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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD are releasing every month. SO, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Release ( also including Reissue) information. As "Recommended Discs of The Month" , I would highly recommend to buy several albums with my personal review. In Addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent titles supported by one of the well-known on-line music stores "Music Boulevard"/ "CD Now" and "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month" .





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This is the special present from Peter Mayer, well-known for marvelous works as PM and solo works, at the last moment of 1900's. This album is a kind of "Unplugged" studio live albums. According to the announcement towards to his fanclub, the first 1,000 CDs are signed and numbered with autographed promotional photo. This CD consists of 8 great songs, including the never before released "Hair Of The Dog", and all time favorites "India" & "Moonlight Over Paris" acoustic self-remake versions.
According to the liner notes of this CD, "Hair Of The Dog" was written with Jay Oliver in 1988 originally for Bonnie Raitt, but never recorded by her unfortunately. Now, you can listen to this unrecorded track as the Peter Mayer's version on this CD. Just for your information, my first impression of this CD is that Peter plays and sings like Paul McCartney.

  • Label : Little Flock Music (LFM #1002)
  • Release Date: December 17, 1999
  • Musicians:
    • Jim Mayer: Electric and Acoustic Bass, Psaltery, Chest Claps
    • Vince Varvel: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Hand Drum
    • Scott Bryan: Percussion, Guitar, Vocals, Accordion
    • Audrey and Daisey: Backup Vocals
Peter Mayer / Spare Tire Orchestra
For Sound clips and International Orders

Peter Mayer Official Website


  1. Spare Tire Orchestra
  2. Hair Of The Dog
  3. India
  4. The Remains
  5. True Life Adventure
  6. The Ballad Of Jogn Steele
  7. Moonlight Over Paris
  8. You Child



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At last, time has come! Lara Fabian, the super female singer coming from France / Quebec of Canada, is now starting to invade worldwide music scene with this English vocal international debut album . You may be aware of her name because she did duet with Richard Marx "Surrender To Me" on Richard's album "Flesh and Bone" (European / Canadian / Japanese Version). You must be surprised to listen her vocals and be obliged to admit that she is the real singer. The recording of this project were done in Los Angeles and New York with our familiar musicians such as Steve Lukather and Bruce Gaitsch. I dare to repeat my first impression when I listened to her vocals, "Her talent as a vocalist is more than Celine Dion!"

It is said that Lara recorded more than 40 songs for the recording sessions of this album, and 12 songs are selected finally considering how the current US music market will respond to this album when it will be on sale. It is my personal impression that some songs are too danceable for her, therefore a kind of dramatic ballads type tunes should replace those if Sony Music Entertainment USA really wants Lara to be the real superstar more than Celine by this album. It is well-known that Dianne Warren actually wrote several songs for her and Lara must have recorded those materials, but I do not know whether those songs are good enough for this album. One more thing I dare to say, I also feel that this album should have ignored French Market's musical taste. What I want to say is that several songs seems to be heard as if Lara sings in French although she sings in English. Anyway, this CD is really good female vocal album whcih is difficult to come across. Worth listening! The album has been released in Europe and also in Canada at first. And I believe Sony Music Group all over the world will release this long-awaited album accordingly, it is said that US Release and other areas such as Asian nations including Japan should be around May 2000.

  • Label : Sony Music Entertainment (EPIC) (EK 69053 <Sony Canada>)
  • Release Date: November 30, 1999 (Canada), November 26, 1999 (France)
  • Producers: Rick Allison, Dave Pickell, Patrick Leonard, Evan Roger, Carl Struken, Louis Biancaniello, Sam Waters, Mark Taylor, Brian Rawling
  • Musicians:
    • Piano, Keyboards: Rick Allison, Dave Pickell, Patrick Leonard, Walter Afanasieff, Dan Shea, Carl Struken, Louis Biancaniello, Mark Taylor
    • Bass: Remy Malo, Paul Bushnell
    • Drums: Mickey Curry, Vinnie Colaiuta, Brian MacLeod
    • Electric Guitars: Steve Lukather, James Harrah, David Channing, Michael Landau, Marc Antoine, Carl Sturken, Chris Camozzi, Vernon Black
    • Acoustic Guitars: Bruce Gaitsch, Dean Parks
    • Percussion: Luis Conte, Brian MacLeod
    • Sax: Steven Tavaglione
    • Background Vocals: Bridgette Bryant, Kevin Dorsey, Niki Harris, Jolynn Horton, Bobette Jamison, Bobbi Page, Jeffrey Ramsey, Gigi Worth, Alexandra Brown, Julie Delgado, Siedah Garrett, Jon Holley, Philip Ingram, Marlena Jeter, Daryl Phinnessee, Alife Silas-Durio, Richard Page, Natalie Jackson, Claytoven Richardson, Skler Jett, Conesha Monet, Leslie Ellis, Catherine Leveille, Dominique Faure, Kim Richardson, Ada Dyer, Evan Rogers, Audrey Wheeler, Sam Waters
    • Orchestra Conductor: Williams Ross
Lara Fabian / Lara Fabian

