautiful tune "Rio". "Bambina" is really really very beautiful great gentle ballad-type tune written by Janey Clewer and Lara rules!

  • Label: Les Productions Clandestines, Canada (EQCD-908)
  • Release Date: August 28, 2001
  • Producer: Rick Allison
  • Musicians:
    • Piano: Rick Allison, Pierre Grimard, Janey Clewer
    • Drums: Benoît Clément
    • Bass: Rémy Malo
    • Guitars: Pierre Dumont-Gauthier, Bruce Gaitsch, Stephan Tellier, Donald Meunier, Réjean Lachance
    • Keyboards: Rick Allison, Marco Tessier
    • Accordion / Violin: Francis Covan
    • Programming: Christian St-Germain
    • Percussion: Dorian Sherwood
    • Duet vocal on "Tu Es Mon Autre": Maurane
    • Background Vocals: Kim Richardson, Julie Leblanc, Dominique Faure, Caherine Léveillé, Dorian Sherwood, Linda Benoy
Lara Fabian / Nue
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  • Tracks:
    1. J'y Crois Encore
    2. Aimer Déjà
    3. S'en Aller
    4. Silence
    5. Parce Que Tu Pars
    6. Je Suis Mon Coeur
    7. Tango
    8. Imagine
    9. Tu Es Mon Autre
    10. Rio
    11. Bambina
    12. Immortelle
    13. Le Roi Est Une Femme
    14. Piano Nocturne (hidden track)





<ACM Rating: >

Boz's 97 album "Come On Home" was a kind of a tribute album to his roots i.e. R&B. Therefore, "Dig" is the original album since 1994 when Boz released "Some Change". At the very early stage we got the news that Boz was making this new album with his old boys, Danny Kortchmer and David Paich, some kind of rumor became popular. It was that this new album would be "Silk Degrees"-like album. However, Boz gives us different answer. To some extent, "Dig" is very soulful and funky, but more acid-jazzy with R&B flavor. If you would expect this album to be like "Silk Degrees" or "Middle Man" because Steve Lukather, Greg Phillinganes, Nathan East, Did Paich are involved and should note that "Dig" includes a kind of experimental tune like"Get On The Natch".For those who only hope that Boz should perform same as late 70's and 80's before "Other Roads", this album might not be satisfactory, but I love this reborn Boz Scaggs's music style too.

  • Label: Virgin Records America, USA (Japan: Toshiba EMI <VJCP-68328>)
  • Release Date: August 29, 2001 (Japan), September 11, 2001 (USA)
  • Producers: Danny Kortchmer, David Paich
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Danny Kortchmer, Ray Parker Jr., Steve Lukather
    • Keyboards: David Paich, Michael Rodriguez, Greg Phillinganes
    • Bass: Nathan East, Steve Jordan
    • Horns: Roy Hargrove Jr.
    • Pedal Steel: Steve Lukather
    • Drums: Robin DiMaggio, Steve Jordan
    • Percussion: Joe Bonadio, Robin DiMaggio
    • Cello: Martin Tillman
    • Background Vocals: Monet, David Paich
Boz Scaggs / Dig
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  • Tracks:
    1. Payday
    2. Sarah
    3. Miss Riddle
    4. I Just Go
    5. Get On The Natch
    6. Desire
    7. Call That Love
    8. King Of El Paso
    9. You're Not
    10. Vanishing Point
    11. Thanks To You





<ACM Rating: >

This is really the definitive collection album of Christopher Cross, which includes every hit tunes from the green one with a flamingo, his debut album to after-Warner albums with several rare materials. You can listen to "A Chance For Heaven", wrote and performed for 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics album as Swimming Theme, which was released also on CD format but almost impossible to find due to very small number of copies. Another rare material is "Loving Strangers" from 1986 Tom Hanks motion picture"Nothing In Common" sound tracks. And we also listen 3 new remix; "I Will (Take You Forever)", "Swept Away" and "Back On My Mind".

