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Many Adult Contemporary Music CDs are still being released every month. So, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Releases ( also including Reissues) information as "Recommended Discs of The Month". I would highly recommend you to buy several albums by reading my personal reviews. In addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent releases supported by one of the well-known on-line music stores "CD Now" and "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month".


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  1. Ricky Lawson / Ricky Lawson And Friends <ACM Rating: >
Ricky Lawson & Friends

Ricky Lawson, ex drummer of "Yellow Jackets" and/or known for his session and touring works with big names such as Steely Dan and Eric Clapton released his first solo album "First Things 1st" in 1998 for Japan. Now, US version with 2 additional tracks; "Planet Hope" and "Without You".

  • Label: Pioneer Entertainment, USA (PIO-CD-5166-2)
  • Release Date: August 28, 2001
  • Musicians:
    • Lead Vocals: Bridgette Bryant, Sean Holt, Vesta Williams, James Ingram, Al Jarreau, David Thomas
    • Background Vocals: The Emotions, Arnold McCuller, Linn Fedmont, Fred White, Bill Cantos, Sean Holt, Amy Keys, Nigel Martinez, Josei James, Perri Sisters, Jason Brown, Israel Hollingworth, Lyndon Peats, Sheryl Cagelese, Sonya Sampson, Elli Hall Jr., Natali Reiter, Shannon Pearson, Timothy Fowlkes
    • Guitar: Al Mckay, Greg Moore, Carlos Rios, Roben Ford, Tony Maiden, Dwight Sills
    • Bass: Jimmy Haslip, Nathan East, Marcus Miller, Byron Miller, Neil Stubenhaus
    • Keyboards: Bill Cantos, Joe Wolfe, Brad Buxer, Nathan East, Russell Ferrante, George Duke, Sean Dancy
    • Piano: Donald Fagen, Greg Phillinganes
    • Percussion: Sheila E., Peter Michael, Luis Conte, Phil Collins, Paulinho Da Costa
    • Sax: Andrew Woolfolk, Kirk Whalum, Boney James, Gerald Albright, Jim Reid
    • Vibes: Roger Burns



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<ACM Rating: >

It was 1971 when Carole King released timeless masterpiece album "Tapestry" , which stayed on the charts for over 6 years. After 1983's album "Speeding Time", Carole took a six-year hiatus from recording before releasing "City Streets" featured Eric Clapton. In 1993, she released the album "Colour of Your Dreams" and a year later, Carole made her Broadway debut in the drama "Bloodbrothers". Since then, we had to wait for Carole King's brand-new studio recording album for a long time. Now, we have this at last. Recently there is not so many albums, to which I would listen over and over. But I have already listen to this Carole King album over 10 times although only 20 days passed since I have bought.

    • Label: Rockingale Records, USA (RKGL/KOC-CD-8346)
    • Release Date: September 25, 2001
    • Producers: Pop Rox, Humberto Gatica, Babyface, David Foster and herself
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Steve Hamilton, Babyface, Michael Landau, Greg Wells, Rudy Guess, Rusty Anderson, Paul Jackson Jr., Dean Parks
      • Bass: Nathan East, Armand Sabal-Lecco, Charlie Larkey
      • Keyboards: Babyface, Paul Brady, David Foster, Randy Waldman
      • Programming: Dave Schommer, Babyface, CJ Vanston, Lester Mendez, Simon Franglen, Randy Waldman
      • Drums: Babyface, Greg Wells, Russ Kunkel
      • Drum Programming: Michael McCoy
      • Percussion: Duke Mushroom, Michael Fisher
      • Sax: David Boruff
      • Trumpet: Wynton Marsalis
      • Featured Vocal (track 9): K.D. Lang
      • Violin: Endre Granat, Julie Ann Gigante, Jacqueline Brand, Miran Kojian, Rafael Rishik, Amy Hershberger
      • Violas: Brian Dembow, Dave Walther
      • Cellos: John Walz, Arman Ksajikian
      • Flute: David Shostac
      • Oboe: Barbara Northcutt
      • French Horn: Jim Thatcher
      • Background Vocals: Dan Woods, Babyface, Celine Dion, Gary Burr, Paul Brady, Mark Hudson, Steven Tyler
Lara Fabian / Nue

International Order


Listen Before You Buy !


Listen Before You Buy !

  • Tracks:
    1. Love Makes The World
    2. You Can Do Anything
    3. The Reason
    4. I Wasn't Gonna Fall In Love
    5. I Don't Know
    6. Oh No Not My Baby
    7. It Could Have Been Anymore
    8. Monday Without You
    9. An Uncommon Love
    10. You Will Find Me There
    11. Safe Again
    12. This Time





ANGELS ON EARTH presents WINGS OF LIGHT - songs of inspiration -

<ACM Rating: >

Angels On Earth is a nonprofit foundation founded by Marino, London-born guitarist who now settles in Los Angeles with the mission to continue to provide angelic healing music, free of charge, to patients, hospitals, therapists, specialists, doctors and anyone involved in the healing arts, on a worldwide basis. I wonder if you have already listened to Marino's 2001 US debut release "The Unexpected Alliance" featuring his fellow musicians -- vocalists Bill Champlin and Alex Ligertwood (ex Santana), which was a kind of surprise for me alike finding a hidden treasure. And now, Marino present you this marvelous compilation album featuring several unreleased tracks we are obliged to show our interest. One is "Miracles" performed by Vince Di Cola featuring Jason Scheff. The other is "Talkin' To Angels" performed by Tamara Champlin.

