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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD are releasing every month. SO, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Release ( also including Reissue) information. As "Recommended Discs of The Month" , I would highly recommend to buy several albums with my personal review. In addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent titles supported by one of the well-known on-line music stores "CD Now" and "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month" .


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Now, I am pleased to inform you that Bill Cantos' brand-new solo album "Movie In The Night Sky" is available !! As everyone knows, Bill did show his awesome talent as a vocalist as well as on the Jay Graydon 's "Airplay For The Planet" and also on his first solo album "Who Are You", which was released in 1995, that is to say, we have been waited for almost 5 years till this awesome 2nd solo album release. (If I should say the fact more exactly, Bill released his piano solo album "Be Still My Soul" for Haven Ministries, USA in the autumn 1999.) I am totally knocked out!! Many of us admit that his first solo "Who Are You" was one of the best Adult Contemporary albums of 90's. This new one must be again the one of the best album of this new decade.
Bill's self cover versions of "You Can't Go Back" (which is already known by Arnold McCuller's version) and "Can I Help It" (also familiar by Minako Obata's version) are showing how those songs are excellent tunes. By listening Bill's version of "All This Love" (written by El Debarge), the Latin touch tune, I feel like confirming Bill's musical roots/background. "I'll See You Tonight" is one of the most beautiful ballads tunes. "Make The Storm Go Away" is a killer..... I love this song very much as same as "Endless Nights" on his first solo album. "Give Me That Smile" reminds me of his "Cool Drink Of Water" a little. I love this Jazzy tune. "The Deepest Blue"...... What a romantic song this is! "Sweet And Lovely"/"Lady Be Good" is a miracle combination of your tune and 1924 Gershwin's tune.
If I have to say just one word to describe this album, I say "PERFECT"! 

  • Label : G.I.C. Productions <Bakery> (UPC Code: 669910585429)
  • Release Date: April, 2000 (advance limited release), May 23, 20000 (official)
  • Producers: Mari Falcone, Andy Waterman and himself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Pat Kelly, Ramon Stagnaro
    • Bass: Jerry Watts
    • Drums: Michael Shapiro, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bill Maxwell
    • Trumpet: Lee Thornburg
    • Percussion: Michito Sanchez, Richie Gajate-Garcia
    • Sax: Kirk Whalum, Justo Almario
    • Flute: Justo Almario
    • Keyboard: Charles Williams, Mari Falcone,
    • Steel Guitar: Lauren Ellis
    • Background Vocals: Rose Stone, Alison Wedding, Mari Falcone, Debbie McClendon Smith
Bill Cantos / Movie In The Night Sky
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  • Tracklisting:
    1. New Red Coat
    2. You Can't Go Back (But You Can Go On)
    3. Give Me That Smile
    4. Precious
    5. Blue Intro
    6. The Deepest Blue
    7. Can I Help It
    8. My Dream About Ella
    9. Sweet And Lovely / Lady Be Good
    10. Perfect Day
    11. All This Love
    12. I'll See You Tonight
    13. Make The Storm Go Away
    14. Movie In The Night Sky



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With the great news regarding Bill Cantos' new CD release, I would also let you know Mari Falcone, the good pianist, the life and music partner of Bill Cantos is now releasing the calm and sophisticated piano-oriented instrumental album "And All This". Enjoy Mari's piano and compositions which is the blend of instrumental pop mixed with jazz and classical; refreshing, joyful, and truly unique.
Please allow me to introduce Mari's musical background shortly. Mari Falcone grew up in suburban Chicago and received a Master of degree in Piano Performance from the University of Miami before moving to L.A. She was the musical director for "EFX" with Michael Crawford at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Actually I had a chance to see this musical spectacle featuring David Cassidy in 1998, which was really great. The creation of her all-instrumental debut recording "And All This" is now available.