International Order

International Order


  1. Adagio
  2. Part Of Me
  3. Givin' Up On You
  4. You Are My Heart
  5. I Am Who I Am
  6. To Love Again
  7. You're Not From Here
  8. Till I Get Over You
  9. Love By Grace
  10. Yeliel (My Angel)
  11. I Will Love Again
  12. Broken Vow
  13. Adagio (Italian)





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Venice, one of the not so many active bands who still have the true spirit of Westcoast harmonies and melodies has produced a special CD for the Holidays titled "Christmas with Venice". Venice gives new lives and vitality to the 12 Traditional Christmas songs on this CD. All the songs are acoustic with perfect harmonies. It is very hard for me to find no other band but Venice, who can give you such a excellent harmonies.
This CD will not be available in stores anywhere, only by special order through Venice. (Please see the below ordering information!) I recommend you that you should get a copy for the 2000 Christmas right now!

  • Label : Blue Note Records, Canada <EMI Music Canada> (72435-20419-2-3)
  • Release Date: December, 1999
  • Producer: Michael Lennon
  • Venice is:
    • Michael Lennon
    • Mark Lennon
    • Kipp Lennon
    • Pat Lennon
Venice / Christmas with Venice

International Order Information

You can order your copy by sending $20.00 Cashiers cheque or Money orders (this includes shipping and handling) to:

12228 Venice Blvd., #435 Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA

Don't forget to include a return address! For a souldclips of the CD go to: Venice Central Homepage


  1. Away In A Manger
  2. What Child In This?
  3. The First Noel
  4. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  5. Silent Night
  6. Angels We Have Heard On High
  7. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
  8. Joy To The World
  9. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  10. O Come, All Ye Faithful
  11. O Holy Night
  12. O Christmas Tree







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David Lasley, known for his incredible falsetto vocals and good songwrting works such as "Jojo" performed by Boz Scaggs, made a demo album and distributed in very limited number of vinyl in 1981 for the purpose to show his songwriting talent and to get the deal as a solo artist. As a result, David had succeeded to release his masterpiece album "Missin' Twenty Grand" in 1982 under EMI America. And needless to say, many songs on this demo album were recorded by many artists in 80's.
This demo album has been one of most wanted collector-items among crazy Westcoast /AOR fans for a long time because of its marvelous sound quality and perfectness achieved by the support of very talented musicians such as David Sanborn, David Benoit and others.And now, COOL SOUND has succeeded to get this demo album (24 tracks on 2 Vinyl as original) alive again with a quite large number of bonus tracks. 40 tracks on 2 CD remastered by Bob Stone!! For your information, several tunes including on the original Demo album are the alternative version featuring David Lasley's own vocals instead of those of guest vocalists.

  • Label: Cool Sound Inc, Japan (COOL-037)
  • Release Date: November 25, 1999 (Original Release: 1981 - Promotional Only)
  • Producer: himself
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: David Benoit, Don Paul Yowell, Peter Allen, Aaron Zigman, Michael Ruff
    • Piano: Jay Saunders, Marsha Malamet, Don Paul Yowell, Marc Shaiman, Luther Vandross, Tom Coppola
    • Bass: Wade Short, David Williams, Kenny Lewis, Jason Scheff, Jimmy Haslip
    • Drums: Mitchell Roberts, Gary Ferguson, David Garibaldi, John Wilcox, Robbie Blumenthal
    • Guitars: Marty Walsh, Todd Robinson, John Whelock, Dennis Kilman, Chuck Cochran, Jeff Sigman, David Spinozza
    • Sax: David Sanborn, Joel Paskin
    • Percussion: Curry Tjader
    • Guest Lead Vocals: Hans Van Veen (Track 9 of Disk1), DonYowell (Duet with David Lasley on Track16 of Disk1), Luther Vandross (Duet with David Lasley on Track17 of Disk2)
    • Background Vocals: Charlo Crossley, Frannie Glode, Sylvia St.James, Arnold McCuller, Lynn Pitney, Peter Allen, Marcy Levy, Tommy Funderburk, Don Yowell, Hans Van Veen, Johann Harris, Esra Mohawk, Eloise Laws, Jason Scheff, Ula Hedwog
David Lasley / Demos
  • Tracklisting:

    <Disc 1>

    1. Somebody's Angel
    2. Lead Me On
    3. I Should Have Been You
    4. Before Love's Gone
    5. Nobody's Soldier
    6. Love Be Kind To Me
    7. Promise Of Love
    8. I Don't Go Shopping
    9. Worlds Apart
    10. Heart Like A Radio
    11. Everlasting
    12. The Blue Side
    13. Missing You(If I Had The Chance)
    14. Treat Willie Good
    15. 'Til I Walk With You(Footsteps)
    16. Smalltown Change
    17. I Am Ready Now
    18. To Keep From Gettin' A Lickin'
    19. Trouble Land
    20. You Bring Me Joy

    <Disc 2>

    1. Save Me
    2. Your Voice
    3. Thank You For The Moment
    4. Love Is
    5. Crazy Man
    6. Save It All For You
    7. Makin' A Bad Thing Good
    8. I Fell Out Of The Magnolias
    9. There's A Star For Everyone
    10. Closed Doors
    11. Meant For You
    12. I'm Waving My Flag
    13. Heart So Full Of Love
    14. O.K.Freddie
    15. This Christmas, This Year
    16. Troubled Past
    17. S'cuse Me While I Fall In Love
    18. Selflessly
    19. Don't Smile At Me, I Already Know
    20. I'll Take You Back
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Another David Lasley related album has been reissued on CD also in November. "Last Dance" (1977) is the 2nd album of the trio vocal group "Rosie" David belonged before starting his solo activity.
You can confirm the musical roots of David Lasley by listening to this album. Please note that there are minor sound defects on track 10 and 15 as noted written in Japanese on the liner notes of this CD due to the condition of the original master tape as remarked on the liner notes written in Japanese.


  • Label: Cool Sound, Inc. Japan (COOL-038) <Original Label: RCA Records,USA>
  • Release Date: November 25, 1999 <Original Release Year:1977>
  • Producer: Michael Kamen
  • Rosie is:
    • David Lasley
    • Lynn Pitney
    • Lana Marrano
  • Musicians:
    • Bass: John Siegler
    • Drums: Charles Collins
    • Keyboards: Mac Rebennack (Dr.John)
    • Wurlitzer: Mac Rebennack, Michael Kamen
    • Guitars: Cornell Dupree, David Spinozza, Larry Packer
    • Acoustic Guitar: Henry Gross
    • Vibes: Michael Mainieri
    • Sax: David Sanborn, Peter Ponzol
    • Percussion: Chuggy, Michael Mainieri, Michael Epstein
    • Guest Vocal: James Taylor
    • Violins: Gene Orloff, Paul Gershman, Gerry Track, Guy Lumia, Joe Malin, Sanford Allen, Arianna Bronne, Leo Kahn, John Pinravalle, Max Hollander, Fredrick Buldrini
    • Cellos: Jesse Levy, John Abromiwitz, Seymour Barab
    • French Horns: Brooks Tillotson, James Buffington
    • Oboes: Jeff Lyons, Michael Kamen
    • Horns: David Sanborn, George Young, Lew Del Gatto, Ronnie Cuber, Alan Ruben, Sam Burtis, Dave Taylor
Rosie / Last Dance
International Order


  1. The Words Don't Matter
  2. Back On The Street Again
  3. Out Of Pawn
  4. There's A Song In It Somewhere
  5. Last Dance Of Summer
  6. The Angel In Me
  7. Missin' Mississippi Baby
  8. Dancin' On Rivers
  9. Run That Movie Back
  10. I See Home
  11. The Words Don't Matter (bonus track)
  12. The Angel In Me (bonus track)
  13. There's A Song In It Everywhere (bonus track)
  14. Back On The Street (bonus track)



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