  • Label: Warner Bros Records Inc. & Rhino Entertainment, Germany (8122-73554-2)
  • Release Date: September 3, 2001 (Europe)
  • Producers: Danny Kortchmer, David Paich
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Michael Omartian, Rob Meurer, Michael Boddicker, Marcus Ryle, Patrick Leonard, Robbie Buchanan, Claude Gaudette
    • Guitars: Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, Marty Walsh, Tim Pierece, Michael Thompson
    • Bass: Andy Salmon, Mike Porcaro, David Hungate, Abraham Laboriel, Joe Chemay, Nathan East, Freddie Washington
    • Drums: Tony Taylor, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd, John Robinson, Chris Ralles, Michael Baird, Jody Cortez, Curt Bisquera
    • Percussion: Lenny Castro, Paulinho Da Costa, Victor Feldman
    • Sax: Ernie Watts, Tom Scott, Gary Herbig, Kim Hutchcroft
    • E.V.I.: Judd Miller
    • Trumpet: Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant
    • Background Vocals: Michael McDonald, Nicolette Larson, Myrna Matthews, Marty McCall, Stormie Omartian, Alexander Brown, Lynn Blythe Davis, Khalig Glover, Portia Griffin, Richard Marx, Vesta Williams, Frances Ruffelle, Gigi Worth
Christopher Cross / The Definitive Christopher Cross
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  • Remarks:
Christopher Cross Special Edition
Special Edition, which includes "All Right" and "Ride Like The Wind" alternative remix versions called as "Pumpin' Dolls Radio Edit" instead of "Is There Something" and "Open Up My Window", are also available. CD serial # is 8122-73570-2. Its front artwork is also a little different as shown in the left.

  • Tracks:
    1. Ride Like The Wind
    2. All Right
    3. Say You'll Be Mine
    4. Sailing
    5. Never Be The Same
    6. Arthur's Theme
    7. Think Of Laura
    8. No Time For Talk
    9. Words Of Wisdom
    10. Every Turn Of The World
    11. Love Is Love (In Any Language)
    12. I Will (Take You Forever) -New Remix-
    13. A Chance For Heaven
    14. Swept Away -New Remix-
    15. Loving Strangers
    16. Is There Something
    17. In The Blink Of An Eye
    18. Open Up My Window
    19. Back Of My Mind -New Remix-





<ACM Rating: >

Hollywood born singer/songwriter Mark Winkler released his first album "Jazz Life" in 1982 under U.S. Minor label "Music Is Medicine". Since then, Mark started to collaborate with many well-known contemporary jazz musicians such as David Benoit and Joe Sample. Thus, his 2nd album "Ebony Rain" was completed and released in 1987 by PAUSA. In 1989, "Hottest Night Of The Year" featuring David Benoit, Russ Freeman, Dan Siegel, Diane Reeves and Tom Scott, followed. Mark constantly released his albums in 1990's; "Color Of Love" (1991), "Tales From Hollywood" (1995) and "City Lights" (1998), all of which are very sophisticated contemporary Jazz vocal albums. As regards "Tales From Hollywood", Dan Siegel and Joe Pasquale (ex. Boys Club), producers of this album added their pop touch and you can enjoy wonderful backing musicians performances by John Robinson, Bruce Gaitsch, Boney James and others. In 2000, Mark released Jazz album, not contemporary but straight jazz one, "Easy The Hard Way" full of 4 beat vocal tunes.

And now, Cool Sound proudly presents you Mark Winkler's Best and Rare Collections 2 CD. Disc 1 - Best Collection - includes Mark's contemporary tunes from his original albums, 2 tunes from "Jazz Life"(1982), 3 from "Ebony Rain" (1987), 3 from "Hottest Nights Of The Year"(1989), 2 from "Color Of Love" (1991), 3 from "Tales From Hollywood" (1995) and 4 from "City Nights" Disc 2 - Rare Collection" includes unreleased materials and different versions including demos since 1988. All of unreleased materials are really awesome.

  • Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COOL-078)
  • Release Date: September 10, 2001
  • Producers: Beth Lawrence, Dan Siegel, David Benoit, Emil Palame, Joe Pasquale, Mark McMillen and himself
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Jon Gilutin, Dan Siegel, Joe Sample, David Benoit, Emil Palame, Freddie Ravel, Joe Pasquale, Robert Kraft, Mark McMillen, Kevin Bassinson, Jai Winding, Eddie Arkin, Freddy Ravel, Rod Simpson
    • Guitars: Grant Geissman, Allen Hinds, Bruce Gaitsch, Holger Fath, Bob Walden, Doc Powell, Paul Viapiano, Russ Freeman, Russ Freeman, Johnny Baltimore, Jim Fox
    • Drums: Randy Drake, Tony Morales, John Robinson, Jim Andron
    • Bass: Bob Feldman, Melvin Davis, Kenny Wilde, Bill Lanphier, Dwayne "Smitty" Smith, Robert Vally, Jim Andron, Neil Stubenhaus, Steve Bailey, Johnny Baltimore
    • Percussion: Alex Acuna, Lenny Castro, Beth Lawrence, Brian Kilgore, Bobby Hall
    • Sax: Sam Rainey, Jim Reeves, Tom Scott, Dave Kaplan, Michael Lington, Ken Kritzberg
    • Trumpet: Bill Armstrong, Bob Summers
    • Trombone: Bob McChesney
    • Strings Synthesizer: Bill Purse
    • Background Vocals: Beth Lawrence, Marie Cain, Mary Hylan, Bambi Jones, Brandy Jones, Angie Jaree, Julie Kelly, Joe Pasquale, Mark McMillen, Jim Andron, Chuck Sabatino, Lindy White, Maxine Waters, Clydene Jackson, Johnny Baltimore
    • Guest Vocals on "Color Of Love": Angel Rogers
    • Guest Vocal on "Garden Of Earthly Delights": Dianne Reeves
Mark Winkler / World Of Mark Winkler
  • Tracks:
Disc 1 - Best Collection-
  1. Dancin' In The Sunshine
  2. Frame By Frame
  3. Night Flight
  4. Scattin' In The Moonlight
  5. Everybody Cha-cha
  6. Color Of Love
  7. Tropical Breezes
  8. Time For Love
  9. Sunny
  10. Jazz Life
  11. In A Minor Key
  12. Takin' Chances
  13. When All The Lights In The Sign Worked
  14. Garden Of Earthly Delights
  15. Relaxin'
  16. Sense Of Humor
  17. Rainbows


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Disc 2 - Rare Collection-
  1. Forward Motion
  2. She Likes To Watch
  3. The Hottest Night Of The Year
  4. The Deep End
  5. Parallel Worlds
  6. Beauty And The Beach
  7. Use Me
  8. One By One
  9. Ebony Rain
  10. Chico's Groove
  11. Jazzy Blue
  12. Soul Nights






<ACM Rating: >

When Mackey was 17, Hawaii-born Mackey Feary started his music career with Malani Bilyeu in 1972. One year later, Mackey and Malani formed the legendary group "Karapana" with Kirk Thompson and DJ Pratt. In 1975, Karapana released their first album and quickly topped charts in Hawaii. Mackey suddenly left Karapana after releasing their 2nd album "Karapana 2" in 1976 and started his solo career with "Mackey Feary Band" (1978), and followed by "From The Heart" (1979). Mackey released "Mackey Feary & Nite Life" in 1983 and "Touch Sensitive" in 1984. It was February 1999 to hear very sad news Mackey was gone and thought that we could never listen to Mackey Feary's new recording materials which put aside as it had become too emotional a project to work on. However, Kirk Thompson completed Mackey's last recordings materials at last as a memorable experience.

  • Label: Dreamsville Records, Japan (YDCD-0064)
  • Release Date: August 30, 2001
  • Producers: Kirk Thompson and himself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Clayton Apilando, Kirk Thompson
    • Bass: Dave Inamine, Sam Doval, Kirk Thompson
    • Drums: Shawn Primental, Issac Zablan
    • Percussion: Creed Fernandez, Bobo Butires, Henry Gibson
    • Keyboards: Kirk Thompson
    • Sax, Flute: David Choy, Collin Katada
    • Background Vocals: Shirley Herbert, Maureen Scanlan
    • Violin: Andrew Dawsen
    • Harmonica: Kirk Thompson
Macky Feary / Forever & One Day
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  • Tracks:
    1. He'll Come To You
    2. One Step Closer
    3. Tiana
    4. Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song)
    5. Module
    6. End Of The Road
    7. Upon This Road
    8. Dear Ma
    9. You Make Me Feel
    10. Lord Thou Art Holy
    11. Forever And One Day










<ACM Rating: >

Player, well-known for their sensational debut single #1 hit "Baby Come Back", was formed in Los Angeles in 1977 by Peter Beckett (formerly of the UK group Skyband), Ronn Moss and J.C. Crowley. After John joined, they got a deal with RSO label and released the aforesaid "Baby Come Back. And then, their self-titled debut LP followed.

