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(LAST UPDATE: May 17, 2003)

Many Adult Contemporary Music CD's are continuously being released every month. So, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Releases ( also including Reissues) information as "Recommended Discs of The Month". I would highly recommend you to buy several albums by reading my personal reviews. In addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent releases supported by one of the well-known on-line music store "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month".

Boz Scaggs



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Jerry Lopez
  • Label:Gray Cat Records, USA (GCD4000)
  • Release Date: May 6, 2003
  • Producer: himself
  • Muscians:
    • Paul Nagel: Piano
    • Eric Crystal: Sax
    • John Shifflett: Bass
    • Jason Lewis: Drums

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LANCE JYO / LA-Honolulu-Tokyo

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April 8, 2003 is 5th Anniversary of COOL SOUND! And now Cool Sound has just proudly announced what COOL SOUND 100th album will be. Yes, it is Lance Jyo's brand new album "LA-Honolulu-Tokyo" featuring great vocalists from Los Angeles and also from Honolulu. Bill Cantos, Michael Ruff and David Pack sings beautiful Lance Jyo's melodies. Further, on the opening track "Cool Sound", Jay Graydon plays guitar solo! I have not listened to the final version but I can easily give you some kind of guarantee for the quality of this album. Because I have the early stage version CD-R of this project in my hand, which includes instrumental version of "Who's Fooling Who", "Your Best To Me", "Carousel" and "If You Believe". Those are very authentic pieces without vocals. "Destiny" featuring Junior Tubera and "Diamond" featuring Michael Ruff are very beautiful. Looking forward to Cool Sound's 5th Anniversary Day!!

    • Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COOL-100)
    • Release Date: April 8, 2003
    • Executive Producer: Toshiki Nakada and himself
    • Producer:Raul Ferrando, Jon Basebase and himself
    • Lance Jyo: Lead Vocal (Track 11)
    • Musicians:
      • Lead Vocals: Bill Cantos(Track1, 7), Dave Toma (Track 2, 4), Junior Tubera (Track 3), Richard Natto (Track 4), Darla Short-Pestana (Track 5), Michael Ruff (Track 6, 10), Jeff Pescetto (Track8), David Pack (Track 9)
      • Sequencing, Rhythm Programming & Keyboards :Raul Ferrando, David Kauahikau
      • Guitars : Jay Graydon , Ramon Stagnaro, Jon Basebase, Blaine Omura Track
      • Trumpet : Adney Atabay
      • Sax: Tim Tsukiyama
      • Trombone: Pat Hennessey
      • Background Vocals: Michael Ruff, Bill Cantos, Darla Short-Pestana, Junior Tubera, David Pack, Jeff Pescetto, Adney Atabay
Lance Jyo /LA-Honolulu-Tokyo
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  • Tracks:
    1. Cool Sound
    2. Carousel
    3. Destiny
    4. Your Best To Me
    5. Who's Fooling Who
    6. Until I Found YouIf
    7. If You Believe
    8. Ariel
    9. Every Step Of The Way
    10. Diamond (acoustic version)
    11. Edge Of Forever (Bonus Track)




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LAVA, one of the most successful and popular Norwegian band in 80's and early 90's, has returned with a new album "POLARITY" consisting of very fresh tunes recorded during the last 2 years. When their "Very Best Of" album was released in 1996 featuring 2 new songs, it was said that their full studio album will come in 1997 because of its liner notes. However, we had to wait for more... LAVA was formed in 1977 and released their debut album "LAVA" and more than 35,000 sold album "Crusin'" followed. In 1982, the band decided to add a vocalist, thus Egil Eldoen joined and released 3rd album "Prime Time". Since then, LAVA has become vocal-oriented pop band with smooth Jazz flavor. It was 1983 when LAVA first met Randy Crawford and joined her on tour. Thus, Randy Crawford participated in the following album "Fire" (1984) for the beautiful duet "You" with Egil. Although the band signed a new recording contract deal with EMI Denmark, no album was released and had to wait for 1989 release "The Rhythm Of Love" under Mercury / Polygram, Norway.And now in 2003, we have brand-new album "POLARITY" featuring Randy Crawford again for the new duet; beautiful soul ballad "Shine A Little Light". And the band are proud to announce a guest appearance by former Manfred Mann vocalist Chris Thompson too. CD is now on sale (Release Date: Feb. 24, 2003 in Norway
    • Label: Tylden & Co, Norway (GTACD 8200)
    • Release Date: Feburary 24, 2003
    • Producers: Svein Deg Hauge, Rolf Graf
    • Lava is:
      • Egil Eldøen: Vocals
      • Rolf Graf: Bass
      • Svein Dan Hauge: Guitars, Synth, Loops
      • Per Hillestad: Drums
      • Per Kolstad: Grand Piano, Keyboards
    • Special Guest Musicians:
      • Chris Thompson: Lead Vocals (Track3)
      • Randy Crawford: Lead Vocals (Track 4)
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Geir Langslet, Stein Austrud
      • Sax: Petter Wettre
      • Trumpet: Marius Haltli
      • Trombone: Jorgen Gjerde
      • Obo: Anne Grethe Orvik
      • Strings: Oslo Session Strings
      • Background Vocals: Per Øystein Sørensen, Hans Olav Solli, Jorun Irene Erdal, Åse Karin Hjelen, Frank Ådahl
Lava / The Very Best Of

