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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD are releasing every month. So, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Release ( also including Reissue) information. As "Recommended Discs of The Month" , I would highly recommend to buy several albums with my personal review. In addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent titles supported by one of the well-known on-line music stores "CD Now" and "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month" .


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  1. Mr. Mister / The Best Of Mr. Mister <ACM Rating: >
We had several best selection albums of Mr. Mister's in 90's. However, this one is very different from others, because this one features all their hits in the original single versions along with a previously unreleased track, "Waiting In My Dreams". This unreleased track was one of the first tracks they recorded for their unreleased 4th album "Pull" (1990).
  • Label: Buddha Records (BMG Special Products), USA (74465 99779 2)
  • Release Date: April 17, 2001

Mr. Mister / The Best Of
  1. Kelly Keagy / Time Passes <ACM Rating: >
    • Label: Frontiers Records, Italy (Japan: Avalon / Marquee <MICP-10232>)
    • Release Date: March 23, 2001 (USA: May 15, 2001)
    • Producers: Jim Peterik, Brad Gillis and himself
    • Guest Musicians:
      • Guitars: Brian Bart, Jeff Watson, Jim Peterik, Mike Aquiro, Bruce Gaitsch
      • Bass: Jack Blades, Jim Peterik, Gary Moon, Bill Syniar
      • Keyboards: Jodi Tanaka, Scott May, Bruce Gaitsch, Christian Cullen
      • Background Vocals: J.P. Smith, Ron Platt, Gary Moon, Jim Peterik, Joe Vana
    • Remarks: Japanese version includes a bonus track "I'm Still Here".

- International Version -

- Japanese Version -

Kelly Keagy / Time Passes
  1. Greg Long / Now <ACM Rating: >
    • Label: Word/Epic, USA (EK 85310)
    • Release Date: February, 2001
    • Producers: Chris Rodriguez, Don Koch and Todd Collins
    • Executive Producer: Brad O'Donnell

Greg Long / Now

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<ACM Rating: >

It was 1997 that Peter Cetera released his self-remake collection album "You're The Inspiration" under River North Records, Nashville based label which was unfortunately obliged to stop their business in July 2000. In spite of label's bankruptcy, Peter continued his recording sessions and finished his brand-new original recording album "Another Perfect World". I am pleased to advise you that Peter Cetera's sophisticated music style remains on this album. That is to say, you can listen to Peter Cetera's pop tunes and ballads as you could listen as the other late 80's and early 90's Peter Cetera's albums and it might be noted that Peter covers the Beatles' tune "It's Only Love". 5 songs out of 10 on this album are written by Chris Pelcer, whose name was found on Peter Beckett's solo project "Beckett" in 1989 and/or Peter Cetera's producing Ronna's album "Day 14" (1998) and so on. "Feel Like Rain" written by Karla Bonoff with Peter is very good.

  • Label: DDE, Inc. USA (06632 2001 2) (Japan:Victor Entertainment <VICP-61377>)
  • Release Date: March 27, 2001 (Japan: May 23, 2001)
  • Producers: Michael Omartian and himself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars :Biff Watson, Bruce Gaitsch, Kenny Greenberg, George Marinelli, Jr., Jerry McPherson
    • Bass: Jimmie Lee Sloas, Wille Weeks
    • Drums: Chris McHugh, John Hammond
    • Horns: Mark Douthit, Mike Haynes, Chris McDonald, Jeff Balley
    • Percussion: Eric Darken
    • Background Vocals: Chris Rodriguez, Michael Mellett, Gene Miller, Tiffany Palmer, Nicol Smith, Lisa Bevill, Michael Omartian
Peter Cetera / Another Perfect World
International Order


Melody Blvd.

