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Many Adult Contemporary Music CD's are continuously being released every month. So, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CD New Releases ( also including Reissues) information as "Recommended Discs of The Month". I would highly recommend you to buy several albums by reading my personal reviews. In addition, I would also give you release information regarding other remarkable recent releases supported by one of the well-known on-line music store "" as "Noteworthy Discs of The Month".


The Worship Project

Jonathan Butler/ The Worship Project

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One of the gifted guitarist / Vocalist / Songwriter in Smooth Jazz field, Jonathan Butler completed his first Worship Project album, which is incredibly soulful and the messages are deeply spiritual.

  • Label: Maranatha!, USA <MM2-971770> (distributed by Warner Music USA)
  • Release Date: Sept. 28, 2004
  • Jonathan Butler : Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
  • Musicians:
    • Piano: Tracy Carter
    • Organ; Kenneth Knight
    • Drums: Eric Valentine
    • Percussion: Munyango Jackson, Ray Ysias
    • Background Vocals: Kurt Lykes, Cammie Knight, Angie Fisher, Jodie Butler, Earl Buffington
    • String Arrangements: David Diggs
    • Programming: Field


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Janey Clewer / Perfume

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Janey Clewer's 4th solo effort "Perfume" are here in my hand at last. The CD features 11 intoxicating songs plus 2 bonus tracks and the unbelievable musicianship of Vinnie Colaiuta, Randy Waldman, Dave Boruff , George Hawkins, Ian Wallace and the acclaimed gutarist Bruce Gaitsch, her spouse. This album is more jazzy than her former 3 solo albums.You will reconfirm her versatile songwriting talent and her beuatiful voice once you will listen to this long-awaited album. If you like her sophistcated pop melodies, you will also satsify with "I Concentrate On You" and the bonus track "Lovers Are Never Lost ". A sophistcated beautiful ballad "I Don't Feel Beautiful", another bonus track, is really splendid.

In Feb. of 2004, Janey had the honor of singing background vocals on "Heaven Help Us All", one of the last songs recorded by Ray Charles. It is a duet with Gladys Knight for his last CD called “Genius Loves Company” which was released on Concord Records/Hear Music in August of 2004. In December of 2004, Janey and her husband, Bruce Gaitsch, started producing and writing for Holland Idol finalist, Ron Link, for his CD to be released in late 2005. Additionally, she continues to develop her Broadway show idea and compose songs for it, as well as write with and for a variety of artists, accomplished and new.

Lastly, I would like to quote several artists' words regarding this album from the liner notes of this album:-
Robert Lamm: "Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...the songs, the singing, the arrangements. Janey, you should be very proud of this work!"

Beth Neilson Chapman: "Janry's voice as a writer and artist is very fresh, innovative and original. Perfumeis a rich landscape for Janey's crystal vocals."

    • Label: Cool Sound,Inc., Japan (COOL-120)
    • Release Date: December 25, 2004
    • Producer: Randy Waldman, Bruce Gaitsch, and herself
    • Janey Clewer: Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
    • Musicians:
Janey Clewer / Perfume

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  • Tracks:
    1. Fool In Love
    2. Perfume
    3. She's In The Room
    4. Cancel April
    5. I Have A Thing For Sting
    6. All's Not In Fair In Love And War
    7. Exposed
    8. I Concetrate On You
    9. I Had A Bad Dream
    10. He Was With Me
    11. It Does My Heart Good
    12. Lovers Are Never Lost <bonus track>
    13. I Don't Fell Beautiful <bonus track>



Marc Jordan / Make Believe Ballroom

<ACM Rating: >

Marc Jordan has just released his brand-new studio recording album " Make Believe Ballroom" for Blue Note/EMI Canada, which is the follow-up to his Blue Note/EMI debut, "This Is How Men Cry" (1999). In 2002, Marc released his first-ever greatest hits compilation, "Living In Marina Del Rey", which I believe you already have. This new album Includes newly penned originals and cool jazz interpretations of pop classics, offering blends the perfect mix of jazz, easy listening, pop with even a dash of Country by Marc.

