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Phil Perry, one of the most emotive male singer, has started his solo career with 1991's album "The Heart Of The Man". In 1995, he released his 2nd solo album "Pure Pleasure" under GRP Records. So this is his 3rd solo album. Phil started to sing with a local doo-wop group, The Montclairs, recording a couple of albums for the Louisiana-based Jewel-Paula label in the late `60s and early `70s. In 1979, Phil moved to Los Angeles, Phil released 2 albums as Perry & Sanlin, the duo with another original member of The Montclairs. After the duo dissolved, Phil began writing and developing his reputation as a background singer. And once again, he got a chance to release an album, that is to say "The Heart Of The Man" released in February 1991. On this third album, you can confirm his genius talent as a singer.

Phil Perry




Paul Bliss is well-known as a songwriter for his great compositions such as "(If There Was) Any Other Way" performed by Celine Dion , the first track of her international debut album "Unison", Olivia Newton-John's "Heart Attack". "Muphy's Law" performed by Al Jarreau, Sheena Easton's "Take My Time" and Janet Jackson's "Communication" are also his compositions. On this album, "Castled On Quicksand" performed by Think Out Loud, Peter Beckett and Steve Kipner's duo unit and "How Do I Survive" performed by Amy Holland in 1980 can be listened.
Paul Bliss appeared with his Band "Bliss Band" in 1978. The 1st album of the band "Dinner With Raoul" was produced by Jeff Baxter and recorded in Los Angeles. In 1979, 2nd album titled "Neon Smiles" recorded in London, was released.
According to the liner notes with the CD written by Paul, "The Edge Of Coincidence" is a collection of demo recordings since 1983. The initial intention was to re-record them all, but apart from being a monumental task time-wise he concluded that many of the original recordings had an atmosphere he did not want to lose.

Paul Bliss

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David Garfield has created another world with talented musicians. I guess you would remember his 80's project "Karizma".

David Garfield and the Cats



Greg Bissonette is one of key player in wide range of popular and Jazz music field because he can play drums really in wide variety of styles. You can confirm how he can actually play drums and of course enjoy his various music style on this solo album. Gregg also sings on "No Matter What"! And On this album, Matt Bissonette, his brother, one of talented bass player, is fully featured. Moreover many talented guitarists such as Steve Lukather plays in various style.

Gregg Bissonette




"Karizma" was formed originally in 1975 by David Garfield, Ralph Rickert, Carlos Vega, Domenic Genova and Richard Tokatz. They played mainly at the L.A. night clubs. In 1983, they released this first album "Dream Come True" as the session band featuring many talented musicians such as Steve Lukather, David Paich from TOTO, Dean Parks, Ernie Watts and many more. This is really good album containing several vocal tunes.

Karizma/ Dream Come True



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