  • Label : G.I.C. Productions <Bakery> (UPC Code: 669910585320)
  • Release Date: April, 2000 (advance limited release) - May 23, 2000 (official)
  • Producers: Bill Cantos, Andy Waterman and herself
  • Additional Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Bill Cantos
    • Guitar: Ramon Stagnaro, Pat Kelly
    • Bass: Jerry Watts, Dave Stone
    • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael Shapiro, Bill Maxwell
    • Percussion: Michito Sanchez, Richie Gajate-Garcia
    • Flute: Pedro Eustache
    • Sax: Justo Almario
Mari Falcone / And All This
International Order



  • Tracklisting:
  1. Jojo's Call
  2. And All This
  3. Tuscany Morning
  4. My Soul
  5. Rosalina
  6. Dawn
  7. Bach: Prelude [from English Suite No.2]
  8. Song For Terri intro
  9. Song For Terri
  10. My Father's Love
  11. I Will Sing intro
  12. I Will Sing
  13. Vision [improv]
  14. Farewell For Now [improv]





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Venice, the today's Westcoast group with the best harmony vocals by Lennon Brothers, has just released acoustic live album "2 meter sessies" in Netherlands, which was originally recorded for Netherlands TV (RTL 5) program. You will enjoy 71 minutes perfect acoustic live tracks featuring Jackson Browne and David Crosby as special guests. The 16+ 1 secret tracks on this CD were recorded in L.A., USA during April 16 -20, 1999, and some were done in Netherlands on March 21, 1998. Again, please note that the hidden track will start after 4 minutes silence when "The Man You Think I Am"(track 16) would end.

  • Label: ZYX Music / Universal Music, Netherlands (159 066 2)
  • Release Date: May, 2000
  • Venice is:
    • Kipp Lennon: Vocals
    • Mark Lennon: Vocals
    • Pat Lennon: Guitars, Vocals
    • Michael Lennon: Guitars, Vocals
  • Musicians:
    • Bass: Mark Harris, Alex Skljarevski
    • Drums & Percussion: Dann Gillen
    • Additional Guitar: John Vester
  • Special Guest Appearance
    • Jackson Browne: Vocal (track 4)
    • David Crosby: Vocal (track 11)
Venice / 2 meter sessies

International Order


  1. The Road Where You Are
  2. Always
  3. Never Coming Back
  4. For A Dancer (featuring Jackson Browne)
  5. For A Kiss
  6. We're Still Here
  7. If I Were You
  8. One Quiet Day
  9. Landslide
  10. Cool Me Down
  11. Gunnevere (featuring David Crosby)
  12. When I Get Over You
  13. The Family Tree
  14. End Of The World
  15. Rivers Never Run
  16. The Man You Think I Am




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Adrian Gurvitz is well -known among Westcoast / AOR lovers for his solo album "Sweet Vendetta" (1979) supported by Jeff Porcaro, David Paich and others. And in 1980, he released the album "Il Assasino" including one of his impressive tune "Seventeen". Cool Sound presents his unreleased collection album "Classic Songs", which includes the new and never-released-before materials Adrian recorded over the last 15 years plus a new version of his number 1 hit single Classic.
At the same time, "No Compromise", the never-released album of Adrian Gurvitz recorded in 1983 is also released. According to Toshi Nakada the president of Cool Sound, the music style of this album is a little bit the melodious hard-edge rock popular in the mid-80's and he suggest that this album will be appreciated especially in European AOR / melodious hard rock market.


  • Label : Cool Sound, Japan (COOL-047)
  • Release Date: May 25, 2000
  • Producers: Robbie Buchanan and himself
  • Co-Producers: Robbie Buchanan, Frank Wolf and Paul Gurvitz
  • Musicians:
    • Drums : Tony Brock, Brian McCloud, JR Robinson, Doane Perry
    • Bass : Jimmy Haslip, Abe Laboriel, Jennifer Condoer, John Lefwich, Pino Paladino
    • Guitar : Tim Pierce, Mike Landau
    • Barritone Guitar : Kamil Rustan
    • Keyboards: Robbie Buchanan, Charlie Olines
    • Percussion : Lois Jardin
    • Background Vocals : Warren Wiebe, Jean Mclain, the Hiss Sisters

Adrian Gurvitz / Classic Songs


International Order
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Cruisin' Music at GEMM

