!!Einstein and his patents!!

“Einstein would have supported the closed universe model by the Gleaners(revised!)

A mathematical formulation of the closed universe model by the Gleaners (Appendix)

Einstein would have said “It is very difficult for humans to verify whether the logic
of a theory or theorem is true.” (new!)

Einstein would have said “Why don’t you use the same mobile phone number for plural mobile phone handsets
(Spin-off meeting by the Gleaners)

“Einstein would have thought that the accused Italian seismologists were not responsible
for 2009 terremoto dell'Aquila disaster

“A proof to show that earthquakes are almost random and memoryless phenomena”

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We celebrate the centenary of the Einstein's universe in 2005.

George Bernard Shaw once said "The Newton's universe has lasted 218 years. And I don't know how long the Einstein's universe will last."

The latter universe is being reinforced year by year.

It is well known that Albert Einstein wrote papers about the theory of Relativity while working at the Patent Office in Bern, Switzerland.

We have found that Einstein and his joint-inventors were granted many patents in some countries. Here is a part of the list of their patents. Full texts and drawings of some selected patents are also presented.

1.The list of Einstein's patents
Year Patent No. Title of Invention Joint-inventor
1930 140217(17a) Kaeltemaschine Leo Szilard
1932 554 959(17a,3) Kaeltemaschine Leo Szilard
555 413(17a,3) Kaeltemaschine Leo Szilard
556 535(17a,3) Kaeltemaschine Leo Szilard
561 904(17a,3) Kaeltemaschine Leo Szilard
562 300(17a,1) Kaeltemaschine Leo Szilard
563 403(17a,3) Kaeltemaschine Leo Szilard
565 614(17a,3) Kompressor Leo Szilard
562 040(21d2,18) Elektromagnetische Vorrichtung zur Erzeugung einer oszillierenden Bewegung Leo Szilard
1933 590 783(21a2,1/04) Vorrichtung,insbesondere fur Schallwiedergabegeraute Rudolf Goldschmidt
The United States
1930 1,781,541 Refrigeration Leo Szilard
1936 2,058,562 Light intensity self-adjusting camera Gustav Bucky

2.Full texts and drawings of selected ones from Einstein's patents

2-1. USP.2,058,562
[ Image of the first page ] [ Full text ] [ Image of drawings ]

2-2. USP.1,781,541
[ Image of the first page ] [ Full text ] [ Image of drawings ]

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