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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD's are continuously being released every month. So, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music new releases ( also including Reissues) information as "Bi-Monthly Recommended Discs" (Sorry, sometimes Quaterly...) . I would highly recommend you to buy several albums by reading my personal reviews. Recently, there are not so many Adult Contemporary releases comparing with before. Thus, sometime this page might not be so much updated as before. Instead, please check my blog for the most updated infromation.



Eagles / Long Road Out Of Eden

Most famous and most incredible West Coast Band finally completed brand-new studio recording double album! Eagles still rules and rocks! Deluxe Collectors Edition includes 2 bonus tracks with 40 page booklet in red-linen clothed hardcover case. Enjoy the Eagles!

  • Label: Eagles Recording Co, USA (distributed by Universal Music Group)
  • Release Date: November 20, 2007

Terence Boylan /Terence Boylan

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Donald Fagen / Nightfly Trilogy

This is the Donald Fagen’s complete solo works collection box featuring 3 excellent albums; The Nightfly, Kamakiriad and Morph The Cat – on 3 MVI discs and 3 bonus CDs. 3 bonus audio tracks on The Nightfly MVI. 4 bonus tracks on the Kamakiriad MVI. 3 bonus tracks on the Morph The Cat MVI. And the fourth bonus CD compiles all 10 extra tracks.

  • Label: Reprise Records, USA (9 4325)
  • Release Date: November 20, 2007


Jude Cole / Jude Cole

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Jay Graydon All Stars / Airplay For The Planet Live in Japan 1994

<ACM Rating: >

Legendary all-star live performance of 1994 is now finally available as "Airplay For The Planet Live In Japan 1994.1.19". This is the must-have DVD for all of AOR/Westcoast music lovers! The video of this performance was shot as the private recorded data for the band, using a single camera. It was not intended to be published those days. Thus, video iteself is very simple one and the sound of the live performance is taken from the soundboard, and mixed into well-balanced 2 track stereo. Loud noises of audience is very low because the band did not intend to release live-recordings. This DVD captures the very first gig of this All-star band but their perfomace was awesome because they had rehearsed almost 3 weeks before the tour. After Japan tour, the all-star band moved to Scandinavia and they performed 8 stages more. You should note that Japanese tour was a little bit gorgeous because 3 female vocalists; Janea Chadwick, Amye Williams and Tamara Champlin were backing. Now, you should revisit Jay Graydon All Star Band excellent live performance. Last but not least, The DVD first edition limieted package includes 2 CDs featuring all songs of the performance, deleting MC. Therefore, I should recommend you to have the first edition limited package instead of the regular one, even though the price is almost double.
    • Label: Isol Discus Organization / Ward Records Inc., Japan (GOBP-10001)
    • Release Date: December 12, 2007
    • Jay Graydon All Stars are:
    • DVD Fromat: NTSC, Region ALL, 4:3, Dolby Stereo / PCM Stereo
    • Remarks: The first edition limited package includes 2 CDs.

Jay Graydon All Stars / Live in Japan 1994

International Order

  • Tracks
    1. Criminal
    2. Satisfaction
    3. She Just Can't Make Up Her Mind
    4. Holdin' On To Love
    5. Walk The Wire
    6. After The Love Has Gone
    7. First And Last
    8. Insincere
    9. In The Heat Of The Night
    10. Baby, Bye Bye
    11. Steve Porcaro, Bill Cantos, John Van Tongeren, Keyboard Solo
    12. When You Look In My Eyes
    13. Roxann
    14. Nothin' You Can Do About It
    15. Band Intro
    16. Turn Your Love Around
    17. Pat Mastelotto Drum Solo and Kenji Sano Bass Solo
    18. Show Me The Magic
    19. Pamela
    20. Stranded

Peter Mayer / Still In One Peace

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Peter Mayer released a new album titled "Still In One Peace". The CD reunites the songwriting and performing team of Roger Guth and Jim Mayer as well as new songs with Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame artist Mac McAnally. Peter says about the project “the music that happened through my window and found its way here was touched by family, friends, hurricanes (sometimes a combination of all), late night conversations, early morning coffee bars, Bibles, The Sunday Times and books that me company through road and home days”.

    • Label : Little Flock Music, LLC., USA (LFM1010)
    • Release Date: December 4, 2007
    • Producers: Alan Schulman and himself
    • Peter Mayer : Vocals, Guitars, Flutophone, Recorder
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Roger Guth
      • Bass: Jim Mayer, Marc Torina
      • Keyboards: Bill Payne, Chris Walters
      • Guitars: Mac McAnally, Vincent Varvel
      • Percussion: R. Scott Bryan
      • Trumpet, Flugelhorn: John Lovell
      • Mandolin: Maggie Estes
      • Violin: Maggie Estes
Peter Mayer / Still In One Peace

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  • Tracks:
    1. Still In One Peace
    2. Heaven Help Us
    3. Waterfall
    4. Easy
    5. Before And After
    6. The Hands Of Love
    7. Dirty Hands Dirty Feet
    8. Good Medcine
    9. The One For Me
    10. Be Etc.
    11. Hymn Medley (Be Thou My Vision / I'll Fly Away / Amazing Grace)