  • Tracks:
    1. Perfect World
    2. Rain Love
    3. Just Like Love
    4. Feels Like Rain
    5. I'm Coming Home
    6. It's Only Love
    7. Rule The World
    8. Have A Little Faith
    9. Only Heaven Knows
    10. Whatever Gets You Through





<ACM Rating: >

It was 1977 that Ronn Moss with fellow musicians Peter Beckett and J.C. Crowley formed "Player". Before Ronn left Player in 1981, they released the albums "Player" and "Danger Zone" and "Room With A View". In 80's, Ronn pursued acting, landing roles in feature motion pictures, until in 19887 when he became a founding cast member and originated the character of Ridge Forrester on the popular CBS Television series "The Bold & The Beautiful". In mid 90's, Ronn teamed up once again with Peter Beckett, and the two have released their fifth album as Player entitled "Lost in Reality" in Japan and later throughout the United States on River North Records. In late 90's, it was reported that Ronn Moss and Peter Beckett wrote and rehearsed their materials towards their sixth album as Player. However, instead of the album as Player, we have herewith got Ronn Moss' solo album "I'm Your Man", on which we could find that most materials are written and produced by Peter Beckett and also some of other materials are written by Dennis Lambert, known as the producer for Player's albums "Player" and "Danger Zone". And you may feel interesting that a talented keyboard player Philippe Saisse produces and writes for Ron Moss. When you would listen to this Ronn Moss' solo album first time, you may be embarrassed because the opening tune "I'm Your Man" is totally different from what we expect for Ronn Moss. "I'm Your Man" is Ricky Martin vein Latin pop tune and the following up "Generate" is also such kinda one. However, rest of the tunes on this album are really comfortable and what we would like to listen.

  • Label: Force Records, Netherlands <distributed by Universal Music> (013 213-2)
  • Release Date: April, 2001
  • Producers: Peter Beckett, Dennis Lambert, Philippe Saisse and himself
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards / Programming: Michael Parnell, Steve Plunkett, Peter Beckett
    • Guitars: Steve Plunkett, Michael Hakes, Peter Beckett, Nick Moroch
    • Drums: Ron Wikso
    • Background Vocals: Peter Beckett, Steve Plunkett
Ronn Moss / I'm Your Man
International Order


Melody Blvd.

GEMM is your best source for impossible-to-find music!
Cruisin' Music at GEMM

  • Tracks:
    1. I'm Your Man
    2. Generate
    3. For The Rest Of My Life
    4. Hearts
    5. All I Have To Give
    6. In Love Alone
    7. Until I Get It Right
    8. Once Again
    9. One More Try
    10. Don't Get Better Than This
    11. That's When I'll Be Gone
    12. Mountain






<ACM Rating: >

Bryan Duncan has consistently released stellar solo projects since he stopped his Sweet Comfort Band. I would admit that "Mercy" (1992), "Slow Revival" (1994) and "Blue Skies" (1996) are one of the best CCM albums I ever listened to. However, I have to confess that I was so disappointed with his 1998 album "The Last Time I Was Here" because Bryan seemed to make his music style into wrong direction. I did not understand why he did so. And now I am very glad that Bryan Duncan returns to his rich r&b roots. His new album "Joyride" is the true blue-eyed soul music from start to finish. Bryan covers Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed", which is the best cover version of the tune I ever listened to.