    • Label : Bluenote - EMI Music, Canada (72435 98415 2 6)
    • Release Date: October 19, 2004
    • Producer: Steve Mackinnon, Bill Bell, Stephan Moccio and himself
    • Marc Jordan; Vocals, Keyboards
    • Musicians:
      • Piano: Steve Mackinnon, Dave Restivo, Stephan Moccio
      • Organ: Dave Restivo
      • Accordion: Steve Mackinnon, Tom Szczesniak
      • Guitars: Rob Piltch, Kevin Breit, Mark Francis
      • Bass: George Koller
      • Drums: Kevan Mckenzie, Mark Kelso
      • Percussion: Rick Lazar
      • Lap Steel Guitar: Don Rocke
      • Sax: Mike Murley
      • Trumpet: Michael White, Dave Travers-Smith
      • Flugelhorn: Michael White, Guido Basso
      • Clarinet: Joaquin Vaidepenas, Ben Leonard
      • French horn: Gary Pattison
      • Violins: Marie Bedard, Zsolt Eder, Csaba Koczo, Aissian Nosky, Marc Andre Savoie, Mark Skazinetzky, Julia Wedman
      • Violas: Pamela Attariwada, Eric Paetkau, Emily Eng
      • Cellos: Amy Laing, Carina Reeves
Marc Jordan / Make Believe Ballroom

International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Lulu The Acrobat
    2. Let's Waste Some Time
    3. When Rita Takes The "A" Train
    4. Lonesome Town
    5. Tears Of Hercules
    6. Shot Down My Heart
    7. Everytime We Say Goodby
    8. Timbutktu
    9. The Best Part Of My Life
    10. I Must Have Said Your Name Out Loud
    11. From A Late Night Train


Michael McDonald / Mowtown Two

<ACM Rating: >

This is the second effort of Michael McDonald to interpret Motown classics. As well-konwn the former album "Motown" was really successful in terms of sales (Platinum US) and was nominated to the Grammy Award 2004. I can say that "Motown Two" has much better album quality compared with the acclaimed "Motown" album. You can fully enjoy all the tunes from two famous Marvin Gaye's tunes "What's Going On" / "Mercy Mercy Me" to Four Tops' smash hit "Reach Out, I'll Be There". And the high quality shoud be because of top-rated msucians including Abe Laboriel Sr, Abe Laboriel Jr, Lenny Castro, Nathan East,Vinnie Colaiuta and Michael Thompson. This album must be one of you favorite CD's.

    • Label : Motown / Universal Music International, USA (B0003472-02)
    • Release Date: October 26, 2004
    • Producer: Simon Climie
    • Michael McDonald: Vocals
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Toby Baker, Tim Carmon, Tony Swain
      • Programming: Simon Climie, Nicky "Misschief" Shaw, Toby Baker
      • Organ: Billy Preston
      • Guitar: Michael Thompson, Bernie Chiaravalle
      • Bass; Nathan East, Abe Laboriel Sr.
      • Drums; Vinnie Colaiuta, Abe Laboriel Jr.
      • Percussion: Nicky "Misschief" Shaw, Lenny Castro
      • Sax: Freddie Vigdor
      • Wurlitzer: Tim Carmon
      • Background Vocals: Sharon White, Michelle John, Rachel Oteh, Simon Climie, Lawerence Johnson, Kendra Carr, Steve Crawford, Darwin Hobbs, Sherrie Kibble, Kim Mont, Shandra Penix, Tiffani Ransom. Kevin Whallum, Audrey Martells, Joy Malcomb, Tamar Braxton, Yvette Preyer, Drea Rhenee
Michael McDonald / Motown Two

International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. You're All I Need To Get By
    2. I Was Made to Love Her
    3. Reach Out, I'll Be There
    4. Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
    5. Baby I Need Your Lovin'
    6. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
    7. Tracks of My Tears
    8. What's Goin' On
    9. Second That Emotion
    10. After the Dance
    11. Nowhere to Run
    12. Tuesday Heartbreak
    13. Mercy Mercy Me
    14. Baby I'm for Real


