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【1998年08月分】〜 16 Messages

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  • 98/08/28 23:34 やまちゃん Age: ?
    明日は、一ヶ月ぶりの月例会です。 SD初心者の私は、このホーム・ページの
    Basic Movementsを参考にしています。

    98/08/28 19:07 村田保太郎 Age: 53

    98/08/28 11:21 Joanne Age: yes
    Interesting animations .  
    My granddaughter want's to learn with your pages.  
    And its working.  Would help with lessons.

    98/08/28 03:37 Pete Pardee Age: ?
    Please inform me when your cdrom is ready. 
    I hope you are able to include a speed control and a zoom to make
    the images larger.It is hard to follow the more complicated 
    sequences when the figures are small and move quickly. 
    This was well worth the effort and I hope you go on to antimate
    the plus, advanced, and challenge programs.
    Message received when trying to load image on sample page: 
    The requested object does not exist on this server. 
    The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the
    server has been instructed not to let you have it. 
    Please inform the site administrator of the referring page.

    98/08/27 19:31 谷 昭彦 Age: ?

    98/08/26 00:26 Courtney Moreland Age: 63
    Love your Web sight, Great Review before starting our Plus Lessons.
    Hope you add Plus soon.

    98/08/25 17:16 髭八 Age: 56

    98/08/24 10:37 Susan Miller Age: 48
    Your pages are great!  I like your imaging of square dance calls.
    My husband and I are members of the Fox Valley Mixers Square Dance Club 
    in St. Charles, Illinois, U.S.A.  
    Our pages are at http://www.geocities.com/heartland/village/1434.

    98/08/22 09:03 Tom MIller Age: +40
    Great job on your web page......keep up the good work.
    If you want to put face with the name..I record with HI HAT RECORDS.

    98/08/21 22:25 Karen Rich Age: ?
    Hi - just found your page and I like the animation. 
    I hoped some square dancer would be able to do that.
    Just one criticism, and it's of the English and not the
    animation.  Under "List of Basic Movement" heading, the 

    98/08/17 18:05 Lucky Loes Age: ?
    Hi, Here are some square dance greetings from Landshut, Germany.
    I'm Treasurer of the Twirling Kangaroos, Landshut and would like to 
    exchange experiences with Square Dancers from all over the world. 
    Send me an e-mail!!! 

    98/08/14 07:59 Jim Bush Age: 51?
    Dear Noriko,
    Found your webpage. I am impressed !  I am a caller in south Georgia.
    In November I will be calling/teaching a group Japanese who will be 
    visiting Atlanta & Macon,Georgia.
    I will email you at a later date.
    yours in squares Jim Bush

    98/08/12 18:19 John Reynolds Age: ?
    Keep up the good work promotely this great activity we are part of.
    John Reynolds
    New Zealand

    98/08/11 22:01 Jerry Nelson Age: 55
    I find your page very interesting.  
    I will link it on my page, Thank You.  My wife
    is a new caller and we have been dancing for 10 years.  
    Good luck with new dancers.  Square dancing needs people
    like you...

    98/08/06 09:19 Dick Beham Age: ?
    Very nice web site.
    I really enjoyed it and will link it in our club newsletter for 
    September on our web site.

    98/08/05 05:28 Coleen Story Age: ?
    Dear Noriko,
    Your website is an absolute delight! I am charmed by the animations and 
    so impressed by the cleverness and creativity inherent in your site.  
    I am an American living in Florida.  Actually, I am not a square dancer, 
    but have a good friend here, a Norwegian, who is a very dedicated 
    square dancer.  I am so anxious to show him your website.  
    I have spent time in your beautiful country, but have ever seen any 
    square dancing there.  
    Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the Internet!

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