David Pomeranz / Hold Tight

<ACM Rating: >

The Singer/Songwriter responsible for the hits “Born For You” and “Got To Believe In Magic” is once more set to captivate audiences with his new 12-track, all-original album entitled “HOLD TIGHT”. Fall in love again with the songs “My Favorite Story” and “When I Look At You.” Rekindle old flames with “Still Can’t Let You Go.” Get into the rhythm with the hits “Far As The Heart Can See” and “China Be Brave.” And be inspired with the hopeful message of “Hold Tight” and “Lit From Within.”Also in the album is the carrier single “Daybreak,” composed by David Pomeranz and originally sung by the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler. This heart-warming, soul-breaking ballad is sure to touch every listener’s heart with its wistful lyrics and pensive melody.

    • Label: Becca Music Inc.,Phillipines (distributed by MCA/Univesal Music, Phillipines)
    • Release Date: July 13, 2007
    • Producers: Brian Cua, Ricci Chan and himself
    • David Pomeranz : Lead Vocals, Backgroud Vocals, Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Jack Rufo, Noel Mendez, Mike Villegas
      • Keyboards: Jack Rufo, Arnold Buena, Beth Martin, Brian Cua, Rica Arambulo
      • Bass: Soc Mina, Angelo Vilegas
      • Drums: Junjun Regalado, Jay Austria, Nino Regalado
      • Percussion: Mike Alba, Jay Austria
      • Sax: Michael Guevarra
      • Duet Vocal (Track 3): Stacy Francis
      • Background Vocals: Ricci Chan, Jingle Buena
David Pomeranz / Hold Tight


International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Lit From Within
    2. Hold Tight
    3. My Favorite Story
    4. Headstrong Heart
    5. As Far As The Heart Can See
    6. Daybreak
    7. Mademoiselle
    8. Pure And Simple
    9. China Be Brave
    10. Take A Second Look
    11. I Still Can't Let You Go
    12. Daybreak (Backing Track Without Vocals) (bonus track)
    13. Headstrong Heart (Backing Track Without Vocals) (bonus track)
    14. Hold Tight (Backing Track Without Vocals) (bonus track)



Neil Larsen / Orbit

<ACM Rating: >

This is Straight Ahead Records' latest release "ORBIT " by Neil Larsen featuring Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip, and Tom Brechtlein, recorder all live in the famous mastering house:Bernie Grundman Mastering. Also with Gary Meek and Lee Thornburg! This album moves from Jazz, Blues, Groove,Funk, Swing, Latin and hints of fusion and cool throughout. Let me explain about Straight Ahead Records a little. Bernie Grundman with the well-known producer Stewart Levine (Jazz Crusaders, Simply Red, Jamie Cullum) created Straight Ahead Records in order to do something about the trend towards sonic compromise and music down trends in the industry. They record entire records in one weekend- they shut down the mastering studio and set them up with out proprietary recording system- While the band plays, they record and mix (adjust) everything. Bernie has had over 40 years experience mastering hit records like Michael Jackson's Thriller (and all his records) and Prince's 1999. Grammy's & countless awards later his studio still produces top 10 hits monthly... His mastering studio is one of the most highly regarded on the planet and everything used in the studio(-Mastering & Recording-) is custom created by our in house technicians. On this brand-new album, Neil composed a number of new songs in the process of preparing for the album. And I cannot help letting you know that Neil Larsen re-recorded "Sudden Samba", "Jungle Fever","Red Desert" and "From A Dream" from Tommy Ripuma producing album "Jungle Fever" (1978), and also performs "Demonette" from the album "High Gear" (1979). The closing track is the revisit of "Midnight Pass" originally performed by Neil Larsen's legendary group "Full Moon" in 1972.

    • Label: Straight Ahead Records, USA (SAR-104CD)
    • Release Date: August 13, 2007
    • Executive Producer: Bernie Grundman
    • Producer: Stewart Levine
    • Orbit is:
      • Neil Larsen: Piano, Organ
      • Robben Ford: Guitar
      • Tom Brechtlein: Drums
      • Jimmy Haslip: Bass
      • Gary Meek: Sax
      • Lee Thornburg: Trumpet, Flugenlhorn

Neil Larsen / Orbit


International Order

  • Tracks
    1. Orbit
    2. C Note
    3. Demonette
    4. Aztec Legend
    5. From A Dream
    6. Day Train
    7. Shing
    8. Jungle Fever
    9. Arioso
    10. Sudden Samba
    11. Red Desert
    12. Midnight Pass



Toto / Falling In Between Live

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As you know, Toto were formed in LA in the late 70’s by a group of friends who were all much in demand session musicians. Despite the legendary drummer Jeff Porcaro passed away in 1992, they decided to go ahead without him, and still rocks and are touring constantly. In 2005, David Paich semi-retired from touring,was replaced by Greg Phillinganes on tour. Later that year, Greg permanently joined the band, thereby returning the band roster to six members with two keyboardists. Due to an unfortunately illness of Mike Porcaro, TOTO started their "Falling In Between World Tour" with renowned bassist Lee Sklar. The tour is continuing through 2008 with the current line-up of Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, Greg Phillinganes, Bobby Kimball, Leland Sklar and Tony Spinner. This concert was recorded at Le Zenith in Paris in March 26, 2007 in front of a wildly enthusiastic sell-out crowd. It captures the band rocking at their hardest and most powerful and giving a new life to all their best loved tracks. Bobby Kimball's version of "Pamela" is excellent. Why don't you comapre with original Joseph's performance?