  • Label: One Way Records, USA (314589290-2) (0riginal Label: RSO, USA)
  • Release Date: August 28, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1978)
  • Producers:Dennis Lambert, Brian Potter
  • Player is:
    • Peter Beckett: Guitars, Lead Vocals
    • Ronn Moss: Bass
    • J.C. Crowley: Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
    • John Friesn: Drums
  • Additional Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Wayne Cook, Michael Omartian, Bill Cuomo, Bob Carpenter
    • Guitars: Reed Kailing, Jay Lewis
    • Drums: Jack White
    • Percussion: Gary Coleman, Steve Forman
    • Sax: Jim Horn
    • Flute: Jim Horn
Player / Player and Danger Zone


International Order



  • Tracks
    1. Come On Out
    2. Baby Come Back
    3. Goodbye (That's All I Ever Heard)
    4. Melanie
    5. Every Which Way
    6. This Time I'm In It For Love
    7. Love Is Where You Find It
    8. Movin' Up
    9. Cancellation
    10. Tryin' To Write A Hit Song
    11. Love In The Danger Zone
    12. Silver Lining
    13. I Just Wanna Be With You
    14. Forever
    15. I've Been Thinkin'
    16. Prisoner Of Your Love
    17. Join In The Dance
    18. Wait Until Tomorrow
    19. Let Me Down Easy




<ACM Rating: >

Greg Phillinganes became well-known when Greg performed with Stevie Wonder as the keyboards player of "Wonder Love", Stevie Wonder's backing band in late 70's and early 80's. And Greg established his status as a sound creator gradually around then. You can find his name as the arranger on Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" album. Greg also released 2 leader albums in early 80's. One is "Significant Gains" (1981) and the other is "Pulse" (1984).

  • Label: BMG Funhouse, Japan (BVCM-37236) (Original Label: Planet Records, USA)
  • Release Date: August 22, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1981)
  • Producer: himself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Marlo Henderson, John McClain, Mike Sembello, Greg Poreé, Paul Jackson Jr.
    • Bass: Nathan Watts, Freddie Washington
    • Clavitar Bass: Herbie Hancock
    • Vocoder: Ronnie Foster
    • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Ndugu Chancler
    • Sax: Sadao Watanabe
    • Strings Arrangement : Yutaka Yokokura, Jerry Peters
    • Horn Arrangement: Yutaka Yokokura, Charlie Mimms
    • Background Vocals: George Benson, Patrice Rushen, Carolyn Dennis, Lynn Davis, Angela Windbush, Cheryl Lynn, Bobby Martin, Mike Sembello
Greg Phillinganes / Significant Gains

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  • Tracks
    1. Girl Talk
    2. Baby, I Do Love You
    3. Takin' It Up All Night
    4. Forever Now
    5. Big Man
    6. I Don't Want To Be The One
    7. Maxxed Out
    8. Do It All For Love
    9. The Call




<ACM Rating: >

It was 1965 that Brooklyn-born Evie teamed up with songwriter Chip Taylor and guitarist Al Gorgoni to record for Blue Cat Label. "Take Me For A Little While".In 1968, A&M Records signed Evie and she sold over 500,000 copies of "Any Way That You Want Me" which Rolling Stone called one of the best singles of the year. And Evie released her own album "Any Way That You Want Me" in 1969.
In the mid-seventies, Evie had two top 30 hits for Capitol Records and released 2nd album "Estate Of Mind". In 1979, Evie released "Suspended Animation" for RCA. Getting TOTO members and other good L.A. top session musicians, Evie performed well.

