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Many Adult Contemporary Music CDs are still being released every month. So, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Releases ( also including Reissues) information as "Recommended Discs of The Month". I would highly recommend you to buy several albums by reading my personal reviews. In addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent releases supported by one of the well-known on-line music stores "CD Now" and "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month".


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<ACM Rating: >

Venice formed in 1977 by the two of 2 Lennon Families, Kipp and Michael. Shortly Mark joined the two. In 1980, Kipp's older brother Pat joined the band. Kipp and Mark, the two lead singers, are awesome. Their debut album was released under Atlantic Records USA in 1990 with high expectations but never succeeded commercially. (The music on the album was a bit harder than the Venice sound more recognizable today.) Venice continued to perform live mainly in Los Angels, their home town before they got again recording deal in 1997. Once the album "Born And Raised" released, music lovers in Europe, Holland in particular, was starting to notice the band Venice. Next album "Spin Art" followed in 2000 and they finally made a huge success in Holland. And as the result, Venice got a deal with Sony Music, one of the major labels again and now they are back with the brand-new album "Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life".



    • Label: Sony Music Entertainment (Holland) B.V., Netherland (COL 507891 2)
    • Release Date: September 3, 2002
    • Producer: Terry Manning
    • Venice is:
      • Kipp Lennon: Lead Vocals
      • Michael Lennon: Guitars, Percussion, Piano, Bass, Keyboards
      • Pat Lennon: Lead Vocals, Guitars
      • Mark Lennon: Lead Vocals, Tambourine
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Chtis Horvath
      • Guitar: John Vester
      • Bass: Alexis Sklarevski, Mark Harris
      • Drums: Matt Laug, Jamie Wollam
      • Drum Programming and Percussion: Scott Cargo
      • Trumpet: Jawiara Adams
      • Sax: Dion Turnquest
      • Timpani, Wurlitzer: Terry Manning
      • Handclaps: Pete Valenzuela, Mike Brotzen, Joey Cathcart

Venice / Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life

International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Think Again
    2. Not Down Anymore
    3. Sweet Aloha
    4. Precious Stone
    5. I'm Not Myself
    6. Sun Inside
    7. Blue Paint
    8. Most Of Us
    9. Languages Of The Heart
    10. One Word
    11. Tides
    12. Unbreakable Heart
    13. Father Time
    14. Baby's Calling (Again)
    15. Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life






<ACM Rating: >

Generally speaking, Baltimore born singer- songwriter Jeff Pescetto is well-known for his 3 lead vocal tracks for David Foster's album "River Of Love" (1990). Someone may also recall 2 lead vocal tracks for Tim Heintz's album "Summer Rain" (1992). Besides his excellent talent as a vocalist, Jeff is also very talented R&B songwriter. His 1982 song called "Just Like You" was recorded by 9 artists including Smoky Robinson, Johnny Mathis and Manhattans. Jeff made a deal with Quincy Jones as a staff writer for Quincy related works from 1984 to 1987. Jeff wrote many hit R&B flavored pop tunes such as "One Step Closer To You" (1987) performed by Gavin Christopher (US # 22 on Billboard pop single chart), "Lovin' On Next To Nothin '" (1990) performed by Gladys Knight & The Pips (US # 3 on Billboard R&B chart) and "Somebody Like You" (1989) performed by Robbie Nevil. Others are "When It Comes To Love" (1993) performed by Bryan Duncan (US # on Billboard Gospel chart) and Phil Perry, "Tell Me" (1992) co-written with Jay Graydon, performed by Go West, "I'm Gonna Miss You" (1988) performed by Kenny Loggins (US # 82 on Billboard pop chart) and more. Jeff Lorber co-writes 2 songs for this album which gives you some kind of impression of the album before listening to this album. Thus, I believe you fully assume how Jeff Pescetto's first solo album sounds like. Yes, this album sounds like Urban mellow R&B with contemporary fusion flavor.



    • Label: Cool Sound, Inc., Japan (COOL-091)
    • Release Date: November 10, 2002 *
    • Producer: Jeff Lorber, Gavin Greenaway, Reed Vartelney and himself
    • Jeff Pescetto: Lead & Background Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Programming
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Gavin Greenaway, Sean Hosien, Dane De Viller, Jeff Lorber, Reed Vartelney
    • *Remarks: Official release date will be sometime in January. Advance release only available at all the store of Yamano Music, one of the Japanese leading CD & music instrument retailer, and COOL SOUND direct mail order only. Please be patient in this sense if you are living abroad.