Venice / Pacific Standard Time

<ACM Rating: >

Venice, Southern California band with most beautiful harmony vocals / true Westcoast melodies has released their 9th new studio recording album entitled "Pacific Standard Time". This is the follow up album after their 2002 Dutch smash hit album "Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life" (Sony). Produced by band member Michael Lennon, the album boasts 15 instant classics, brand new songs written and recorded over four-month months. On this album, Venice is trying to do more wide-range of music style, which I can confirm successful. The lead singer Kipp Lennon stated on their official press release as follows:- “People tend to bunch us in together with Crosby, Stills & Nash or The Eagles, which is fine. We definitely grew up on the West Coast, and we have that sound. The harmony thing inevitably brings out those comparisons, and we're glad to be a part of the Southern California music tradition. But we're influenced by so many other kinds of music too, and we’re trying to bring that out more and more. A song like ‘I’ll Keep My Fingers Crossed’ is a hybrid of Steely Dan meets the Spinners. You get a little more of our Todd Rundgren-y stuff, a
little more of our Beach Boys stuff, lots of different things on this album that we hadn’t touched on before.” Thus, you will enjoy much versatile sophistcated music of this band.

    • Label: Flow Records, Benelux (FR001-2)
    • Release Date: November 22, 2004
    • Producer: Michael Lennon
    • The Band:
      • Kipp Lennon: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
      • Mark Lennon: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
      • Michael Lennon: Guitars, Banjo, Sitar, Harmonica, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards, Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
      • Pat Lennon: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Matt Laug
      • Bass: Mark Harris
      • Percussion: Rich Mangicaro, Dann Gillen
      • Piano: Nick Bult
      • Keyboards: Chris Horvath
      • Violin: Charles Bisharat
      • Horns: Roy Weigand
Venice / Pacific Standard Time

International Order

  • Tracks
    1. I'll Keep My Fingers Crossed
    2. Cotton Candy
    3. Alive Again
    4. Everybody's Opium
    5. Back To The Well
    6. You And Me Doing Nothing
    7. When Your Ship Comes In
    8. Night Where We Left Off
    9. Two Places At One Time
    10. Blue Ocean Park Waltz
    11. Don't Worry Worry
    12. All Or Nothing At All
    13. Fifteen Presents
    14. Pebble In A Pond (Karma's Rewarded)
    15. Happiness Is The Best Revenge


Kadomatsu T's songs from L.A. - The ballad Covers Collection -

<ACM Rating: >

There are many good pop music artists also here in Japan, but not so many artists maintain their top-rated commercial position over the decade as such kind of things are really difficult in the States and/or in Europe. Toshiki Kadomatsu is the one. He has been leading Japanese pop music since 1981 when he was a university student. His musical roots must be Westcoast / AOR music and he gradually established his own unique music style. You may already have the CD "Kadomatsu T's Songs from L.A. -The Pop Covers Collection -" in your hand now. Further, you will be able to have another one soon. This time is "The Ballad Covers Collection" featuring first-call musicians and top-rated singers as below:

    • Label: Avex Trax, Japan. (AVCD17526)
    • Release Date: October 27, 2004
    • Producer: Kaz Matsumoto
    • Lead Vocalists: Gino Vannelli (track 1), Michael North (track 2), Jessica Sheely (track 3), Richard Page (track 4), Lea Herman (track 5), Jason Scheff (track 6), Henry Kapono& Elizabeth WorfgrammAtuaia (track 7), Presley Tucker (track 8), Brett Raymond (track 9) Tommy Funderburk (track 10)
    • Musicians:


Kadomatsu T's Songs from L.A.

