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【1999年7月分】〜 3 Messages

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  • 99/07/17 08:20 Joachim Ruhenbeck Age: 41
    I love these pages, and I didn't expect them to be extended so quickly to other programs. I hope to see you someday, maybe NACC 2000 ?


    99/07/14 10:44 Rob Sierzega Age: 43
    What a great website! I just heard about it from Gloria in our club, the Chi-Town Squares. Larry, my other half, and I just returned from the Convention in Los Angeles. Didn't you attend, too? I plan on using your site to brush up on confusing calls, especially in A. thanks for all of your work.


    99/07/08 10:56 Larry Cannoy Age: 60?
    Very good animation...I find the animations very helpful in understanding square dance calls......thanks I will come back for more..

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