Jeff Pescetto / Soul Reason

International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. All I Need Is Your Love
    2. Kissin' You
    3. Find Our Way Back
    4. All I Ever Needed
    5. Soul Reason
    6. Soul Searchin'
    7. Two Worlds Apart
    8. Still Be Lovin' You
    9. I Like What I Se
    10. Inside Of Every Tear
    11. I Had It All
    12. The Real Thing






<ACM Rating: >

The new TOTO album "Through the Looking Glass" is the album with their all time favorite 11 songs. And Toto succeeded to revive those classics; some tunes with modern arrangements in the classic TOTO style and others performed like its original version. Bobby Kimball rules! Bobby sings so emotional and soulful. B listening to this cover album, you may reconfirm how the group TOTO emerged in mid 70's from Los Angeles music scene and how they played for other artists as session musicians. In that sense, this is very goo album. However, I am very sorry that no brand-new original songs are not included. When the band Chicago left Warner Bros in mid 90's after giving up to release the hidden masterpiece album "Stone of Sisyphus", Chicago released the big band jazz cover album "Night & Day Big Band" in 1995. "Through The Looking Glass" might be such a thing for TOTO because they left Sony Music after 25 years with label. I hope TOTO will release the brand-new original album within 2 years latest from now.

    • Label: CMC Records, EMI Europe (Japan: Toshiba EMI <TOCP-66108>)
    • Release Date: October 14, 2002 (Europe) / September 30, 2002 (Japan)
    • Producers: themselves
    • TOTO is:
      • David Paich : Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
      • Steve Lukather: Guitars, Vocals
      • Mike Porcaro: Bass
      • Simon Phillips: Drums, Percussion
      • Bobby Kimball: Vocals
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Steve Porcaro
      • Percussion: Lenny Castro
      • Sax: Brandon Fields
      • Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Walter Fowler
      • Background Vocals: James Ingram, Ellis Hall, Davey Johnstone, Nigel Ollson, Monet


International Order




  • Tracks:
    1. Could You Be Loved (original performed by Bob Marley)
    2. Bodhisattva (originally performed by Steely Dan)
    3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (originally perforemed by Beatles)
    4. I Can't Get Next To You (originally performed by Al Green)
    5. Living For The City (originally performed by Stevie Wonder)
    6. Maiden Voyage / Butterfly (originally perforemd by Herbie Hancock)
    7. Burn Down The Mission. (originally performed by Elton John)
    8. Sunshine Of Your Love (originally performed by Cream)
    9. House Of The Rising Sun (originally performed by Animals)
    10. Watching The Detectives (originally performed by Elvis Costello)
    11. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry. (originally performed by Bob Dylan)






<ACM Rating: >

Frédéric Slama has just released his project AOR's 3rd album early November. As you wish, this album also features some guest L.A players and 3 songs (+ another for bonus tracks) are produced by Tommy Denander. The new cd is called " L.A REFLECTION" which follows his 2nd album "Next Stop L.A". Frederic added that the sound would be similar to Toto's "Fahrenheit" / "Seventh One" and otherwise "Radioactive".

    • Label: none, <made in France> (AOR3)
    • Release Date: November, 2002
    • Producers: Tommy Denander, David Diggs, Frédéric Slama, David Champberlin
    • Musicians:
      • Lead Vocals: Göran Edman, Michael Ruff, Rick Riso, Chris Demming, David Chamberlin
      • Guitars: Frédéric Slama, Tommy Denander, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Bruce Gaitsch, James Harrah, Michael Thompson, André Harold
      • Keyboards: Frédéric Slama, Tommy Denander, David Diggs, Steve Porcaro, David Paich
      • Bass: Eddie Watkins Jr., Tommy Denander, Hussain Jiffry, Michael Porcaro
      • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Ed Greene, Mike Baird, Jeff Porcaro
      • Sax: Tom Saviano, David Boruff
      • Background Vocals: Rachel Diggs, Kristoffer Lagerström, Tom Bailey
AOR / L.A. Reflection

International Order


GEMM is your best source for impossible-to-find music!