International Order


  • Tracks :
    1. Still, I'm In Love With You
    2. Midnight Girl
    3. You're My Only Shinin' Star
    4. Desire
    5. August Rain ?`It's Our Pure Hearts?`
    6. Distance
    7. It's Hard To Say Good-Bye
    8. Mermaid Princess
    9. Let Me Say...
    10. Ramp In



John Robinson / Funkshui

<ACM Rating: >

Who is your favorite AOR/Westcoast related session drummer? Late Jeff Porcaro, or late Carlos Vega? Whoelse? It must be John JR Robinson for me! As you find John JR Robinson on many albums you have, he is one of the first call drummer in Los Angeles since late 70's. John JR Robinson started his studio session works career in 1978 when he joined the band Rufus. It is widely known that Quicy Jones asked John to play the drum for Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" album.As regards John's own project, you might have the project CD with Mark Williamson: Bridge 2 Far" (1989) for CBS Records USA. Although it was not successful in terms of commercial sales, it is one of my favourite CD in late 80's.And now, John JR Robinson compelted his first solo CD "Funkshui" with help of the world's finest musicians (Neil Stubenhaus, Gary Grant, Mark Williamson, Jeff Lorber, Ross Bolton, Leland Sklar, Brandon Fields, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Thompson and Dan Higgins). John JR Robinson has assembled a collection of original songs sure to please his countless fans. The album includes has his love of Jazz, Funk and Rock and his solid "groove".

    • Label: Homecourt Records, USA
    • Release Date: October, 2004
    • Producer: JR Productions
    • John Robinson: Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Prgramming, Vocals
    • Guest Musicians:
      • Guitars: Paul Jackson Jr., Ross Bolton, Dustin Higgins
      • Keyboards: Ross Bolton, Dave "Hawk" Wolinski, Dan Higgins, Jeff Lorber
      • Piano: John Beasley
      • Bass: Neil Stubenhaus, Hussain Jiffry
      • Sax: Dave Boruff, Dan Higgins, Brandon Fields
      • Trumpet: Gary Grant
      • Percussion: Danny Reyes
      • Lead Vocal: Mark Williamson
      • Vocals: Diane Lotny, Dustin Higgins, Robbie Wyckoff
      • Rap Vocals: John T. Robinson aka Dr.Wicked
John Robinson / Funkshui

International Order

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  • Tracks:
    1. Flight 81
    2. Reshuffle
    3. Tellin Lies (Cold As Ice)
    4. Good Old Times
    5. Sister Sadie
    6. Cool TV
    7. Hair Of The Dog
    8. Sierra
    9. Skunkin
    10. Lullaby For Jack
    11. Montebelluna Drum Solo



Bryan Duncan & The Nehosoul Band / Music City Live

<ACM Rating: >

The Voice of CCM, Soulful Bryan Duncan returns to a prestigious Nashville club with the NehoSoul Band to perform Bryan Duncan's classic and new songs from his long solo career after the legendady Sweet Comfort Band day's. As you might buy his 2003 Live CD entiled "Twin Cities Live", this brand-new live CD must be much better in terms of a kind of music power, energy and so on. DVD version is also available, but you should note that the CD includes the new bonus song "Don't Help The Devil" which is not on DVD!

    • Label: Red Road Records, USA
    • Release Date: November, 2004
    • Bryan Duncan: Lead Vocals, Keyboards
    • The Nehosoul Band:
      • Walter Finch: Lead Guitar
      • Phil Curry: Keaboards
      • Ricky B. Rogers: Bass
      • Samuel A. Mathews: Drums
    • Special Gurst Musicians:
      • Fletch Willey: Trumpet
      • Tim Gaines: Bass
      • Matthew Burgess: Percussion



Bryan Duncan /  Music City Live

International Order

  • Tracks:
      1. Clap Your Hands
      2. Step By Step
      3. Blue Skies
      4. Yes I Will
      5. No Words
      6. I Never Lied To You
      7. Love You With My Life
      8. Wheels Of A Good Thing
      9. Mr. Bailey's Daughter
      10. Maybe I'm Amazed
      11. Don't Help The Devil (Bonus Track)



Robbie Dupree / Live at duo Music Exchange

<ACM Rating: >

Duo Music Exchange, the live house here in Tokyo has started to release a set of a live DVD and a live CD filmed & recorded live at the live house as "World Premium Artist Series 100's". The first artist of this series release is Robbie Dupree. Recorded on Saturday March 13, 2004. I was there (2nd row, almost center position) and therefore I can say it was really good live performance. You will appreciate that DVD captures their excellent performance and makes you feel as if you were there. Other live performances will be released in 2005 and details are shown on my ACMJ International Blog, which please check out. Lastly, it might be very imporatant for you regarding DVD format of this series:- NTSC Region All (0).