  • Label: BMG Funhouse, Japan (BVCM-37232) (Original Label: RCA Records, USA)
  • Release Date: August 22, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1979)
  • Producers: Michael Stewart and herself
  • Musicians:
    • Drums: James Gadson, Mike Baird, Andy Newmark, Ron Tutt
    • Bass: Reggie Mcbride, David Hungate
    • Guitars: Steve Beckmeier, Buzzy Feiten, Steve Lukather, Lee Ritenour, Richie Zito
    • Keyboards: Greg Phillinganes, Ian Underwood, Mike Boddicker, Carli Munoz
    • Percussion: Ollie C. Brown, Paulinho Da Costa
    • Sax: Jerry Peterson
    • Horns: Jim Horn , Steve Madaio
    • Vibes: Victor Feldman
    • Background Vocals: Dusty Springfield, Bill Champlin, Bobby Kimball, Tom Kelly, Julia Waters Tillman, Maxine Waters Willard, Oren Waters, Laura Creaner, Shelby Flint, Michael Stewart
Evie Sands / Suspended Animation

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  • Tracks
    1. Lady Of The Night
    2. Keep My Lovelight Burnin'
    3. Take A Little Love
    4. I Can't Wait For You
    5. As We Fall In Love Once More
    6. Get Up
    7. You Sho' Look Good To Me
    8. You Can't Do It
    9. I Don't Want To Let It Go
    10. Brain Damage




<ACM Rating: >

Chicago-born John LiVigni (aka John Valenti) started to play drums and sings with Larry Klimas at clubs in Chicago and Detroit as "The Outfit", when he was a teen-ager. They scudded to be signed with Motown and released 2 albums under the name of "Puzzle" in early 70's. In 1976, John Valenti released his first solo album "Anything You Want" featuring Jay Graydon, Dean Parks and Ed Greene under Ariola Records. On this album, John penned 7 songs out of 11, which were really good mellow-blue-eyed-soul tunes. In 1980, John embarked his second solo album for R with October 1980 USA release schedule. However, after all this second album "I Won't Change" never released in the States but released only in Japan in November 1981. As regards "I Won't Change", you must feel typical early 80's Westcoast Pop atmosphere than blue-eyed flavor.

  • Label: BMG Funhouse, Japan (BVCM-37229) (Original Label: RCA Records, Japan)
  • Release Date: August 22, 2001 (Original Release Date: November 21, 1981)
  • Producer: George Tobin (in association with Mike Piccirillo)
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Mike Piccirillo
    • Keyboards: Bill Cuomo, Mike Piccirillo
    • Bass: Scott Edwards, Kenny Burke, Eric Nelson
    • Drums: Ed Greene, Vince Colaiuta
    • Sax: Joel Peskin, Larry Klimas
    • Trumpet: Chuck Findley
    • Background Vocals: Mike Piccirillo, Edna Wright, Darlene Love
John Valenti / I Won't Change

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  • Tracks:
    1. Who Will It Be
    2. Did She Mention Me
    3. I'll Take You Back
    4. That's The Way Love Goes
    5. Best For You
    6. I Won't Change
    7. Stephanie
    8. Runnin' Scared
    9. Make It Up To You
    10. Fight For Love





<ACM Rating: >

In the summer of 1978, the band Toby Beau released their debut album "Toby Beau" featuring a smash hit single "My Angel Baby". In 1979, Toby Beau completed their 2nd album " More Than A Love Song" under the pressure how they should have another smash hit. However, the band members except Balde Silva left the band without doing any tour for the album. Thus, Balde Silva decided to record third album by himself as Toby Beau. In this way, this album "If You Believe" had been completed and released in 1980. Due to his songwriting partner absence, Jerry Fuller, the producer of this album gathered great tunes over the America, which made Toby Beau's sound from country-flavored rock into Westcoast Pop / AOR.

