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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD are releasing every month. SO, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Release (also including Reissue) information. As "Recommended Discs of The Month" , I would highly recommend to buy several albums with my personal review.






The compilation album of "King Of Hearts" (which is the duo comprising Tommy Funderburk and Bruce Gaitsch ) has just been released under Thoughtscape Sounds Label this winter. You should pay attention to this best album because some rare tracks and unreleased materials will be included on it as bellow.

King Of Hearts / No Matter What




You can easily find out which titles you should buy by listening this sampler CD. However, even if you would decide to buy all the titles, you have to pay attention to this sampler CD also because you can listen unreleased materials only for this sampler CD such as Bill Champlin's "Bad News" and so on.

Thoughtscape Sounds Sampler CD 2



This is another interesting project CD. "Broken Voices" is the Group comprised of Stephen Housden and Graham Goble of LRB and Susie Ahern, vocalist

.Broken Voices



This is solo project of Stephen Housden known as the Guitarist for the Little River Band.

Stephen Housden


Thoughtscape Sounds

115 North 10th Street, #3A, Fort Smith, AR 72901, USA
Tel: 1-800-435-6185



Dakota was born with the first release called "If It Takes All Night" . In 1984. "Runaway" (MCA-5502) was released, on the MCA/Full Moon label, engineered by Humberto Gatica, and produced by 'Hummy' and Danny Seraphine. And then, the 3 remaining members created a local release, "The Lost Tracks", several tracks from which got large amounts of airplay on local radio, particularly the pop ballad "All Through the Night". In March of 1994, They embarked on getting back on the scene from across Europe and eventually singed a deal with Escape Music to re-release "The Lost Tracks" album (slightly modified) as "Mr.Lucky"(ESM-005). The success of the new release led to the members to restart writing together again, and put together yet another version of the band. "The Last Standing Man" is the real brand-new album of this band. If you like early 80's Chicago tune such as the power pop sung by Bill Champlin, you will be fond of this album.

Dakota/The Last Standing Man


Georg Siegl Landshuter Str. 11 84051 ALTHEIM, Germany
Phone / Fax +49 8703 8517






Andres Carlson is one of the young Swedish artists. His name can be found on Bill Champlin's solo album "He Started To Sing" as one of the co-writers, back vocalists and arrangers. He debuted as Andres with the album "The Real Thing" in the fall of 1996. Some of the songs on this album are a little bit too poppy such as the recent Swedish pop sounds. However, His melodies are very good on every tune. Some of the tunes have R&B tastes, the others are good acoustic tune. I recommend this disc because Japanese version has just been on sale with 3 bonus tracks at last.




Air Supply has just delivered us their brand-new album at the end of 1997 with plenty of good melodies.

Air Supply

If you want to buy this album, CD NOW would accept your international mail order.






Mark T. Williams is the Drummer for artists such as Don Henley, Cher, Air Supply, Eddie Money, Crosby Stills & Nash, Tina Tuner, Paul Rogers etc.Or I have to say he is the brother of Joseph Williams (ex TOTO lead singer).His music style is very similar as that of Joseph's, that is to say, very good Adult Oriented Rock / Adult Contemporary Music. If you would like Toto featuring Joseph, Mark T Williams must be one of your favourite artsits.


Many visitors asks me where these recommended CDs can be bought via interenet. So, I would give you the the several retailers links from this page also as bellow.

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