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More information available at : LAVA's official website

  • Tracks:
    1. Aquilo Blow
    2. Fly Like An Arrow
    3. Black Rain
    4. Shine A Little Light
    5. Boogie Down
    6. Another Yesterday
    7. Emergency
    8. So Many Nights
    9. Bit By Bit
    10. Get Somebody
    11. Green Fee
    12. Sometimes



Michael Ruff Band / Live at My Place

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The legendary Michael Ruff Band Scandinavian reunion tour was done successfully. The tour was started on April 3, 2003 in Tobakken, Esbjerg, and it is reported that the original band members; Michael Ruff (Vocals & Keys), Nils Landgren (Trombone), Lars DK Danielsson (Bass), Per Lindvall (Drums) and Henrik Jansson (guitars) were welcomed in Copenhagen, Stockholm and other Scandinavian cities. In addition to the Reunion tour, "The Michael Ruff Band / Live At My Palace", which was recorded live in Santa Monica in September 1990. Having said so, the live recording date might be later days. Someone guess this might be recorded in 1992, but I don't know. As a matter of fact, even the band cannot confirm the exact date of recording, thus you will find the credit on the CD booklet : "Recorded live at "At My Place" Santa Monica, California Kept, 1990 (We think!)". In any event, this live performance is really great one, you can feel the music literally.


    • Label: Owit Music Europe Ltd., Denmark (CD product #: n/a)
    • Release Date: April, 2003
    • Michale Ruff Band is:
      • Michael Ruff: Keyboards & Vocals
      • Nils Landgren: Trombone
      • David Wilczewski: Sax
      • Henrik Jansson: Guitars
      • Per Lindvall: Drums
      • Lars Danielsson: Bass
      • Leslie Smith: Vocals
      • Dee Dee Belson: Vocals
Michael Ruff Band / Live

International Order



  • Tracks:
    1. Once In A Lifetime
    2. Beside Myself
    3. Missing Child Song
    4. Any Less Than This
    5. Wishing Well
    6. Come Together
    7. Thought I Knew It All
    8. Lovers Mask
    9. Just Tell Me (If You Want Me Go)
    10. Cry On My Shoulder
    11. What Kind Of World Is This
    12. Yesterday
    13. What's Going On



David Garfield / giving back

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David Garfield, first-call L.A. rock/jazz/funk keyboard player, well-known for his related projects: Karizma and/or Los Lobotomys, has just released fine new solo project CD "Giving Back", with 13 hot new tracks recorded in Los Angeles and New York. I believe that I should inform you of featuring musician names; Steve Lukather,Paul Jackson, Jr., Jimmy Johnson, Steve Porcaro, David Paich, Michael Brecker, Vinnie Colaiuta, Simon Phillips, Alex Ligertwood, Bill Champlin, Jason Scheff, Airto Moreira and many, many more!
    • Label: Creatchy Records, USA (016) <Japan: distributed by COOL SOUND (COOS2025)>
    • Release Date: March, 2003 <Japan: April 25, 2003>
    • Producer: Freddie Washington and himself
    • David Garfield: Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Lead Vocals: Alex Ligertrwood (Track 4)
      • Guitars; Steve Farris, Michael O'Neill, Paul Jackson Jr., Tim Pierce, Steve Lukather, David Williams, Ricardo Silviera, Mike Miller, Lee Ritenour
      • Keyboards: Greg Phillinganes, David Paich, Steve Porcaro
      • Bass: Jimmy Earl, Will Lee, Freddie Washington, Jimmy Johnson, John Pe紡
      • Drums: Steve Ferrone, Ricky Lawson, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gregg Bissonette, Simon Phillips
      • Percussion: Lenny Castro, Arito Moreira
      • Sax: Gerald Albright, Larry Klimas, Michael Brecker, Eirc Marienthal, Brandon Fields
      • Trumpet: Walt Fowler, Randy Brecker
      • Flugelhorn: Walt Fowler
      • Koto: June Kuramoto
      • Background Vocals: Jason Scheff, Bill Champlin, Will Lee, Alex Ligertwood
David Garfield / giving back