Cruisin' Music at GEMM  



  • Tracks:
    1. If No one Cared
    2. Sensation
    3. Never Gonna Let Her Go
    4. So Young And Innocent
    5. A Quiet Storm
    6. How Will She Find Her Way Back?
    7. Worlds Away
    8. Leave Her To Heaven
    9. Dream them away
    10. I know you too well
    11. The Moon IS A Liar
    12. Far Away From The Storm
    13. 5492 (new version) (dedicated to jeff porcaro)
    14. Never Gonna Let Her Go (lukather mix)




BILL QUATEMAN with Buzz Feiten / TRUST

<ACM Rating: >

A native of Chicago, Bill Quateman started to sing in the domestic club & coffee house called "Windy City" in early 70's. Shortly thereafter, Bill was signed to Columbia Records headed by Clive Davis and released his debut album "Bill Quateman"(1972). In spite that Bill completed his 2nd album "The Almost Eve Of Everything", he left the label without releasing this 2nd album and followed Clive Davis who had left Columbia. It was 1977 that Bill Quateman released the album "Night After Night" under RCA Records. The album called "Shot In The Dark" followed in 1978. In 1979, Bill released his acclaimed album "Just Like You" in 1979 featuring Buzz Feiten, David Sanborn, James Newton Howard, Neil Larsen, Steve Porcaro, David Hungate, Jeff Baxter, Varelie Carter and more. Almost 20 years later, Bill made a long awaited return to the music scene. Bill made his self-titled debut album "Bill Quateman" and the previously unreleased album "The Almost Eve Of Everything"featuring Buzz Feiten available on CD via his own website. And Bill completed his brand-new album"Trust" which is the very first pop album produced by Buzz Feiten.

    • Label: Dreamsville Records, Japan (YDCD-0088)
    • Release Date: September 27, 2002
    • Producer: Buzz Feiten
    • Bill Quateman: Lead Vocals, Guitars
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Buzz Feiten
      • Keyboards: Buzz Feiten
      • Drums, Percussion: Joe Pusateri, Dave Beyer
      • Bass: Matt Bissonette
      • Synthesizers: Brad Cole
      • Background Vocals: Buzz Feiten

Bill Quateman / Trust


International Order

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  • Tracks:
    1. Night After Night
    2. Rain On Me
    3. I Want To Be Known [For The Way I Love You]
    4. Love Is A Mystery
    5. Way Of The World
    6. Change The Subject
    7. In The Poems
    8. Shadow Play
    9. You're My Girl
    10. Love Is On The Inside





<ACM Rating: >

If we would admit that this live CD is a kind of memorial product proving the existence of legendary band in early 80's, this is really worth buying. On the other hand, if you would insist that any official live recording CD must have enough good sound qualities, this CD should not be released. All Songs were recorded at "The Central", Los Angeles, CA. USA in January 1983, except the track 1 "Message From Beyond" recorded at "My Father's Place", Long Land, New York, in 1980. Probably, there were not any intention to release these materials on CD later at that moment. "Message From Beyond" is the 1979 unreleased tune. "Aztec Legend" and "Further Notice" are from the 1980 album "Larsen Feiten Band". "Futurama" is from Neil Larsen's 1978 solo album titled "High Gear". Another Larsen's solo tune is the closing tune "Sudden Samba". Then, I would like to advise that the rest of tunes are from 1982 album "Full Moon featuring Neil Larsen & Buzz Feiten" without any hesitation. However, I cannot do so. The reason is what the 2nd track is. On the CD jacket, it is said to be "Little Cowboys" from the before-mentioned album. I cannot agree with this comment, even though someone would agree that it is a kind of alternative live arrangement version of the tune. This tune should be "E Minor Song", which is on the CD titled "Casino Lights", recorded live at Montreux, Switzerland featuring David Sanborn, Al Jarreau, Randy Crawford, Yellow Jackets, Neil Larsen Buzz Feiten, Mike Mainieri and Larry Carlton in 1982. If you have the "Casino Lights" CD containing 4 extra songs (Warner Bros. Records 9 23718-2), please check "E Minor Song".

    • Label: Dreamsville Records, Japan (YDCD-0089)
    • Release Date: September 27, 2002
    • Producer: Buzz Feiten
    • Full Moon is:
      • Buzz Feiten: Guitar, Lead Vocal
      • Neil Larsen: Keyboards
      • Lenny Castro: Percussion, Background Vocal
      • Art Rodriguez: Drums
      • Vernon Porter: Bass, Background Vocal

Full Moon / Live


International Order


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  • Tracks:
    1. Message From Beyond
    2. Little Cowboys
    3. *
    4. Futurama
    5. Aztec Legend
    6. Further Notice
    7. Sierra
    8. Demonette
    9. Phantom Of The Footlights
    10. Sudden Samba


    * Please read my reviews about this song.