  • Label: Diadem Music. USA (83061 0656 2)
  • Release Date: March 6, 2001
  • Producer: Mark Baldwin
  • Executive Producers: George King and Dean Diehl
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Mark Baldwin
    • Drums and programming: John Hammond, Steve Brewster
    • Keyboards: Jim Hammerly, Blair Masters, Pat Coil
    • Bass: Jackie Street, Craing Nelson
    • Trombone: Chris McDonald
    • Sax: Mark Douthit
    • Trumpet: Mike Haynes
    • Percussion; Eric Darken
    • Guest Vocals: Ashley Cleveland
    • Mass Choir: Charity Baldwin, Sharenda Barlar, Jennifer Boyer, Christina Carter, Marvin Copaus, Crystal Cumpston, Chad Dickerson, Julle Drosee, Benjie Gentry, Christy Genty, Charity Fontana, Timothy Hall, Bryan Hansen, Chris Jacobs, Dina Kauffman, Aaron Lamb, Shane McConnell, Stephanie McBrayer, Laurie Mellck, Matt Mither, Kathleen Nothreri, Josh Penner, Marty Penner, Toby Penner, Holly Perez, Shanda Perkins, Tommy Rose, Debra Silverstein, Bethany Smith, Jeremy Westby, Mysty Westfall, Jennifer Willemin, Steve Wilmert
    • Background Vocals: Chris Rodriguez, Gene Miller, Lisa Bevill, Lisa Cochran, Marabeth Jordan, Bonnie Keen, Marty McCall, Joy Lagana-Chambly, Chad Dickerson, Darwin Hobbs, Tiffany Palmer, LeAnne Palmore, Angela Primm, Chance Sxoggins, Marcia Ware, Jeremy Westby, Mysty Welmer, Terry White, Jerad Woods, Jovaun Woods
Bryan Duncan / Joyride
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. I'd Like To Thank You Jesus (For One Thing)
    2. Maybe I'm Amazed
    3. It Gets Better
    4. Holiday N Heaven
    5. Everything In The Garden
    6. I'll Always Have Jesus
    7. Clap Your Hands
    8. If You Pray For Me
    9. Where There's Love
    10. The Battle Is The Lord's




<ACM Rating: >

Hamish Stuart, well-known as the falsetto voice behind The Average White Band, ensured his universally acclaimed songwriting talents in 80's. He wrote the No. 1 hits "Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?" for Chaka Khan in 1981. In 1987, 6 years after Hamish disbanded The Average White Band in Hamish started his new blue-eyed soul band "Easy Pieces" with Australian awesome female singer Renee Geyer, Steve Ferrone (ex AWB drummer) and top session bass player Anthony Jackson and released the album "Easy Pieces" under A&M Records, unfortunately unsuccessful commercially. Then, Hamish joined Paul McCartney's band with whom he worked for six years clocking up numerous world tours and five albums along the way. In 1999, Hamish released his own solo album "Sooner Or Later" with the 6 supporting band members.
On the night of Monday and Tuesday 21st and 22nd of February 2000, The Hamish Stuart Band recorded shows at the 606 Club in Chelsea London, running tie lines from Snake Ranch Studios (located above the club) and the results are here ! Hamish played 3 AWB tunes; "Work To Do", "Got The Love", "Person To Person", an Easy Pieces' tune; "Tuggin' At My Heartstrings and 3 tunes from the album "Sooner or Later".

  • Label: Sulphuric Records, UK (Japan: Dreamsville Records <YDCD-0049>)
  • Release Date: March 29, 2001
  • Producers: Hamish Stuart and John Gallen
  • The Band:
    • Drums : Ian Thomas
    • Bass & Background Vocals : Steve Pearce
    • Guitar & Background Vocals : Adam Phillips
    • Keyboards & Background Vocal : Andy Wallace
    • Percussion : Jody Linscott
    • Saxophone & Background Vocal : Chris 'Snake' Davis
    • Rhythm Guitar and Vocals : Hamish Stuart
Hamish Stuart Band / Real Live
International Order


Melody Blvd.

