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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD are releasing every month. So, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Release ( also including Reissue) information. As "Recommended Discs of The Month" , I would highly recommend to buy several albums with my personal review. In addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent titles supported by one of the well-known on-line music stores "CD Now" and "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month" .


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  1. Duets <ACM Rating: >
    • Label: Hollywood Records, USA (HR-62241-2)
    • Release Date: September 12, 2000
    • Music Supervision: Richard Rudolph and Maya Rudolph
    • Tracks - Lead Vocalists:
      1. Feeling Alright - Huey Lewis
      2. Bette Davis Eyes - Gwyneth Paltrow
      3. Cruisin' - Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis
      4. Just My Imagination (Running With Me) - Babyface and Gwyneth Paltrow
      5. Try A Little Tenderness - Paul Giamatti and Arnold McCuller
      6. Hello, It's Me - Paul Giamatti
      7. I Can't Make You Love Me - Maria Bello
      8. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Maria Bello
      9. Lonely Tenderness - Huey Lewis
      10. Copacabana - John Pinette
      11. Free Bird - Arnold McCuller
      12. Beginnings/Endings <instrumental>

Original Soudtrack - Duets

  1. Rainmaker / Rainmaker <ACM Rating: >
Tommy Denander, one of the most active Swedish Melodic Rock Guitarist of these days, has just released another project album with Geir Ronning. Comparing with his released "Prisoner" project, this "Rainmaker" project is much heavier and hard-driven one.
  • Label: Z Records, UK (ZR 1997033)
  • Release Date: October, 2000
  • Producer: Tommy Denander
  • Rainmaker are:
    • Geir Ronning: Lead & Backing Vocals
    • Tommy Denander: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass & Programming
    • Tony Franklin: Bass
    • Walter Dego: Drums
  • Additional Musicians:
    • Baking Vocals: Kristoffer Lagestrom
    • Acoustic Guitar: Mike Rorick, John "JJ" Jessel



  1. Rainmaker
  2. Father Of Your Sins
  3. Nancy Hold On
  4. Kay
  5. Seriously
  6. The Sound Of My Heart
  7. Going Insane
  8. Blood Brother Run
  9. Passion Again
  10. Bad Call
  11. King Of Fools






DAVID LASLEY / BACK TO BLUE-EYED SOUL - collectable works 1966-1999 -

<ACM Rating: >

David Lasley's collection CD "Back to Blue-Eyed Soul" is now available. The CD features rare recordings dating back to 1966, many of which are being made available for the first time, several newly released recordings, songs from two of Lasley's early groups, "The Utopias" and "Rosie", out-of-print solo singles, movie themes and radio jingles. Soulful and melodic, the tracks range in style from pop to jazz to R&B. Thus, you can fully enjoy David Lasley awesome musical talents as a singer/songwriter this summer by listening to his related albums released / reissued on CDs such as David's solo works "Missin’ Twenty Grand" (1982), "Raindance" (1984) and "Soldiers on the Moon" (1989) and further "Better Late than Never" (1976) with a group called Rosie. "Back to Blue-Eyed Soul" contains 21 tracks, including the 45 versions of "It's A Crying Shame" (from Raindance) also offering other works never heard before such as "Earth Children/Life Goes On", an out-take from "Missin' Twenty Grand" and more shown as below.