<ACM Rating: >

Boston is back with the brand-new studio recording album "Corporate America". The band members are Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, Gary Pihl, Fran Cosmo who are the late 80's core members with 2 new members ; Kimberley Dahme, female vocalist and Anthony Cosmo, Fran's son! Just started to listen to the first track "Had A Good Time", you will probably feel that they come back at last after releasing boring brand-new tracks on their "Greatest His" album (1997). However, I believe you may be gradually disappointed when you continue to listen. I cannot understand the reason why Tom Scholz decided to add 4th track "With You" written by Kimberley Dahme, the new female vocalist. On every Boston's album, we could find a killer tune at least; "More Than Feeling", "Don't Look Back", "Amanda" or "I Need Your Love". However, there's no killer tune on "Corporate America" album. The best track of this album might be the live version of "Livin' For You", which original version was included in the album "Walk On".


    • Label: Artemis Records, USA distributed by Sony Music (509880 2)
    • Release Date: November 5, 2002
    • Producer: Tom Scholz
    • Boston is
      • Tom Scholz: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
      • Brad Delp: Vocals
      • Fran Cosmo: Vocals
      • Anthony Cosmo: Vocals, Guitars
      • Kimberley Dahme: Vocals, Guitars
      • Gary Phil: Keyboards
Buzz Feiten & The Whirlies / Live


International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. I Had A Good Time
    2. Stare Out Your Window
    3. Corporate America
    4. With You
    5. Someone
    6. Turn It Off
    7. Cryin'
    8. Didn't Mean To Fall In Love
    9. You Gave Up On Love
    10. Livin' For You




RICHARD MARX / DAYS IN AVALON - Japanese version -

<ACM Rating: >

Richard Marx's "Days In Avalon" was released only in the United States under Signal 21, Richard's own label in October 2000. Due to less promotion and/or contents of the album itself, this album was not successful. Almost 2 years later, this album is now repackaged with 4 new tracks including "I Promise You" self-cover version known for 'its Nsync hit version for Japanese market and is now available through Zomba Records, Japan. Other 3 new tracks are: "Until Come Back To You", "High" and "I Can't Help It". On the other hand, "The Edge Of Forever" and "Too Early To Be Over" are deleted. To be honest, I beleive that the change of track orders with 4 brand-new songs makes this album what it should be. Probably, your impression must change when you will listen to the revised "Days In Avalon" album.


    • Label: Jive / Zomba Records Japan (ZJCI10102)
    • Release Date: October 26, 2002
    • Producer: himself
    • Richard Marx: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
    • Musicains:
      • Drums: Herman Matthews, Eddie Bayers
      • Drum Programming: David Cole, John Blasicci, Jeffrey C.J. Vanston
      • Bass: Randy Jackson, Michael Rhodes, Duncan Mullins
      • Guitars: Michael Landau, Bruce Gaitsch, Michael Thompson, J.T. Corenflos, Blue Miller
      • Slide Guitar: Don Kirkpatrick, Paul Franklin
      • Keyboards: Jeffrey C.J. Vanston, John Blasicci, Tim Akers, Gary Smith, Matt Rollings
      • Wurlitzer: Greg Phillanganes
      • Percussion: Erik Darkin
      • Background Vocals: Fee Waybill, Shannon Brown, Alison Krauss

Richard Marx / Days In Avalon


International Order


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  • Tracks
    1. Days In Avalon
    2. Almost Everything
    3. This I Promise You
    4. Until You Come Back To Me
    5. One More Time
    6. High
    7. More Than A Mystery
    8. I Can't Help It
    9. Someone Special
    10. Shine
    11. Power Of You And Me
    12. Boy Next Door
    13. Waiting On Your Love
    14. Stright FromMy Heart






<ACM Rating: >

Hey pal, do you remember Japanese keyboard player named Ryo Okumoto? In 1980, Ryo Okumoto released his second solo album "Makin' Rock" with Canyon Records, Japan, which was recorded with David Foster, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro and Neil Stubenhaus. This album is now one of the most wanted album to be reissued on CD. (However, it seems very difficult due to various reasons.) Ryo Okumoto is currently living in L.A and constantly plays with big names including Natalie Cole. In 2002, Ryo Okumoto is now back with his brand new solo album titled "Coming Through" which will be released in the United States, Europe on October 14. (Please note that Japanese version is also released a little bit later by COOL SOUND on November 25. Probably you cannot ignore if you see who are behind and with Ryo Okumoto! And please be advised that COOL SOUND Version includes a bonus track; "Godzilla vs King Gihdarah"<Altenate Version> with a little bit diffrenet artworks.