    • Label: Eagle Records, UK (EDGCD361)
    • Release Date: October 29, 2007
    • Toto is:
      • Steve Lukather : Guitars, Vocals
      • Simon Phillips: Drums
      • Bobby Kimball: Vocals
      • Greg Phillinganes: Keyboards, Vocals
    • Musicians:
      • Leland Sklar: Bass
      • Tony Spinner: Guitars, Vocals
Toto / Falling In Between Live


International Order

  • Tracks (CD1)
    1. Falling In Between
    2. King Of The World
    3. Pamela
    4. Bottom Of Your Soul
    5. Caught In The Balance
    6. Don't Chain My Heart
    7. Hold The Line
    8. Stop Loving You
    9. I'll Be Over You
    10. Cruel
    11. Greg Solo
  • Tracks (CD2)
    1. Rosanna
    2. I'll Supply The Love
    3. Isolation
    4. Gift Of Faith
    5. Kingdom Of Desire
    6. Luke Solo
    7. Hydra
    8. Simon Solo
    9. Taint Your World
    10. Gypsy Train
    11. Africa
    12. Drag Him To The Roof


Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams offers you 2 albums "Tears" and "Smiles", both of which is the simple vocal album with only a piano. As you might remember that Joseph also released this type of album "Two Of Us" in 2006, and those 2 albums are intended to such listeners who loves the album. Just enjoy Joseph's tender voices. The album "Tears" features sadder tracks including "Against All Odds" originally performed by Phil Collins, "Tears In Heaven" by Eric Clapton, " Eric Carmen's "All By Myself," James Taylor's "Don't Let Me Be Lonely," and more. On the other hand "Smiles" features covers of more upbeat songs including The Eagles "Peaceful Easy Feeling," "Walk Between The Raindrops" by Donald Fagen and "More Than I Can Say" by Leo Sayer. In addition to those masterpieces, "Heaven In Your Eyes" written by Joseph with Joey Carbone is also included on the album "Smiles", which is originally performed by "West Coast All Stars" featuring Joseph, Bill Champlin, Bobby Kimball and Jason Scheffin 1997. Joseph says "Joey and I really wanted to do another version. This 'Smiles' project gave us the perfect venue for a re-do! It gave me a chance to sing the lead from a different perspective. and this version shows David Harris' piano playing at it's very best."


<ACM Rating: >

Joseph Williams / Tears

  • Label : WHD Entertainment Inc., Japan (IECP-10125)
  • Release Date: November 21, 2007
  • Executive Producer: Kaz Hori
  • Producer: Joey Carbone
  • Co-Producers: David Harris and himself
  • Joseph Williams: Lead & Background Vocals
  • Musicians:
    • Piano: David Harris
    • Additional Backing Vocals: Hannah Ruick Williams, Emmy Ray Williams, Amye Williams, Roxann Harris
  • Tracks:
    1. Against All Odds
    2. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
    3. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
    4. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
    5. Tracks Of My Tears
    6. All In Love Is Fair
    7. Everytime You Go Away
    8. Always On My Mind
    9. All By Myself
    10. Tears In Heaven
    11. She
    12. My Immortal


<ACM Rating: >

Joseph Williams / Smiles

  • Label : WHD Entertainment Inc., Japan (IECP-10125)
  • Release Date: November 21, 2007
  • Executive Producer: Kaz Hori
  • Producer: Joey Carbone
  • Co-Producers: David Harris and himself
  • Joseph Williams : Lead & Background Vocals
  • Musicians:
    • Piano: David Harris
    • Additional Backing Vocals: Hannah Ruick Williams, Emmy Ray Williams, Amye Williams, Roxann Harris
  • Tracks:
    1. Don't Worry Baby
    2. Walk Between The Raindrops
    3. Still Crazy After All These Years
    4. Wonderful Tonight
    5. For Your Love
    6. A Song For You
    7. Peaceful Easy Feeling
    8. More Than I Can Say
    9. Heaven In Your Eyes
    10. Maybe I'm Amazed
    11. Don't Know Why
    12. Somewhere Only We Know

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Allan Thomas / Making Up For Lost Time