  • Label : ZACODA, USA <Serial #: N/A>
  • Release Date: October, 2000
  • Short comments:
    • Track 1: from the album "Expectations Of Love" (2000)
    • Track 2, 9: David's first pro career group with his sister Julie "The Utopias" unreleased works recorded in 1967
    • Track 3: from the album "Missin' Twenty Grand" (1982)
    • Track 4: "The Utopias" 3rd single (1967)
    • Track 5: Totally different Rough Mix Version featuring Brenda Russell, Luther Vandross, Lynn Pitney on background vocals the completed version in on the album "Missin' Twenty Grand" (1982).
    • Track 6: The 45 rpm single version from the album "Raindance" (1984)
    • Track 7: The shortened single version from Rosie's album "Better Late Than Never" (1976)
    • Track 8: An outtake from the album "Missin' Twenty Grand" (1982)
    • Track 10: Unreleased version intended for the movie soundtrack of "The Outsiders", on which Stevie Wonder's version was featured as the theme of the film.
    • Track11: Demo version recorded in 1985, written with Randy Goodrum. Angela Bofill's version was Top 20 R&B hit.
    • Track 12: Unreleased material written and recorded in 1986 featuring David Benoit
    • Track 13: Demo version recorded with David Benoit, written by Danny Kootch and originally recorded by The Attitudes on their album "Dark Horse".
    • Track 14: Radio Jingles
    • Track 15: Goffin-King song released as an early disco record in 1973
    • Track 16: from the album "Soldiers On The Moon" (1989)
    • Track 17: Demo version programming Jay Oliver
    • Track 18: Rough Cassette Mix recorded in 1978
    • Track 19: from the movie soundtrack album "Body Rock", written by Bruce Roberts and Andy Goldmark
    • Track 20: from the musical movie soundtrack album "Hair", recorded in 1977.
    • Track 21: David's earliest personal recording material when he was 16 years old.
  • Official Website:
David Lasley / Back To Blue-Eyed Soul
  • Tracks:
    1. What's It Gonna Take?
    2. Look At The Clock
    3. If I Had My Wish Tonight
    4. Girls Are Against Me
    5. Roommate
    6. It's A Cryin' Shame
    7. Roll Me Through The Rushes
    8. Earth Children / Life Goes On
    9. Back In The Woods
    10. Stay Gold
    11. Tell Me Tomorrow
    12. On A Circus Ride
    13. Promise Me The Moon
    14. Aunt Jemima Pancakes / Seagram's Wine Cooler Radio Jingles
    15. One Fine Day
    16. It's Too Late
    17. Change All Of That
    18. Hot Butterfly
    19. Teamwork
    20. What A Piece Of Work Is Man?
    21. Tell Her She's The One
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<ACM Rating: >

Jonathan Butler, coming from South Africa, is a successful R&B / Fusion performer with a slight jazzy touch. He emerged as a successor of George Benson with his first instrumental guitar-oriented album "Introducing Jonathan Butler" in 1986. According to the liner notes on this album written by Bill Milkowski, the links to such guitar heroes as George Benson and Wes Montgomery are unmistakable. Then Jonathan proved his talent as a vocalist by his self-titled marvelous 2nd album (double vinyl album or 1 CD) "Jonathan Butler" in 1987. He constantly released albums in 80's... "More Than Friends" (1988), "Deliverance" (1990), "Heal Our Land" (1990). It took almost 4 years to release "Head To Head" (1994) under Mercury Records. Jonathan moved to the United States from UK when he made a deal with N2K Encoded Music and released "Do You Love Me?" in 1997. And followed by the album "Story Of Life" (1999). And this is the new album of Jonathan Butler....

  • Label : N-Coded Music, distributed by Warlock Records, USA (NC-4213-2)
  • Release Date: October 10, 2000
  • Producer: himself
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Kenneth Crouch
    • Drums: Derrick "D*Lock" Walker
    • Booker T., III: Drum Programming
    • Percussion: Munyugo Jackson
    • Sax: Jim Reid
    • Background Vocals: Randy Butler, Sherree Ford-Payne, Marva King, Earl Buffington, Trina Broussard, Sherrie Rhynea, Rahsaan Patterson, Niomisha Wilson
  • Official Website:
Jonathan Butler / The Source
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Anniversary
    2. Forever Tonight
    3. Another Way
    4. I Believe
    5. Lake Vibes
    6. Love Doesn't Matter Now
    7. Thinkin' 'Bout You
    8. Shine A Light
    9. I Found Myself In You
    10. You Make Me Whole
    11. Won't Stop For Nothing
    12. The Spirit
    13. The Source
    14. The Annointed






<ACM Rating: >

San Francisco Rock Band "Tubes" changed their music more pop and commercial in their Capitol Records days In 1981, they released an album "Completion Backwards Principle" featuring smash hits "Talk to You Later" and "Don't Want to Wait Anymore". Top 10 hit song "She's a Beauty" pushed their 1983 album "Outside/Inside" into the Top 20 Albums chart. After releasing "Love Bomb" in 1986, the Tubes disbanded. In 1993, the Tubes reunited and released the album "Genius of America" in 1996. In 2000, the Tubes embarked on extensive tour, issuing the greatest-hits-live album "Tubes World Tour 2001" including 2 new studio recording songs. A new song "Loveline" is written by Fee Waybill, David Foster, Steve Lukather and Richard Marx. And this song is produced by David Foster with Greg Ladanyi and Dave Carlock.