    • Label: Inside Out Music, Germany / Inside Out Music America, USA (6 93723 65332) Cool Sound, Japan (COAP-503)
    • Release Date: October 14, 2002 (Germany / USA), November 25, 2002 (Japan)
    • Producer: himself
    • Ryo Okumoto: Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Simon Phillips, Nick D'Virgilio, Sage Okumoto
      • Bass: Dave Carpenter, Dave Meros
      • Guitars: Steve Lukather, Jun Sumida, Alan Morse, Michael Landau
      • Sax: Andy Suzuki, Doug Webb
      • Trumpet: D. Jon Papenbrook
      • Vocals: Nick D'Virgilio, Bobby Kimball, Glenn Hughes
      • Background Vocals: Michael Mishaw, Alan Morse, Linda Green Okumoto

Ryo Okumoto US/EU Version EU / US Version

Japanese Version Ryo Okumoto Japanse Version



International Order


US Version

More information available at


  • Tracks<Disc 1>
    1. Godzilla Vs. King Ghidarah
    2. The Farther He Goes, The Farther He Falls
    3. Slipping Down
    4. Highway Roller
    5. Free Fall
    6. Coming Through
    7. Close Enough
    8. The Imperial
    9. Godzilla Vs. King Ghidarah <Altenate Version> (Bonus Track only for Japanese version)
  • Tracks <Disc 2>: Extra Movie for Win & Mac
    1. Making Of "COMING THROUGH" Movie
    2. Slide Show "Life of Ryo"







I guess you may misunderstand that those are a kind of bootlegs. The answer is "NO"!! I never and ever review any bootlegs on my web. Recently I encountered those albums on Stephen Bishop's official website and pleased to know that those can be bought officially. Those albums feature polished and rough demo's from 1974-2001,which must be interesting for you. Most tunes are very raw in terms of arrangement. But, some materials are really well-produced and it should not to be demos but unreleased. "Pass Her By" (Track 14 of Demo Album 1" mus be a perfect tune produced by Todd Rundgren.



Stephen Bishop Demo 1

Stephen Bishop Demo2
    • Label: none (CD serial #: none)
    • Release Date: July, 2002 ??
    • Producer: Todd Rundgren (Track14)
    • Musicians: * all instruments by Stephen Bishop
      • David Kopatz : All instruments (track 1, 3)
      • Julian Bunetta: Keyboards, Drums (Track 4)
      • Peter Bunetta: Guitars (Track 4)
      • John Jarvis: Piano (Track 8, 12, 15)
      • Jeff Jones: Synthesizers, Background Vocals (Track 11, 15)
      • Suzi Carr: Vocals (Track 12)
      • Todd Rundgren: All instruments, Background Vocals (Track14)
    • Tracks:
      1. The Girl In The Orange Sweater (1989)
      2. She's Not Mine (1996) *
      3. Rescue You (1989)
      4. Before Nightfall (2001)
      5. I Wanna Feel That Way (2000)
      6. Dreams Of Someday (1992)
      7. I'll Sleep On The Plane (2000) *
      8. Across The Sea To You (2000)
      9. There There *
      10. Jet Lag (1995) *
      11. Rat Race (2000)
      12. The Pleasure Of Your Company (2000)
      13. Slipping Into Love (1981)
      14. Pass Her By (1985)
      15. Time Stand Still
    • Label: none (CD serial #: none)
    • Release Date: July, 2002 ??
    • Producer: no credit
    • Musicians: * all instruments by Stephen Bishop
      • Blue London: Vocals (Track 8)
    • Tracks:
      1. I Know Who You Are (1997) *
      2. And I Love You (1998) *
      3. Hurt Machine (1999) *
      4. Ultralove (1999)
      5. Hello (1984 / 2001) *
      6. Really Wanting You (1974) *
      7. Tears On Sunday (1985) *
      8. Making Love Underwater (1986) *
      9. Till I'm Over You (2000) *
      10. Letters From Home (1994) *
      11. Someone Like You (1986)
      12. Forever Friends (2001) *
      13. Dangerous Girl (1982) *
      14. Tell Me It's Over (1980) *
      15. Slow Breakup (1980) *
International Order