International Order



  • Tracks:
    1. Desert Hideaway
    2. Laws Of Love
    3. Tune Tony
    4. The One With A Broken Heart
    5. Two Tell
    6. For The Love Of You
    7. Sweet PC
    8. Tok
    9. Josie
    10. Zuke
    11. Los
    12. Satori



Kristy Starling / Kristy Starling

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New Diva appears! Kristy Staring, 22 years-old finalist of NBC's The Today Show, which aired twice weekly in the fall of 2002. Kristy won second place, but she got a deal with Word / Curb - Warner Bros. Records Christian Division. Thus, Kristy worked on her debut album with big name producers including David Foster, Richard Marx. April 22, 2003 must be the day when another new history begins. When I listened to track 3 "Broken" (produced and arranged by David Foster), I was almost knocked out by her superb vocal, which reminded me of rising-up days young Mariah Carey. Richard Marx wrote very beautiful tune called "To Where You Are" for Kristy and this is also well produced and arranged by Richard with David Foster. Track 9 "Must Have Been Angels" is very catchy pop song. I strongly believe that Kristy will be successful very soon.

    • Label: Word Entertainment / Curb Records / Warner Bros, USA (WD2-886263)
    • Release Date: April 22, 2003
    • Executive Producers: David Foster and Barry Landis
    • Producers: Peter Kipley, David Foster, Billy Mann, Richard Marx, DanMuckala
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Jerry McPherson, Peter Kipley, Alex Nifong, Michael Thompson, Billy Mann, Dan Warner, Chris Rodriguez
      • Keyboards: Richard Marx
      • Piano: David Foster, Tim Akers
      • Bass: Peter Kipley, Tracy Ferrie, Mark Hill
      • Drums: Dan Needham
      • Percussion: Eric Darken
      • Background Vocals: Erin O'Donnell, Leigh Coppellino, Lisa Cochran, Nirva Dorsaint, Desmond Pringle, Billy Mann, Antonio Phelan
      • Programming: Peter Kipley, Dan Muckala, Neil Devor, Jochem Van Der Song, Billy Mann
      • Strings: The Nashville String Machine, Sponge Orchestra (Orchestrated by Danny O'Lannerghty)
Kirsty Starling

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  • Tracks:
    1. Water
    2. As Long As We're Here
    3. Broken
    4. There Will Come A Day
    5. Somethinh More (I Need To Praise You)
    6. You Love Me Like That
    7. All For You
    8. To Where You Are
    9. Must Have Been Angels
    10. I Need You