  • Tracklisting:
    1. Work At It (1990)
    2. Wallflower (1998)
    3. Classic (1996)
    4. One Day At A Time (1991)
    5. Life (1991)
    6. Try Something New (1991)
    7. Always (1984)
    8. Share My God (1998)
    9. Walkin' Through (1995)
    10. Pure Love (1995)
    11. Heaven Knows Why (1997)
    12. The World's Fault (1997)
    13. I'm Lost Without You (1988)
    14. Listen (1997)
    15. First, Last And Always (1994)


  • Label : Cool Sound, Japan (COOL-047)
  • Release Date: May 25, 2000
  • Producers: Paul Gurvitz and himself
  • Musicians:
    • Bass : Paul Gurvitz
    • Background Vocals : Paul Gurvitz
  • Remarks:
    • Recorded at Tower Studios Hampsted, London
    • Adrian Gurvitz plays Drums, Guitars, and Keyboards on all tracks.

Adrian Gurvitz / No Compromise

International Order
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Cruisin' Music at GEMM

  • Tracklisting:
    1. Ain't It Always The Same
    2. No Compromise
    3. I'm Not Cryin' Over You
    4. The Price You Pay
    5. Punch
    6. No One's In Love
    7. Can't Buy Time
    8. High Point Of Love
    9. The Last Laugh






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Kevin Chalfant, a singer/songwriter known for his awesome lead vocal works with the Storm, formed with past and present members of Journey. "TWO FIRES" is his new project with Josh Ramos and they succeeded to complete one of the ultimate AOR releases, having the same perfect quality as those found on early 80's Journey's mega-hit albums "Departures" (1980), "Escape"(1981) and "Frontiers"(1983). If you would like to enjoy the good-old powerful Journey vein, do not miss "TWO FIRES"!

  • Label: Clique Records, USA / Frontiers Records, Italy (FR CD 041)
  • Release Date: June, 2000
  • Producer: Kevin Chalfant
  • Musicians:
    • Kevin Chalfant: Lead and Backing Vocals
    • Josh Ramos: Guitars
    • Kenny Arnoff: Drums
    • Willie Weeks: Bass
  • Additional Musicians:
    • Guitars: Alby Coum
    • Keyboards: Brent Mitchell
    • Bass: Klem Hayes
    • Piano: Jim Peterik
    • Mellotron: Joe Marquez
    • Synth Strings: Rick Powell
    • Background Vocals: Mike Higgins, Lizz & Dave Neal, Judy Chalfant, Kelly Johnson, Lauri Driscoll, Stacy Johnson, Lynette Giacinto, Rick Powell, Timmy Higgins, Brent & Casey Mitchell, Jeff Overy, Rick Jepsen, Susan Richards, Penut, Gus, Angie, Maytag
Two Fires / Two Fires

International Order


  1. My Love Will Be There
  2. I Won't Give Up On Us
  3. Piece Of My Heart
  4. When Loves Is Gone
  5. Summer Of Love
  6. Surrender
  7. A Man's Gotta Do (What A Man's Gotta Do)
  8. Remember
  9. Never Stop Loving You
  10. Alyssia
  11. I Believe In You
  12. I Can See You
  13. River Of Destiny




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Frederic Slama, a French journalist is now producing a new band called AOR with the album "L.A. Confession". Frederic dare to use the word "AOR" (not the word "West Coast") for this project, about which I feel like why he did so. That is to say, I believe this album shows the little difference between "West Coast" and "AOR" under Japanese definition. If you would like to know what we Japanese call as "AOR" not "Westcoast", this album may be the good showcase. (Please note that this album is not on a factory pressing CD but on CD-R.)