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Raised in Brooklyn NY and currently Kauai resident and long time singer songwriter Allan Thomas has released his 4th solo album "Making Up For Lost Time". Allan's style of music is descirbed as Rhythm and Beach, or Island Soul. Featuring many of Kauai's A-list musicians, including Graham Nash of Crosby Stills and Nash, and Tris Imboden of Chicago, the record was produced and recorded by Allan on the North Shore of Kauai. This album includes the songs written on Kauai between 1997 and 2006, with the exception of Rapture In The Rain, which goes back to 1988, a very moist time in Haena. If you take the music and voice and writing of Van Morrison, Steely Dan, Stevie Winwood and James Taylor, you get a sense of where Allan Thomas. Allan Thomas' first solo album "A Picture" release was done in 1971 for Sire Records and toured as an opening act for The Marc Almond Band, Richie Havens, Livingston Taylor, Weather Report, and many others. In 1983, Allan discouraged over the LA rat race and needing new inspiration, thus moved to Kauai, Hawaii. LAllan managed to keep writing and gigging locally and through the passage of time developed the new blend of music that became apparent on his next two CD's. In 1989, "The Island" was released as a collection of his original tunes written between 1980 and 1989 featuirng Michael Ruff, Bryan Kessler, Russell Ferrante, Valerie Carter and Leslie Smith. "Coconut Culture" followed in 1997, which departed from the jazz-rock-blues based format on "The Island", and leaned toward a more traditional feel, reflecting his love for the indigenous music of the islands. In 2005, Allan upgraded his own recording studio and signed a contract with Warner Brothers to rent his Black Bamboo Studios to Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, for recording work on his third solo album "Morph The Cat". The work on "Morph The Cat" prepared and inspired him to get back to work on his own 4th solo album "Making Up For Lost Time".Long-time collaborator Bryan Kessler played rhythm and lead guitar, Michael Ruff played keyboard,organ and accordion, Tris Imboden on drums and Graham Nash singing.

    • Label: Black Bamboo Recordings, USA
    • Release Date: October, 2007
    • Producer: himself
    • Allan Thomas: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Bryan Kessler, Kirk Smart, Emerson
      • Bass: Jimmy Johnson
      • Lap Steel: Kirk Smart, Ken Emrson
      • Mandolin: Kirk Smart
      • Keyboards: Michael Ruff
      • Drums: Tris Imboden
      • Harmonica: JP Allen
      • Background Vocals: Graham Nash, Anjela Rose
Allan Thomas / Making Up For Lost Time


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  • Tracks (CD1)
    1. Ray Of Hope
    2. Remember The Best
    3. Old Dog New Trick
    4. Rapture In The Rain
    5. Laid Eyes On You
    6. Butterfly Jesse
    7. How Long 'Til Light
    8. The Real Thing
    9. Leap Of Faith
    10. Making Up For Lost Time



Christopher Cross / A Christopher Cross Christmas

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Every year, we are having many christmas albums done by our favorite artists such as Peter Cetera, Michael McDonald and many more. In 2007 season, Christopher Cross presented well-produced one. Christopher sings traditional songs in his style and also contributed 2 original songs with his long-time partner Rob Meurer; "Does It Feel Like Christmas" and " A Dream Of Peace At Christmastime". This album includes soft, gentle, and extremely mellow Christmas tunes as you expected. It's his first solo production and it features a very special reunion with his dear friend and former producer, Michael Omartian, on piano. This project is done with acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, upright bass and real strings, which resulted in good shape!

    • Label: Christopher Cross Records, USA (5495-50010-6)
    • Release Date: November 15, 2007
    • Producer: himself
    • Christopher Cross : Vocals, Guitar
    • Musicians:
      • Piano: Michael Omartian
      • Bass: Danny O'Lannerghty, Chazz Frichtel
      • Accordion: Michael Omartian
      • Mandolin: Kenny Edwards
      • Clarinet: Sam Levine
      • Percussion: Scott Frankfurt
      • Harmonica: Tollak Ollestad
      • Additional Vocals: India Hughes, Missey Jamieson, Laura Sieling, Romi Messer, Lena Kane
A Christopher Cross Christmas


International Order

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  • Tracks
    1. Silent Night
    2. Christmastime Is Here
    3. The Christmas Song
    4. Does It Feel Like Christmas
    5. Little Drummer Boy
    6. I'll Be Home For Christmas
    7. A Dream Of Peace At Christmastime
    8. Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep
    9. Do You Hear What I Hear
    10. The Best Christmas
    11. Have Yourself A Merry Christmas
    12. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel



The Sons Of Champlin

The Sons Of Champlin, emerging from the late 60's Bay Area rock scene, released 3 albums for Ariola in mid 70's. We had other origial albums already on CDs and awaited those 3 album reissues for a long time. At last, we are now having those CDs re-mastered from original tapes available for the first time.UK version entitled"Ariola Years" is the digitally remastered edition that Compiles 3 original albums on to 2CD'S: "Sons of Champlin", "Circle Filled with Love" and "Loving is Why". If you would like to have LP style paper sleeve edition also with the US original inner sleeves separately, you should buy Japanese version.

With reference to this time reissue, Bill Champlin says "The Sons is what you may call "Old School" but we go after the groove like it's water and live there when we play. Jim Preston and David Schallock, drums and bass, put it where very few bands put it anymore and it feels great. Our one goal is to make the audience feel like they're part of what's going on and I think we achieve that goal. We only play occasionally so it means a lot to all of us to hit it with a vengeance. And we do.", He added I'd mostly forgotten about the Ariola Albums but, now that it's out, it's cool to hear where we were then. Hey, we were doing some cool stuff. Sometimes 20 years later you see what still works and what doesn't. This stuff still works."