  • Tracks:
    1. Work To Do
    2. Tuggin At My Heartstrings
    3. La La Land
    4. Got The Love
    5. Reach You
    6. Same Old Moon
    7. Person To Person




BRETT RAYMOND / PRIMARILY FOR GROWN-UPS AGAIN! - more of the songs you never outgrow -

<ACM Rating: >

Brett Raymond, known for his Japanese Market oriented first solo album "Only Love" (1986) continues his musical journey in Salt Lake City, Utah. As well-known, Brett played synthesizer on "When You Look In My Eyes" for the great Jay Graydon's album "Airplay For The Planet" in 1993. Besides writing and arranging theme music for TV programs the theme for the "Today Show" on NBC, production music for TV stations, network Promos, etc., Brett restarted to release his own solo albums on the Dessert Book/Shadow Mountain label, USA in 1994 with his 2nd solo album "Primarily For Grown-Ups". Brett has constantly released his solo albums; "Primarily For Christmas" (1996), "First Light- Scenes From The Restoration vol. 1" (1997), "A Case of Pop" (1998). And now, Brett proudly present you his new solo album "Primarily For Grown-Ups Again!",the new collection featuring fresh, contemporary arrangements of beloved Primary songs that will bring out the kid in adult and young adult listeners alike!

  • Label : Desert Book, USA (DB55322)
  • Release Date: February, 2001
  • Producer: himself
  • Musicians:
    • Drums: Todd Sorensen, Vinnie Colaiuta
    • Bass: Pat Smith, Jim Stout, Eric Wahlengren
    • Guitars: Tom Hopkins, Michael Dowdle
    • Percussion: Todd Sorensen
    • Sax: Tom Scott, Ray Smith, Daron Bradford, Dave Halliday
    • Trombones: Bryan Hofheins, Lou Campbell
    • Trumpets: Charlie Davis, Tony DiLorenzo
    • Background Vocals: Maxine Waters, Julia Waters, Oren Waters, Jenny Jordan Frogley, Ramona Lambert, Kenneth Cope
    • Violins: Lenny Braus, Tom Baron, Meredith Cambell, Jackie Coleman, Kathryn Collier, Amy Jackson, Judy Rich, Judd Sheranian, Lois Swint, Gwen Thornton
    • Celli: Ellen Bridger, Jim Hardy
    • Horns: Ron Beitel, Steve Kostyniak

    Chrous: Kevin J. Abbott, Juan F. Badal, Devin Brown, Seth N. Child, Stephen Jackson, Brian V. Jensen, Michael Jensen, Brian T. Lee, Masa, Ben Nielsen, John W. Parker, Jeffrey Richardson, Randy Lawrence Seely, Salt Lake Children's Choir

Brett Raymond / Primarily For Grown-Ups Again!
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Prologue (The Child I Am)
    2. Lift Up Your Voice And Sing
    3. I Think When I Read
    4. Army Of Helaman
    5. Truth From Elijah
    6. I'll Walk With You
    7. The Wise Man And The Foolish Man
    8. Popcorn Popping
    9. I Have A Graden
    10. Christmas in Zarahemla (Samuel Tells Of The Baby Jesus)
    11. How Will They Know?
    12. The Child I Am





<ACM Rating: >

Probably, you would remember two AOR Heaven releasing album of Promotion's; "Not for sale" and "Yeah yeah", gained great reviews in AOR-press all over the world. In May 2000, Escape Music signed the band. The first thing the label demanded that the band should get rid of "that stupid name", personally I did not think the name "Promotion" so stupid, rather very unique band name! Thus the boys finally settled for "Grand Illusion". The band explains that a slight change of direction, more emphasis on guitars, (HEAVY guitars) had done, but the Grand Illusion trademarks, the outstanding vocal work from Peter Sundell and Per Svensson and Anders Rydholm's classy melodies are intact from the Promotion years. Together with Ola Karlsson's witty lyrics and some groovy drumming by Christian Sundell the Grand Illusion sound is created. I Agree that Grand Illusion has succeded to keep their excellent melodies and outstanding vocal works. However, from my point of view, it is so regrettable that we cannot listen to the great horns on the album, which absolutely made this band very different from other melodic rock bands.

