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Eric Carmen's long waited new album has been released at last under Pioneer LDC, Japan. It includes "Almost Paradise" (duet with Janey Clewer) and featuring the great guitar works by Bruce Gaitsch. And you may find out the name of ex Raspberries members, that is, Wally Bryson plays the guitar on this album. I proudly recommend this album as one of good Power-Pop Albums in late 90's. Why don't you buy this CD, if you can believe my recommendation which I gave you until today on this webpage.

Eric Carmen

Eric Carmen US Version (I Was Born To Love You)




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 My impression towards Kevyn Lettau has been one of the fine smooth jazz influenced and bosanova influenced female singers before listening to her brand-new album titled "The Language Of Flowers". She made me so much surprised because her music in general on this album is very pop! As a matter of fact, 1st tune "The Language Of Love" sounds like one of today's dancing tune... However something is very special for her melodies. Yes, This CD may be a kind of keystone for new style of "Adult Contemporary Music" towards millennium. I dare to say this album must be her best album.
Kevyn Lettau / The Language Of Love



Rick Rhodes is well-known as the music composer/producer/director who won many Emmy Awards to his works such as Michael J. Fox's TV Comedy "Family Ties" (NBC Network) and "Guiding Light" (CBS Network). His compositions has been used on many TV Program; "Friends" (NBC), "Melrose Place" (Fox) and "General Hospital". The song "Live It Up" featured on the movie "True Lies" (1994) is his composition. His songs are recorded by Patti Austin, Diane Schuur, Tom Scott, Bill Champlin, Joey Scarbury and many more. In addition, you must remember that he is one of talented recording artist in the Adult Contemporary Music scene. This is basically the compilation album from his former 2 albums released only in Japan and Europe. But now, you can easily buy his CD because this is US release.

Rick Rhodes

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Pat Kelly, one of the excellent guitarist in fusion music field is now under recording his 5th solo album with the guest musicians such as Eric Marienthal (sax), David Benoit (keyboards), Bill Cantos (keyboards), Gregg Karukas (piano), Barnaby Finch (piano), Tim Landers (bass), Ernett Tibbs (bass), Alex Al (bass), Gary Novak (drums), Hubart Laws (flute), Gary Herbig (Sax), Tony Guererro (trumpet) and Luis Conte (percussion). This album is released advancedly in Japan in January 1998 under ID Net.
Pat Kelly




Tom Saviano, ex leader of the legendary group "HEAT" and present songwriting partner with Bill Champlin, has released his solo album "Making Up Lost Time" in April 1996. "Making Up Lost Time" is really good smooth jazz album with several vocal tracks. Now, this album has just been re-released as new version with improved jacket in 1998. Moreover you can listen to the new remix of "She Dreams" for NAC FM station. Now is the time to buy this album.

Improved CD jacket


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At last, the long-waited soundtrack album full of West Coast Pop / AOR music has just been reissued on CD! "Two Of A Kind" is it! The soundtrack album for 1983 movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John is co-ordinated by David Foster. You can listen to the rare tracks which can be listened only on this soundtrack album such as Boz Scaggs' ballads song "Perfect One". Don't miss this opportunity to get real good 80's Adult Contemporary Music on CD. Dear Chicago fans, you should pay attention to another version of "Prima Donna" on this CD.

Two Of A Kind

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Promotion began as a 8 piece rock funk group 1984. In the beginning the name of the group was Mark 5. Four horns, drums, guitar,keyboards and bass. Peter was the lead singer and played the guitar. Anders played the bass, Håkan played alto saxophone and Jocke was the lead trumpet player. 1986 the band changed into a five piece rock band and took the name Promotion. Crille joined at the drums and Per at the keyboards. The band has since then had a lot of constellations, sometimes with horns and sometimes without. But its always been the same people who had come and go. 1995 was the year when Anders built his studio, this was the turning point for Promotion. Now they had the opportunity to record as much as they wanted. December 1997 was the first record , "Not for Sale" released on their own label. This Swedish band's sound style is like Toto's or Chicago's one. Good Melodies here and there. If they will pay attention to the keyboard arrangement in general, they will be much better. In anyway, this album is worth being given to be promoted by using my website....


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