The Sons Of Champlin

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Paul Clark / Aim For The Heart

  • Label : BMG Japan Inc., Japan (BVCM-35174) (Original: Ariola America, USA <ST-50002>)
  • Release Date: November 21, 2007 (Original Release Year: 1977)
  • Producer: Chris Bond
  • Sons Of Champlin is:
    • Bill Champlin : Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
    • Terry Haggerty: Guitar
    • Geoff Palmer: Keyboards, Synthsizers
    • James Preston: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
    • Rob Moitoza: Bass, Harmonica, Vocals
    • Steve Frediani: Sax, Flute
    • David Farey: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
  • Tracks:
    1. Lookout
    2. Like To Get To Know You
    3. Marp
    4. Planet Ripper
    5. All And Everything
    6. Without Love
    7. Rainbow's End
    8. Geoff's Vibe
    9. Queen Of The Rain
    10. Goldmine

A Circle Filled With Love

<ACM Rating: >

Paul Clark / A New Horizon

  • Label : BMG Japan Inc., Japan (BVCM-35175) (Original: Ariola America, USA <ST-50007 >)
  • Release Date: November 21, 2007 (Original Release Year: 1976)
  • Producer: Chris Bond
  • Sons Of Champlin is:
    • Bill Champlin : Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
    • Terry Haggerty: Guitars
    • Geoff Palmer: Keyboards, Vibephone, Sax
    • James Preston: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
    • Rob Moitoza: Bass, Harmonica, Vocals
    • Steve Frediani: Sax, Flute
    • David Schallock: Bass
  • Guest Musicians:
    • Bass: Rob Moitoza
    • Harp: Gail Levant
    • Brass: Mike Firgate
    • Percussion: Allen Estes
    • Background Vocals: Laura Allan
  • Tracks:
    1. Hold On
    2. Here Is Where Your Heart Belongs
    3. Follow Your Heart
    4. Knickanick
    5. Imagination's Sake
    6. Still In Love With You
    7. Circle Filled With Love
    8. To The Sea
    9. You
    10. For A While
    11. Slippery When It's Wet
    12. Helping Hand

Loving Is Why

Sons Of Champlin  / Lov
  • Label : BMG Japan Inc., Japan (BVCM-35176) (Original: Ariola America, USA <ST-50017 >)
  • Release Date: November 21, 2007 (Original Release Year: 1977)
  • Producer: Chris Bond
  • Sons Of Champlin is:
    • Bill Champlin : Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
    • Terry Haggerty: Guitar
    • Geoff Palmer: Keyboards, Synthsizers
    • James Preston: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
    • Rob Moitoza: Bass, Harmonica, Vocals
    • Steve Frediani: Sax, Flute
    • David Farey: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
  • Tracks:
    1. Saved By The Grace Of Your Love
    2. Loving Is Why
    3. Whatcha' Gonna Do?
    4. West End
    5. Big Boss Man
    6. Time Well Bring You Love
    7. Doin' It For You
    8. Where I Belong
    9. Let That Be A Lesson
    10. Love Can Take Me Now

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Fonda Feingld/ Fonda Feingold

<ACM Rating: >

There is not so many late 70's or early 80's under-rated artists left behind now, who should be properly re-evaluted by us, Adult Contemporary music freaks because everybody has serached out and checked almost all the possible vinyls released in those days. Fonda Feingold must be the one. 70's. Fonda Feinglod released her solo debut album entitled "Fonda Feingold" for Polygram (Mercury) in 1978 featuring David Lasley and Arnold McCuller on background vocals. Due to lack of label's enough promotion, Fonda's critically acclaimed album was shelved along with a lot of other great music of its time. Honestly speaking, I have not been aware how Fonda's 1978 album was really excellent "light and mellow" vocal album before Fonda contacted me a few years ago by e-mail. Once I got her 1978 album through the famous e-bay, I have been waiting for her come-back album release. For your information, you can also find her name as a keyboard player on your familiar albums including Paul Davis' 1980 self-title album. In April 2005, she released her self-producing come-back album "Before and After" which was reviewed as one of my recommended albums of 2005's. And now in 2007, we are pleased to let you know that her self-title debut album is now reissued on CD by Vivid Sound as one of the Toshikazu Kanazawa's "Light Mellow Choices" releases. It should be also noted that this reissued CD includes 4 bonus tracks taken from her self-released 1980's 4 tracks EP (limited 1,000 copies pressed ) "Finally", two of which were produced by Paul Davis. I believe that this is one of the must-buy albums for you.

