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【1999年3月分】〜 15 Messages

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  • 99/03/29 11:19 MARY Age: ?

    99/03/28 19:48 Terrie Pakkala Age: 44

    I've just started lessons last fall and I found your site while looking for square dance information on the net. I LOVE IT! Whatever I learn in class I can come home and review before next week's lesson. I'm having a great time and meeting lots of new friends. "Terpsichorean" Terrie

    99/03/28 17:06 IKUE Age: ?


     5日よろしくね。       1999.3.28   IKUE

    99/03/26 18:27 Tony Bonanno Age: 39
    Noriko, congratulations on a most amazing and very practical website. I will certainly be telling everyone I know to visit.
    I have been square and round dancing for over 20 years and calling for about 13. I wish you well in your efforts to generate interest amongst yourger people, we have a similar problem here too!
    I am currently developing a Round Dance Resource Website and I will e-mail you the details when it is ready for publishing.
    Congratulations and happy dancing!
    Tony Bonanno
    Sydney, Australia

    99/03/21 06:59 Marion Wagner Age: 60
    I have tried to give the address of this site to many students who are learning with me and my husband. They can't find it. I wondered if I am giving them the wrong address. The one I gave them is:


    Please let me know where I went wrong.

    99/03/19 10:37 Al Bentley Age: ?
    The animation is great !!
    However, I have a suggestion :
    eg: When clicking on 'Basic 3' it would be helpful
    if the new screen said 'Basic3 Movements 23-33'.
    The point is that everything would be easier to find.
    Keep up the good work.
    Al Bentley

    99/03/17 18:29 Joachim Schmitt Age: 42
    This is a great idea to animate the movements like this. I enjoied this page.
    I am a square dance caller now for 17 years and I try to call the programs up to C1 from all possible positions. You presented a new idea to me: crossfire from diamonds. I never heard that before or thought about that. But that is a great idea. I will call it tonight.
    Thanks Joachim

    99/03/17 16:01 Josie Age: ?
    Lots of information for newer Dancers.
    Thank you for taking the time to post it.

    99/03/16 22:01 H.-P. Maier Age: 31

    you have a really good SD-page here. I had lot of fun.
    Keep on going.

    I set a link on my homepage to yours:
    Greetings from germany
    See u in a square

    99/03/16 21:57 Jim & Barbara Cone Age: 50+
    Greetings from the state of Georgia, USA We have been squaredancing for 30 years. We enjoy it and hope you keep dancing, keep smiling. Our first club was in Miami Fla. The Crosstrails, then we joined the Hootin Two. We moved to Utah and helped start the Salt Shakers. We now are members of the Lads & Lassies in Stockbridge, Ga. Come dance with us! Golden Rock!

    99/03/16 16:01 ともちん Age: ?

    99/03/16 01:34 Gerrie Samples Age: ?
    Noriko, I think this is wonderful. My husband and I have only
    been square dancing for a few years but it has been great for
    us. We have made so many great friends. Sure hope I can add
    you to our list. Thanks you for what you are doing for square dancing.
    Please keep in touch and maybe we can met sometimes at one of
    the National Dances.
    Your new friend,
    Gerrie Samples

    99/03/15 10:27 Patsy Allen Age: 58
    Your animations are terrific, I have never seen such a great way of explaining the moves. Wish you were here.{Atlanta, Ga}Keep up the great work.

    99/03/12 09:12 Loisirene Age: 41
    Nice touch to use amination to teach newcomers to contra dancing. Good luck in your endeavours.

    99/03/11 10:31 Charles Huber Age: 62?
    Really Have A Nice Sqare Danceing Page
    Enjoy It

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