<ACM Rating: >

Amy Sky, a leading Canadian female singer-songwriter, releases her 4th solo album "With This Kiss - A Romance Collection" on March 25, 2003 in Canada. The album conisits of 5 romantice cover songs, 4 brand new originals and 2 popular classical wedding processionals "The Pachelbel Canon" and JS Bach's "Air" on a G-string, with words from Corinthians have been re-worked and are included. Amy has set lyrics to these timeless gems, and the latter, is a duet with popular pianist, Jim Brickman. And the album also includes the acoustic version of Amy's autobiographical song "I Will Take Care Of You" originally included in her first album "Cool Rain". The new version features the voices of husband, Marc Jordan, and daughter, Zoe Jordan. Last but not least, abbots CD of karaoke style tracks to sing along with for the wedding market, as well as fans that love to sing, is also included.
    • Label: Caf? Records, EMI Canada (P25788484)
    • Release Date: March 25, 2003
    • Producers: Amthony Vandervurgh , Peter Coulman, Marc Jordan, Steve Mackinnon, Eddie Schwartz and herself
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Rob Piltch, Mike Francis, Fred Knobloch, Michael Severs
      • Piano: Jim Brickman, Mark Lalama, Brent Barkman
      • Keyboards: Gary Prim, Dane Bryant, Peter Coulman
      • Bass: Colin Barrett, Drew Briston, Jimmy Sloas
      • Drums: Mark Kelso, Randy Cooke, Creighton Doane, Paul Leim
      • Flute: Virginia Markson
      • Clarinet: John Johnson
      • Oboe: Mel Berman
      • Bassoon: Christian Sharpe
      • Flugelhorn: Guido Basso
      • Fiddle: Jonathan Yudkin
      • Cello: Paul Widner, Jonathan Yudkin
      • Pedal Steel: Bruce Bouston
      • Duet Vocal: Carlos Morgan (Tracvk 4), Marc Jordan (Track 6, 7 & 9, 12) Zoe Jordan (Track 12)
      • Background Vocals: Marc Jordan, Alannah Bridgewater, Mike Ferfolia, Tony Raymond
Amy Sky / With This Kiss
International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Love Never Fails
    2. The Way You Look Tonight
    3. More Than Life Itself
    4. Tonight I Celebrate My Love
    5. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
    6. With This Kiss
    7. Everything Love Is
    8. We've Only Just Begun
    9. A Walk On The Moon
    10. Twelfth Of Never
    11. Love Me Tender
    12. I Will Take Care Of You ( Acoustic Version)



Sincerely... II - Mariya Takeuchi Songbook -

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Again, we will soon have another Japanese pops cover version compilation CD soon. Mariya Takeuchi, one of the best female singer-sogwriters over the years here in Japan, as same as her husband Tatsuro Yamashita. Universal Music Japan would present you another songbook of her in the spring of 2003, following "Sincerely... Mariya Takeuchi Songbook" released in the summer of 2002. You will be surprised to see who participates in this project and will be obliged to ignore this CD by saying that this kind of album must be nothing but done for paybills if you see the name of David Foster. I should add one thing related to an unfamiliar singer, Amy Foster Gillies. Yes, she is the daughter of David's.

    • Label: Universal Music, Japan (UPCH-1231)
    • Release Date: April 16, 2003
    • Producer: Ken Shiguma
    • Musicians:
      • Lead Vocals: Eric Martin (Track 1), Kim Carnes (Track 2), Richard Page (Track 3), Juice Newton (Track4), Cyndy Lauper (Track 5), Christopher Cross (Track 6), Amy Sky & Marc Jordan (Track 7), Gino Vannelli (Track 8), Amy Foster Gillies (Track 9), Terri Nunn (Track 10), Nita Whitaker (Track 11)
      • Keyboards: David Foster, Tom Keane, Robbie Buchanan, Alex Kafu, Steve Gabori, Roger N., Mark Portmann
      • Synth Programming: Jochem Van Der Saag, Neil Devor
      • Guitars: Michael Landau, Bruce Watson, William Wittman
      • Bass: William Wittman
      • Drums: Sammy Merendino
      • Drum Programming: Roy Cook
      • Sax: Andy Suzuki
      • Background Vocals: Bill Champlin , Jason Scheff, Terry Wood, Wendy Fraser, Terri Nunn, Juice Newton, Kim Carnes, Kristina Hamilton, Eric Martin, Tom Keane, Amy Sky, Marc Jordan, Maxine Waters
Sincerely 2

International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Cheer Up
    2. Let's Try Again
    4. Mersey Beat
    5. Winter Lovers
    6. Nostalgia
    7. Forever Friends
    8. Midnight Nightingale
    9. Convenient Lover
    10. Night at the Amphitheater
    11. Teko's Theme




