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【1999年8月分】〜 4 Messages

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  • 99/08/31 13:36 Bill Age: 74
    Dear Noricko,
    Am very impressed by your ability,talent and generosity.All Square dancers should be grateful for your skill and sharing nature.

    99/08/18 02:02 Eiki Yoshikawa Age: 32
    I'm a member of Foggy City Dancers in San Francisco. I've been dancing for a
    year. I met some of Edo8 members at the convention this July in L.A., but I'm
    afraid that I don't remember anyone's name (sorry...I'm bad at names, I guess).
    I just heard about your site last night, and a friend of mine sent me the URL.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to Edo8 members, and let you know that I'm very
    impressed with your web site. I'll start learning Advanced this fall, so the
    "Advanced-1" page will sure help me. Also, I'm sure that a lot of Mainstream
    and Plus students are getting much benefit from this site.
    Look forward to seeing more development of this site. Gambatte.

    99/08/08 13:44 H.J.Wandke Age: 46
    Hallo Noriko
    IN the morningtime I surfed through the Internet and I found a good
    address about Square Dance.I will visit your site again.
    Bye bye and greets from Germany, Jochen.

    99/08/04 05:40 Gunilla W蚌d Age: 46
    Me and my husband visited Barmstedt in Germany in the end of July, and I only want to tell you that our best memory from the festival was the group of 8 persons from your country that we met. Their visit was really something to remember.

    Best regards

    Mrs Gunilla W蚌d from Sweden

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