    • Label: Duo Music Exchange Co., Ltd. Japan (distributed by Avex Distribution) <DVBD-10002/B>
    • Release Date: December 22, 2004
    • Robbie Dupree : Vocals, Harmonica
    • Band Members:
      • Larry Hoppen: Guitars, Vocals
      • David Sancious: Keyboards
      • Rick Chudacoff: Bass
      • Peter Bunetta: Drums



Robbie Dupree / Live

International Order

  • Tracks (CD +DVD <Region All NTSC>)
    1. Goodbye To L.A.
    2. Miracle Mile
    3. Real World
    4. Desperation
    5. Talk To You
    6. This Is Life
    7. Sunny Day
    8. Steal Away
    9. Hot Rod Hearts
    10. Work To Do
    11. I'll Be Around
    12. Driftin' & Driftin'



Boy Meets Girl / New Dream

<ACM Rating: >

One of the most requested CD which were unreleased must be Boy Meets Girl's never-released 3rd album titled "New Dream". The album should have released in 1991.However, this was never officially released anywhere in the world due to a changing of the guard at the top management of the RCA/BMG. Only very limited number of promotinal CD's seemed to be distributed in the music industry.Shannon Rubicam wrote on their official website:- "With one week to go before the album's release, and mere days away from filming what would have been the video for the single, New Dream, we were, needless to say, stunned. Honestly, it just blew the wind right out of our sails to come to such a sudden halt after two years of writing, recording and preparing to promote the CD. But such are the vicissitudes of the music business, and it happens to someone every day ̄ although we hadn't imagined it happening to us."Shanon explaind that George Merrill cajoled their old record company, RCA/BMG, into reissuing the Reel Life cd and the never released stateside "New Dream" cd.They are NOW AVAILABLE on their website, at the discography page. Check 'em out!

    • Label : BMG Special Products Inc, USA (DRC13596)
    • Release Date: October 4, 2004 (Original: 1991 never -released)
    • Producer: Phil Ramone, Arif Mardin, Joe Martin and George Merrill
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: C.J. Vanston, Joe Mardin, Gradual Taylor, Joel Johnson Guitars: Jim Bredouw, Bootsy Collins, Jeff Baxter, John Morton, John Goux, Trey Stone Drums: Michael Jochum, Bootsy Collins Bass: Leon GearSax: Andy Snitzer Percussion: Michael Fisher
      • Background Vocals: Susan Boyd, Phil Perry, Lisa Miller



Boy Meets Girl / New Dream

International Order

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  • Tracks:
      1. New Dream (Move Me In The Way Of Love)
      2. Bird In Hand
      3. Love This World
      4. Boy On My Mind
      5. If Things Were Different
      6. Flying The Cosmos
        (bonus track)
      7. Be True / Soul Connection
      8. Indigo Drums
      9. Free
      10. Mission
      11. Everybody's Somebody's Baby