Jerry Lopez / negrita

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Among us, Jerry Lopez is rather known for his funky rhythm guitar perfomances with Bill Champlin for Bill's solo studio recording album "He Started To Sing" (1995) and live recording album "Mayday" (1996) and/or several albums of Tom Scott. However, Jerry might be well-known generally for his touring activity with Ricky Martin. Now, Jerry Lopez has completed his first solo album "Negrita" and reveals his outstanding talent as a guitarist an vocalist. You can feel the captivating Latin pulse mixture with good L.A. sophisticated funky beat through the album. I wonder if you may recall Carmen Grillo or heavy influence of Bill Champlin when you listen to several tunes. And you would like to listen to track 4 "Muñequita" featuring the beautiful harmonic guitar solo done by Jay Graydon.
    • Label: Manteca Music, USA (distributed by SONIC THRUST RECORDS, USA) (CD Product #: n/a)
    • Rlease Date: April, 2003
    • Producers: Jame Hosmer and himself
    • Jerry Lopez: Lead & Background Vocals, Guitars, Bass
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Eddie Garcia, Jose Jimenez
      • Drum Programming: Linwood Bell, James Hosmer
      • Bass: Adrian Garcia, James Hosmer, Rochon Westmoreland
      • Synth Bass; Linwood Bell
      • Guitars: Bruce Conte, Dave Hart, Steven Lee Cowatt
      • Keyboards: James Hosmer, Ronnie Foster, Cocho Arbe, Linwood Bell, Bill Zappia, Greg Mathieson, Larry Williams, David Richardson
      • Trumpets: Greg Neer, Glenn Colby, Danny Falcone, Jose Sibaja
      • Sax: Phil Wigfall, Gerald Merra, Frankie Perez, Rob Mader
      • Trombone: Nathan Tanouye, VIctor Vasquez
      • Harmonica: Dave Hart
      • Percussion: Gabriel Santana Falcon, Lenny Lopez, Pepe Jimenez, Waldo Madera
      • Background Vocals: James Hosmer, Lenny Lopez, Bill Champlin, Johnny Hernandez
      • Gypsy Chant: Carlos Perez
Jerry Lopez / Negrita

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  • Tracks:
    1. Negrita
    2. All I Ever Need
    3. Besito
    4. Ma貌quita
    5. Angels
    6. Family
    7. Canta Con Migo
    8. Not Givin Up On Love
    9. Dame Mas
    10. Yo NoQuiero Que Te Vayas
    11. Oh Nena
    12. Let Me Come Back Home
    13. Lena Let Me In
    14. San Diego




<ACM Rating: >

Have you already listened to roots of versatile Bill Champlin's music? If not, you should watch this brand-new Sons of Champlin's official bootleg DVD <Region 0> with 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound and/or listen to the CD! "Secret" is Sons Of Champlin DVD +CD of a Live performance recorded on February 2, 2002 Meyer Sound Performance Hall, Ex'pression Center For New Media, in Emeryville California. DVD+CD should have been released before the end of 2002, and actually very limited number of people once received the DVD+CD combopak. However, unfortunately, we were obliged to wait for more than 3 months to see the DVD because of its defect. Now, DVD is ready, please enjoy Sons of Champlin Live DVD + CD! DVD also features "Behind The Scenes" and "Interviews"!
    • Label: n/a (available through Sons Of Champlin official web)
    • Release: March 16, 2003 (CD only: December 26, 2002)
    • Producer: Gary Platt
    • Sons Of Champlin:
      • Bill Champlin: Vocals, Guitar, Hammond B-3
      • Geoff Palmer: Keyboards, Vibraphones, Hammond B-3
      • David Schallock: Bass, Vocals
      • James Preston: Drums, Vocals
      • Tom Saviano: Sax, Keyboard
      • Mic Gillette: Brass, Vocals
      • Tal Morris: Guitars, Vocals
Sons Of Champlin / Secret


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  • Tracks:
    1. Hold On
    2. Rooftop
    3. Look Out
    4. Right On
    5. Maybe
    6. Get High
    7. Gold Mine




<ACM Rating: >

Do you remember John Townsend? Yes, known for his late 70's towed efforts as Samford & Townsend; "Smoke From A Distant Fire" (1st edition was released as "The Samford Townsend Band" in 1976), "Duo-Glide" (1977) and "Nail Me To The Wall" (1979) as The Samford and Townsend Band. As for Ed Samford, we could see his name in 80's as a songwriter of several smash hits including "I Keep Forgettin'" and "No Lookin' Back" with Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins and also the keyboard player for Michael's band until around early 90's. As for John, after nice long run with Ed Sanford, he took some time off, then also started getting into co-writing with other artists like Kenny Loggins, Gregg Allman and Larry Carlton. Through the years John had also been the vocalist on many prominent national commercials and had quite a few songs placed in motion pictures. John decided to be back to the front in late 80's and tried to get signed to MCA, but unfortunately no success. Surprisingly, John advised me that he actually auditioned for TOTO years ago when Jeff Porcaro was still alive. And now in 2003, John Townsend is back with his brand-new album "The Road Leads Home" done with recording engineer/producer, Alex Kazanegras, known for his works with Loggins and Messina.

