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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD are releasing every month. SO, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Release (also including Reissue) information. As "Recommended Discs of The Month" , I would highly recommend to buy several albums with my personal review.




The Bridge is the new project featuring Michael Sembello. It is said that the music of this project is called as "Multi-Culture Pop Fusion" becuase the nationalities of this project members varys. Daniel Jobim (who is the grandchild of the late Antonio Carlos Jobim) and Edu Falco from Brasil, Toshi Kubota from Japan and Michael Sembello from United States form the core of this project. Furthermore Nathan Watts, Vinnie Colaiuta and Paulinho Da Coasta supports the project storngly. The key word of this project is "One Planet One People"...
Needless to say, the sound of this project is very unique. It is the mixed up of various kind music such as Brazilian contemporary, Japanese Pop, R&B, Jazz, and West Coast Pop music. However, the sound is good-organized and sophisticated one. This is one of the showcase how the music should be in 21th century. I can say that it is really worth buying.





Do you remember "Think Out Loud"? Yes, this is the special project of Peter Beckett, the lead vocalist of the group PLAYER and Steve Kipner, the key person of West Coast Pop Music scene known for his own masterpiece solo album "Knock The Walls Down" (1979) and hit tunes such as "Physical" performed by Olivia Newton John.
In 1988, these two key persons had released the album "Think Out Loud" supported by John Capek, Micahel Landau, Bob Marlette, Paulinho Da Costa, Randy Goodrum, Tris Imborden, Brandon Fields, Steve Lukather, Bobby Caldwell and many many more. However, they have never released any album as "Think Out Loud" since then before this album's sudden release.
On this brand-new album, you can listen to the original version of "Invisible Man" performed by 98 Degrees, which ranked on number 12 Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart dated September 27, 1997. This album is really one of the good AOR/West Coast Pop albums, which reminds me of the good golden early 80's. Don't hesitate to buy this album!

 Think Out Loud / Shelf Life

If you want to buy this CD, the following German Retailer would accept your international mail order.


Georg Siegl Landshuter Str. 11 84051 ALTHEIM, Germany
Phone / Fax +49 8703 8517




Jonathan was born in Cape Town,South Africa in 1962. He moved to London and at last his worldwide debut jazz guitar album "Introducing Jonathan Butler" (Jive Records 1004-2-J) has been released in 1986 which was distributed by RCA Records. Soon, artists like Al Jarreau, Billy Ocean and George Benson recognized Jonathan's songwriting talent and recorded composition by him.
In 1987, his second album "Jonathan Butler" (Jive 1032-2-J) which consists of 11 songs featuring Jonathan's emotive singing and 5 instrumentals that displays his rare gift for melody. He kept constant album release since then. This album is his 7th solo album which he continues to show his wonderful talent not only as a guitarist but also a singer. He keep on singing about love and passion.

Jonathan Butler / do you love me?

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The Rippingtons featuing Russ Freeman has just started thier new musical journey with Windham Hill Jazz Label, Peak Records. This "Black Diamond" is thier 10th Anniversary album. Russ Freeman, the main man of this great fusion group is one of very talented gutarist who can write smooth and relaxing melodies. If you are really fond of fusion guitar oriented album and you should not listened to any of thier albums, I would strongly recommend that you should better trying this album right now.
Attention, AOR/West Coast Pop fans!! Mark Williamson known for his solo works and as the singer of "Bridge 2 Far" are fully featured on this album. 1 lead vocal track and 6 background vocals!!

The Rippingtons / Black Diamond

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You can find the name of Tommy Denander as one of the lead guitar player on the Fee Waybill's solo album "Don't Be Scared With These Hands". He has just released this album as limited 500 copies special CD which features a small collection of Tommy Denander's past, present,and future work including the rare works with the late Jeff Porcaro and the rest of Porcaro Brothers. And also you can listen to a kind of the rough jam session tune "Limited Access" with Bruce Gaitsch.





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