RTZ / Lost And Found

<ACM Rating: >

RTZ (Return To Zero) began as a collaboration between singer Brad Delp and guitarist Barry Goudreau around 1989. Goudreau and Delp were both part of the original BOSTON line up, and after Barry&s departure from Boston the two stayed in close contact with Brad contributing both to Barry Goudreau&s solo album and also to a lesser degree on the ORION THE HUNTER album.RTZ landed a deal with Giant Records and the first album "Return To Zero" was released in 1991 with excellent results from the press and fans alike. RTZ got released from the contract and later released a record called "Lost" in 1999 made up of songs from various sessions to create a follow up to the debut album."Lost and Found" is another step of the collaboration from Brad and Barry. The record is made up of never before released tracks that were recorded before the first RTZ CD. These cuts also feature the other original RTZ members: David Stefanelli, Brian Maes and Tim Archibald. The songs were recorded in Barry's home studio and show the development that lead to the first RTZ release. The tracks were recorded on various formats and although some of the recordings reflect the sounds of that time, it includes great melodies and performances that are a "must have" for Boston fans. It means that if you will start to point out sound defect of several tracks, you can never stop doing so. Therefore, I recommend you that you should just enjoy the music itself when you listen to this collection CD. As a special bonus to the RTZ CD, Frontiers Records is pleased to give an official European availability to the latest step of the partnership between Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau, that is to say the album aptly entitled "Delp & Goudreau". The CD, recorded in Goudreau's home studio, features all new tracks written by Delp and Goudreau with the intent of "making music for the pleasure of making music". To be honest, it is very difficult for me to recommend you to buy"Delp & Goudreau" CD solely without RTZ "Lost & Found" CD.

    • Label: Frontiers Records, Italy (FR CD 220)
    • Release Date: December 6, 2004
    • Producer: Barry Gourdreau
    • RTZ
      • Barry Goudreau: Guitar
      • Brad Delp: Vocals
      • Tim Archibald: Bass
      • Brian Maes: Keyboards
      • David Stefanelli: Drums


RTZ / Lost & Found

International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. One Step Away
    2. Fool For Love
    3. Such A Feel
    4. Rise Above It All
    5. Social Disease
    6. I'm On A Roll
    7. Rock The Night
    8. Winners And Losers
    9. Power of Love
    10. Show Me
    11. Better And Better


Los Lobotomys / The Official Bootleg

<ACM Rating: >

Los Lobotomys is another super heavy fusion unit featuring David Garfield. (The other one? Of course, Karizma!). The original Los Lobotomys lineup in 1987 was Steve Lukather, David Garfield, Brandon Fields, Nathan East, Lenny Castro and the late Jeff Porcaro and they were playing at the original Baked Potato in North Hollywood. They released their first live CD "Los Lobotomys" recorded at the Complex in 1988 and released here in Japan and in the States under Creatchy label in September 1989. Will Lee played bass rather than Nathan East with 3 guests; Joe Sample, Vinnie Colaiuta and Carlos Vega at that time. And they continued to play around here and there irregularly with the different lineup since then. John Pena, Jimmy Johnson or Jimmy Earl on bass, Gregg Bissonette, Vinnie Colaiuta or Carlos Vega on drums, Luis Conte, Chris Trujillo or Michito Sanchez on percussion, Larry Klimas on Sax but David Garfield and Steve Lukather always remained at the helm as the band evolved. In 1993, they recorded the first Los Lobotomys studio recording album "Candyman" for Sony Records and released in the States as Los Lobotomy's 2nd project. On the other hand, this album was released in Japan and Europe as Steve Lukather's 2nd solo album. After this Los Lobotomy's 2nd project CD release, they did wourld tour from United Kingdom through European continental countries, then to Japan. This Official Bootleg captures 1994 world tour perforamces, that is to say, track 1 - 6 recorded live in Denmark June 24, 1994 with 2 bons live recording tracks done at the Baked Potato in 1999. Lastly, I should add one thing about this CD release. Steve Lukather seems not to be happy at all with this release. He didn't know it was coming out and now that it's released, he made this statement on mid December 2004: "This is not a record that Simon Phillips and I have approved! David Garfield and John Pena have taken it uppon themselves to put this out even after BOTH Si (Simon Phillips) and I said no we didn't want it out. They had no permission or license to do this therefore any and all ties are now severed. This ain't cool so if you buy it you are buying illegal material. It's not that it's bad, it's just NOT approved and it's totally lame that Garfield and Pena would take money in license fees without permission AND EXPLOIT Jeff Porcaro (yet again). There is now NO chance EVER that we will play together again. I am sorry anyone has been duped by these guys!!" I do not know whether things are now solved or not but I hope Steve and David will play together again sometime in near future!

