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【1999年4月分】〜 10 Messages

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  • 99/04/30 03:27 A. Claude Ferguson Age: ?

    An excellent page and an excellent contribution to the world of Square Dancing.
    Best wishes from one who was in the our tailhook Navy during the Big War.

    You can link our Lawrence County, Indiana, USA Web Site and we will do likewise with your Web Site.


    A. Claude Ferguson

    99/04/29 17:36 Jean-Louis THIRY Age: 48
    Interesting site. I would like to learn about calling.
    Keep on the good job


    99/04/27 08:56 Karin B. Kalin Age: 55
    Great site.
    I live and dance on LOng Island New York. I am an A2 dancer.
    I started the B'N'B of LOng Island for solo square dancers. We are in our sixth year.

    99/04/26 16:20 柳原 進 Age: ?
    (3)米国人と会話する際にbreak the ice出来るので大変便利。

    99/04/16 06:34 Pia o Rikard Age: ?31/33
    We are very impressed of your work !
    Looking forward for A2
    Greatings from Sweden.

    99/04/14 22:44 Ruth Howell Age: 46
    This is wonderful !!! For new dancers it's a great way to see that people from all over the world enjoy this activity as much as they do. Keep on going, we appreciate your efforts !!!!!! Hope to see you here in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2002 for the 51st National Square Dance Convention.

    99/04/10 14:39 George Ferguson Age: 59
    I really enjoyed the anamation. You did a very good job. Thank you for taking time for this. My wife and I enjoy square and round dancing very much. I am studying to be a caller.

    99/04/07 20:05 川島 徳道/Norimichi Kawashima Age: 50
    最近SDを始めました。 本ではなかなか理解できない動き方がとても良く分かります。ありがとうございます!

    99/04/04 22:47 Bob & Eleanor DeYoung Age: ?
    Bob is a "new caller", has a class going. . .
    We are very impressed with your animation, and we have previously
    watched the calls and action (maybe another page?), and we were very
    impressed with the music and action.
    We live in Michigan, (USA), and LOVE squaredancing. We have been
    Dancers for ten years, calling for two.

    99/04/02 23:30 片寄 恭利 Age: 52
    記念すべき 30,000人目の訪問者になれて大変光栄です。

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