    • Label : Vivid Sound Corp., Japan <VSCD-3358> (Origial: Mercurry/Phonogram,USA <SRM-1-3721>, Doityouself Records, USA <D EP-001>)
    • Release Date: July 18, 2007 (Original Release Year: 1978,1980)
    • Producers Hank Medress, David Appell, Paul Davis, Ed Seay, Alan Feingold and herself
    • Fonda Feingold: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Leon Pendarvis, Bill DeLoach, Alan Feingold
      • Guitars: Sid McGinnis, Dave Appell, Barry Richman, Dino Zimmerman
      • Drums: Bobby Weiner, Jerry Fields, James Stroud
      • Bass: David Shapiro, Alison Prestwood , Don Barrett
      • Vibes: George Devens
      • Percussion: Jimmy Maelen, George Devens, Hanl Medress
      • Sax, Flute: George Young, Sonny Killebrew
      • Flugel Horn, Peck Horn: Joe Shepley
      • Harmonica: Jay Norem
      • Duet Lead Vocals (Track3): Leon Pendarvis
      • Background Vocals: David Lasley, Arnold McCuller, Bernardine Mitchell, Carol Veto, Iris Farmer, Jo Bell, DeDe Vogt
      • Strings & Horns Arrangement: Leon Pendarvis
Fonda Feingold / Fonda Feingold


International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Fly
    2. Warm In The Night
    3. Feelin' Your Love
    4. Gift Of A Love Song
    5. What Is It, Anyway?
    6. Day Dreamin'
    7. Whatever Happened To Harry?
    8. I'll Never Let You Know You're Breaking My Heart
    9. The Catchin'
    10. Abby Knows
    11. Livin' Without You (bonus track)
    12. Would You Mind Too Much? (bonus track)
    13. Taking Our Own Sweet Time (bonus track)
    14. She Cries Like A Rainy Night (bonus track)




Patti Austin / Patti Austin

<ACM Rating: >

This must be also one of the long-awaited CD reissues. 1984's self-titled album "PATTI AUSTIN" is her follow-up to her 1982's smash hit pop album "Every Home Should Have One" including #1 pop hit single "Baby Come To Me" duet with James Ingram for Quincy Jones' Qwest label. Patti enjoyed good chart action and significant airplay with the singles "It's Gonna Be Special" and "Shoot the Moon", both of which were written by Clif Magness and Glen Ballard. Speaking of "Hot! In the Flames of Love" and "Star Struck", both penned by Narada Michael Walden got high attention R&B and dance chart and thus she established her firm position in the R&B field.
This album had been reissued once in 1991 only for Japan but have been out-of print for very long time. In the summer of 2007, Mosaic Records will reissue this album under their Contemporary Reissues series presenting the definitive versions of the most important recordings in contemporary jazz and Adult Contemporary Music.

    • Label: Mosaic Contemporary, USA (Original Release: Qwest Records)
    • Release Date: August 24, 2007 (Original Release: 1984)
    • Executive Producers: Quincy Jones, Ed Eckstine
    • Producers: Narada Michael Walden, David Pack, Clif Magness, Glen Ballard, Ollie E. Brown, Quicy Jones
    • Patti Austin : Lead & Background Vocals
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: John Van Tongeren, Preston Glass, David Sancious, Greg Phillinganes, Tom Faragher, John Barnes, Rex Salas, Frank Martin
      • Guitars: Clif Magness, Corrado Rustici, David Pack, Thomas Organ, Josef Parson, Zane Giles
      • Drums: Narada Michael Walden, John Robinson, Ollie E. Brown
      • Bass: Randy Jackson, Nathan East, Tom Faragher, Cornelius C. Mims
      • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa , Narada Michael Walden, Raul Rekow, Armando Peraza, Orestes Vilato, Clif Magness, Steve Forman, Ollie E. Brown
      • Sax: Larry Williams, Kim Hutchcroft, Ernie Watts, Marc Russo
      • Trumpet: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
      • Trombone: William Reichenbach
      • Background Vocals: Jim Gilstrap, Myrna Matthews, Preston Glass, Angela Bofill, Phillip Ingram, Zane Giles, Kevin T. Jones, Sheree Brown, Paulette McWilliams, Josie James, Siedah Garrett, Randy Jackson, David Sancious
Patti Austin / Patti Austin


International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. It's Gonna Be Special
    2. Rhythm of the heat
    3. All behind us now
    4. Hot! In the flames of love
    5. Change your attitude
    6. Shoot the moon
    7. I´ve got my heart set on you
    8. Fine fine fella (Got to have you)
    9. Starstruck
    10. Any way you can


Terence Boylan/ Suzy

<ACM Rating: >

Originally issued in 1980 on Elektra Records, the third solo release of Terence Boylan features a host of guest artists, including Don Henley, Jeff Baxter, Timothy B. Schmidt, Larry Carlton, Chevy Chase, Russ Kunkel and Victor Feldman. Compared to his 2nd solo album "Terence Boylan", "Suzy" is a little bit chaotic one,in other words very experimental one; an odd mix acoustic-based new wave rock. " Suzy", with its disparate styles, almost has the feel of two EPs released on the same disc. Having said so, only if you skip several weired tracks recorded with a tight three-piece band led by guitarist Will McFarlane, that is to say, "Suzy" "Shake Your Fiorucci", "Dump It In the River," and "$50" mostly on A-side of the original LP, you must enjoy good Terence Boylan's good melodies with sophisticated backing.