  • Label: Escape Music, UK (Japan: Avalon/Marquee <MICP-10235>
  • Release Date: April 7, 20001 (Europe), March 23, 2001 (Japan)
  • Producer: Anders Ryfholm
  • Grand Illusion is:
    • Peter Sundell: Lead and Background Vocals
    • Anders Rydholm: Bass, Guitar and Keyboards
    • Per Svensson: Lead and Background Vocals
    • Christian Sundell: Drums
    • Ola Karlsson: Guitar
  • Guest Musicians:
    • Guitars: Stefan Leoson, Robert Vadadi, Per Thuresson
  • Official Website:
Grand Illusion / The Book Of How To Make It
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Feeling Strangely Fine
    2. Don't Wait To Know
    3. Boys Last Night Out
    4. Accidentally On Purpose
    5. The Book Of How To Make It
    6. Whatever
    7. 105 (And Running)
    8. Parachute
    9. The Desperate Man's Plea (bonus track for Japanese version)
    10. Don't Wait Up
    11. Crazy From The Heat
    12. The Hardest Part





<ACM Rating: >

This album is the special compilation album gathering English cover versions of Japanese domestic artist's pop hits. This kind of project was very popular in early 90's here in Japan as you may know the album like "Tatsuro Songs From L.A.", so, if you are interested in such kind of project albums, this album would be another one for you. Although the best track on this album must be Jason Scheff's excellent work on track 2, you should pay more attention to the fact that Jay Graydon sings! I could not remember other lead vocal works done by Jay except his legendary Airplay's days with David Foster and Tommy Funderburk.

  • Label: Avex Trax, Japan (AVCD-11907)
  • Release Date: March 7, 2001
  • Producer: Kaz Matsumoto
  • Musicians:
    • Lead Vocal: Frank Sinatra Jr., Jason Scheff, Anna McMurphy, Tata Vega, Cindy Braggs (En Vouge), Marilyn Martin, Nobody's Angel <Ali Navarro, Sarah Smith, Jennie Kwan, Tai Woo>, Jay Graydon, Pauline Wilson, Patrice Ruchen, Rachel Ham
    • Guitars: Michael Landau, Alex Van Houten, Tom Strahle, Jay Graydon
    • Keyboards: Tom Keane, Kuk Harrell
    • Programming: Kurk Harrell, Michael North, Randomized Blocks, Christopher Faizi
    • Drums: Curt Bisquera
    • Trumpet: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
    • Sax: Larry Williams
    • Trombone: Steve Holtman
    • Background Vocals: Jason Scheff, Tom Keane, Jeff Pescetto, Anna McMurphy, Kuk Harrell, Dave Petway, Kristina Hamilton, Tata Vega, Michael North, Carmen Hernander, Tyren Perry, Marilyn Martin, Terry Wood, Wendy Fraser, Janis Foxworth, Warren Ham
    • Strings Arrangement: Tom Washington
United Sates Of Avex Artists
International Order


Melody Blvd.

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Cruisin' Music at GEMM

  • Tracks (Lead Vocalist):
    1. Departures (Frank Sinatra Jr.)
    2. Sakebi (Jason Scheff)
    3. Break Out! (Anna McMurphy)
    4. Seasons (Tata Vega)
    5. Give Me A Shake (Cindy Braggs)
    6. We Can't Stop The Music (Marilyn Martin)
    7. Movin' On (Nobody's Angel)
    8. Oasis (Jay Graydon)
    9. By Myself (Pauline Wilson)
    10. Time Goes By (Patrice Ruchen)
    11. Overnight Sensation (Rachel Ham)










<ACM Rating: >

Fools Gold is the late 70's rock group of Danny Henson and Tom Kelly known as one of talented song writers who composed Madonna's "Like A Virgin", Cyndy Lauper's "True Colors" and Whitney Houston's "So Emotional" with Billy Steinberg. Fools Gold was formed as the backing up band for Dan Fogelberg. Band members were Tom Kelly (vo, b), Denny Henson (g, vo), Ron Grinel (ds) and Doug Livingston (key, vo) when their first album was released in 1976. At the CD reissue of this time, Danny Henson recently explained why Fools Gold had became duo comprising Tom and Danny when their 2nd album "Mr. Lucky" was released. According to his interview appeared on the liner notes of the reissued CD, this 2nd album was originally intended to be released also under Arista and Keith Olsen, the producer gathered not a few talented studio musicians such as David Foster, David Paich, Bill Champlin, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro and Waddy Wachtel as listed. This had caused over budget problems and Arista Records denied to release this over-budget album. Thus, CBS offered to buy master tape of this album and released "Mr. Lucky" in 1997.