    • Label: Angels On Earth, USA (Serial #: none)
    • Release Date: October, 2001
    • Executive Producers: Marino and Ed Summers
    • Musicians:
      • Lead Vocals: Bobby Womack, Leon Patillo, Alex Ligertwood, Phillip Ingram, Margaret Fowler, Cassandra Denver, Jose Feliciano, Jason Scheff, Vince Di Cola, Ellis Hall, Roger Voudouris, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Leon Patillo
      • Guitars: Bobby Womack, George Benson, Santana, Marino, Paul Jackson Jr., Tim Pierce, Rocket Ritchotte, Scott Shelly, Bruce Gaitsch
      • Bass: David Shields, Pablo Tellez, Abraham Laboriel, Paul Bushnell, Marino Cippolina, Will Champlin
      • Keyboards: Michael Wycoff, Tom Coster, Richard Baker, Bobby Lyle, Kim Bullard, Vince Di Cola, Casey Young, Smitty Price
      • Sax: Wilton Felder, Tom Saviano
      • Drums: James E. Gadson, Gaylord Birch, J. R. Robinson, Stephen Saviano
      • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Raul Rekow, Vinnie Colaiuta
      • Background Vocals: Julia Waters, Maxine Waters, Oren Waters, Carol Dennis Dylan, Maxayn Lewis, Lani Groves, Margaret Fowler, Jim Gilstrap, Alvin Chia, Richard Page, Gary Falcone, Jason Scheff, Tracy Gable
Angels On Earth / Wings Of Light
International Order

Angels On Earth

  • Tracks:
    1. Save The Children - Bobby Womack
    2. The River - Santana
    3. Feel The Spirit - Alex Ligertwood
    4. Out Of The Ashes - Marino feat. Phillip Ingram
    5. Jerusalem - Cassandra Denver
    6. Daniel - Jose Feliciano
    7. Miracles - Vince Di Cola feat. Jason Scheff
    8. Day Of Redemption - Marino
    9. Southern Serenade - Bill Champlin
    10. Through The Eyes Of A Child - Bobby Womack feat. Patti LaBelle & George Benson
    11. You're Not Alone Tonight - Vince Di Cola feat. Ellis Hall & Roger Voudouris
    12. Talkin' To Angels - Tamara Champlin feat. Marino
    13. Thy Word - Leon Patillo





<ACM Rating: >

Tommy Denander, Swedish guitarist/ songwriter goes several projects at the same time. SAYIT is the most melodic and Westcoast-vein project among them. Comparing with the former projects, it is really good for us to find out that Tommy decided to carry a real human drummer instead of programming, which makes all the tunes alive. You may be surprised to listen to the last tune "Never Gonna Let You Go". Yes, this is the cover originally performed by David Roberts on his legendary solo album "All Dressed Up"(1982). By releasing this album. Tommy reveals us that he can write Westcost-vein tunes more than we expected. Worth listening for AOR / Westcoast lovers!!

    • Label: AOR Heaven,Germany (4-018996-101881)
    • Release Date: October 10, 2001
    • Producers: Tommy Denander and Ricky Delin
    • Musicians:
      • Lead Vocals: Geir Rönning, Pierre Wensberg, Magnus Björkroth, Jim Jidhed, Kristoffer Lagerström
      • Guitars: Sayit, Tommy Denander, Michael Thompson, Kee Marcello
      • Keyboards: Tommy Denander, Mats Olausson
      • Bass: Tommy Denander, Martin Landin, David Hungate
      • Drums: Marcus Liliequist
      • Background Vocals: Kristoffer Lagerström, Tommy Denander, Geir Rönning
Sayit / Again
International Order

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  • Tracks:
    1. Dawn
    2. Love You Tonight
    3. Frozen
    4. I Can't Go On
    5. Halfway To Heaven
    6. Don't Cry
    7. When I Think About You
    8. Moon Comes Calling
    9. Heaven Holds You Near
    10. Never Gonna Let You Go





<ACM Rating: >

Arnold McCuller's new CD "Back To Front." is now ready. This CD includes his versions of songs by James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Marc Cohn, Beck, and Brenda Russell -- all artists he's performed with before. Arnold gives another lives to those tunes and as usual sings soulful and emotional. Arnold covers "Lazy Nina" written by Donald Fagen, which Arnold says that it is a song that's been in his live acts for over 15 15 years because he loves Donald Fagen and he has always been a fan of Greg Phillinganes.