  • Label: None (No Serial #) <CD-R Release>
  • Release Date: April, 2000
  • Producer: Frederic Slama
  • Musicians:
    • Frederic Slama: Guitars, Keyboards
    • Peter Hume: Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Drums
    • John Fliker: Lead and Background Vocals
    • Doug St. John: Lead and Background Vocals
    • David D. Chamberin: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
AOR / L.A. Concession

International Order


  1. Never Gonna Let Her Go
  2. On Dangerous Ground
  3. Caught Inside Your Heart
  4. Worlds Away
  5. In My Crystal Ball
  6. The Way Of The Night
  7. Leave Her To Heaven
  8. Only In My Dreams
  9. From L.A. To Tokyo
  10. Last In Your Eyes
  11. Don't Let Her Go
  12. Love Has Found Its Way





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Karen Blake is known as one of the female singers strongly influenced by Karla Bonoff. This album was originally released in 1984 only in Japan. In spite of the wonderful music quality, US music lovers had to wait for another 2 years before Cafe Records released this album in the States. As you can see , this album was done with many supported musicians by Karla Bonoff herself and many other remarkable musicians such as Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Christopher Cross, Carlos Vega, Peter Wolf and Robbie Buchanan. In addition, when you would pay attention to the songwriting credit, Glen Ballad, Clif Magness, Jay Gruska wrote tunes for this album.

  • Label: Cool Sound, Inc., Japan (COOL-041) (Original Label: Pony Canyon, Japan)
  • Release Date: June 10, 2000 (Original Release: 1984)
  • Producer: Kyle Lehning
  • Associate Producer and Arranger : Philip Griffin
  • Mixed by Bill Schnee
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Dann Huff
    • Keyboards : Peter Wolf, Alan Pasqua, Robbie Buchanan, Kyle Lehning, Shane Keister, James Newton Howard
    • Bass : Neil Stubenhaus, Nathan East, Philip Griffin
    • Drums : Carlos Vega, Larrie Londin, Pat Mastelotto
    • Percussion : Lenny Castro
    • Sax : Ernie Watts, Bill Puett, Mark Hatch
    • Duet Vocal: Dave Loggins(5.)
    • Back Vocals : Christopher Cross, Kenny Edwards, Andrew Gold, Karla Bonoff,
Karen Blake / Just One Heart
International Order

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  1. I Want You Back
  2. I'm Only Here For You
  3. Anything At All
  4. Just One Heart
  5. Come Hell Or Waters High
  6. Chain Reaction
  7. I'm Not A Loser
  8. Someone To Love
  9. I'll Shine My Light On You
  10. Time Heals The Wounds






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 David Pomeranz is well-known for his songwriting the Number One hits "Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again" and "The Old Songs" recorded by Barry Manilow and/or "Fire Down Below" performed by BonJovi's Richie Sambora, which was featured in Steven Seagal's movie "Long Way Around" Seagal's 1997 Warner Bros. motion picture.
At the same time David was highly acclaimed as a singer in early 70's with his MCA albums "New Blues"(1971), and "Time To Fly" featuring jazz greats Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Airto and Eddie Gomez. In the late 70's, David released another album, "It's In Every One Of Us". And "The Truth Of Us" (1981) was one of the popular AOR/Westcoast albums in those days here in Japan, mainly because his own version "The Old Song" was featured in the soundtracks of the trendy Japanese movie titled "Nantonaku Crystal".
"Born For You", this brand new album David has just recorded for MCA Universal Records Philippine, is containing 14 love songs including his 1999 re-recordings of his classics: "The Old Songs", "Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again', as well as eight brand new tunes. I am pleased to advise you that "Born For You" sold more than 280,000 copies in Philippine is now becoming available through his own website.

  • Label: MCA Universal, Philippine / Upward Spiral Entertainment
  • Release Year: 1999
  • Producer: Lorrie Ilustre and himself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitar: Cezar Aguas
    • Keyboards: Lorrie Ilustre, Bond Samson
    • Drums: Nino Regalado, Roy Mercado
    • Bass: Sonny Azurin
    • Sax: Tots Tolentino
    • Background Vocals: Rene Martinez, Arnie Mendaros, Yogee De Jesus
David Pomeranz / Born For You
International Order

David Pomeranz On-Line 

David Pomeranz on-line Store


  1. Got To Believe In Magic
  2. Born For You
  3. If You Walked Away (duet with Sharon Cuneta)
  4. Undying Admiration
  5. A Personal Touch
  6. The Old Songs
  7. This Is What I Dreamed
  8. I Still Believe In You
  9. Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again
  10. I Learned It All From You
  11. King And Queen Of Hearts
  12. Over And Over Again
  13. In Our Hands (duet with Ima Castro)
  14. Tell Me




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