    • Label: Two Little Bad Boys Records, USA (CD product # : n/a)
    • Release Date: January 20, 2003
    • Producers: Alex Kazanegras and himself
    • John Townsend: Vocals & all instruments except done by below-listed musicians
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Steve Carnelli, Ed Tree, Steven Stewart, George Doering, Severin Brown, Rick Vitallo
      • Drums: Jim Varley
      • Bass: Freebo, Hutch Hutchinson, Randy Landas
      • Keyboards: Eric Bikales, Jim Eingher
      • Harmonica: Hurricane Jake
      • Background Vocals: Rene Geyer
John Townsend / The Roads Leads Home

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  • Tracks:
    1. Full Time Fool
    2. The Road Leads Home
    3. Alabama Raintime
    4. Fear Of Falling
    5. Falling Apart At The Seams
    6. Die Trying
    7. Keep On Walkin'
    8. Love Will Make It Right
    9. I Wrote The Book
    10. Over The Next Hill
    11. Smoke From A Distant Fire
    12. Best Man




<ACM Rating: >

    • Label: MTM Muisc, Germany (0681-61) <Japan: King Records (KICP938)>
    • Release: Europe: April 28, 2003 <Japan: July 2, 2003>
    • Producer: Tommy Denander
    • Tommy Denander: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
    • Musicians:
      • Lead Vocals: Mikael Erlandsson (Track1, 5, 9, 11), Fergie Frederikesen (Track 2, 11, ), Geir R嗜ning (Track 3, 6, 10), Steve Overland (Track 4, 11), Kimo Blom (Track 8, 11), Matti Alfonzetti
      • Acoustic Guitar: Bruce Gaitsch
      • Hammond: Chris Demming
      • Bass: Marcel Jacob, Tony Franklin
      • Drums: Pat Thern
      • Background Vocals: Mikael Erlandsson, Chris Demming, Kristoffer Lagerstr嗄, Geir R嗜ning, Steve Overland, Kimo Blom, Erkka Korhonen
Radioactive /Yeah


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  • Tracks:
    1. Yeah
    2. Demon
    3. Don't Give Up
    4. Lies Feed On Lies
    5. I Should Have Known Better
    6. Over You
    7. Fire Within
    8. Not That Innocent
    9. Make It Mine
    10. Souls On Fire
    11. 7 am
    12. Until I Change Your Heart
    13. Somewhere, Someday (bonus track for Japan)








Jay Graydon offers you his brand-new instrumental maxi CD single "BLAZIN", which is a theme song for the Japanese very famous pro-wrestler Kenta Kobashi. The maxi CD has 4 versions of the song BLAZIN, written by Jay Graydon and Bill Cantos; in addition to Jay's 2 versions, 2 different heavy versions played by a Japanese guitarist called K-A-Z.



Jay Graydon / Blazin

  • Label : Warner Music, Japan (WPCR-11238)
  • Release Date: March 26, 2003
  • Producers: Jay Graydon
  • Musicians:
    • Jay Graydon: Guitars, Keyboards, Programming (Track5,6)
    • Bill Cantos: Keyboards (Trac 5, 6)
    • Jimmy Johnson: Bass (Track5, 6)
    • K-A-Z: Guitar, Bass, Programming (Track1,3)
    • Go: Drums (Track1,3)
  • Tracks:
    1. Blazin
    2. Ring Announce by Ryu Nakata
    3. Blazin (Victory Version)
    4. Message by Kenta Kobashi
    5. Blazin (Jay Graydon original version)
    6. Blazin (Jay Graydon original long version)




