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Sample Sequence

There are 49 Basic Movements in Square Dancing and below is the List. I have finished making animations to all 49 basics and I completed in replacing Japanese explanations with Callerlab definitions(Mar.18, 1998), so I will move on to Mainstream animations.
All the animations have endless loop and if it is not moving, please try reloading.

List of Basic Movement

01. Circle Family
a. Left
b. Right
18. Lead Right 35. Pass the Ocean
02. Forward & Back 19. Right and Left Thru 36. Extend
03. Dosado 20. Grand Square 37. Swing Thru Family
a. Swing thru
b. Alamo swing thru
c. Left swing thru
04. Swing 21. Star Thru 38. Run Family
a. Boys, b. Girls, c. Ends,
d. Centers, e. Cross
05. Promenade Family
a. Couples (full, 1/2, 3/4)
b. Single file
22. Circle to a Line 39. Trade Family
a. Boys, b. Girls, c. Ends,
d. Center, e. Couples, f. Partner
06. Allemande Family
a. Left
b. Left arm turn
c. Right arm turn
23. Bend the Line 40. Wheel & Deal Family
a. From lines of four
b. From two-faced lines
07. Right & Left Grand Family
a. Right and left grand
b. Weave the ring
c. Wrong way grand
24. All Around the Left Hand Lady 41. Double Pass Thru
08. Star Family
a. Left
b. Right
25. See Saw 42. Zoom
09. Star Promenade 26. Square Thru Family
(1-5 hands)
a. Square thru
b. Left square thru
43. Flutterwheel Family
a. Flutterwheel
b. Reverseflutterwheel
10. Pass Thru 27. California Twirl 44. Sweep a Quarter
11. Split the Outside Couple 28. Dive Thru 45. Veer Family
a. Left
b. Right
12. Half Sashay Family
a. Half Sashay
b. Rollaway
c. Ladies in, men sashay
29. Wheel Around 46. Trade By
13. Turn Back Family
a. U turn back
b. Gents or Ladies Backtrack
30. Thar Family
a. Allemande thar
b. Wrong way thar
47. Touch 1/4
14. Separate 31. Shoot the Star
(Reg Full Around)
48. Circulate Family
a. Boys, b. Girls, c. All eight,
d. Ends, e. Centers, f. Couples,
g. Box, h. Single File (column),
i. Split
15. Courtesy Turn 32. Slip the Clutch 49. Ferris Wheel
16. Ladies Chain Family
a. Two Ladies (reg. & 3/4)
b. Four Ladies (reg. & 3/4)
c. Chain Down the Line
33. Box the Gnat
17. Do Paso 34. Ocean Wave Family
a. Right hand wave
b. Left hand wave
c. Alamo style wave
d. Wave balance

Copyright (c) 1998- Noriko Takahashi, All rights reserved.