    • Label: What's Good Records, USA (WGR-85002-2)
    • Release Date: September 4, 2001
    • Producers: Jeff Hull, Dana Walden, Brad Cole, Andre Fisher
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Corky James, Dori Caymmi
      • Keyboards: Brad Cole
      • Bass: Jerry Watts, Neil Stubenhaus, Josh Walden
      • Drums: Josh Quirk
      • Percussion: Cassio Duarte, Mike Shapiro
      • Accordion: Doug Lacy
      • Background Vocals: Fred White, Lamont Van Hook, Sweet Pea Atkinson , Harry Bowens, Willie Green, Rosemary Butler, Kate Markowitz, Valerie Pinkston, David Lasley, And Stewart
Arnold McCuller / Back To Front

International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Nick Of Time
    2. Baby King
    3. First Of May
    4. Hot And Sultry Afternoon
    5. Hold On My Heart
    6. Oughta Know By Now
    7. Paper Walls
    8. Look Up From Your Life
    9. Lazy Nina
    10. I Can't Make You Love Me
    11. Closing Time






<ACM Rating: >

Pauline Wilson, known for her awesome works with the legendary band SEAWIND, has just released "Tribute" which is a thank you to the singers of these songs who've influenced her career. As you can judge from the CD jacket design, Pauline sings jazzy although the album. Larry Williams and David Garfield have done very well as usual.

  • Label: McClees, USA (McClees 2001)
  • Release Date: September, 2001
  • Producers: David Garfield and Blue Johnson
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: David Garfield, Larry Williams
    • Drums: Harvey Mason, Airto Morelra
    • Bass: Ken Wild, Alphonso Johnson
    • Percussion: Lenny Castro
    • Sax: Larry Williams, Michael Paulo, Kim Hutchcroft
    • Trumpet: Jerry Hey
Macky Feary / Forever & One Day
International Order


Pauline Wilson Website

  • Tracks:
    1. Rio De Janeiro Blue
    2. Good Morning Heartache
    3. Never Let Me Go
    4. Sentimental Mood
    5. When I Fall In Love
    6. The Nearness Of You
    7. I Want To Be Around
    8. Someone To Watch Over Me
    9. Dindi






<ACM Rating: >

Our guitarist, Jay Graydon has now released his latest album "Bebop" on his private label SONIC THRUST RECORDS. Webmaster of Jay Graydon's official website explains that this album contains straight ahead instrumental jazz written by Jay and Bill Cantos. Well, this is not a Westcoast Pop / AOR album we mostly expect Jay to make for us. Needless to say, Jay knows this, and therefore he explains this on the CD liner notes written by himself as follows: "For those of you that know my work, the last thing you might expect is an instrumental jazz bebop album. This album came about quite by accident. In brief, here's the story. Over the years, I have beta tested many electronic products designed by Marcus Ryle - a genius engineer and a good friend. One such product designed by him and his team is the ALESIS M20 DAT Digital Recorder. As usual, Marcus and the ALESIS team asked I beta test the system. Since the M20 digital recorder format is "pro quality", I decided to perform the audio test using acoustic instruments as to discover how the recorder system deals with a wide frequency range and natural dynamics. With that in mind, since I have jazz roots, recording a jazz bebop album came to mind. OK, electric guitar is not an acoustic instrument per se, but I wanted to play on the recording." In spite that I said the above, I am sure that you will satisfy with Jay's excellent guitar performance on track 6 "Tubs" at least!

  • Label: Sonic Thrust Records, USA (STRCD-001)
  • Release Date: September, 2001
  • Jay Graydon: Producing, Engineering, Mastering, Arrangement, Guitars
  • Musicians:
    • Sax: Brandon Fields
    • Piano: Bill Cantos
    • Bass: Dave Carpenter
    • Drums: Dave Weckl
Jay Graydon / Bebop
International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Joe Graydon TV Show 1951
    2. Oh Yes, They Will
    3. Blow Man
    4. 4.2
    5. Go 'Way Moon
    6. Tubs
    7. C Bop
    8. My Hot Girth
    9. G Wizz
    10. Star Spangled Banner









<ACM Rating: >

Cool Sound now presents you re-reissue CD of the hard-to-find album relating to Tommy Funderburk, the voice of AOR. This album is the best mid 80's CCM album, thus almost all of lyrics written by Tommy are very spiritual. But, music written by Bob Wilson are very sophisticated and well-produced/arranged with good 80's Westcoast pop feeling.

    • Label: Cool Sound, Inc. Japan (COOL-079) (Original: Refuge Records, USA (R-84006)>
    • Release Date: October 10, 2001 (Original Release Year: 1984)
    • Producers: Bob Wilson and Tommy Funderburk
    • Additional Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Larry Williams
      • Guitar: Dunn Huff
      • Bass: Dennis Bellfield
      • Guitar and Bass: Kevin Clerk
      • Background Vocals: Tom Kelly, Linda McCrary, Tata Vega, Andrae Crouch, Phyllis St. James, Kristle Edwards
Tommy Coomes / Love Is The Key
International Order


Melody Blvd.

GEMM is your best source for impossible-to-find music!
Cruisin' Music at GEMM

  • Tracks:
    1. It's Hard To Take
    2. Holy Night
    3. All Under Him
    4. King Of Glory
    5. The Promise
    6. Silent Night
    7. Tonight
    8. How Long






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