    • Label : Wounded Bird Records, USA <WOU 6201> (Origial: Elektra/Asylum Records,USA)
    • Release Date: January 8, 2008 (Original Release Year: 1980)
    • Producer: himself
    • Terence Boylan: Lead & Background Vocals, Accoustic Guitar
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Jai Winding, Paul Harris, Michael Omartian, Victor Feldman, Chevy Chase
      • Drums: Dennis Whitted, Ed Greene, Jim Gordon, Russ Kunkel, David Kemper
      • Bass: Will McFarlane, Michael Porcaro, John Holbrook
      • Guitars: Will McFarlane, Jay Graydon, Jeff Baxter, Larry Carlton, Ben Benay, Don Felder
      • Percussion: Victor Feldman, Emil Richards
      • Sax: Gary Foster
      • Violins: Arnold Belnick, Don Palmer, Joy Lyle, Illke Talvi
      • Viola: Barbara Thomason
      • Cello: Frederick Seykora
      • Background Vocals: Timothy Schmit, Don Henley, Miranda McGrath, Alma Boylan
Terence Boylan/ Suzy


International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Suzy
    2. Shake Your Fiorucci
    3. College Life
    4. Dump It In The River
    5. $50 An Hour
    6. Roll Your Own
    7. Did She Finally Get To You
    8. Tell Me
    9. Ice And Snow
    10. Going Home
    11. End Of The World
    12. Miso Soup


Piano-man Collection: Gerard Kenny / David Pomeranz / Randy Edelman / Frank Weber

BMG Japan released 4 worth listening albums under the series name as "Pianoman Collection" in November 2007. We are now having the 1979 album of New York born-raised / London-based pianoman Gerard Kenny on CD very first time. And at the same time, we could also get David Pomeranz 1975 album on CD very first time. The other 2 album of the series; "Randy Edelman / If Love Is Real" and "Frank Weber / As The Time Flies" were reissued before, but if you did not have a chance, those are also worth listening.

Let me introduce Gerald Kenny first. Born in New York on 8th July 1947. From high school onwards, Gerard had a series of bands, including one with Billy Joel. Among many collaborations, the best known is "I Made it Through The Rain", an international hit for Barry Manilow, 1977, which led him have a chance to sign with RCA Records UK. Thus, Gerard released his first album "Made It Thru The Rain" produced by Christopher Neil in 1979. You might be aware two remarkable backing vocalist's name, Dominic Bugatti and Frank Musker, who released the album "The Dukes" as Bugatti & Musker.

Next pianoman is David Pomeranz. David debuted in 1971 with the album "New Blues". "Time To Fly" (Decca) followed in 1972. As you know, David succeeded in the States and also in Japan with his 4th album "The Truth Of Us" (Pacific/ WEA) in 1981. Now, we are having his third album "It's In Every One Of Us" (1975) on CD!

Third one is Randy Edelman, currently best-known for his Hollywood movie scores such as "Twins", "Ghost busters 2", "Kindergarten Cop" and many others. However, you should note that he was a good singer in 70's. It was 1970 when Randy Edelman first album "Randy Edelman" was released. In 1972 "The Laughter And The Tears" followed. His 3rd album "Prime Cuts" (1974) supported by Michael Omartian was a stepping stone of his career. After releasing the 5th album "Farewell Fairbanks", he signed with Arista established by Clive Davis and thus the piano-oriented album "If Love Is Real" was released in 1977.

The last guy is Frank Weber, one of the acclaimed New York based Adult Contemporary music creators, delivering us his jazz-flavored vocals with piano-oriented melodies. His music style should be said to be more jazzy Billy Joel with Marc Jordan's sensitivity. On this album, it might be noted that Frank covered "Straight Up And Fly Right" written in 1944 by Nat King Cole and Irving Mills.

Gerard Kenny / Made It Thru The Rain

<ACM Rating: >

Gerad Kenny /Made It Thru Rain

  • Label : BMG Japan Inc., Japan (BVCM-35168) (Original: RCA Records <PL 25218>, UK)
  • Release Date: November 21, 2007 (Original Release Year: 1979)
  • Producer: Christopher Neil
  • Gerard Kenny : Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Phil Palmer
    • Bass: Mo Foster
    • Keyboards: Ken Freeman, David Cullen
    • Drums: Harold Fisher, Peter Van Hook
    • Percussion: Frank Riccotti
    • Choir: The English Chorale
    • Background Vocals: Dominic Bugatti, Frank Musker, Chritopher Neil, Deke Arlon, Nick Ryan, Sharon Cambell, Kim Goody, Annie Lavanagh
  • Tracks:
    1. Fit To Be Tied
    2. Music And Words
    3. Son Of A Song And Dance Man
    4. D-D-D-Dancin'
    5. Love
    6. New York, New York
    7. Pavement Princess
    8. Drinking
    9. Nickels And Dimes
    10. Made It Thru The Rain