International Order








<ACM Rating: >

Joseph Williams 1st solo album was released by COOL SOUND in July 1998 but had been deleted from their catalog. Cool Sound has just re-reissued this masterpiece with 2 different bonus tracks; "Anything You Say" and "You Forever", which were late 80's unreleased materials written and recorded with the intention for possible TOTO tunes. The new version will be the remastered one and will be released with paper sleeves. I have to add one more thing in terms of tracks for this remastered re-reissue. As I wrote before, there're two versions of the original LP records; one was MCA 5316 (with another serial # MCA 3001 on the A-side label) and the other was MCA 5316 (with another serial # MCA 3050 on the A-side label). The former included "I Didn't Do It" on which sax solo was instead of Michael Landau's guitar solo, and the latter included "I Didn't Do It" with Michael Landau's guitar solo mixed by Al Schmit. Cool Sound out-of-print reissued CD (COOL-007) included the song with Landau's guitar solo. Cool Sound present you the re-reissue CD which includes the alternative original version without Landau's guitar solo. Last but not least, the out-of-print reissue CD had a little bit faster pitch than the original vinyl version because the original mastertape was so. As a result, we were obliged to feel a little bit strange because we were familiar to the original vinyl version, even though the reissued CD was exactly remastered as its original master tape. Now, Cool Sound will get you the adjusted pitch version as same as that of the vinyl version.

    • Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COOL-092) <Original: The Great Record and distributed by MCA, USA (MCA 5316)>
    • Release Date: 0ctober 10, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1982)
    • Producer: Jay Gruska (except track 10 & 11 done by himself)
    • Joseph Williams: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Bass: Dean Cortez
      • Moog Bass: Jay Gruska
      • Keyboards (& Piano): Robbie Buchanan, David Garfield, Michael Omartian
      • Guitar: Steve Lukather, Michael Landau
      • Drums: Mark T. Williams
      • Percussion: Lenny Castro
      • Sax: Steve Tavaglione
      • Horns: Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Larry Williams, Jim Horn
      • Background Vocals: Richard Page, Steve George, Tommy Funderburk
Joseph Williams / Joseph Williams


International Order



  • Tracks:
    1. What Is She Hiding
    2. That First Night
    3. Takin' It
    4. One More Chance
    5. I Didn't Do It
    6. This Girl
    7. Something Special
    8. Nothing's Lost
    9. Make Some Time
    10. Anything You Say(Bonus Track)
    11. You Forever (Bonus Track)
    12. I Didn't Do It <Alternative Take> (Bonus Track)





<ACM Rating: >

Jay Graydon is now releasing "PLANET 3 - MUSIC FROM THE PLANET" remastered version with an unreleased song "Dreamers". Probably you remember that Jay explained the aggressive and melodious sounds of this group by using the expression "Chicago Meets Def Leppard". "I Don't Want To Say Goodnight" was released as a track for motion picture soundtrack "Navy Seals" in the States in 1990. In April, 1991, Japanese version was released as "A Heart From The Big Machine" with 10 tracks including "I Will Be Loving You", which was replaced by "Ever After Love" (later appeared on Jay's "Airplay For The Planet" Japanese version) when Swedish and German version followed in 1992 as "Music From The Planet". And now in 2002, "Music From The Planet" is back with a bonus track "Dreamers".

    • Label: Sonic Trust Records, USA (STRCD-003)
    • Release Date: September 20, 2002
    • Producer: themselves
    • Executive Producer: Steve Barri
    • Planet 3 is:
      • Jay Graydon: Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
      • Clif Magness: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
      • Glen Ballard: Keyboards, Programming

Planet 3 / Music From The Planet

International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Born To Love
    2. From The Beginning
    3. Insincere
    4. Criminal
    5. I Don't Want To Say Goodnight
    6. Welcome To Love
    7. The Day The Earth Stood Still
    8. Only Your Eyes
    9. Modern Girl
    10. Dreamers (Bonus Track)





Rake and the Surftones

Rake and The Surftones

Surfers Drive Woodies

One of Jay Graydon's project CD released in 1996 "Rake and the Surftones / Surfers Drive Woodies" is now reissued. Original Swedish version included 16 songs first. And Japanese version with 18 tracks followed.

Now in 2002, Remastered 18 tracks version is now available through Sonic Thrust Records, Jay's own label.