  • Label: SME Records -Sony Music Entertainment Inc., Japan (SRCS-9829) (Original Label: Columbia Records, USA <AL-348238>)
  • Release Date: March 23, 2001 (Original Release: June 14, 1977)
  • Producer: Keith Olsen
  • Fools Gold are:
    • Danny Henson: Vocals, Guitars
    • Tom Kelly: Vocals, Guitars
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: David Foster, David Paich, Bill Champlin
    • Guitars: Waddy Wachtel, Andrew Gold
    • Pedal Steel Guitar: Doug Livingston
    • Lap Steel: Dan Fogelberg
    • Drums: Jeff Porcaro
    • Bass: Mike Porcaro
    • Percussion: Jeff Porcaro, Keith Olsen
    • Sax: Colin Tully, Mel Collins, Tom Scott
Fools Gold / Mr. Lukcy

International Order


Melody Blvd.

GEMM is your best source for impossible-to-find music!
Cruisin' Music at GEMM

  • Tracks
    1. Sweet Country Air
    2. Gypsy Brew
    3. Wouldn't I Love To Love You
    4. Runnin' And Hidin'
    5. Fly Away
    6. I Can Hear The Whistle Blow
    7. Mr. Lucky
    8. Where Did Our Love Go Wrong
    9. Captain





"Keane" is the band of genius Keane brothers of Los Angeles, Tom Patrick Keane (birthday: March 13, 1964) and John Morgan Keane (birthday: April 26, 1965). As "The Keane Brothers", they released their 1st album "The Keane Brothers" under 20 century Records in 1977 produced by David Foster and supported by Westcoast talented musicians such as Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Harvey Mason, Lee Sklar, Larry Carlton, Bill Champlin and many many more. In 1979, their 2nd album "Taking Off" produced by Lamont Dozier , David Paich and David Foster. 2 years later, Keane brothers had completed their 3rd album "Keane" under the name of the band "Keane", which was sold about 40,000 copies in Japan and in those days called as "Little Toto" or "Young Toto" for the sound of them. This is the album shown here. In 1982, "Today, Tomorrow and Tonight" were released, on which albums Jason Scheff joined the band as bass player instead of Mike Milwood. Nowadays, Keane brothers are appearing on many albums as supported musicians, songwriters and/or producers.
One of most wanted albums to be reissued will be available on CD at last. Another album release "Today, Tomorrow And Tonight" will be also reissued on CD. You will be able to find out Jason Scheff as the member of this group on this album.

<ACM Rating: >

  • Label: Cool Sound, Inc. Japan (COOL-068) (Original Label: Label : CBS Sony, Japan <25 AP 2099>)
  • Release Date: April 8, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1981)
  • Producer: Tom Keane
  • Keane are:
    • Guitar and Vocals : Mark Moulin
    • Keyboards and Vocals: Tom Keane
    • Bass and Vocals: Mike Millwood
    • Drums and Percussion: John Keane
  • Additional Musicians:
    • Lapsteel: David Pearlman
    • Background Vocals: Michael Zorro Singers
Keane / Keane
  • Tracks:
    1. Tryin' To Kill A Saturday Night
    2. Bad Little Baby Girl
    3. You Got The Better Of Me
    4. Kill Or Be Killed
    5. My Special Way
    6. Baby I'm Dead
    7. I Love My Life
    8. Anything Less Than Love
    9. Lorelei
    10. Judy


<ACM Rating: >

  • Label: Cool Sound, Inc. Japan (COOL-069) (Original Label: Label : CBS Sony, Japan <25 AP 2099>)
  • Release Date: April 8, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1982)
  • Producer: Tom Keane and Gary Lubow
  • Keane are:
    • Guitar and Vocals : Mark Moulin
    • Keyboards and Vocals: Tom Keane
    • Bass and Vocals: Jason Scheff
    • Drums and Percussion: John Keane
Keane / Today, Tomorrow And Tonight
International Order


Melody Blvd.

