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Where is Nago, Okinawa? Maps: Asia - Japan - Okinaw/Nago - East Coast

Following Cologne & Seattle, Kick off J21 Movement!
Apres Cologne et Seatlle, en avant avec le mouvement du 21 Juillet !

An image of Dugong on the wall in the office of No to Heliport! Association of 10 Districts north of Futami
An Appeal of Kushi 13 Districts
Multiparty Joint Statement
Nago-Okinawa Citizens Step Up Campaign to oppose U.S. Heliport
U.S. Military Presence in Okinawa
Rapes: U.S. Military Bases Against Women And Children
Survey and Preservation for dugongs and their ecology, and a message for world peace
Towards J21 - Nago, Okinawa G8 Summit July 21-23
Planning & Guidance For J21 Movement

Gallery: Animaiton & Photo

Network in Nago, Okinawa

Heri Kichi Iyadesu Ichiman Nin no Koe o (No to Heliport! 10,000 Voices Movement)
Nago Shimin Network Information Desk (Nago Citizen's Network Information Desk)
Nago-shi Heri Kichi Hantai Kyo (The Council Opposed to the Relocation of the Heliport)
Heri Kichi Iranai Futami Ihoku Jukku no Kai (No to Heliport! Association of 10 Districts north of Futami)
Inochi o Mamoru Kai (Society to Save the Life)
Heri Kich No! Josei Tachi no Kai (No to Heliport! Women's Society)
Dugong Hogo Kikin Iinkai (The Committee for Save Dugong)
Shin Okinawa Forum "Keshi Kaze"(Kikan) Yanbaru Henshu Iinkai
Eco Net Chura ( Eco Net "Beauty")
Umi to Kaze no Yado (Guesthouse "Sea and Wind")

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NST-TPSC: Nago Supporter (Tokyo)- Tokyo Peace Syber Circle

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No! to Base, Help Dugong! Nago Citizen's Network