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【1998年07月分】〜 11 Messages

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  • 98/07/30 08:02 Tom Cambron Age: 59
    I am impressed.  Can you do the figures for C-1, C-2, etc?

    98/07/28 18:52 YUKO Age: ?
    Hi! YUKOです。
    いつもはWindow Shopping のように 見て通りすぎるだけでしたが
    ほかのコーラーさんのFAVORITE RECORDSもはやく見たいわ

    98/07/22 09:25 Phil Douziech Age: 53
    Hi I love what you have done withthis website.
    I will be linking your website to The Dance Connection .
    at http://www.squaredance.bc.ca
    We have a web site for British Columbia Canada for Square & Round
    Dancing information.
    Hope to see you on our website.
    Keep up the good work and if you add other interesting aspects that may
    not be cought from the url I have please send them to me Thank you.
    Phil Douziech

    98/07/20 06:56 Christine Beard Age: 35
    After looking at all the square dance info, yours was the only page that 
    explained the basics. Thanks! 
    The graphics are very helpful, but I did have to reload several times
    before the sequence ran through correctly.

    98/07/18 09:53 まちこ Age: ?

    98/07/14 18:25 Mark Huang Age: 32
    I leave my e-mail address. Hope to receive any one .
    Have a nice dancing week.

    98/07/14 18:19 Mark Huang Age: 32
    This mail is from Taiwan.
    I have learned square dance for almost two years. A-1 is my lesson now. 
    And I have learned international folk dance for 16 years. I still dance
    and teach in uneversity and college. But I just love to dance, not professional.
    The purpose I mail to you is I want to know where and when to dance in 
    Tokyo at 6th-8th Aug. Square dance and international folk dance both are 
    good to me. Would you give some information about above? 
    My father and other friends will have a tour in Japan. 
    They hope I will join them.I hope I can stay more two or three days in Japan. 
    So I hope I can dance with Japanese friends in Tokyo. 
    It will be my second time to be in Japan.
    Thank you for your kindness.
    Hope to receive your mail soon.
    Best regards.

    98/07/13 22:44 Kevin Brown Age: 44
    Guten Tag vom Deutchland (Good Day from Germany).
    I am an American Caller living and working in Germany.  I like your website.
    (Can I steal it? :-))
    Kevin Brown
    See you in a Square.
    (I hope)

    98/07/12 16:54 BRUCE STRETTON Age: 70
    impressed with the graphics I know you have gone to a lot of work.
    I have just set up my own web page with A-1,A-2, C-1, C-2 and C3A choreography. 
    it still needs some graphics at the start bcstretton@bigwave.ca web page 
    I call in Hamilton and St. Catharines area of ONTARIO CANADA

    98/07/11 08:16 David Brown Age: 27
    Great site. Well done

    98/07/02 16:57 Jens Klusmann Age: 44
    Hi Noriko
    You did a great job in preparing these pages. Just great. 
    I'm a square dance caller and live in the north part of Germany.
    If you are interested here is our homepage (also with a guestbook) :
    <<<  http://home.t-online.de/home/ocean.wave/squareup.htm  >>>
    May be we'll meet in the future
    so happy dancing

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