David Pomeranz / It's Everyone Of Us

<ACM Rating: >

David Pomeranz  / It's In Everyone Of Us

  • Label : BMG Japan Inc., Japan (BVCM-35168) (Original: Arista Records, USA)
  • Release Date: November 21, 2007 (Original Release Year: 1975)
  • Producer: Vini Poncia
  • David Pomeranz : Lead & Background Vocals, Piano, Organ
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Jim Calbert, David Wolfert
    • Bass: Emory Gordy, David Hungate, John "Cooker" Lopresti
    • Keyboards: James Newton Howard
    • Drums: Kirk Bruner, Jim Keltner, Dennis St. John
    • Percussion: Lenny Castro, Harold Huff
    • Sax: Jim Horn, Tom Saviano
    • Trumpet: Richard Felts
    • Horns: Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madaio, Lew McCreary
    • Background Vocals: Denny Brooks, Patti Dahlstrom Vocals, Lorna Ellis, The Faragher Brothers, Brie Howard, Melissa Manchester, Alan O'Day, Althea Pomeranz, Peter Spelman,
      Bob Strauss, John Vastano, Gary Wright
  • Tracks:
    1. It's In Everyone Of Us
    2. Thea
    3. Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again
    4. The Hit Song Of All Time
    5. Flying
    6. Greyhound Mary
    7. If You Walked Away
    8. High Together
    9. Home To Alaska
    10. Clarence

Randy Edelman / If Love Is Real

Randy Edelman/ If Love Is Real
  • Label : BMG Japan Inc., Japan (BVCM-35171 (Original: Arista Records, USA)
  • Release Date: November 21, 2007 (Original Release Year: 1977)
  • Producer: Bill Schnee
  • Randy Edelman: Vocals, Keyboards
  • Musicians:
    • Drums: Jeff Porcaro
    • Bass: Lee Sklar
    • Guitars: Dean Parks
    • Percussion: Tommy Vig, Victor Feldman
    • Sax: Doug Masek
    • Background Vocals: Tom Bahler, Jim Horns, Dee Murray, Nigel Olsen, John Joyce
    • Strings and Horn Arrange: Gene Page
  • Tracks:
    1. Take My Hand
    2. Slippin' Away
    3. Autumn Days With You
    4. Today
    5. Can't It All Be Love
    6. If Love Is Real
    7. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
    8. Looking Up At Mars
    9. It's Hard To Say Goodbye
    10. Sentimental Fools

Frank Weber / As The Time Flies

Frank Weber / As The Time Flies
  • Label : BMG Japan Inc., Japan (BVCM-35172) (Original: RCA Records, USA <AFL1-2963>)
  • Release Date: November 21, 2007 (Original Release Year: 1979)
  • Producer: Ed Newman
  • Frank Weber: Vocals, Piano
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: John Tropea, David Spinozza
    • Bass: Will Lee, Anthony Jackson
    • Keyboards: Richard Tee
    • Drums: Steve Gadd
    • Vibes, Percussion: Mike Mainieri
    • Percussion: Freddy Diaz, Armen Halbburian
    • Sax: George Young, Ron Janelli, Leonard Hambro, Lou Marini
    • Trumpets: Burt Collins, Richard Perry
    • Trombones: Wayne Andre, Jimmy Knepper, George Flynn
    • Background Vocals: David Lasley, Luther Vandross, Arnold McCuller, Ula Hedwig
    • Violins: David Nadien, Barry Finclair, Diana Halprin, Richard Sortmme, Tony Posk, Louis Eley, Robert Rosek, Herbert Sorkin,
    • Cellos: Charles McCracken, Richard Locker, Jonathan Abramowitz
  • Tracks:
    1. '71
    2. Regina
    3. So Many Sides
    4. As The Time Flies
    5. Complicated Times
    6. I Know, You Know
    7. Straighten Up And Fly Right
    8. Parents
    9. Shining In You
International Order



Fury / Fury

<ACM Rating: >

Fury is duo comprising Robbie LaBlanc (Lead Vocals and Guitar) and Brian LaBlanc (Vocals and Bass) coming from New York. Mr. Blue-eyed Soul, Felix Cavaliere well-known for the founding member Young Rascals, later Rascals in 60's and/or his acclaimed solo careers in 70's including the fabulous album entitled "Destiny" (1975), produced this debut album of Fury. In addition to this well-known producer, LaBlanc brothers got excellent musicians to record this album. The keyboards player was Jeff Bova, known for his performance with the R&B band "Change". Or, you might say that Nick Moroch was the guy who recorded "Green Album" with Eddie Jobson known for his recordings with the super progressive rock group "UK".

    • Label : Retrospect Records, USA (Original : The New York Music Company Inc. <NYM 20>)
    • Release Date: December, 2007 (Original Release Year: 1985)
    • Producers: Felix Cavaliere
    • Fury is:
      • Robbie LaBlanc: Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals, Guitar
      • Brian LaBlanc: Vocals, Bass
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Jeff Bova, Steve Gaspar
      • Guitar: Nick Moroch
      • Drums and Percussion: Nick Mangini
      • Percussion: Bashiri Johnson
      • Backing Vocals: Frank Simms
      • Sax: Daniel Wilensky
Fury / Fury

International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Keep On Dreamin'
    2. Look Out Now
    3. In Her Arms
    4. Hey Darlene
    5. She Don't Know
    6. Say What You Will
    7. Sorry To Say
    8. Ready Or Not
    9. Fast Girl
    10. Take What You Want






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