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【1999年2月分】〜 9 Messages

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  • 99/02/23 09:30 Dottie Age: 30's
    Hi! I really enjoyed visiting your website and enjoyed the animation that you put into it. Keep up such a great job.

    One day more younger dancers will be back. My 12 year old for one, hopefully.

    99/02/21 09:46 Lars Jsson Age: 33
    This is a very nice site, especially the animation. How much time did you spent with the animations. I find them very useful, because sometimes I forgot a tip. I have been square dancing for 2 years now and have finished mainstream and this autumn (sept) I go on with plus. Have a nice time. // Lars from Sweden.

    99/02/20 23:39 John Wertiko Age: ?
    A Fantastic Page, Congratulations on a terrific effort
    from "little" John

    99/02/18 10:17 おさむ Age: うふ

    99/02/14 09:50 信子 Age: 64?

    99/02/13 17:00 Chris Hepler Age: 29

    Like you, I am a young Square Dance Caller and I am very passionate about Square Dancing. Also like you, I was married for a short while (6 years) but it did not work out so I am also divorced. I am extremely impressed with you site. I really enjoy the animation. I sure wish I knew how you done that. It would be great help in teaching Square Dancing. I too am trying all that I can to help get some younger people into Square Dancing. I want more than anything to make this work. Beside I want to be able to have another relationship soon and I would prefer to find someone who is interested in Square Dancing. Well thank you for a wonderful site.

    Your "Square Dancing" Friend,


    99/02/08 10:24 Dan Royal Age: 50
    Hi Noriko. You have a great page, and I appreciate you creating a link to the
    Sierra Hillbillies home page at http://www.netcom.com/~dgroyal/hillbillies.htm.

    I invite all of your guests to trade links with the Sierra Hillbillies in order
    to increase traffic to all of our web sites.

    Congratulations on a terrific page.


    99/02/04 09:01 Patricia Baisi Age: 44
    We're square dancers who are planning a quick trip to Japan at the end of Feb.
    1999. Can you give me an e-mail address for anyone in the Nagoya area who might
    have information about dances in that area. I don't know if we'll have time, but
    would like to try dancing there. (We've danced in Italy, Australia, and the
    U.S.) Any information or help you could give us would be appreciated.

    Also, thought you might like to know that Vancouver, B.C., Canada is hosting the
    Canadian National Square Dance Convention in July of 2000. Perhaps we'll see you

    99/02/02 07:18 Wil Stans Age: ?
    Hi Noriko

    Here I'm back again, I have a new address for the Dutch Square Dance Association NVSD
    it is

    I had some problems with my provider so I had to find another address
    Please let me know if it works for you

    Thank you


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