    • Label: Creatchy Records, USA (CR018) <Japan: Cool Sound (COOS-2027)>
    • Release Date: December 25, 2004 (Japan)
    • Producer: David Garfield & John Pena
    • Los Lobotomys are:
      • David Garfield: Keyboards
      • Steve Lukather: Guitar & Lead Vocal
      • John Pena: Bass
      • Simon Phillips: Drums
Los Lobotmys / The Official Bootleg

International Order

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  • Tracks:
    1. Smell Yourself
    2. Hero With A 1,000 Eyes
    3. Extinction Blues
    4. Dismemberment
    5. Never Walk Alone
    6. The Bomber
    7. Froth
    8. Partly In Simon's Pants


Mike Reno / The Renovation

<ACM Rating: >

"The Renovation" is a collection of eleven unreleased songs representing Mike Reno's writing, and recording break from Loverboy in the early 1990's and he wants to offer them to his inner circle of fans. In early 90's, Mike made studo recording in LA in the early 90's his first solo album for CBS Records. All these tracks were recorded with L.A.'s hottest musicians and co-produced by writing partner and long time friend Mark Spiro. CBS Records didn't release the project and now Mike has decided to let his original fans get to hear this body of work.The ballad "All I Ever Needed Was You" was co-written and recorded by Mike Reno and David Foster in Foster's Malibu home and Mike uncovered this early writer's track and admitted that this basic version of this song with piano and vocals for him captured the essence of this song. David Foster put a full production version of this song on his last album.

    • Label: n/a
    • Release Date: October, 2004
    • Producer: Mark Spiro and himself


Mke Reno / Renovation

International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Affection
    2. Dream Machine
    3. Still In Love Alone
    4. Sixty Years
    5. New Messiah
    6. Take Me Bac
    7. I Say Go
    8. Burning Down The Bridge
    9. I Don't Want To Stop
    10. All I Ever Needed Was You


Peter Cetera /You Just Gotta Love Christmas

<ACM Rating: >

Peter Cetera's "You Just Gotta Love Christmas" album is the only Christmas CD I bought for 2004 Christmas. This CD features 9 holiday classics with 3 new Peter's original songs including duets with country music singer Alison Kraus and his daughter Claire Cetera. Most of the tracks are very authentic soft and mellow and it means that you can stay relaxing all through the time you listen to this CD. If you will have a special dinner with your spouse and your family, this CD is one the safest. However, if you would expect much sophistcated and more Chicago-like-music arrangement, you might not satisfy with this Peter Cetera's works.

    • Label: Viastar Records, USA
    • Release Date: October 19, 2004
    • Producer: Tony Harrell himself
    • Peter Cetera: Vocals, Bass
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Tony Harrell
      • Programming: Tony Harell, Greg Morrow
      • Bass: Jimmy Lee Sloas, Craing Nelson, Michael Brignardello, Glenn Wolf
      • Guitars: Jerry McPherson, Kenny Greenberg, Tom Bukovac, Bruce Gaitsch, B. James Lowry
      • Strings: Chris Carmichael
      • Harmonica: Jelly Roll Johnson
      • Trombone, Trumpet: Ben Pops Strano
      • Sax & Horn Section: Jim Horn, Steve Herrman, Chris Dunn
      • Percussion: John Mock , Eric Darken, Jack Gavin
      • Vocals: Claire Cetera, Alison Krauss
Peter Cetera / You Just Gotta Love Christmas

International Order


  • Tracks:
    1. Let It Snow
    2. The Christmas Song
    3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
    4. Blue Christmas
    5. Deck The Halls
    6. I'll Be Home For Christmas
    7. Jingle Bells
    8. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    9. Winter Wonderland
    10. Somwthing That Sant Claus Left Behind
    11. Alone For The Holidays




