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【1998年04月分】〜 7 Message

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  • 98/04/30 09:50 Roy & Jean Crawford Age: 61
    I was told about your web page & Ithink it is great. 
    We have been Dancing for about 4 years off & on. I have also started to call. 
    I think your page is great advertising.
    We hope that you succed with your recruitment.
    Hope to see you across the square
    Roy & Jean Crawford
    Calgary Alberta Canada

    98/04/29 12:12 Paul Gettinger Age: ?
    I am an American living in Florida.  I just started taking square dance lessons 
    and find your program to be very helpful. I was surprised that people in Japan 
    would be interested in this type of dancing.  
    Thanks for your good work.  Paul

    98/04/23 18:23 Richard Vestergaard Age: 57
    I want to tank you for you good animation in basic movement.
    I have giving you adrees to my friendsin ouer club her in Jylland in Denmark.
    We dancing basic, mainstream and plus.
    Okay have a good time over there. You can mail my if you want to.
    pil@ denmark

    98/04/23 03:18 Tommy Ejby Andersen Age: 40
    Hellow to you from Denmark.
    I come from the Danish Club - Join Hands - Horsens
    Best regards to you.

    98/04/22 12:17 mayuko Age: ?

    98/04/21 00:45 Diana Heiner Age: ?
    Great page!!!

    98/04/07 23:52 Gene Embry Age: 65
    Good work. How about expanding to C3A and add audio. Maybe using
    something like 'RealPlayer'.  Outstanding.

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