  • Label : CMC International Records distributed by BMG, USA (06076 86300-2)
  • Release Date: October 10, 2000
  • Producers: Greg Ladanyi, Dave Carlock, David Foster
  • Tubes is:
    • Fee Waybill: Lead Vocals
    • Roger Steen: Guitar
    • Prairie Prince: Drums and Percussion
    • Rick Anderson: Bass
    • Gary Cambra: Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals
    • Dave Medd: Keyboards
    • Trey Sabatelli: Drums And Percussion
    • Lesley Paton: Vocals
  • Official website:
The Tubes / Tubes World Tour 2001
International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Introduction
    2. Tubes World Tour
    3. She's A Beauty
    4. Digi-Doll * (new song)
    5. T.V. Is King
    6. Don't Touch Me There
    7. Tip Of My Tongue
    8. Loveline * (new song)
    9. Wild Women Of Wongo
    10. Mondo Bondage
    11. White Punks On Dope
    12. Talk You Later










<ACM Rating: >

Bob Wilson and Pauline Wilson, the core member of "Seawind" released their own album after releasing Seawind 4th album "Seawind" in 1980, which became the last album of the group. Therefore, many of us misunderstood that this Bob & Pauline Wilson's album was done after Seawind disbanded. You should note that Seawind started to record their uncompleted 5th album in 1981 after release of this Bob & Pauline Wilson's album. You can confirm that Seawind really did recording by listening to 5 materials from the uncompleted 5th album later included on the compilation album "Remember" released under Noteworthy in 1995. You can easily found that this Bob & Pauline Wilson album would be CCM one by seeing the original label name, i.e. "Myrth". All the Seawind members including Jerry Hey participated in the recording of this Wilsons' album and thus the sound and music style of this album should be Seawind-like. And you may feel the musical roots of Bob Wilson's project with Tommy Funderburk "The Front" (1984) when you listen to the straight rock tune "You Can't Hide".

  • Label : Cool Sound Inc., Japan (C00L-058) (Original Label: Myrth Records, USA)
  • Release Date: October 10, 2000 (Original Release: 1981)
  • Producer: Bob Wilson
    • Pauline Wilson: All Lead Vocals & Background Vocals
    • Bob Wilson : Drums,Keyboards, Percussion, Background Vocals
  • Additional Musicians:
    • Guitars: Bud Nuanez, Kevin Clark
    • Bass: Kevin Clark, Ken Wild
    • Keyboards: Larry Williams
    • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
    • Sax, Flute: Larry Williams, Kim Hutchcroft
    • Trumpet Flugel Horn: Jerry Hey
    • Trombone: Bill Reichenbach
    • Background Vocals: Kevin Clark, Mark Vieha, Edie Lehman, John Bahler
Bob & Pauline Wilson / Somebody Loves You
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Cruisin' Music at GEMM  


  • Tracks:
    1. I'll Keep My Eyes On Jesus
    2. With Love In Your Eyes
    3. Joyful Melody
    4. Vision: Power And Glory
    5. You Can't Hide
    6. Somebody Loves You
    7. Lullabye Of Love
    8. In The Spirit
    9. Jesus Is My Lord







<ACM Rating: >

Howard Smith, the veteran CCM session vocalist, is known for his own solo album "Totally Committed" released in 1985 under Light Records. "Totally Committed" is one of the fine mid 80's BCM albums, which was produced by Bill Maxwell, known as the drummer of Koinonia, and featuring many familiar musicians alike Michael Ruff, Dean Parks and James Harrah. Otherwise, many of you might have a chance to listen his satiny voice on Gospel Great Andrae' Crouch's albums "Don't Give Up"(1981) or "No Time To Lose" (1985) . Howard also leads on "As Far As The Eye Can See" on the top NAC pianist Keiko Matsui's album "Under Northern Lights" (MCA Records USA, 1989). Howard has continued session works as a background vocalist. And now in 2000, I have just found that Howard did release this album "Seasons Change" under his own label. The cutting tune "What Did You Do With Jesus" is a killer ballads song. This is a hidden treasure album, which must satisfy all of Adult Contemporary/Black Contemporary lovers.

  • Label :Ears 2 Hear Music, USA (E2H17011-1)
  • Release Year: 1998
  • Producers: Andrae Fisher and Scott V. Smith
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Paul Jackson Jr.
    • Keyboards: Michael Ruff, Larry Steelman, Bill Cantos
    • Bass: John Pina, Andrew Gouche
    • Drums: Harvey Mason
    • Percussion: Alberto Salas
    • Sax: Gerald Albright
    • Horns: SVS Horn Section
    • Background Vocals: Maxi Anderson, Alfie Durio, Yvonne Williams, Howard McCrary
  • Official Website:
Howard Smith / Seasons Change
International Order





  • Tracks:
    1. What Did You Do With Jesus
    2. Turn It Around
    3. Season's Change
    4. Don't Ever Be Afraid
    5. Set Free
    6. Encouraged
    7. Not Now
    8. Praying For You
    9. Where Will Our Children Play
    10. Master's Plan


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