Michael Ruff Band / Michael Ruff Band

<ACM Rating: >

After we got the 1988 self-titled limited edition album available at his gigs and later released in France with the label named "La Califusa", many of music lovers living outside of Scandinavia did not know the fact that Michael Ruff released this masterpiece album "Michael Ruff Band" in 1992 distributed by ELAP Music of Denmark. Honestly, it was early 1996 when I was aware of this album. Thus, Michael Ruff Band CD has been one of hardest albums to get for Michael Ruff fans all over the world. In the spring of 2003, after the success of the legendary Michael Ruff Band reunion tour in Scandinavia, the 1992 album has been reissued in a limited print run of 1,000 copies. Although the original release was recorded, mixed and mastered digitally (DDD) and the reissued CD is not the remastered one, I believe that the reissued CD sounds much better. Therefore, even if you have the original release, I recommend you to buy this reissued version for your collection.
    • Label: Owit Music Europe Ltd., Denmark (CD product #: n/a)
    • Release Date: April, 2003
    • Executive Producers: Lars Danielsson and Christian Scherfig
    • Producers: Richard Niles and Michael Ruff
    • Michale Ruff Band is:
      • Michael Ruff: Keyboards & Vocals
      • Nadia Ruff: Vocals
      • Leslie Smith: Vocals
      • Nils Landgren: Trombone, Vocals
      • Henrik Jansson: Guitars
      • Per Lindvall: Drums
      • Lars Danielsson: Bass
Scott Smith / Face To Face

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  • Tracks:
    1. Cryin' All Over The World
    2. I'd Still Be Loving You
    3. Any Less Than This
    4. What Kind Of World Is This?
    5. Seeing For The Very First Time
    6. Talkin' To Myself
    7. Once In A Lifetime
    8. Come Together
    9. Watching Like Angels
    10. Stars In My Eyes
    11. Tribute To You






<ACM Rating: >

Scott Smith is one of the best music creator (producer / arranger) in the Contemporary Christian Music field."Face To Face", another hidden gem, will be reissued very soon. You cannot ignore this album because of the lead vocalists on the album; Michael Ruff (4 songs!!), Vond Sheppard (2 songs), Marvin & Benjamin Winans and Howard Smith! Do not miss the reissued CD!

    • Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COOL-98) (Original Label: Light Records, USA <LS-5843>)
    • Release Date: March 10, 2003 (Original Release Year: 1984)
    • Producer: Scott V. Smith
    • Scott V. Smith: Linn Drum Programming, Trumpet, Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Lead Vocals: Vonda Shepard, Michael Ruff, Howard Smith, Stephen Tavani
      • Guitars: James Harrah, Snuffy Walden
      • Keyboards: Michael Ruff, Kevin Bassinson, Rhett Lawrence
      • Bass: Abraham Laboriel, Leon Gaer
      • Drums: Bill Maxwell, Lynn Coulter, Willie Ornelas
      • Percussion: Alex Acuna, Lynn Coulter
      • Trumpet: Charles Davis, Larry Hall
      • Trombone: Alan Kaplan, Andy Martin
      • Woodwinds: Kim Hutchcroft
      • Sax: Eric Marlenthal
      • Background Vocals: Edith Lyons, Debbie McClendon, Howard Smith, Howard McCrary, Shari Larson, Alfie Silas, Linda McCrary, Ivor Stone Davis
Scott Smith / Face To Face
  • Tracks:
    1. Leave It Up To Him
    2. You're Too Late
    3. The Vision
    4. Face To Face
    5. What Happened
    6. Give Him Thanks
    7. Set Free
    8. The Prince Of The Dark
    9. What You Mean To Me







When we talk about the history of the band Dakota, we should be back to early 70's. In 1970, a band called The Buoys released an album "The Buoys" in 1970 including a Top 20 hit with "Timothy" written by Rupert Holmes. The band was spearheaded by Billy Kelly and Jerry Hludzik. These guys eventually broke off from the group to form The Jerry-Kelly Band with members from popular local bands in mid 70's; Bill McHale (Bass), Gary Driscoll (Drums), Louie Cosca (Guitars / Keys) and Jeff Mitchel (Keyboards). Mike Stahl, then-sound mixer for Chicago played a demo tape for then-Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine. Danny played the tape for Rufus keyboardist David Hawk Wolinski. Production deal "Somebody Else's Dream" with Columbia Records was done in this way. It was June of 1979 when Jerry and Kelly started their second Jerry-Kelly album, Columbia Records felt that it was time for a name change. At that time, Gary Driscoll (Drums) had left the band and producers Danny Seraphine and David Hawk Wolinksi had brought a brilliant session drummer, John Robinson for the band. And thus, the band Dakota was born. Here we have both albums of early era of the band Dakota, the finest American Rock works.



