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【1998年05月分】〜 12 Message

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  • 98/05/31 14:39 D2Z Age: 45+!
    This is wonderful!  The figures in action to explain each move, is the
    best way to see what each move/call actually is.  You have done a great
    job.  I especally like that some of your figure demonstrations are of 
    moves/calls that are NOT the typical usage in the USA.  Great work.  I 
    plan to bookmark this as a "refer to" web page.  

    98/05/29 11:31 くじら仮面 Age: 45
    ど〜この だ〜れかは知らないけれど・・・・。

    98/05/24 00:21 さかもと 太郎 Age: ?
    コーラさんが言うこともさっぱりです。とにかく行く度に ’うおさお’してあっという
    初心者の方 良ければメール下さい。お待ちしています。

    98/05/18 21:07 claudia Age: 25
    I'm from Germany, and I'm going to work in India (Bombay) for one year. 
    As you are a little bit nearer to India, I'm like trying to find any information 
    about Square Dancing in India this way. 
    If you have any information, please let me know!
    Hope to see you in a square

    98/05/17 19:21 早勢 典成 Age: 41
                                           早勢 典成(一応コーラーです)

    98/05/17 11:36 Ett and Linda Age: 41
    nice page, Noriko!  keep dancin'!
    Ett and Linda

    98/05/17 06:24 Linda Kendall Age: ?
    Hi Noriko, I thought I'd sign in with a great big HI!

    98/05/13 12:58 arlene Age: 30
    I really enjoyed your page! What a lot of imagination you have. 
    If in your square dance travels you meet with Matshiro Kodaka or Shozo Nishimura
    and his wife please pass along my best wishes and greetings.
    We danced together in Las Vegas and Matshiro joined us at the Canadian National
    in '96. If you have the time to share some of your dance experiences I would be
    happy to hear from you.

    98/05/12 09:20 nanc Age: 50
    Your web page is very interesting..I found your web site in the Canadian dancers
    news. We will be attending the square dancing national in Ottawa July 1998....
    Our small club is, "Star Light Promanders" in Fairvale, New Brunswick Canada.
    We are having a hard time getting young ppl to join...our population is aging....
    It would be interesting to know what your costumes are like in your home land?
    Do you wear crinolines and western wear?

    98/05/05 12:05 Paul Laval Age: 64
    My wife and I have been square dancing for over 30 years. 
    I'm also a caller. Your home page is impressive.

    98/05/05 06:20 おでぶちゃん Age: ?
    体重9*Kg ダイエットを考えています。
    色々試しましたが、効果が出ません。Square Danceは

    98/05/04 13:57 Kazz Age: ?
    また 近いうち寄るよ
    帰国したらまた ヨロシク

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