<ACM Rating: >
<ACM Rating: >
Bill Champlin/SIngle
  • Label: Sony Music, Japan (EICP 7064)
  • Release Date: September 19, 2002
  • Original Release Year: 1978
  • Producer: David Foster
Greg Guidry/Over The Line
  • Label: Sony Music, Japan (SICP 8058)
  • Release Date: September 19, 2002
  • Original Release Year: 1982
  • Producers: John Ryan and himself

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<ACM Rating: >
<ACM Rating: >
Ray Kennedy
  • Label: Sony Music, Japan (SICP 8057)
  • Release Date: September 19, 2002
  • Original Release Year: 1980
  • Producer: David Foster
Ned Doheny/Prone
  • Label: Sony Music, Japan (SICP 8056)
  • Release Date: September 19, 2002
  • Original Release Year: 1979
  • Producer: Steve Cropper

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<ACM Rating: >
<ACM Rating: >
Gary Portnoy
  • Label: Sony Music, Japan (SICP 8060)
  • Release Date: September 19, 2002
  • Original Release Year: 1980
  • Producer: David Wolfert
Paul Davis
  • Label: Sony Music, Japan (SICP 8059)
  • Release Date: September 19, 2002
  • Original Release Year: 1980
  • Producer: Ed Seay and himself

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Masaki Matsubara is still one of the top contemporary Jazz / Fusion guitarists here in Japan. His mid 80's albums are now being reissued on CD. Don't you understand why I take up this album here? Didn't you know who wrote and took lead vocals of 3 songs? His name is....ERIC TAGG!! This album was once reissued on CD in June 1985 (D32Y0028). However, very limited number of CD did exist because CD player was not so familiar in those days. Now, Pony Canyon digitally remastered this album for you.

    • Label: Pony Canyon, Japan (PCCY-01606) (Original Label: Agharta - Pony Canyon, Japan)
    • Release Date: October 2, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1983)
    • Producers Harry Kaneko and himself
    • Masaki Matsubara: Guitars, Synthesizer
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Eiji Shimamura
      • Percussion: Nobu Saitoh
      • Bass: Michio Nagaoka
      • Keyboards: Hiroshi Shinkawa
      • Lead Vocals: Eric Tagg (Track1, 4, 7)
      • Background Vocals: Eric Tagg, Mike Dunn, Eve
      • Trumpet: Shin Kazuhara, Hitoshi Yokoyama
      • Trombone: Yasuo Hirauchi
      • Sax: Jake H. Conception

Masaki Matsubara / Painted Woman


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  • Tracks:
    1. Make It With Me - feat. Eric Tagg
    2. Night Scanners
    3. Shining Star
    4. Silly Crush - (feat. Eric Tagg
    5. Tequila Toast
    6. S.O.S (Society Of Soul)
    7. Painted Woman - feat. Eric Tagg
    8. Sunset Lullaby
    9. Pacific Coast Highway
    10. Sky High




Average White Band, the brand of funky soul, formed in 1972. Their unique tight funk sound with Scottish heritage made them big success in 70's. The band made their debut in 1973 releasing the album "Show Your Hand" A year later the band issued their self-titled album "Average White Band" topping the American pop charts with "Pick Up the Pieces" produced by Arif Mardin. 1975's album "Cut The Cake" was big success because of US # 1 hit with its title track as well as two other chart entries, "If I Ever Lose This Heaven" and "School Boy Crush." Commercially, mid 70's was the peak for the band. The band released the live album "Person To Person" in 1976 and "Benny An Us", collaboration with Ben E. King followed in 1977. 1978' album "Warmer Communications" was not successful in terms of sales although it was musically excellent with the producer Arif Mardin. After releasing the 1979 self-produce album "Feel No Fret", the band left Atlantic Records and signed to Clive Davis' Arista Records for another success. The band started to record new materials with David Foster before facing contractual problem with Atlantic Records. Those 4 songs were released as new materials for their best album"Volume VIII". As you may know, the band completed the great album "Shine" produced by David Foster in 1980. However, this album brought the musical direction difference between members into relief. As a result, "Cupid In Fashion" became the last album of the original AWB. The original AWB unit disbanded in 1982 ....But their story wasn't over. The band regrouped in 1989 and continued to release albums including "Soul Tattoo" (1997) and "Face To Face" (1999 live album).

"Feel No Fret ... And More" includes 4 tracks produced by David Foster which were originally included in the album "Volume VIII". In that sense, this reissue would be worth buying for me and others who loves the album "Shine". In 1994, Rhino once reissued this but had been out-of-print for a long time. As regards "Cupid In Fashion", this is very first time we are able to get this album on CD. Musically, "Isn't It Strange" and "Love's Heartache" written by Ned Doheny are really nice. "Love's Heartache" is one of the best song which were also recorded by Leslie Smith as "Heartache"!

