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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD are releasing every month. SO, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Release (also including Reissue) information. As "Recommended Discs of The Month" , I would highly recommend to buy several albums with my personal review.







Sherwood Ball known as the vocalist/guitarist of Jay Graydon's Band has just released Mini album which includes a tribute song to the late princess Diana and beautiful Christmas song composed with Steve Porcaro (ex Toto).

 Sherwood Ball / Dreamin' Of Christmas in L.A.




Larry Tagg, the bass player/ vocalist well known for his 80's project with Brent Bourgeois "Bourgeois Tagg" and also known as the brother of Eric Tagg has just released his new solo album in Europe. You will be aware that the song titled "After This Love Is Gone" is Larry's self-cover version of "After The Day Is Gone" performed by Bryan Duncan on his album "Blue Sky". And you can find out Brent Bourgeois's name on this album. And The sound is very sophisticated as well.

Larry Tagg




Mark Spiro, one of the good AOR songwriter/vocalist known for his composition for Bad English, Cheap Trick, Giant, Julian Lennon and Stephen Bishop has completed his 3rd solo album. Michael Thompson, the good guitarist in AOR scene supports Mark fully on this album by not only playing the guitar but also co-writing 6 songs with him on this album. And you will be aware that Mark remakes one of his composition for Stephen Bishop "Kari" on Stephen's album "Bowling In Paris", that is, he rewrote lyrics of the song and change the title of the song as "Better With A Broken Heart". For your information, all keyboards, background vocals and programming of this album are done by Mark himself.

Mark Spiro




Do you remember the name of Tony Sciuto, coming from Baltimore Maryland, USA? In 1980, he released one of the legendary album "Island Night" (under Portrait label, USA) that was smash hit in Japan. We could find out his name as a songwriter sometime on several albums but could not listen his excellent vocals for a long time. At last he is back to the scene with the band "BANGING RUSH". The sound of the Banging Rush is little bit rough and straight rock'n roll, comparing with that of Tony's solo album in general.

Banging Rush


Georg Siegl Landshuter Str. 11 84051 ALTHEIM, Germany
Phone / Fax +49 8703 8517





This is the tribute album to Burt Backarach, one of the tremendous melody makers in 20th century. Ten Artists such as Martika, Swan Dive, Sheila Hatschenson of Emotions, Robbie Dupree, Christopher Cross, Daine Reeves, Warren Weibe sings Backarach's beautiful tunes on this album.




Minako Obata, Japanese female talented singer has completed Christmas album produced by David Garfield. She will bring you jazzy and mellow holy night to you.




Marc Jordan has just released live album which includes both 90's live tracks and 4 live tracks <Tracks 7 - 11> from the album "Secret Live" recorded on April 11, 1980 at El Mocambo. Tracks 1-3 recorded 1997 Edmonton Folk Festival. Track 4 recorded 1994 Bathurst Theatre. Tracks 6-7 recorded 1996 Bathurst Theatre.





Michael Bolton has released good blue-eyed soul album again this year. On this album, Michael is supported by many black contemporary talented musicians such as Babyface, Tony Rich and Barry J. Eastmond. As the result, you can feel some kind of brand-new another Michael Bolton's world when you listen to this album. Michael's vocal is really so emotional and soulful!


Michael Boiton/ All That Matters

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Eric Tagg's 1st solo album originally released in Netherlands in 1975, is reissued on CD by Vivid Sound label, Japan at last. Attention! Eric had released his 1st album and 2nd album "Rendez-vous" under the name of "ERIK TAGG".

Erik Tagg 1st



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