  • Label: BMG Funhouse, Japan (BVCM-37231) (Original Label: RCA Records, USA)
  • Release Date: August 22, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1980)
  • Producer: Jerry Fuller
  • Toby Beau is
    • Balde Silva: Guitars, Harmonica, Vocals
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Billy Joe Walker Jr.
    • Drums: Steve Turner
    • Keyboards: John Hobbs, Larry Muhoberac
    • Bass: Joseph Chemay
    • Percussion: Steve Turner, Bob Zimmitti, Joe Clayton
    • Sax: Earnest J. Watts
Toby Beau / If You Believe

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  • Tracks
    1. Could It Be Love
    2. If I Were You
    3. One Needs Another
    4. If You Believe
    5. Ships In The Night
    6. Little Miss American Dream
    7. Give Me A Sign
    8. You Caught Me With My Love Down
    9. As Far As I Can See
    10. My Dream Lover




<ACM Rating: >

Robert Kraft was born in Princeton, NJ on February 4, 1951 and started to establish his music career as a composer in NY after graduation from Harvard University. Robert formed his Jazz band "Ivory Coast" and started to perform in NY clubs. In 1979, RSO Records signed with them and released their album "Mood Swing" produced by Phil Goldston.In 1980, Robert recorded his first solo album "Ready To Bounce" but unfortunately this album was not released in the States due to bankruptcy of RSO Records.(For your information, "Ready To Bounce" was released only in Japan in 1985.) In spite of this accident, Robert got a deal with RCA Records and thus "Retroactive" was released in 1982. This album is said to be one of the AOR treasures because of its perfect music quality. In 1989, Robert released another album "Quake City" as an artist but he succeeded more as a producer / songwriter in Los Angels music scene in early 90's.

  • Label: BMG Funhouse, Japan (BVCM-37230) (Original Label: RCA Records, USA)
  • Release Date: August 22, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1982)
  • Producer: Larry Carlton
  • Musicians:
    • Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Rick Marotta, Ed Greene, Alex Acuna
    • Guitars: Larry Carlton
    • Bass: Abraham Laboriel, Larry Carlton
    • Keyboards: Terry Trotter, Brian Mann, Michael Omartian
    • Clavinet: Don Freeman
    • Flugelhorn: Jerry Hey
    • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Larry Carlton, Valley Arts Handclappers Association
    • Violin: Ross Levinson
    • Vocals: Janis Siegel
Robert Kraft / Retro Active

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  • Tracks
    1. Single Solo
    2. Just Another Notch On The Bedspot
    3. Out With My Ex
    4. You're Blue Too
    5. I Wonder What You're Like
    6. Heartless
    7. What Price Glory ?
    8. Teach Me How To Kiss You
    9. Can We Be In Love Again?
    10. On The West Side
    11. Let's Hold Each Other Once More




<ACM Rating: >

Tommy was born in Long Beach, California on May 9, 1946 and grew up in nearby Lakewood. Tommy then quit college and entered the Army. Discharged in the fall of 1969. Tommy moved to Orange County, California. In 1971, Tommy started the CCM band "Love Song" and released their debut album "Love Song" in 1971. Continuing the band activity, Tommy started to produce praise albums for Maranatha! label around 1974. In 1980, Tommy Coomes released his own solo album "Love Is The Key" with his mellow voice and sophisticated arrangement under Maranatha! label.

  • Label: Cool Sound, Inc. Japan (COOL-076) (Original: Maranatha Music <MM084A>)
  • Release Date: August 10, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1980)
  • Producers: Harlon Rogers and himself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Harlon Rogers, Hadley Hockensmith, Tony Dean
    • Keyboards: Rob Watson
    • Bass: Jimmy Perez
    • Drums: Ran Tutt, Keith Edwards
    • Sax: John Phillips
  • Background Vocals: Chuck Willard, Kelly Willard, Michele Pillar, Phillis St. James, Bili Thedford, Bob Bennett
Tommy Coomes / Love Is The Key
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  • Tracks:
    1. Love Is The Key
    2. I Owe Everything To You
    3. The Pleasure's Mine
    4. Hidden Treasure
    5. Singing Our Praises To Jesus
    6. Thinkin' Of You
    7. A Faithful Witness
    8. He's A Liar
    9. Don't Be Afraid




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Mark Winkler started to reveal his songwriting ability in mid 70's. The first well-known tune was "Tropical Nights" performed by Liza Minnelli in 1977. On the other hand, Mark made demo recordings in order to get an artist deal in those days. Mark signed a deal with First America Records, Seattle and completed his first solo album "Jazz Life" around 1980. And at last, "Jazz Life" was released by Music Is Medicine, the subsidiary label of First American. As the album title shows, Mark performs pop jazz tunes throughout the album. And now, Cool Sound reissues this album with an unreleased tune "Jazz Is Alive" originally recorded for this album in 1982.

