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【1998年06月分】〜 25 Message

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  • 98/06/23 23:55 Bob Jorgenson Age: 57
    Like to go to specials - live in Yokohama - Have 28 ft. sailboat -
     massage therapist - Mac Computer specialist - 
    Web  Page http://maxpages.com/maxpage.cgi/finale

    98/06/21 19:44 Robert Albrecht Age: 50
    Hi I think this page is absolutely brilliant !  Keep up the good work. 
    I am a member of the Wicstun Whirlers in Northern England. We live in 
    pretty countryside and it is quite a quiet area. This ambience makes us
    keen square dancers. We Have a website come.to/squaredancing  
    or members.tripod.com/albrechtr  Please visit is and leave a message  
    See you in a square sometime maybe if you come to the UK!!!   Bye BOB 
    PS I have awife and 3 kids..  My eldest has his own website come.to/erm

    98/06/20 23:12 Bill Age: 52
    One of the best sites I have ever visited! It's great. 
    I'm going to pass your URL around to all my square-dancing friends. 
    Do you plan on animating the "PLUS" moves also?

    98/06/18 13:38 Mary Ann Age: 57!
    Your web site is wonderful.  The animations are very clever and very helpful. 
    I'm looking forward to more additions.  Keep up the good work!!

    98/06/16 20:36 きつね丼 Age: 37

    98/06/13 06:30 Diana Malthouse Age: 53
    I am a round dance cuer in Southern California.  It was interesting looking 
    through your Web page and the information you have to share.  
    If you are ever in Southern California please feel free to look join me where
    I am dancing and cueing.  My telephone number is (714) 639-3321 extension 220.
    I only speak English. We have had several callers from Japan visit our dances
    and have enjoyed getting to know them. I am happy that our wonderful activity
    is enjoyed my paople all over the World.  It is difficult, however, to get
    young people interested.  Hopefully we will discover a way to make that happen
    in the near future.  Looking forward to hearing from you ... 
    Sincerely, Diana Malthouse 

    98/06/12 21:47 弐拾参番書写人 Age: 40

    98/06/12 10:04 Age: ?
    I just finished the basic twenty week course and I am in a clinic to
     learn some advanced moves. You have a great sight and the anima-
    tion is great. I bookmarked your site and, when I get stuck I will
    know where to go for help.

    98/06/11 01:33 E.E.Maguire Age: ?
    I am a 79 year old codger who has been square dancing since 1957
    My first name is Everett but I am known by the nickname Mick or
    Micky. Many people named Maguire have the nickname Mick. We first
    learned Eastern Square Dancing as it is called in North Bay,ONtario
    where I was stationed at the RCAF air base there.  Then we were
    posted to Washington,DC. where we got involved in Western Sq.
    Dancing. We winter in Florida where we dance C4,C3 and C2. We 
    summer in Ottawa, Canada where we dance C3. Keep up them good
    work and bring more youngsters into the movement. Good Luck

    98/06/09 10:44 Larry Age: ?
    Nice page.  Keep up the good work.

    98/06/09 02:42 Donna Guthrie Age: 44
    Hi Noriko! Very nice webpage!  I love to square dance and it's so much fun
    knowing that it's an international sport!  I was fortunate enough to go to
    our national conventions in Birmingham, AL, San Antonio, TX & Orlando, FL.
    But lack of funds won't allow me to go this year to Charlotte, NC.  If you
    get to go, please think of me as your "cajun" friend from the USA wishing 
    you a happy heart & happy feet! Arrigato, Donna

    98/06/07 16:51 Chuck Feyh Age: 55
    Like your site!  I'm just starting a site for the Martinez Swingers, 
    a square dance club in Martinez, California.  
    Next time I update, I will list your site on our links page.  
    It's great to see sites like yours on the web.
    Chuck Feyh

    98/06/07 02:55 Ralph Scheider Age: 50
    Hi There
     I am a caller and live in Knoxville, TN
    I think that you have done a wonderful job on this website!!!  
    The only thing on your sample sequence is that the animation is moving ahead
    of the calls.  The most important thing is that this may help new dancers 
    and maybe get new dancers.
    Hope to see you across a square sometime
    Ralph Scheider

    98/06/06 03:15 Jerry Runnion Age: 52
    Enjoy your site tremendously. Thank you for your efforts.
    In newer mainstream 3 Image Training I have difficulty seeing 
    right and left thru since it is not facing couples at start.

    98/06/04 12:23 Debbie Combs Age: adult

    98/06/03 12:36 Carole Grier Age: ?
    Great page.  Thank you for your time, effort and dedication.

    98/06/02 11:55 Ross Howell Age: 52
    Really enjoyed my visit to your page..  Keep up the good work

    98/06/01 18:30 Laurens den Hollander Age: 64
    Will make a link to your pages.
    Happy dancing & best regards from
    Fjord Frolickers Square Dance Club - OSLO, Norway

    98/06/01 17:03 Allen Kerr Age: 55
    Great Job of Calls animation
    Regards Allen Kerr Canberra Australia

    98/06/01 13:22 Karen Dunn Age: ?40
    Hi Noriko! thank you so much for your square dance page. 
    I'ts GREAT! My husbandand I square dance but we are new at it. 
    I used to square dance when I was a child My father was a square dance caller 
    so I grew up around it. I had not danced in 20 years! 
    It's still the same and SO MUCH FUN! your little moving figureas that you have 
    in the different diagrams are so cute and will be a great help to our new square 
    dance students. My husband and I have had many Japanese exchange students from 
    the Sitema (spelling?) Girls School in Tokyo. We enjoy having them come and stay 
    with us-only that was when we were in California. We live in ARK. now so I don't
    know if this state has that program here.(Two week stay by exchange students) I
    would like to be a square dance caller some day. We already have one lady caller
    in our area here. There are lots of clubs here (squaredance) and many 
    opportunities to dance. We do some line dancing too. I'ts fun! 
    Well, I'ts been really nice talking with you. Are you in college?
    I'm not right now. Thanks again for your web sight and I'll write more later.
              your friend, Karen Dunn

    98/06/01 12:20 Millard "Mickey" O. Manning Age: 58
    My wife (diane) was use installed as the President of the Cow counties Hoedown
    Association (CCHA) which covers the Los Angles, Riverside and San Berandino 
    counties of the southern part of California.  We wish to welcome you to one of 
    our first loves and that is Square dancing.  We will have pages up for our area 
    within the next few weeks.  Please keep in touch.
    Mickey and Diane Manning 

    98/06/01 12:02 Doug Bennett, Producer..Global records Age: ?
    Great web site...Keep up the good work!!
    Doug Bennett

    98/06/01 08:41 lenora regeon Age: ?
    This is fantastic, I loved it 

    98/06/01 08:24 Jo-Ann Pauley Age: 41
    Great page!
    This should attract interest in square dancing.  
    Have you considered listing callers/classes for those interested in becoming 
    involved in our activity?
    Thanks for the opportunity to give input.

    98/06/01 03:09 kycol2@aol.com Age: ?
    You have a wonderful web-page.  Have you seen the one for USAWestsf?  
    It's good too.

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