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Dance Report

Lynette Bellini in Japan -- September 1999

We have invited Lynette Bellini for our C3, C4 Weekend in Japan. I did not take many pictures of us dancing but there are some pictures from off dancing hours. It was soooooo much fun. Thank you all for coming!! Hope to see you in Japan again sometime.

m Dancer's Portrait n
Chuck and Lynette, waiting for the Emperor Lynette, Me and Osamu
Carol, Janet and Barb. Where is Dan? You can't see him but here is the Emperor!
Trying to cook "Monja" the traditional food How are you doing, Barb?
Everyone stuffed? Happy "Haagen Dazs" in Ginza
This is the dance hall. Janet, you're so tall...
Hey! Here's Dan! Everyone doing OK?
At the after party.
I'm making an announcement.
I think we are drunk.
Right after finishing the Sunday dance. Carol and Osamu, hugging to say good-bye.

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