History of SOKOBAN(Underconstruction)

SOKOBAN was written for Thinking Rabbit by Hiroyuki Imabayashi.
It introduces the history of "SOKOBAN" simply.The original information is using the one which was in the book (ISBN4-88239-606-8) which is called "THE SOKOBAN" which was published by 1987/01/01.

Individually, it will be rather impossible because it wants the continuation of this book but the number so far of the stages should become nearly 700 even if it thinks simply.Especially, the identical checking will be troublesome when the position of the person is different at the same warehouse and the direction is turning 90 degrees, and so on.Probably, the editor, too, will do a hard thought.


1984/02 SOKOBAN2

1984/05 SOKOBAN for MSX(ROM).It sells from ASCII.

1984/12 SOKOBAN Tool Kit (TAPE).It sells from ASCII.

A new function is added by this tool kit.The functions such as the only way withdrawal, the reappearance function, the round selection by the surface, the high-speed mode saving function which become the origin of the NES edition are announced.

1984/12 GAME POKEKON(Pocket Computer). It sells from EPOC

1985/04 SOKOBAN for caset(GAME POKEKON(Pocket Computer))

In the handicap liquid crystal game, the warehouse turn becomes made out of the room.Incidentally, it has the edit function, the only way withdrawal function.

1985/12 SEGA Mycade(SEGA mk3?)

1986/07 "NAMIDANO SOKOBAN Specia" for NES(DISK).It sells from ASCII.

19??/?? for The electronic pocket diary:for genesis:for gamegear:...etc

1989/?? "SOKOBAN Perfect".All 306 stages

1991/?? "SOKOBAN REVENGE".All 306 stages

1995/08 SOKOBAN for Windows.

199?/?? SOKOBAN for "BUNGO"."BUNGO" is NEC's product.

1996/09/13 "Ultimate SOKOBAN" for PlayStation.All 96 stages

1996/10/?? "SOKOBAN REVENGE" for Windows.


1997/09/16? "SOKOBAN BASIC" for PlayStation.All 280 stages