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【1999年6月分】〜 8 Messages

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  • 99/06/21 18:53 中村 賢三 Age: 52

    99/06/20 09:34 Paul Gettinger Age: ?
    Noriko: Just wanted to say how much we enjoy all your effort in adding all the sequence's of the calls. I had a hard drive failure and lost your address for awhile, but finally located your address again. We belong to a club in North Central Florida(about 50 miles West of Jacksonville) and your home page has helped us alot. We graduated out of Mainstream about 5 months ago and just recently attended the Florida State Convention in Lakeland, Florida. Our caller and onther one of our friends are going to the Natikonal Convention this next week in Indiania. Regards Paul

    99/06/17 13:48 James Hensley Age: ?
    Ms Noriko,
    I have just been appointed as marketing advisor to CALLERLAB. We are embarking on a new marketing program to "re-birth" Square Dancing here in the U.S. and around the world. We will be conduction this work through CALLERLAB's FOUNDATION for the preservation and promotion of SD. Your CD idea can be very important piece in this work. Please contact me for additional information and to begin a dialogue on how you can help with this long term marketing program.
    James Hensley

    99/06/15 00:16 Neil Crosby Age: 60+
    GREAT JOB!!!!
    Keep up the good work.

    99/06/08 10:43 Gary Armstrong Age: ?

    99/06/05 00:43 Richard Klein Age: 58
    I was impressed with your web site; especially the graphics of the calls.
    Here in Dallas, Texas, the loading of the pages were slow but worth it. I
    would like to get into Java so that I could do some of this. I maintain a
    web page for Global Hall at I will put you on my
    links page so more can see your handy work.

    99/06/02 23:40 Jeff Alexander Age: 44
    Great web site. It's very helpful and I will definitely use this as a guide.
    Thanks a lot.

    99/06/01 22:25 David Emerson Age: ?
    Excellent SD site. You have put together an enjoyable and informative site.

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