Smooth Jazz Express Vol.1 & Vol.2

<ACM Rating: >

In early 90's, many L.A. musicians made many special project recordings only for Japanese market. Under the project name of "Jazz Express", Neil Larsen, Buzzy Feiten, Lenny Castero, Ricky Lawson and many others covers many pops and released in total 8 albums as " The Song of Diana Ross","The Songs of Madonna", "The Songs of Rolling Stones", "The Songs of Mariah Carey", "The Songs Of Whiteny Houston", "The Songs Of Queen", "The Songs of Whitney Houston" and "The Songs Of Elton John". Almost 10 years later, The selected tracks are re-released on 2 CD's as "Smooth Jazz Express Vol.1" and "Smooth Jazz Express Vol.2". Those CD's might be good only if you would like to listen to the well-known pops instrumental covers. Nothing more than such things....

    • Label: Westwood Records, Japan (Vol.1: SDCF-1015) (Vol.2: SDCF-1016)
    • Release Date: November 24, 2004
    • Producer: Taka Nanri
    • Musicians:
      • Neil Larsen: Keyboards
      • Buzzy Feiten: Guitars
      • Leny Castro: Percussion
      • Ricky Lawson: Drums
      • Ricky Minor: Bass
      • Michael Paulo: Sax
      • Harvey Mason: Drums

Smooth Jazz Express

Smooth Jazz Express

International Order

Smooth Jazz Express
Smooth Jazz Express

  • Tracks (Vol.1)
    1. Prisoner
    2. Nikita
    3. Like A Virgin
    4. Crazy For You
    5. Keep Me Hangin' On
    6. I Will Always Love You
    7. Miss You
    8. As Tears Go By
    9. Pretender
    10. When You Tell Me That You Love Me
    11. Stop In The Name Of Love
    12. Satisfaction
  • Tracks (Vol.2)
    1. Take Good Care Of My Heart
    2. You Can't Hurry Love
    3. Stay
    4. Touch Me In The Morning
    5. Emotions
    6. Alone In Love
    7. Time Is On My Side
    8. Vogue
    9. Paint It Black
    10. Lucky Star
    11. Where Did Our Love Go
    12. Jumping Jack Flash



Bobby Caldwell / Bobby Caldwell

<ACM Rating: >

Bobby Caldwell's 1978 self-title debut album has been re-reissued on CD with the original artworks paper sleeve jacket, on which you would be aware that "What You Won't Do For Love", the re-released album title , is deleted. On this reissued CD includes "Can't Say Goodbye" original LP (TK Production/CBS Records, USA <TK/CLOUDS 8804>) version as the bonus track. The former reissued CD (US Sin-Drome version / Japanese Polydor version) includes the single-cut version. In this sense, this is the very first time to have the "Bobby Caldwell" debut album on CD. It is not necessary to mention how this album is one of the masterpiece and the fact that the soulful "What You Won't Do For Love" ranked Top 10 single hit in 1979. If you should not have this Double Platinum US, Platinum Japan album on CD, now is the time to add this-original-paper-sleeve CD to your CD shelf as the first CD of 2005.

    • Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc., Japan (VICP-62941)
    • Release Date: December 29, 2004 (Original Release Year: 1978)
    • Producer: Ann Holloway, Marsha Radcliffe, George "Chocolate" Perry
    • Bobby Caldwell: Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Synthesizers
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Ed Greene, Joe Galdo, Harold Seay
      • Bass: George "Chocolate" Perry, Richie Valesquez
      • Guitars: Alfons Kettner, Steve Mealy
      • Keyboards: Benny Latimore
      • Horns & Strings Arrangement: Mike Lewis
Bobby Caldwell

International Order

  • Tracks:
    1. Special To Me
    2. My Flame
    3. Love Won't Wait
    4. Can't Say Goodbye
    5. Come To Me
    6. What You Won't Do For Love
    7. Kalimba Song
    8. Take Me Back To Then
    9. Down For The Third Time
    10. Can't Say Goodbye [Analog Version] (bonus track)




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