<ACM Rating: >
<ACM Rating: >
Average White Band / Feel No Fret and more
Average White Band
    • Label: Victor Entertainment,Japan (VICP-62050) (Original Vinyl: Atlantic Records, USA, CD with 4 additional tracks: Rhino, USA)
    • Release Date: September 21, 2002 (Original Vinyl Release: March, 1979, CD Reissue with 4 addtional tracks: December 13, 1994)
    • Producers: Gene Paul and themselves (Track 1- 9), David Foster (Track 10-13)
    • Average White Band is:
      • Alan Gorrie: Bass, Vocals, Guitars
      • Hamish Stewart: Guitars, Vocals, Bass
      • Roger Ball: Keyboards, Sax
      • Malcolm Ducan: Sax
      • Stephen Ferrone: Drums, Percussion
      • Onnie McIntyre: Guitars, Vocals
    • Additional Muscians:
      • Percussion: Airto Moreira
      • Sax: Mike Brecker, Lew Delgatto, Ernie Watts
      • Trumpet: Randy Brecker, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey
      • Trombone: Bill Reichenbach
      • Background Vocals: Luther Vandross
    • Tracks:
      1. When Will You Be Mine
      2. Please Don't Fall In Love
      3. Walk On By
      4. Feel No Fret
      5. Stop The Rain
      6. Atlantic Avenue
      7. Ace Of Hearts
      8. Too Late To Cry
      9. Fire Burning
      10. Kiss Me
      11. Love Won't Get In The Way
      12. Love Gives, Love Takes Away
      13. Growing Pauns
    • Label: Victor Entertainment,Japan (VICP-62050) (Original: RCA Records, USA <6052>)
    • Release Date: September 21, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1982)
    • Producer: Dan Hartman
    • Average White Band is:
      • Alan Gorrie: Bass, Vocals, Guitars
      • Hamish Stewart: Guitars, Vocals, Bass
      • Roger Ball: Keyboards, Sax
      • Malcolm Ducan: Sax
      • Stephen Ferrone: Drums, Percussion
      • Onnie McIntyre: Guitars, Vocals
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Trumpet: Randy Brecker
      • Keyboards: Jeff Bova, Dan Hartman, Mark Gray
      • Guitars:Richie Stotts
      • Percussion: Sammy Figueroa
      • Background Vocals: Joe Melotti
    • Tracks:
      1. You're My Number One
      2. Easier Said Than Done
      3. You Wanna Belong
      4. Cupid's In Fashion
      5. Theatre Of Excess
      6. I Believe
      7. Is It Love That You're Running From
      8. Reach Out I'll Be There
      9. Isn't It Strange
      10. Love's A Hearache
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Cool Sound contiunes to present you of fine Hawaiian AOR albums in the early Autumn. 2 more albums related to Richard Natto and Dave Toma will be released in September. Both albums were originally released only on cassette. Thus, those are the very first time CD release! Enjoy good Hawaiian AOR again.

    • Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COHI-1013) <Original: Hip Jam Records, USA (only avialable on cassette tape) >
    • Release Date: September 25, 2002 <Original Release Year: 1988>
    • Producers: themselves
    • Toma Natto is:
      • Dave Toma
      • Richard Natto
Island Mellow 2
    • Tracks:
      1. It Doesn't Matter
      2. I Don't Wanna Leave
      3. I Only Have Eyes For You
      4. Joanne
      5. Best That I Can Do
      6. Had It Known You Better Then
      7. Home
      8. You Don't Know Me
      9. Here, There And Everywhere (Bonus Track)
      10. I'm A Loser (Bonus Track)
      11. Watching The River Run (Bonus Track)


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<ACM Rating: >
  • Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COHI-1014) <Original: Rd Music, USA (only avialable on cassette tape) >
  • Release Date: September 25, 2002 (Original Release Year: 1990)
  • Producers: himself
  • Richard Natto: Vocals and all instruments
  • Tracks:
    1. Shop Her, Love Her
    2. Take Good Care Yourself
    3. Funny World
    4. Walk With You Baby
    5. Crying For You
    6. Best Boy
    7. Not Sure
    8. Feel Like A Fool
    9. Our Love
    10. This Boy's In Love With You (Bonus Track)
    11. Personally (Bonus Track)
    12. The La La Song (Bonus Track)


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