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Dakota / Dakota

Jerry -Kelly / Somebody Else's Dream


    • Label: AORChiives (AORChive #0004) (Original Label: Columbia Records, USA <NJC-36261> )
    • Release Date: March 10, 2003 (Original Release Year: 1980)
    • Producer: Danny Seraphine, David "Hawk" Wolinski
    • Dakota is:
      • Billy Kelly: Guitar, Lead Vocals (Bass for the bonus traack "Give Love Another Try")
      • Jerry Hludzik: Guitar, Lead Vocals
      • Louie Cossa: Keyboards, Background Vocals
      • Jeff Mitchell: Keyboards, Background Vocals
      • Bill McHale: Bass, Background Vocals
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: John Robinson
    • Musicians for Bonus Tracks:
      • Drums: Tony Romano, Chaz Evanski
      • Keyboards: Rick Manwiller
      • Guitars: Jon Lorance, Eric Rudy
      • Background Vocals: Rick Manwiller
    • Tracks
      1. If It Takes All Night
      2. Crazy For Your Love
      3. Possession
      4. You Can't Live Without It
      5. One Step
      6. Lady
      7. Restless
      8. Crazy Love
      9. It Gets Easier
      10. The Higher You Rise (Bonus Track)
      11. Give Love Another Try (Bonus Track)


    • Label: AORChiives (AORChive #0005) (Original Label: Epic Records, USA <JE-35452> )
    • Release Date: March 10, 2003 (Original Release Year: 1977)
    • Producer: Danny Seraphine, David "Hawk" Wolinski
    • Jerry - Kelly is:
      • Billy Kelly: Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals
      • Jerry Hludzik: Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals
    • Musicians:
      • Bass: Peter Cetera, Bill Dickinson
      • Guitars: Earl Slick, David Amaro
      • Keyboards: David "Hawk" Wolinski, Ian Underwood, Don Grusin
      • Drums: Cosmo Carboni (= Danny Seraphine), Tom Donlinger
      • Mandolin: Byron Berline
      • Percussion: Laudir Deoliveira
      • Background Vocals: Lee Loughnane, Peter Cetera
    • Tracks
      1. Settle Down
      2. Magic
      3. Silly Boy
      4. Dear Love
      5. Motel Lovers
      6. Changes
      7. You Can Be
      8. Be My Love
      9. Runaway
      10. Somebody Else's Dream
      11. Fifteen Minute Woman (Bonus Track)
      12. Dear Love (acoustic) (Bonus Track)


International Order



International Order





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Scott Smith / Face To Face
Kristle Murden is one of underrated contemporary female singer. Kristle has been participating in Andraé Crouch's project from 1979 to 1985 and since 1993. This is one and only solo album of her, which was produced by Andraé and Bill Maxwell known for his works with Koinonia. Mellow and sophistcated adult-oriented balck contemporary music backed by top-tier L.A. musicians.
  • Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COOL-99) (Original Label: Light Records, USA)
  • Release Date: March 10, 2003 (Original Release Year: 1980)
  • Producers: Bill Maxwell, Andraé Crouch
  • Kristle Murden: Lead & Background Vocals
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Harlan Rogers, Greg Phillinganes, Clarence McDonald, Howard McCrary
    • Bass: Abraham Laboriel
    • Drums: Bill Maxwell
    • Percussion: Alex Acuná
    • Guitars: Hadley Hockensmithm David Williams, Gregg Poreé
    • Sax: Steve Tavaglione
    • Trumpets: Allen Gregory
    • Concert Master: Jimmy Getzoff,
    • String Contractor: Hy Lesnick
    • Background Vocals: Linda McCrary, Howard McCrary, Kathy Hazzrd



  • Tracks:
    1. I'll Go
    2. Because H Lovves Us
    3. I Just Wanted To Say I Love You
    4. I Have Hear Of A Place
    5. I Can' Let Go
    6. Lor We Believe
    7. Rejoice
    8. Don't Let This Moment Pass You By
    9. I Will Sing Praises




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