  • Label: Cool Sound, Inc. Japan (COOL-077) (Original Label: Music Is Medicine)
  • Release Date: September 10, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1982)
  • Producer: Jim Anderson
  • Musicians:
    • Drums : Jim Andron, George Green, Tony Morales
    • Bass : Jim Andron, Jeff Steele, Kirk Smith
    • Keyboards : Kevin Bassinson, Jim Andron, Doug Konecky, Tom Rainer
    • Guitar : Bob Walden
    • Chorus : Beth Lawrence, Jim Andron, Darlene Koldenhoven, Michael Cruz, Marie Cain
    • Horns : Jim Reeves, John Fumo, Fred Morgan, Tom Rainer
Mark Winkler / Jazz Life
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  • Tracks:
    1. Jazz Life
    2. In A Minor Key
    3. Be-Bop
    4. Coolcats
    5. Keely
    6. Hip To Your Tricks
    7. Struttin'
    8. Scattin' In The Moonlight
    9. Play To Win
    10. Jazz Is Alive (Bonus Track)







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Greg Mathieson's 1982 "Baked Potato Super Live" album is one of the best super fusion live performance recordings. Apart from the fact that Greg Mathieson is a great sound creator / producer / songwriter, his 1989 solo album "For My Friends" released under Headfirst Records was really thrilling excellent fusion album. And now Greg Mathieson released those materials as live performance recordings as "Mathieson, Laboriel, Landau, Colaiuta / Live At The Baked Potato 2000" recorded on June 9, 10 and July 15, 2000. We can listen to live performance recordings for 6 tracks out of 9 from "For My Friends" now. Great live!

  • Label: LMNOP Music, USA (CD Serial #: none)
  • Release Date: July, 2001
  • Producer: -
  • Musicians:
    • Greg Mathieson: Keyboards
    • Abraham Laboriel: Bass
    • Michael Landau: Guitar
    • Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums
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  • Tracks:

    Disc 1

    1. The Sauce
    2. Goyo
    3. Abraham's Prayer
    4. Song For My Grandfather
    5. S.S.F.2
    6. Goe
    7. Savada

    Disc 2

    1. I Don't Know
    2. Slow Glide
    3. Greg's Groove
    4. I'm Home
    5. LMNOP




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Burleigh Drummond, the founding and current drummer of Ambrosia, formed Tin Drum with Mary Harris, in order to keep Burleigh creatively satisfied. In 1995, Tin Drum released their first album " Real World" after almost 6 months recording sessions.
The name Tin Drum comes from Gunter Grass' novel, "The Tin Drum", which is the story about a boy who decides that staying young is preferable to growing up. Burleigh says that the name is especially appropriate because the music of Tin Drum is, at times, incredibly playful, young and refreshing-especially the up-tempo percussion, crisp vocals and intoxicating harmonies. In 2001, Tin Drum released their second effort as the album"Small Parade".

  • Label: Blind Eye Music, USA (CD Serial #: none)
  • Release Date: July, 2001
  • Producer: themselves
  • Tin Drum is:
    • Burleigh Drummond: Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
    • Mary Harris: Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
    • Mick Mahan: Bass, Vocals
    • Larry Treadwell: Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals
  • Additional Musicians:
    • Narrative: Sierra Drummond
    • Vocals and Diggeridoo: Micky Drummond
    • Bass Clarinet, Irish Flute, Penny Whistle: Richard Hardy
    • Guitars: David Darling, Mike Hoffman, Gary Borin
    • Violin: Dr. James Sitterly
    • Cello: Marston Smith
    • Background Vocals: Jennifer Treadwell
Tin Drum / Small Parade
International Order

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  • Tracks:
    1. Small Parade
    2. Johnny
    3. Wailing Wall
    4. All I Want
    5. Ordinary Day
    6. Round And Round
    7. Princess
    8. Luck Of The Irish
    9. South American Way
    10. I Will
    11. Give It Up
    12. I Someday
    13. Tomorrow Never Comes
    14. You Might Need Me



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