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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD are releasing every month. SO, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Release (also including Reissue) information. As "Recommended Discs of The Month" , I would highly recommend to buy several albums with my personal review.





Bruce Gaitsch, one of the best songwriters, guitarists and producers has just completed his second solo album. Bruce is known as a member of the duo "King Of Hearts" with Tommy Funderburk and also known for his many producing, songwriting and session works with the big names such as Richard Marx, Timothy B. Schmit, Poco, Jay Graydon, The Fixx, Madonna, Lara Fabian, Fee Waybill, Tom Scott, Restless Heart, Bill Champlin, Marc Jordan, Chicago, Peter Cetera and many more. You can confirm how Bruce is a great artist by listening to this album featuring his friends such as Bill Champlin, Marc Jordan, Jason Scheff and Karla Bonoff.
This album is now distributed by Thoughtscape Sounds all over the United States. This album is really worth waiting for the official release date. For your information, you can get more information about Bruce at the official Edge Of Fluke Music Group Website.

Bruce Gaitsch / Aphasia 




Thoughtscape Sounds , one of the best AOR specialized mail order retailers is about to establish their own label for real music lovers. The first release titles will be 4 albums that is, "Bruce Gaitsch - Aphasia" (TSS-0001 see above), "Janey Clewer -Call Me Romantic" (TSS-0002 released in Japan last autumn under Pioneer LDC), "Fee Waybill - Don't Be Scared With These Hands" (TSS-0003 released in Germany and Sweden last autumn) and this sampler album "Thoughtscape Sounds '97 Sampler" (TSS-0004). This album is really worth buying for those who would like to know what the music should be. Furthermore, You can listen to 2 unreleased tracks performed by Bill Champlin only on this great compilatipn album.

Sampler 97 



This is a special project CD for the summer of 1997 produced by Joey Carbone featuring four incredible vocalists, that is Bill Champlin, Jason Scheff of CHICAGO, Bobby Kimball and Joseph Williams of ex TOTO. This album is basically A Capella vocal album of cover versions of American pops classics such as "California Dreamin'" originally performed by Mamas & Papas. On the track of "Hotel California" originally performed by Eagles, you can listen Bobby Kimball's powerful lead vocal and Jason Scheff singing guitar solo note by note.




 Kenny Loggins has just released his brand-new album following his greatest hits album. On this album, Kenny collaborates many talented songwriters such as Babyface, Glen Ballard, Steve George (ex Pages, ex Mr. Mister), Jonathan Butler, Michael Ruff and David Foster.




Many visitors asks me where these recommended CDs can be bought via internet. So, I would give you the the several retailers links from this page also as bellow.

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