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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD are releasing every month. SO, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Release (also including Reissue) information. As "Recommended Discs of The Month" , I would highly recommend to buy several albums with my personal review.



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Good Old TOTO's sound is back under the name of "Porcaro Brothers", which member is Steve Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Joseph Williams and Carlos Vega! During the intermission in the European Soccer Champions League Final Game (Dortmund vs Juventus), they played a song written exclusively for this sports event in front of the audience of 80 000 people. This is it titled "Young At Heart"!!

Porcaro Brothers 

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Georg Siegl Landshuter Str. 11 84051 ALTHEIM, Germany

Phone / Fax +49 8703 8517




Warren Hill is definitely one of the good young generation sax player who has pop and emotional music sense. On this album, you can find out another aspects of Warren as a vocalist. His vocal style is a little like Richard Marx's, one of the greatest vocalist in the same generations. Warren sings 3 songs "Shelter From The Storm", ""If Your Man Doesn't Treat You Right" and "You're My Only Love" on this album and played funky and emotional sax on every tunes including the cover version of "Roxanne" (originally performed by Police") and "Hey Jude" (originally performed by The Beatles).

 Warren Hill / Shelter

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James Taylor is back with his great brand-new album "Hourglass" full of good melodies. In addition, you can enjoy an interactive musical experience on CD Extra format too. Good music is a kind of art, someone says. Yes, this album is such kind of excellent art.




This is the one of great blue-eyed soul singer or R&B vocalist, Steve Winwood's new solo album! Steve Winwood is known not only for his solo works but also for his works as a member of the legendary group "Traffic". Steve reunited the group "Traffic" and released its reunion album "Far From Home" in 1994 and had some live performances as "Traffic". However, Steve has just started his solo career again with this album which has 6 and half years intervals since his former solo album "Refugees Of The Heart".




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