GEMM is your best source for impossible-to-find music!
Cruisin' Music at GEMM

  • Tracks:
    1. Oh Oh Oh
    2. My Kind
    3. Don't Make Love You
    4. I Can See You
    5. Tomorrow Is Today
    6. It's All Over
    7. I'm Ready Tonight
    8. Mindreader
    9. You Don't Have To
    10. One Two Many Lovers



It was around 1978 when Kenny Marks moved to Nashville with his dreams to be a solo singer. Almost 1 years later, Kenny knocked the door of Word, the leading CCM label and succeeded to get a deal with Word/Myrth. However it took almost 3 years before releasing his 1st album "Follow Him" produced by Keith Thomas. And "Right Where You Are " followed. Those two are really good AOR/Westcoast albums. Those reminds me of Tommy Funderburk's mid 80's works, i.e. "Front" and "What If". Someone says Kenny's pop tune has same atmosphere as Nielsen-Pearson's one. For your information, Kenny released further 6 albums including his best album "Absolutely Positively" (1993) featuring 3 brand-new songs.

<ACM Rating: >

  • Label: Cool Sound, Inc. Japan (COOL-066) (Original Label: Myrrh, USA <MSB-6714>)
  • Release Date: March 10, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1982)
  • Producer: Keith Thomas
  • Executive Producer: Neal Joseph
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Keith Thomas
    • Piano: Bobby Ogdin
    • Guitars: Dun Huff, Jon Goin, Brent Rowan
    • Bass: Mike Brignardello, Jimmy Lee Solas
    • Drums: Mark Hammond, Tommy Wells, Bob Gelotte
    • Percussion: Mark Hammond, Terry McMillan
    • Sax: Dennis Solee
    • Harp: Cindy Reynolds
    • Strings Arrangement: Don Hart
    • Background Vocals: Keith Thomas, Doana Cooper, Patti Leatherwood, Diana Dewitt, Pamela Marks
Kenny Marks /Follow Him
  • Tracks:
    1. Lean On Him
    2. Lovin' Me For Myself
    3. You Need Love
    4. You Don't Have To Try And Be Somebody
    5. In The Middle Of The Night
    6. He'll Finish What He Started
    7. Follow Him
    8. I Give It All To You
    9. Ringin' The Bells
    10. When I Least Expect It


<ACM Rating: >

  • Label: Cool Sound, Inc. Japan (COOL-067) (Original Label: Myrrh, USA)
  • Release Date: March 10, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1984)
  • Producer: Keith Thomas
  • Executive Producer: Neal Joseph
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Keith Thomas
    • Bass: Mike Brignardello
    • Drums: Dennis Holt
    • Guitars: Jon Goin
    • Percussion: Terry McMillan
    • Sax: Mark Douthit
    • Background Vocals: Denny Henson, Randy Guidry, Keith Thomas, Patti Leatherwood, Pamela Marks
Kenny Marks / Right Where You Are
International Order


Melody Blvd.

GEMM is your best source for impossible-to-find music!
Cruisin' Music at GEMM

  • Tracks:
    1. Right Where You Are
    2. One Small Voice
    3. The Prisoner
    4. It's Incredible
    5. Gift From God
    6. Growing Up Too Fast
    7. Single-Minded Love
    8. Still Be Believing
    9. You're The Best
    10. Sing For Joy



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